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  1. Thanks, I'll probably submit a rules question on this as well, once i have some time to put together some relevant stuff. This terrain seems to bring in a lot of new questions that need clarifying.
  2. Fightwookies

    Worlds at adepticon 2019?

    FFG needs to comment on whether this is actually worlds for IA and Armada. I'll be very upset if i buy a ticket for this, and am then unable to attend a Worlds event at the gamecenter in may.
  3. @a1bert another question around this terrain. If sabine is in the center of that spire, would her figure be considered adjacent to the diagonal space with impassable terrain? The spaces themselves are not adjacent, but the application would be for area of effect damage such as Grenadier, which targets figures adjacent to a space.
  4. Sorin, surrounded by a bunch of droids. Sentries, HKs, Probes
  5. Fightwookies

    Unofficial Fixes-- Why not just vote on one or two?

    They did a tournament using these fixes on the slack channel, and i think they're planning on another in the somewhat near future. That might be right up your alley
  6. Fightwookies

    Unofficial Fixes-- Why not just vote on one or two?

    I’ll be ready to vote and contribute to this topic once the game officially ends. Until then, it’s just fun for a side event. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet
  7. Fightwookies

    Unplayable figures...

    OP at 3, haha. you'd take her over Mak every time. She'd be playable at 4. Smuggler is a great trait.
  8. Fightwookies

    Unplayable figures...

    This is why a skirmish companion App would be amazing. Saska doesn’t need any ability changes, or an official fix. She just needs an updated cost of 4.
  9. Fightwookies

    Unplayable figures...

    Saska in Hondo for Smuggler's run. Hondo may be her best target to bring in now if you're going to do the smuggler's run. Stack that with his innate ability and you're gaining even more free VPs
  10. Fightwookies

    "Bounty Hunter Cell"

    the original 6 heros from the core set need a squad fix. Fenn, Gaarkhan, Diala, Jyn, Mak, Gideon That would actually help make the skirmish game more accessible for new players
  11. Fightwookies

    Death Troopers. Thoughts so far?

    Straight damage isn't a great comparison with Hera either, because the eDT with a surge token can hit from a guaranteed 6 range. Hera's minimum is 3
  12. Fightwookies

    Death Troopers. Thoughts so far?

    I think Death troopers are great. They’re a hybrid support unit that can massively affect the tempo of the game. They have a specific role in the game, and you shouldn’t directly compare damage output to another 4 figure cost whose primary purpose is damage output.
  13. Fightwookies

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Reporting a smooth trade with @Rogue Dakotan
  14. Fightwookies

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Hondo is pretty great. By the third round when you bring Thrawn out, he has spammed enough tokens that everyone hits like a truck.
  15. Fightwookies

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Hondo/Thrawn may be the two best 6 cost figures in the game