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  1. Now THAT is a realistic speedr-bike! Stylish and Practical!
  2. Oh **** so sorry I missed this, but I'm in! PM sent!
  3. *crickets* sigh, probably never going to play this game again...ah well I'll come back for the occasional snarky commentary...8D
  4. Fusion 360 and generally speaking its been surprisingly easy...except for curves...but I'm like 2 lessons in sooo...
  5. Anyone running an Online Game via Discord or somesuch and has room for another player? not a play-by-post thing but an actual game? I haven't been able to play in nearly 2 years since my local game died...8(
  6. Also random have passerbyes shout "I VILL BREAK YOU!" then vanish... ...or a Bounty Hunter taking Potshots in various areas then fading away...make sure he is constantly without sleep just to up the paranoia!
  7. Side Note; I am learning a fairly powerful 3-D Design Program and will hopefully be able to post my own, original designs in the near future...8)
  8. Some thoughts off the top of my head; Put him in situations where his long-range is a hindrance; cramped hallways, ship corridors etc... Add penalties via Smoke, moving terrain etc... Make use of Concussion weapons for stagger, Stun to add extra strain that bypasses armor, Ensare to keep him from moving. Introduce an exceptionally attractive NPC to seduce him and steal his stuff. Or hilarious NPCs (Jawas steal **** ALL the time!). Counter-Sniper with a Disarm talent, can;t fight if he doesn't have his gun! Use minions as shields! There was an adapted rule I saw somewhere that if you put minions in front of a bad guy they have to kill all the minions before they can hit the Nemesis etc... Someone shooting with a vehicle weapon from behind an armored turret...penetration only carries you so far. GIANT MAGNETS, take his gun away.... But if you REALLY want to get mean...his overkill starts killing innocent bystanders...if he's a decent role-player he'll start re-thinking his choices the first time he looks down on a childs dead body with a blaster hole HE put in it... ...similar but less shattering; shots take out delicate and important machinery, especially now that you know Despairs don't go away...8) "Oh well good news is your target is dead; bad news is your shot passed entirely through his body and ruptured a fuel tank that exploded and took out your escape craft..." Also make his excess damage start costing him money, and/or additions to any existing Bounty or starting a Bounty in him...especially if the damage is to HIS side...assuming he has a side and not just a smuggler/fringer type... There are plenty of ways to get creative in limiting his opportunities for overkill...8)
  9. Back with more hotness; I Love this!
  10. Let me know what day you decide on and Ill see if I can make it work.
  11. Eeenteresting...weird, but I like weird...8)
  12. One of my all-time favorite SW characters....8)
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