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  1. Thanks! If that's the case, this'll be a cakewalk by comparison. I've already painted one of each of those, plus 2 TIE Interceptors.
  2. I just got a TIE Striker and can't figure out how the wings are attached. Ideally, I'd like to take off and reattach the wings for my repaint, but I want the wings to remain able to move. Has anyone done this? I couldn't really find anything on the forums, even though I'm fairly certain I've seen this around somewhere.
  3. Especially since the Clone Wars TV show did so well. Plenty of on-screen stuff to work with, an immense multitude of characters, and an idea of how to keep the game balanced. I think it'd be great. I'll admit, I have a lot of nostalgia for the prequels, but I know they aren't great, especially in terms of story. But I still really like the universe it was in and most of the ships are really cool, IMO. I'd love to fly a Separatist swarm with at least 8 fighters. I'd also like to see the Jedi starfighters and the crazy abilities that they'd have. Otherwise, in the likely event that FFG doesn't go this direction, I'll be content with homebrew stuff that I produce with their great system for X-Wing and other fan input.
  4. I think you may be right, partially, in your previous mention. In terms of squad points amongst most of the mentioned Large base ships in this thread (excerpt the JumpMaster, obviously), the Baudo should be one of the cheapest in terms of squad cost. I could see dropping it one or two points on the base cost since it has no additional offensive options, but one of the guys I play with regularly thought that Mirax and Booster were too far away from Han's cost. I may need to come back to the drawing board on that one. But, to be fair, cost really isn't that hard to figure out. Mostly compare what you're building to something - or several things - that are similar in play style and extrapolate from there. For this, I mostly looked at the two YTs and the Lancer to figure out costing. The YT-2400 is the closest comparison on several levels.
  5. Why do you think they should drop? This ship is really hard to kill, I'm not overestimating it, especially since it would be one of the only Large base ships in the game that can equip Autothrusters. I'd just like some evidence or expressions of reasons why. This is what I came to with some of the guys I play with and this is fairly comparable to the YTs, plus I'll need to stack up some arguments to lower it. I'll probably not make Liat's ability a focus bank, especially since this expansion has a crew member for a Focus bank and Rey exists. I'll just give him extra Focus at Range 1.
  6. Hm. Interesting. Alright, I think I've given more than two cents. Overall, like I said before, pretty solid choices for changes. I'd like to hear how it goes over in playtesting.
  7. I think until Harpoons are released, I don't think alpha strikes are the only things erasing people. Cruise Missiles still take a bit of skill to use well and the rest have been around a long time. A lot of stuff is coming from high primary weapon values and they aren't coming from Alpha Strike. The only faction that is really really benefiting from this Alpha is the Empire and they need all the help they can get. Plus, with Alpha Striking, people are throwing a lot of what they have at one ship, and if their enemies are flying more than two ships, that isn't terrible. I think Alpha Strikes are a powerful deterrent against two-ship builds, which seems to be the meta currently... But against 3 or 4 ships, those Alpha Strikes have to be well planned or are poorly spent. And then afterwards the ships can only kind of nibble at enemies and hope to stay out of arc. I do agree with Kaptain Krunch that TLT will continue to be powerful, even if the cost went up. You probably won't see 4 TLTs, but that won't stop Nym and Miranda from taking it at all.
  8. Intensity. You'll probably use it on a lot more of your ships. Of course, the ship you'll put it on has both in its Expansion Pack. I do like Advanced Sensors on Deathfire, but not a ton of Imperial ships use the System slot very well.
  9. While I understand some of these cost adjustments, I definitely don't understand all of them. Why are you adjusting Crackshot? I think it's pretty solidly costed at 1, especially since low attack ships are the ones using it. Why drop the other one-time-use EPT's to 0? I usually consider 0 point upgrades to be unwise unless they create a mechanic for a ship, like many titles. Some explanation of cost adjustments would be nice. Your erratas are, IMO, pretty good, but I disagree with Extra Munitions. It really breathes life into many heavy ordinance carriers like TIE Bombers, Punishers, and probably the K-Wing as well. Do you make it unlimited? Bomblet Generator: simple, elegant solution. I wouldn't even change the cost. People would probably slow roll to bank up bomblets, but I think this would be balanced. It'd at least require some planning. Sabine: makes sense to me. She's a lot more like Boba Fett this way. I would probably lower her cost to 1 or improve the ability to be better suited for one-time use. I agree with HolySorceror, Guidance Chips doesn't really need the change, though I kinda contradict myself with that. Again, it helps TIE Bombers and Punishers, along with other Imperial ordinance carriers, so I'm pretty loathe to change 'em. Otherwise, decent job. I'd maybe consider some of these adjustments.
  10. Seems solid to me, but I haven't really played much Falcon. You could build a really light Leebo without the title, which is something I'm considering if/when I get the YT-2400, you can easily build him for 40 points. Maybe Poe Dameron (PS 9) with R2-D2, Primed Thrusters, Vectored Thrusters, Veteran Instincts, and Black One for 42 points on the nose? I feel like you want high Evade ship in there with Han, likely one with a solid dial like the T-70. Or maybe the ARC-170 or Gunship. Or you could go Z-95 mini-swarm!
  11. This has come up before, and I think the general consensus on ships that have another crew member, especially most fighter types, the "crew" is usually a dedicated gunner, thus unable to really co-pilot. Otherwise you should be asking for the Y-Wing, TIE Striker, likely the Punisher, and maybe a few others to be given crew. Given this, you'd see a pretty broad change in each of these ships. So no, I don't agree. Plus, the TIE/sf already gets a lot of upgrades and I know that I'd be spending about 40 points on Quickdraw if I went that route anyhow. I have seen someone post a concept of using a different Title card that, instead of granting the second attack or extra die, allows for a Crew slot. I think its a simple, elegant solution that really works thematically. I'd probably restrict it to generics only, though. Backdraft and Quickdraw should not have a different crew member because if they were piloting the ship, they'd likely have the same gunner most of the time and I'd argue that they're pilot abilities are the pilot and gunner working together.
  12. Yeah, initially I was going to say just bring a TIE Shuttle with these two... But you can't get extra munitions. But at the end of the day, I think it'd be the Heff Tobber U-Wing with Cad Bane, Sabine Wren, Extra Munitions, Bomblet Generator, Ion Projector, Collision Detector along with a little something on the side, like a TIE Striker for theme. You could even go the Minefield Mapper route and deck it out with Cluster Mines for a really tough obstacle course.
  13. So maybe something like this? "After you perform a maneuver, if there is an enemy inside your firing arc at Range 1, you may assign your ship a focus token." And thanks! My T-70 was my first Rebel repaint and my Baudo was my first scratch build, so I definitely appreciate the complement!
  14. And here's a few pictures of the scratch build! Let me know if this works for people, I haven't posted pictures on the forum before and am just getting used to using the full extents of Google Drive!
  15. A while back I started a scratch build of the Pulsar Skate and would like to show what I've come up with for it! I am still looking for a suggestion or two, I'll note them as I include the parts of the pack! I've included pictures of the cards that I made in Strange Eons. So, without further ado, here we go! The Dial The Baudo-class Star Yacht is a high-performance vehicle that can outrun many freighters, and so the dial portrays this. I wanted a really fast ship, so I referred to the YTs for comparable speeds and matched the Lancer a bit. The Chassis The Baudo is fast, hard to hit. After a bit of playtesting, I've found that this ship is really hard to land good damage on. 2 Evade is nothing to be scoffed at on a Large base and this ship is also able to arc-dodge pretty well. This ship could potentially see a lot of play with Expert Handling when EPT's are available - which I've not seen on any other ship - to make it a ship that can be really hard to get arc on. It does NOT have a turret, so really rewards good flying, clever positioning, and its array of Tech, System, and Crew upgrades to harass enemy ships. The Title The Pulsar Skate is Mirax Terrik's ship, and it is a fantastic ship for a quick-moving smuggling operative. It adds the SLAM action and Illicit upgrade to the Baudo for 3 points. In game, it really helps the ship get in and out of tight spaces and still have options if can't attack. Advanced SLAM is a solid choice for when flying the Skate, but not the only modification worth noting. Autothrusters does well to further the survivability of an already survivable ship and really protect the large amount of points poured into this ship. The Pilots Space Lane Drifter - This rich, young, pampered rich kid takes his toys out for joyrides, but he's not super experienced (no EPT). Liat Tsayv - Not sure what to put in for his pilot ability, but Liat is Mirax's Sullustan co-pilot. I don't think he'll have an EPT. I'd really love some input for a decent ability for him, but he probably won't be my most used pilot. Mirax Terrik (Horn) - Mirax is a really solid pilot. She can choose between stress and ion, so she remains highly flexible. She could SLAM after a red move or use Expert Handling to double reposition, or VI to PS 9 to see what everyone else does first. She is meant to fly well and slip in small amounts of damage when she can and maybe use some Illicit upgrades to hinder her opponents. Booster Terrik - Booster's name alone can strike fear into his enemies, and his confidence at the helm of the Skate can really do some damage. He likes going after ships that are considered "more dangerous" than he is so he can hit them harder. He's the damage dealer of these pilots, and the upgrades chosen can really help his damage output. The Other Upgrades Corran Horn (Crew) - Corran is a great pilot, but when he's copiloting his experience of weaving in and out of combat and Force abilities come into play by helping pilots bank focus for their next rounds of combat. He acts similar to Rey, but instead banks Focus tokens when a ship doesn't or is unable to attack. He just wishes his E-Wing was big enough to hold a clone of himself. Booster Terrik - Booster continues to intimidate his opponents, causing them to think twice about attacking him when he has a Target Lock. Electronic Defense Suite - I wanted to some up with something special for Large ships with Tech upgrades, so this was the solution. It's a passive, defensive upgrade that should help against Alpha-strikes. Any thoughts? I've worked on this for a while and really checked the balance of everything pretty closely. Nothing gets terribly complicated, except sometimes you really need to think about how Ion tokens work with Mirax. If anyone can help me come up with a pilot ability for Liat Tsayv, that be great! He won't have an EPT, keep that in mind!