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  1. GandofGand

    Gand and Janwuine-Jika

    Oh I'm keeping that firmly in mind, there will be blood...8D I'll post up the details when I've got it done up. Right now I need to work on a name.
  2. Has anyone ever run a Gand Janwuine-Jika Ceremony in-game? I can find tons of references online but no actual description. I play a Gand in our living "Fires Across the Galaxy" and we just completed our second season finale Big Battle Interactive (The Battle of Dac/Mon Cala) and Gand of Gand was observed by Ruetsavii and determined to have passed the requirments and then some so is illegible to become Janwuine. I wanted to write up the ceremony for background purposes but was hoping to save time if someone had already done one.
  3. YES! someone mentioned Dark Star in a Star Wars Thread! 8D
  4. GandofGand

    Ship art

    *Droooool* You get me, you really get me...8D
  5. Need to show him "Mom and Dad save the Planet" stupidly hilarious and dumb...but Light Grenades...8D
  6. GandofGand

    Ship art

    THIS is the kind of thing I love; lots of greeblies, asymmetrical and a definite nod to the Super-stallion/Sea Dragon.
  7. GandofGand

    Ship art

    A fantastic show too! Well worth the watch. Especially if you want to see what continuous Despair results look like...seriously, the Robinsons are cursed, all of them!
  8. GandofGand

    School Advancement Charts

    I mentioned it in my Beta Overview Thread, but the plethora of Advancement charts for each school seems super-redundant. Should be able to reduce that to one set of charts then one set of pages with the Rank 6 Techniques by clan, save some trees! Not exactly a typo I know, but it is a bear to skip through 10 pages that seem unnecessary.
  9. GandofGand

    duplicate thread

  10. About to really show my age; I've been playing RPGs since 1982 or so. I played the L5R CCG from Imperial Edition through Gold/Pearl (Somewhere), though I gave up after that and sold everything. i ran the first RPG Campaign at the local game store when the RPG first came out (And witnessed a Goblin killing a Mirumoto Bushi with one blow of a sharpened stick...explosion-city!). I've run and/or played maybe 10-12 different campaigns over 25+ years, different eras, different setups and none of what I run is ever Canon, but variants thereof. Currently running a Variant of the Emerald Stars campaign setting (4E) and have a great time doing so. I've been playing the Heroes of Rokugan Living Campaign since roughly the 3rd year of HoR 3 and some folks in my regular groups will likely be doing Beta-testing here starting very soon. Been around the block with every edition and own ALL of the Sourcebooks (except a few of the crappy D20 Hybrid books), so yeah...I L5R...8D
  11. GandofGand

    Beta 1st Impressions

    To be fair, it make sense that families provide SOME initial skill, you always learn something from them. Not saying the current skill options are great but...overall a nice touch.
  12. GandofGand

    Beta 1st Impressions

    Geez I go to sleep for one night and you guys go hog wild...8D Glad to see such healthy discussions going on, I have yet to do my more through read-through; hopefully tonight. The one other thing I noted and had a discussion in our local HoR FB group was that starting with extra Void is stupid easy potentially up to 3 Void for free. granted with the new system while Void is still important its not quite the big deal it was before. My concern is seeing a bunch of Phoenix PCs with 3 Void, or more if starting XP can be used on Rings. The overall impression I got was Simple yet Complex...
  13. I've been a fan of L5R since Imperial Edition came out and I will admit to more than my fair share of trepidation about the new version of a MUCH-beloved and top three favorite games. So far I've only skimmed the Beta, reading some stuff at the front for the basic mechanics and skimming the details. I'll be doing an in-depth read in bits and pieces as even with a less than 300-page beta, there is a TON of data to read through and I don't retain info as well as I used to...8D Overall; I like it, mostly because it isn't the Star Wars/Geneysys system I feared it would be; more like a bastard-child of both. Roll and Keep + Symbols. So far the basics seem pretty simple. Only Play-test will tell for sure. There is a LOT more Emphasis on Honor and maintaining ones On. I'm of two minds on this; one its forcing players to acting like samurai, on the other hand it maybe more helpful to some people. Newer players and those not as familiar with the setting and Culture as those of us who have been die-hard fans since the very beginning. Two Suggestions for the Devs (assuming they are reading this); 1 - The Character advancement charts; only really need on page of charts then one page with the Rank 6 techniques. Save yourself a metric ton of pages that way and save on us having to dig through those sections in the actual core book. 2 - One useful player-encouragement tool I borrowed ages ago as a GM from an old Serenity Campaign; the 3x3x3. Its a list of 3friends/family, 3 Allies/Contacts and 3 Enemies/Rivals. Doesn't require full information; just some general details like name, Clan, family, School, Personality Quirk and how the Character knows them. As a player it encourages thinking about the background and 20 Questions, who and what shaped the characters as the grew. As a GM it provides useful plot-hooks as well as ways to help players buy-into the game by already knowing people in the game. And thanks for not turning off of one of my favorite game settings. Also thanks for the Dice-sheets at the end, once I find sticker paper I'll be making some use of those!
  14. Potion of Spider Climb and run underneath it...oh wait, wrong game...8D
  15. GandofGand

    Ship art

    I believe they are supposed to be. One thing I always hated about TIE fighters, never clear where exactly the Engines were...