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  1. Hi I would like to ask the following question. During day, Van Helsing moves to a location and he is ambushed by a reckless vampire. Having suffered 6 damage in total, he decides to escape. The vampire has suffered 2 damage and stays in the city. At dusk, does Van Helsing engage again in combat with the vampire? If not, he can decide with the action during night to move away from the cursed city so as to rest :-) Any opinions?
  2. Quick question based on an event we just played. One tile has two spaces separated by a white line. Player 1 is to the left, Monster is to the right. The other tile, to the right of the previous one, is separated by a door. In this tile there is Player 2. Monster is instructed to move up to two spaces towards the nearest investigator. Then it attacks the one with the highest Lore. Player 1 has Lore 3, Damage 4. Player 2 has Lore 4, Damage 2. Should the monster move and attack Player 1 in the same tile, or move to the adjacent tile, entering through the door and attack Player 2? Our group would prefer the second option so as to miminimize the possibility of becoming wounded. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi. One more question regarding the same mission if someone knows. In the map there is a blue point and a red one, used according to mission rules for imperial deployments. There is a green point not mentioned at all. In the same time, for the rebel deployments of the Alliance Rangers, the mission states to deploy them at the entrance. Where exactly is this entrance? As for the deployment of the reserved groups (Probe droid and Elite Stormies), it simply states the deployment with no mention of red, blue or green point. Is there a mandatory deployment point of one of these colors or is it ok to deploy them anywhere I see fit? Thank you.
  4. Hello. I am playing a campaign and the side mission in effect is Strike Force Xesh, from the Alliance Rangers Pack. The side mission is following Aftermath so the threat level should be 2. However the Special Setup of the Deployment and Setup rules of the mission state the following: a) Increase threat by twice the threat level and resolve an optional deployment and b) Heroes cannot bring Elite Alliance Rangers as allies. Also, at the end of Round 1, the mission instructs: Heroes deploy the Elite Alliance Rangers to the entrance and control them as allies. My questions are: 1. When does the Special Setup double threat (4 instead of 2) trigger? At the beginning of the mission and prior to the start of Round 1 or normally at the status phase? 2. At the end of ROund 1 when Heroes deploy Elite A.R. with a cost of 12, does the Imperial Player also gains threat equal to 12 since the E.A.R. are brought as allies? And if yes, should the threat be 16 (12+4)? Also isn't there a conflict between Heroes not being able to bring E.A.R. as allies before Round 1 and being able to deploy them at the end of ROund 1? Thank you for your time and any answers. John
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