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  1. Eggsellent! And now I have a plot for the Jawa Game; the Quest for Egg!
  2. There's a story here, perhaps waiting to be written...
  3. Great Horny Toads! Thats very cool and now I kinda want to play one...8)
  4. I had a Jawa NPC in the only FFG rules camapign I ran, sadly short-lived, but he was Jawa-cludged Tech to pretend to be a Sith Lord; - Lightning-throwing Gauntlets, Vibro-sword that glowed red when activated etc...sadly the PC's weren't in the least bit terrified, maybe cause they couldn't understand Jawa?
  5. i emailed him like 4 days ago and have yet to hear anything back...assuming he's just busy.
  6. Too tempting but it might be...short-lived...8D Thanks for the link!
  7. Clearly he could not handle the "Utinni"...*D
  8. Dya have a link to his website if he has one? or contact info? Just started playing in a new Friday campaign and so far nto one single human or even near-human in the party and I think it'd make a **** of a good good group to get turned into art!
  9. Now THAT is a realistic speedr-bike! Stylish and Practical!
  10. Oh **** so sorry I missed this, but I'm in! PM sent!
  11. *crickets* sigh, probably never going to play this game again...ah well I'll come back for the occasional snarky commentary...8D
  12. Fusion 360 and generally speaking its been surprisingly easy...except for curves...but I'm like 2 lessons in sooo...
  13. Anyone running an Online Game via Discord or somesuch and has room for another player? not a play-by-post thing but an actual game? I haven't been able to play in nearly 2 years since my local game died...8(
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