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  1. I just ran them a few days ago, and they certainly don't feel OP. Too slow to blitz after yonder objectives, not enough damage output to hinder major threats. But their Heavy Weapon slot is decent, though less flexible than the Stormtrooper DLT-19. Consider the Ion Snowtrooper. Right now, at least where I am, it doesn't seem like Rebel players can resist taking the AT-RT. You could at least harass the AT-RT and other vehicles with the Snowtroopers and create a zone of control. The Snowtroopers can maybe afford to Recover, Move, then Shoot to cripple vehicles. I run Veers, so at least one turn they might be able to Recover from Imperial Discipline. I run Vader, they can lose a trooper with New Ways to Motivate Them to get that Ion Trooper Recovered for free, then Aim, Move, Shoot. Consider the Flametrooper. Lousy until Range 1, then awesome, especially against Low Profile + Duck and Cover troopers that love and create their own cover. Good for claiming objectives and creating an intimidating zone of control around said objective.
  2. I'm guessing they'll be releasing Jedi/Sith type characters few and far between, though. I suppose that most people won't run 3 Corps units and the rest Jedi, though. It probably wouldn't give someone enough activations to really be competitive.
  3. I think the OT is pretty well fleshed out. Even most important characters that would fit well in Legion we don't actually see in combat, except maybe Lando. I think to get more in the era of the OT, we'll need to look a lot more into Rebels. That being said, the Grand Inquisitor and/or other Inquisitors seem like they'd be cool, but I'm not sure they'd really balance very well into the game. I think since Configs are a thing, Agent Kallus would be awesome, as would Zeb, since they both should have a pretty heavy ranged weapon and solid melee. Of course, it we bring in Zeb, the whole Rebel cast works their way in, but I'm not sure we're ready for the Sabine meta... I think Cassian should be in Legion and really think he should be coming with the Pathfinders, not Jyn, but he should probably be an operative. I'd also like to K2-S0 come with him so they can run as a pair like Han and Chewie. His mini would also look good on the table. And Thrawn. Would love to see Thrawn on the table, of course.
  4. It does link into a white Rotate action, so you shouldn't have any stress from rotating, which is actually pretty cool. So far the /sf is only ship (I'm aware of) to have linked white actions. They do all link only into white rotate actions though, which means it has no other good linked actions to choose from. (ninja'd by @Hiemfire)
  5. I'm not a fan of the idea, especially since Boba Fett has already landed in the Imperial faction and he's really the paragon of Scum and Villainy. I also think that the units will be unrecognizable to people unfamiliar with deeper content of Star Wars. I'd much rather see the current two and future two factions get fleshed and balanced out before introducing janky stuff onto the table. I do think there'll be more scummy operatives like Cad Bane coming in with the CIS, which also gives me pause to letting S&V be their own faction.
  6. This. Players can be intimidated from coming into the game because of too much content. Tabletop wargaming is already super intimidating to get into because of the sheer amount of effort necessary to prepare to play the game, then games are long with a bit of prep. If you don't have new people coming into the game, that's an easy path to stagnancy.
  7. No, absolutely not. What would the regular troops be? Who would the Commanders be? Why on earth would they even be working together? Do you really want to put Jabba the Hutt on the table? This is already an issue with X-Wing: once they add the Clone Wars era, S&V just gets ridiculous; they can have ships that span the entirety of all the films, TV shows, and whatever else the devs take inspiration from. Additionally, S&V, if made, should be just a bunch of Operatives at best, motley, disorganized corps units at worst. The only thing that I would care about getting for a Scum and Villainy faction is Operative Cad Bane, and I bet that he'll be put into the CIS (like Boba for Empire) since he did so much work for them in the Clone Wars TV show.
  8. I think it's a bit of a toss-up. I do think that Dooku should somehow be better against other melee combatants than Vader is since his specialty is dueling. In the same manner, he shouldn't be as effective against troopers, though the difference should be mild. Force Lightning should make a pretty major difference in the damage race. Dooku will likely be faster and nimbler as well, so should make a difference at taking and defending objectives. Also, he might be a better Commander because he probably won't wound himself and his own troopers. I expect that his commands will help him get an edge on individual units.
  9. I really like the flavor of Ahhav; it's a really unique piece for Scum. I hope to see some more stuff like this.
  10. Yep, this is becoming the mainstay for simulating games. It's not finished, but there's a lot to use and has online play capability.
  11. Excuse me? I haven't been dispatched? I haven't seen a Proton Torpedo all day! 🤣
  12. I think the characters of Rogue One especially lend themselves to being in Legion as interesting characters. Lando wouldn't be uninteresting, but it's going to take a bit to really differentiate him from Han. Plus, with a series coming out with Cassian as the starring character, Rogue One should be a gold mine for new characters and further exposure to more subterfuge and assassination tactics in the Star Wars universe than we've seen so far. Also, Obi-Wan and Yoda are both present in the OT, but they don't really do a lot of large scale fighting post-Revenge of the Sith, as far as I'm aware. They aren't really a part of the Rebel Alliance, merely associated with it through Luke. So I'm content to leave them for the Republic since that's where we see them in their prime as generals.
  13. He does in Rebels. He actually heads the assault on a Rebel base post-bombardment. It's a pretty awesome episode. It also ret-conns why he's so paranoid about Force-users, so if we see him any time after Rebels similar to how he was in early books, then I bet we'll see him taking some precautions against them.
  14. But Thrawn, man, he'd be fun to have in the game, even if he cost a bajillion points.
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