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  1. Man, we really need an additional eye-roll response option on this forum for all people who don't like others to have any fun at all. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  2. Updating my list! Located in South Dakota, US. WANT: Model only: TIE Striker TIE Advanced ... Gunboat? (No, I'm not going to spend $70 on eBay or to buy it from you on this TRADE thread and otherwise I'll continue to use my 3D printed gunboat in the meantime) Conversion stuff (dials, generic pilot cards, base plates) 2 – TIE/fo 1 - TIE Silencer 2 – TIE Bomber Misc N'dru Sulhak baseplate Acrylic... anything 2.0, really Pretty much any Alt-art cards (Imperial pilots, damage decks, maybe upgrades if we need to round out a deal HAVE: Models for trade: 5 - B-Wings : these B-Wings are a little beat up. I purchased them on ebay thinking I'd have time/inspiration to do some modding/extra paint work on these, but never got around to it. I can give them magnetized pegs to replace the general lack of pegs so they are more table ready. I can provide pictures as needed, just PM me. I've begun modding/restoring these. Some of these will have their first original paint scheme, others will be painted to cover up an atrocious paint job by former owner. At least one will be modded and painted to look more like the Prototype B6 "Blade Wing" from Rebels. I just never fly Rebels and have traded away my B-Wing dials and cards. Once they are done, I'll post pictures. Generic pilots and dials: Empire 2 – Alpha-class Star Wing 1 – Inquisitor’s TIE 1 – Lambda-class Shuttle 2 – TIE Aggressor 1 – TIE Punisher 1 – VT-49 Decimator Rebels 2 – ARC-170 1 – Auzituck Gunship 1 – E-wing 1 – Ghost 1 – HWK-290 2 – K-wing 1 – Phantom I 1 – Phantom II 1 – Sabine’s TIE Fighter 1 – U-wing 1 – YT-2400 1 – Z-95 Headhunter All Pilots: 1 – K-Wing 1 – Phantom I 1 – Phantom II 1 – Ghost 1 - Auzituck Gunship Other: I have been working on learning to use a 3D printer (FDM). There's a lot of useful things for X-Wing to print on Thingiverse (and some simple things I can design myself) and would be willing to print something and send it to you in trade. If you want to go this route, shoot me a message and I can let you know what things I can and can't do. The type of printer I use isn't perfect for all ships, though it does work pretty well for some. It is really good at other things for X-Wing, like storage solutions, dial covers, some interesting tokens and other miscellaneous items. Please keep this in mind if you're interested in this kind of thing when you message me about trades. I am designing some of my own stuff, so I'll post links with pictures as I get them finished so you can see what is possible with this cool tech.
  3. Planetary Sentinels with Proximity Mines. Love me some Strikers.
  4. It's the second copy option from the top when you are in the picture. The link should have i.imgur at the beginning and a .jpg at the end.
  5. Use the direct link option on Imgur. It should generate the picture.
  6. I think you should use the Microthrusters chassis ability from the StarViper on these, not Autothrusters. They aren't even as fast as TIE Fighters, but more maneuverable with wing-mounted control jets. I'd probably give them a dial similar to the TIE v1 to also reflect this. Perhaps consider not giving them just the TIE Interceptor's action bar, but change it up, add some linked actions working off the repositions to make it more interesting. I do like your stat line, though I balked at the 4 hull for a hot minute, but it makes sense. I would maybe consider adding a shield.
  7. Awesome thing about this Corona virus stuff keeping everyone indoors is that it gives me more time to paint! Quick Striker paintjob. Very pleased with how it turned out.
  8. Good. Fly the heck out of it. Your Ailerons pre-move Boost will really get you used to thinking in a way that is good when you start flying ace-y ships and they are more threatening than TIE Fighters. I think the Striker is probably one of the best Imperial ships to practice with, especially coordinating a focus-fire engagement from different angles.
  9. I just spent some brain power on Chiss Clawcraft since the company I work for just invested in a 3D printer. I think they probably need the Microthruster chassis ability from the StarViper.
  10. So maximum possibilities: Speedy dial (Interceptor-esque) Cloak action? Nerfed pseudo-Cloak? Rear-facing firing arc or flipping arc? (but no gunner) Man, if they make it, it'll be the most expensive small-base ship in the game.
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