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  1. Posted October 3, 2018 Q: Do TIE Strikers (and Reapers) skip their perform action step if they overlap an asteroid or another ship with their Aileron’s ability maneuver? A: No. It is only during the Execute Maneuver step that a ship skips its Perform Action step for overlapping a ship or obstacle. Yes I have seen it now, I must have missed it
  2. Where did they post this, I cant see it?
  3. If you go over a asteroid whilst performing the ailerons manoeuvre, roll the attack dice etc... Then you execute your manoeuvre without going over an asteroid, do you skip your perform action step from the ailerons going over an asteroid? I have seen an old FAQ for 1.0 that says you dont skip, but is that still relevant in 2.0? I havent seen anything posted on here recently and its quite common in hyperspace currently.
  4. thats why I posted on the forum, im trying to find out
  5. so you perform 1 action get a stress.. how do you then link it if you are stressed or use Poe's ability?
  6. At what point do you gain the stress though from performing the red manoeuvre? After performing 1 action or what? Surely the card lets you perform 1 action before gaining your stress etc?
  7. Pattern Analyser says you can "perform 1 action" so surely Poe's ability or even a linked action shouldn't happen?
  8. I would also like to know about this, just a PDF with points costs will be sufficient for now!
  9. Can you do the Reinforce action if you havent got it on your action bar with Tua? There are obviously ships that can take this crew card but dont have the action listed on their bar...
  10. So I have heard mixed opinions of how this works and just want to clarify. If you fly over a rock, can you still perform the evade action as you fully complete the 3 - 5 speed maneuver?
  11. Can Darth Vader use his ability and spend force points to do multiple actions before he manoeuvres?
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