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  1. I have mixed feelings about the stun mechanic. It obviously shouldn't be too powerful, but typically it comes at the trade off of one of your dice to prevent the opponent having one dice on their next attack. Having always subscribed to the belief that it's better to explode the problem into meat chunks rather than defer it, stun seems to slow down the play more than serve as an effective strategic option. SS and HAR are my preferred ones too if I'm honest. The repeat attacks combined with strong dice to start with more than offset the reduced mobility. The burst rifle's magnum shot is a nasty little beggar to be caught off guard by, but damage output seems to be king in this game.
  2. So I was wondering: The manual seems to give some flexibility for weapon selection if you don't want to choose a pre-built marine profile. What is everyone's preferences for starting loadouts? The super shotgun carries one hell of a punch but doesn't offer much for mobility, and seems to be a bit of a favourite with my group. The static rifle conversely doesn't seem to get much love (I think they favour stopping power over mobility) Any thoughts gang?
  3. Very similar to our story on the weekend. Revenant + Onslaught is particularly disquieting, especially if you've activated the argent ability too. That bottleneck at the top left the marines in a real pickle against a large volume of argent infused imps and a grumpy Mr Funnybones. The big thing that got me the win on mission 1 was the marines taking too long to move into the last room - an extra round of argent energy makes a not-insubstantial difference as it turns out. Revanants are rather more aggressive and sturdy than their old Doom boardgame equivalents, and this was noted with much consternation.
  4. Cracking! Thanks. Fortunately that's how we played it over the weekend. I felt kind of bad as the invader when I beat the marines on black bishop with a crippled revenant and single imp. Those boney fellas really do have some damage output! Hoping for lots more return matches and the chance to set one of my group up as invader for a change.
  5. Hi SkyBasta, I think the continuous path of empty spaces is basically saying, as long as there isn't anything blocking a continuous line of squares. I.e. that room as far as the next set of doors, then the portals flip and the invaders spawn. If it was line of sight based I have to think they'd use that term itself as it's pretty well established. Without the map to hand it's tricky to describe exactly, but as I recall Mission 1 is basically split into three rooms. Start, room with red portal (and a fairly disgruntled Baron of Hell), and room with 2 blues and a yellow portal. Opening any of the doors from room 1 leaves a continuous path of empty spaces to the portals in either room 2 or 3, so they activate at that point. Once spawned, at the end of that marine's activation (the marine who opened the door and triggered the spawn) I think (correct if I'm wrong) that the invasion strategy indicates that you should shuffle the extra invader initiative cards into the deck at that point and continue the round accordingly. This puts the impetus (pun intended) on the marines to coordinate the door opening to be near the start of the round if possible.
  6. Hi all, On the off chance there are any old hands from the original FFG DOOM board game forum floating around here, a big hello and merry 2017 to you all. Now, on topic. Somewhere I'm sure I came across a note, either in this forum or one of the manuals, in relation to the use of multiple copies of the same card for a character's activation. Is this acceptable? I'm thinking both in terms of Marine cards (e.g. using 2x up close and personal in a 1 or 2 player game where multiple main actions are permitted) or in terms of event cards which buff a particular invader (such as 2x uses of Hellish Power adding an extra black dice pre attack for a single imp). I'm positive I've read something and it's driving me nuts. The invader side example seems a little OP, but equally, limiting the marine to unique cards can be pretty restrictive on a smaller game. If multiple uses are permissible, would I be right in saying that Shotgun Maneuver ("After you resolve this card you may play another Combat Shotgun card, treating its speed as "0") thus indicates a possibility to use all three copies of itself in the same turn? Have I imagined this? I've scoured the forum since and can't find anything. My group is getting together tomorrow for our first 3-4 marine game, having done 2 two-marine play throughs of the tutorial mission. As with most board game fans, I'm a big fan of being right. But I'm genuinely stumped. Answers on a data-slate.
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