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  1. Some people may interpret this as a Force-Sensitive trying get a read on the emotions in the room... Me, I read it as "I...what? I can't even process just how stupid you are...." 8D
  2. Love this kinda of utility-looking vehicle.
  3. Or you could just not focus on the mechanics and build for what if you're missing 5xp, You'r ea with it.
  4. As a GM I would rule that Mandalorian Humans could also remove the (r) on Purchasing Mandalorian Armor as part of that offset. And the free Combat Skill of Choice is pretty nice, allows you to play a class that otherwise had no Combat Skills and surprise people with your competence...8)
  5. The Battle of Hoth was a MAJOR turning point in our living Campaign....the charge of the Light Tauntaun Brigade was one of my favorite moments so this picture makes me very happy....8)
  6. I kind of Compromised in the end; Took some specs I thought she'd have, took the most useful Talents from those specs, a a Few Force Skills and kind put what i thought she'd have. Since I'm not planning on having her be in combat or an opponent I'm not really worried about the balance or anything.
  7. Indeed...
  8. I'm actually going with the idea that she is sustained through a combination of her Strength in the Force and pure Willpower. But it won't sustain her forever...
  9. Doesn't mean she won't have the SKILL, just maybe not so much on the agility front...8D
  10. Has anyone had a chance to stat Leia Organa-Solo/Skywalker in any iteration? I'm running a game set nearly 50 years after TFA and am looking at statting a VERY elderly Leia as the only remaining link to the past. So basically a Leia that has seen more **** than most can even imagine and is just effing done with the while she technically should have a Force Rating and probably be a raving badass if she chose to be, but chooses not to be. What would you all use for Specs, if any, or would just give her whatever stats, skills and talents you think she'd have and get on with it? Personally I'm think of replacing her "Force Rating" with "Sass"...8) (mostly kidding).
  11. I have pretty much all of the WEG D6 Books, used to have most of the Journals but lost them in one of many moves. I still use them Tales of the Jedi for Source Material...8)
  12. Dammit...why didn't I see this yesterday? Of course Tattooine has no Ice Volcanoes but still...the randomly rotating platforms alone is awesome...suspend over everything. Want to jazz it up story-wise? The Security system was designed by a highly intelligent, very arrogant and egotistical security designer who couldn't imagine anyone could possibly breach his security. So gets mad when they do and sends assassins after them to make sure they can't spill the secrets. THEN he works on designed a better system....same characters breach THAT, once again with the assassins. Make sure to include a "Calling Card" for the designer so each time they encounter one of his systems, they know its HIS and can start a back-and-forth unfriendly competition until he finally confronts them himself with his army of security Droids to "Deal with the problem once and for all." And if you're feeling especially cruel they can point out that his life's work is pointless as there is no such thing as a "Perfect Security System" and reduce him to a gibbering wreck...or a psychopath who keeps huntign them across the galaxy...and yes I'm stealing this for MY game as well...great idea!
  13. ^Definitely one of the bets war quotes ever...8D
  14. You are my hero...I was looking at genning up a bunch of Merchants and other NPCs to flesh out some towns on Tattooine...will save me a ton of time! I see you can Ctrl-S to save the file, what kind of format does that use? I'd like to be able to gen a bunch and keep them on hand, change their inventory as needed. Also is there a way to set a particular set of parameters then randomly generate the rest? ie I want Rival-level Merchants, not Epic-level. And maybe some way to change the rough size of their stock? Great work, I will certainly be investigating this further!