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  1. The Micron isn't just some pen, it's more in the felt-tip family. It's really fine, especially for this kind of detailing. Since you like using Sharpie, Celestial, this would probably be a good thing to snag. Just make sure your paint is done drying before you use it, I really only got about one use out of mine before it decided not to work anymore.
  2. I had a more defensive buff - definitely not a fix - just to provide a different level of survivability to the T-65 chassis by borrowing the idea from the A-Wing fix, Chardaan Refit. Superiority Retrofit (0) (torpedo slot) Your action bar gains the Evade action. This makes PTL X-Wings viable, though I'm not sure you'd even go PTL on Wedge, Luke, or any other "Aces". I also am not sure the T-70 needs any helps from any titles, though I do think that if we start making a difference to fill in the S-foil fluff, we should try to get it onto all of the S-foil ships... I've also done something similar to Vaksai, though, honestly, came up with it before Vaksai was out. Versatile Engineering (1 or 2) Title. Rebel only. T-65 X-Wing only. You may equip a second modification to your ship for free. It must cost less than the other upgrade you have equipped. This does a decent job of making an X-Wing, well, versatile. First playing with this, it cost 0, and it felt a little OP when my opponent brought a decked out Wedge and Luke and we agreed it needed to cost at least a point.
  3. Well, I ran Deathrain with Advanced Sensors, and while it was nice to have that boost before dropping, it certainly got me in trouble a couple of times when I hadn't necessarily planned on moving before dropping. One of the things I'm really going to miss is haveing Collision Detector on Deathrain because I won't get an extra die on top of Lightweight Frame for defense...
  4. Definitely agree on both counts. I think they just need to clarify what "launch" means vs "drop".
  5. Heyo! I've been running Deathrain recently and am excited for Trajectory Simulator to drop so I can use it for my Punishers! However. I'm not sure if Deathrain will be able to Barrel Roll after "launching" a bomb. I have heard from podcasters that this will likely require an FAQ for clarification since Deathrain's ability text reads "drop" and Trajectory Simulator reads "launch". I do believe that Deathrain is the only pilot whose ability might not work with Trajectory Simulator, though I would also mention Crimson Specialist from the Resistance Bomber could also be affected. Thoughts? I would like to think that Deathrain will still get the Barrel Roll, but I'm not super experienced with parsing out the rules. I don't really think that there is a precedent to look for, either.
  6. Much better. I've also been messing around with Carnor Jax. One thing I've learned is that, if you have arc on a ship that Carnor Jax is near, it's great if you can arc with him, but his ability is devestating. You don't even need to shoot to wreck someone who leans on token use. It's pretty awesome.
  7. The guy I usually play with often would rather do a one-ship on one-ship match, sometimes multiple players. It is fun because it really makes you focus on your flying. We also up the stakes by having moving asteroids (we've had the best games with them doing the same 3-bank, then when they come off the board they come back in on a different side with the same maneuver), then if you run into an asteroid or hit one you die. We've done some interesting matchups, even 100 point lists, but inevitably at least one ship on each side will get killed by asteroids. We usually just set a point limit, build a ship or two, then play. It is fun, it really helps get the hang of how each ship flies. I'd say one of the only downsides is that they can get a bit boring when you both are just trying to get arc on the other if/once it gets down to one on one.
  8. I almost always run a 32 point Juke Vader, which has extremely solid damage output. He's not much of an arc dodger compared to an Interceptor, but he really wasn't in the first place. Be careful to keep him out of arcs, but he should be pretty hard to kill with a Focus-Evade. I'd recommend dropping Engine Upgrade on Vader or Hull Upgrade on CJ for PTL on the Inquisitor. It'll be worth it. I've run Vader and Soontir Fel lately, and here are most of the the things I've learned/mistakes I've been making: DON'T formation fly. It makes it too easy to block. It is better to have an idea of where you want your ships to be in a number of turns, then plan out how to get there. Of course, your plan will likely be subject to change as your enemy engages you. DO be content to block. Except in very few circumstances, consider blocking if you are lower PS than your opponent. The Inquisitor likes Range 3 anyways, so make him useful against close range ships. A ship being unable to shoot you is far better than praying that your green dice love you against 4 attack dice at Range 1. DO try to keep at Range 2-3 with your arc dodgers. They defend exceptionally at Range 2-3, even Range 3 in your opponent's arc. When your opponent brings Rey, Dengar, Han, ensure that they are shooting out of their arcs most of the time. Autothrusters will save you a LOT of damage. DON'T outpace your opponent. Because your ships are some of the nimblest in the game, allow the enemy to blunder in so you can slip in behind. This requires patience, but it'll be worth it. It is easier to find openings if you split your ships some. DO disengage. I've found that it can be far better to zoom out of a engagement to regroup or find a different attack vector than try to keep pressure on with all of my ships. Sometimes that's only one turn, sometimes two. It can also take some pressure off of you just for you to get a bit of a breather. Also, I've been running this list to get my Interceptor flying better while having some competitive bite: Darth Vader (29) x1 (0) ATC (1) Juke (2) Soontir Fel (27) (32) Autothrusters (2) PTL (3) Deathrain (26) Collision Detector (0) Extra Munitions (2) Unguided Rockets (2) Ion Bombs (2) Seismic Charges (2) LWF (2) This Deathrain really allows for a lot of board control, plus most people (at least in my area) know very little about how the Punisher flies, works, etc. Deathrain gets a lot of action efficiency on the bomb drop, so she really can work the board. Once the next wave drops, I'm looking back to an Infinite version with the Trajectory Simulator and Bomblet Generator, but the Ion Bombs' control ability and the auto damage from the Seismics are really helpful. Without Sabine or Cad Bane to assist, Bomblet Generator is a bit too inconsistent to be helpful. Other heavy alpha/ordinance "aces" like Tomax Bren, Major Rhymer, and the gunboat pilots will surely help in a similar regard. I do think some Imperial Aces lists have the ability to do well now, they just need a lot of table time. Get reps in, practice flying through obstacles, and really get a grasp on some solid approach strategies, and continue testing them out on the table.
  9. I disagree. Pilots that really spend much time taking evade tokens are Interceptor-class, PTL small bases with little hull. Often, especially with Autothrusters, all you need is one more Evade. This could give it to you for multiple shots, which would also prove helpful against TLT.
  10. Yeah, but it replaces VI, which seems wrong. I don't know if you'd ever not want PS 9 on Whisper.
  11. My lovely wife speaks French, so she did some translating for me. This is also able to be assigned with FCS to an Upsilon Shuttle, but it would need another upgrade or two to use it.
  12. Oh my. That is insanity. My Interceptors are very jealous. And it even has a 1 hard turn!!!
  13. This. I actually just flew against PS 10 Rey Falcon Finn Kanan crew with Soontir last night and he pretty much tore her to pieces. Maybe against a really good Rey player it's an insta-win with a really experienced player, but it is difficult to make that firing arc work against an Interceptor, especially the Baron. But the meta here seems to be pretty strange, reminiscent of an older meta (I flew against Dengar and Nym, together, for the first time two weeks ago). I seem to be one of the only bombardiers around, and I brought Vader, Soontir, and Deathrain (Ion and Seismics). But, the thing that seems consistent with the meta is that two-ship builds are increasingly common. Shouldn't a loosely flown swarm be a strong answer to that? Either way, Soontir was pretty solid through most of the game, I'll probably be using him a lot more now. Just wish I had the Inquisitor to fly alongside.
  14. I've considered bringing a TIE Salad, but, as MG said, Wookie Gunships make a traditional swarm very sad. That Reinforce action is bonkers. But, if someone brings 4 Gunships, really the only option you have is to get behind them with one or two ships and make your shots count. Blocking against a quad-Wookie list isn't even super effective as it just allows the back ships 4 dice attacks, but it does really soften them up if you can focus fire. Anyhow, was considering bringing 3 TIE/fo, 2 Strikers, and a Bomber. It's a lot of ships, the most ships I've ever been able to consider in a standard match.
  15. I dig me some Vader... Darth Vader (29) [32] x1 (0) ATC (1) Juke (2) Juke Vader has a lot of firepower and survivability, especially since he shoots towards the top of the order. If you need to reposition, take an Evade. When you need to take a Target Lock, take an Evade. Helps mitigate bad green dice.