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  1. Are Tie Advances still viable?

    I still like to field Vader alongside solid wingmen. He'll always be, in some ways, superior to PTL Aces. The Advanced chassis is durable. The dial is probably the biggest "hindrance", but since I field TIE Bombers frequently, I don't mind the Advanced dial. ATC is still a great upgrade, and I think when Director Krennic hits, Vader will be a force to be reckoned with when he's assigned the "Optimized Prototype" condition. I prefer Juke Vader, which has a pretty reliable damage output, and have often been pleased by the speed that a well-flown Vader can eat through enemy ships. As for the other pilots, I like messing around with Juno, but haven't fielded her competitively. I think you can pretty much skip the rest of the Advanceds until Colzet, and he's mostly just a pain in the neck until he pops. Colzet would likely be a decent wingman for Kylo to really spam that ISYTDS, but your opponent might squeal "NPE!". Otherwise, the Tempest Squadrons with Accuracy Corrector is probably solid since many popular ships are low-agility, but I feel that it wouldn't put much of a dent in Auzituck Gunships. Colonel Vessery is a great wingman for Vader. They focus fire down the enemy like crazy. Mini swarms (TIEs/Boats) with Vader could be good because of the current two-ship meta, especially with bombs on the slight decline. The Inquisitor seems to keep popping up as one of the most viable Autothruster aces that the Imperials have. I've been fond of two generic Strikers as speedy flankers/blockers/extra guns. My go to lists right now are often 2 Ace 2 Generic lists for extra firepower against the more traditional Trip Aces.
  2. New X-Wing model: articulated s-foils!

    I had to take a pretty close look because the paint job threw off my depth perception, but yeah, that looks sweet. But, I'll just hold my breath to see if it is true. I mean, they do set some "moving wings" precedent with the U-Wing, so it'd be fitting that an articulated X-Wing is boxed with one.
  3. Is Soontir Alive?

    I've been flying him, he's still often the last one on the table, and if he isn't, someone's been shooting the wrong target. As long as there's no Sabine or Cad Bane on the table, I think he does really well. He's also still scary, people know that he's really hard to take down.
  4. Index: Custom Card Threads

    I did a Pulsar Skate Expansion Pack some time ago. Hasn't seen a ton of table time, but I believe it is pretty balanced.
  5. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    Ugh, this is my Rebel/Resistance color scheme! Want!!!
  6. Happy Friday

    I really like Hobbie's ability + Targeting Astromech on a Y-Wing in HotAC, but it's definitely unbalanced for standard play.
  7. "I've never" anonymous

    I've never flown against Miranda...
  8. Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Bumping for visibility and my own use, I use this all the time!
  9. Arc-dodging in 2018?

    I've run a bit of Carnor Jax and Soontir Fel and ran them well, but I didn't run against bombs. Nym's a bit of a headache, but the arc dodgers do a good job against other parts of the list. I really enjoy TIE Strikers against bombers of any faction except a fat Miranda. They do a pretty good job at maintaining Range control to stay away from bombs or can close really quickly so they get off good shots.
  10. So I'm pretty sure I'll be fighting against some Autoblaster AC Nym, needed to know a ruling. Does Omega Leader's ability disallow TL'd ships to use Accuracy Corrector?
  11. Rhyn's Rugged Repaints and Rough Ups

    I use Google Drive.
  12. A Kiss From a Rho on Deathrain

    I think that if you want Crack Shot on your Rho's, you should drop Harpoon Missiles. I know it's the new hotness, but you've got a lot of actions to spend with Deathrain, especially if you want your action bombs to stick and you use Boost to get out of tight spots. If you drop down to Unguided Rockets, her damage output is modest. Also, without Lightweight Frame there to boost your defense, you'll want to tread very carefully. I'd even consider NOT bringing unguided rockets just to fit LWF on to better defend those 38 points you've invested.
  13. What is your favourite faction and why?

    I'm an Empire man, through and through. I dig the stark colorations, sharp geometric lines of the ships, low cost, high agility/maneuverability, and dedicated craft for certain jobs (e.g. Interceptor, Interceptor, Bomber, Striker, and Fighter (Line), Defender) all really have their job and do it efficiently and are tailored for the task). I enjoy the Advanced, and the /sf, but they don't necessarily match this descriptor since they're better all-around dogfighters, but they well in their place. I also think the big ships for Imperial are well-suited for the faction. I also don't mind flying at a "disadvantage" because it makes me fly better than my opponents. If I don't, I'm able to look at a lost game and see where I went wrong or even what I did well or even just chalk a few up to dice variance. I don't like to complain about dice variance, but if you run Soontir and blank out on 5 green dice with one hull left, even with all the tokens, that's the dice against you. I'm moving a bit more toward Rebellion since I'm playing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, but have a difficult time making squads because of their higher price point. I probably won't play Scum, mostly because they just won't be the next ships on my list once I've gotten all the Imperial ships I want.
  14. considering a scratch built epic, would like some input

    Aha! I found it! There are a lot of ships on this list. For Epic, simply consider ships predominantly under the Shuttle, Freighters, and Transports category. Most of the others are starfighter/light freighter class or much to big to manage for X-Wing at even 1/300 scale. P.S. This post is more fitting for the Painting and Modification portion of the forums, just for future reference.
  15. Deathrain and three Omega Squadron Pilots

    I might have to try one of those instead of an Imperial Trainee without LWF...