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  1. Riley298

    Standby confusion

    Wow I pulled the guy up on this in a tournament I should really trust my self 😞 I was 2-0 and it would have made me top 2 gutted missed out on the Jedi Luke activation tokens
  2. Riley298

    Standby confusion

    My taun tauns crossing a enemy troopers standby range but finishes that action behind a building out of line of sight can he still trigger standby to shoot me ?
  3. Played with r2 last night gave him long range coms but I never used it I deployed him last and ran him up the calmest edge of the board, 11 activation rebel list he got his point and then ran back but he time somebody caught up to him it was turn 5 and he’s was tucked away behind cover (safe till-end of turn 6). extra activation / possible VP ,I think that’s pretty good and when he doesn’t get the VP then he’ll have frustrated and wasted some of your opponents activations so it helps either way
  4. Done a lot of practice with Luke and getting there with tauntauns - any tips or tricks for any units used would be great. I won’t change it for my game tomorrow but would love constructive criticism for future 👍 Standard (Rebel Alliance) [793 Points] Commander •Leia Organa [95 Points] Selections: Commanding Presence •Luke Skywalker [180 Points] Selections: Force Push, Force Reflexes Corps Rebel Troopers [40 Points] Rebel Troopers [40 Points] Rebel Troopers [40 Points] Special Forces Rebel Commandos [48 Points] Selections: DH-447 Sniper Rebel Commandos [48 Points] Selections: DH-447 Sniper Support Tauntaun Riders [104 Points] Selections: HQ Uplink, Tenacity Tauntaun Riders [99 Points] Selections: Comms Jammer, Tenacity Tauntaun Riders [99 Points] Selections: Comms Jammer, Tenacity Command Hand Selections: •Coordinated Bombardment, •Son of Skywalker, ••My Ally Is the Force, ••No Time for Sorrows, •••Assault, •••Somebody Has to Save Our Skins, ••••Standing Orders
  5. I thought I had explained it enough and showing them another forum having a pretty much same discussion had been evidence enough and then me posting the specific question would be .. but still no ? anyway thanks for the replies I’ll get confirmation via email of what I already assume the answer is ..
  6. Thanks for all your replies I personally agree with you but they won’t have it so I’ll have to get an email from ffg they feel like because the symbol for force relfexes is called a ‘free ACTION symbol’ it all falls under the same bracket annoying as my original thought was because you are receiving a dodge token and not a free dodge action it as different but like I say they won’t have it ?
  7. Page 12 Top if a game effect provides a unit with a free action of a certain type,such as free attack action,performing that free action does not count against that units two actions per activation BUT is considered an action for the purpose of of game effects and therefore does not allow a unit to perform the same non-none action more than oncduring its activation. ??? So this is there argument ?
  8. Currently at a game and have come up against this debate ... can luke perform a force reflexes (gain a dodge token) the perform dodge ? Im getting mixed reviews because force reflexes is a ‘free action’ does that mean you can’t perform a dodge action ?? Hoping for a quick resolution with rulebook backing thanks
  9. I understand what you mean but I'm thinking ahead I can tell I'm not the only 1 as comments have already mentioned infinite being phased out ....for now I can carry on as normal only time will tell
  10. I think ...yeah there is reason to complain there is 3 different tiers but that means players being separated this might work for big championships but not for small stores 20 players divided into 3 groups ... so then you have 6 player tournaments ... I hope I’m completely misreading this but I think the tournaments will all or mostly be the later cycles the only point I see this update is so fog can profit more from people who can and want to compete at the highest level
  11. Can’t help but agree... so gutted I actually pushed my local hobby shop to go big into this game bought a small fortune since the SOR set and played several store competitions .. I loved how the cards would stop being printed imo it made the cards carry a rare value from the originals sets also it was nice to see a card that’s never used be paired with a new cards to do something great ...but wow just smashed all that ... I’m sure if this is your only hobby it’s ok but for my personal situation this has been the worst update for me possible. I know people are saying magic has been doing this for ages but pretty much every destiny players I’ve played gave up magic for same reason or has no interest in it ??‍♂️Time to sell all my cards ?
  12. Thank you for the replies guys, will give that a test run this evening along with a couple of different Poe builds.
  13. Thanks for reply, noticed that straight away yesterday in a game regarding primed thrusters. i am little confused about the kanan jarrus choice... would that skill allow me to remove the stress from Rey(when she uses title skill 180) or does it mean a ship within range 1-2 so it can't be itself ? As Poe would be distant to allow lone wolf to work thabks again
  14. So just started had 2-3 games I currently have: - force awakens core set - sabine tie - heroes of the resistance im thinking of running : falcon (TFA) Rey pilot,finn and trick shot =50 captain Rex14 =64 poe dam(8), black one,bb-8,primed thrusters,intergrated astromech,veteran instincts 36 =100 any thoughts for a beginner is there anything that is a big mistake anything I have that is a must bring item/pilot? thanks
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