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  1. Praetorate of the Empire

    New (old) pilot spoilers (Rexler looks good)

    That'll be brutal. Probably brutally expensive, though. Probably near 100 points when all kitted out.
  2. Praetorate of the Empire

    Are you enjoying 1.0 more or less today?

    I've been enjoying trying out some of the Imperial ships that I haven't really flown much of, especially since many of them have dials that are simply improved or tweaks that should make them pretty effective. Might put Whisper on the table for the first time in a Palp Aces just to enjoy that 4 dice primary before it's gone. I'm playing more games now, so I'm enjoying the practice of putting ships on the table and knowing that my practice of flying these Imperial ships should pay off for 2nd Edition.
  3. Praetorate of the Empire

    My farewell tournament to 1.0

    Yeah, I'm pretty much doing this, except switching out one for Countdown as a flanker. It's really solid and pretty hard to one-shot any of those dupes.
  4. Praetorate of the Empire

    My farewell tournament to 1.0

    I've been practicing a 4 TIE Bomber (UR + LWF) + Countdown list. It's solid, it's probably good practice for 2.0, and it eats 0-1 agility ships for lunch and is certainly a threat to Ace-y ships when all those Bombers turn about for a joust. Fairly survivable, too.
  5. Praetorate of the Empire

    2.0 > YT-2400 Sensor Blindspot

    Whoops, logic is hard today.
  6. Praetorate of the Empire

    2.0 > YT-2400 Sensor Blindspot

    I keep hearing/reading people bemoan the huge buff the YT-2400 received for 2.0. But I've reread the Sensor Blindspot a few times, which reads as follows: "While you perform a primary weapon attack at Range 0-1, do not apply the Range 0-1 bonus AND roll one fewer attack die." As I break this down, I read this as 4 dice primary attacks outside of Range 1, which is quite obvious. Range 0-1 primary attacks should be 2 dice. Anyone see this differently?
  7. Praetorate of the Empire

    The Imperials in 2.0

    I'm confident that I'll be flying Bombers like crazy now because now they have a very solid dial. I've never really felt that challenged them because I thought they flew about like they should. I've also heard rumors that their cost dropped, which I believe was actually unnecessary because they were already moderately costed. Slipping in two Unguided Rocket + LWF Scimitars with Aces has been one of my go-to builds and it does nicely and I assume I could make that fit. Their slight increase in flexibility with bombs hopefully makes them a bit more viable as a bomber, but I'll probably continue using them as missile/torpedo carriers, whichever piques my interest. I'm also excited for the Advanced, Vader looks great. Might try my hand at Interceptors again. Certainly keeping my Strikers as fillers or pocket Aces. But yeah, Bombers are going to be my jam.
  8. Praetorate of the Empire

    List building thoughts - Imperial

    Captain Jonus should get LWF and Unguided Rockets.
  9. Praetorate of the Empire

    It's been at least a week since the last Punisher thread

    Yeah, but it is massive for a TIE Fighter, carries a lot of ordinance, and likely has some serious engines for forward propulsion. Really, if you take the 4 and 5 straight and white 4K off a Defender, you have nearly the same dial. Plus, I don't want the Punisher to get highly costed for its dial, I just want to load it with ordinance. And I agree with @heychadwick. The Scurgg will get pared down to a mortal level.
  10. Praetorate of the Empire

    It's been at least a week since the last Punisher thread

    For what it does, the Punisher doesn't have a terrible dial. I honestly think it should stay about where it is. It doesn't have a Lambda dial, it will be going a bit faster than it did, and it still feels similar to the Bomber, which is appropriate. I'm pretty curious to see what the ship's ability is, though. I hope that it isn't just a repeat of the Bomber's ability and that is a more specialized Ordinance carrier.
  11. Praetorate of the Empire


    News: Only that it will definitely be on a medium base instead of small. Ordinance being cleaned up in general is good news for the Punisher. Rumors/Speculation: Probably have the Reload action, but unsure whether it will be white or red. I'm hoping for white Reload. Some are also speculating it may have a Reinforce, but I think that's a bit out of character for the ship; if it does, I think it should be red. Maybe a Boost still?
  12. Praetorate of the Empire

    Happy Friday - Which Faction?

    Heyo @Cubanboy I'm for the Empire, all the way! I thoroughly enjoy the geometry of the ships, the way they fly, and that the various ships are usually designed for a specific purpose or role. Long live the Emperor!
  13. Praetorate of the Empire

    Lambda fix

    Probably shouldn't compare it too much with the Reaper since the Lambda is large base and the Reaper will be medium. They'll be playing a bit differently, even if they fill similar roles.
  14. Praetorate of the Empire

    It's been at least a week since the last Punisher thread

    What I think will neatly separate the Punisher from the Bomber is that medium base. The Punisher is going to actually be faster than the Bomber now, plus if it still carries a Boost, it'll a Heavy-weight alpha striker. I'm very curious.
  15. Praetorate of the Empire

    Super Soontir

    Whoops, missed Stealth Device. Sneaky devil...