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  1. looking at that ruling on the spire, is it possible for Ahsoka to be placed in the spot where she is in the ruling? We discussed this at length in our group, and don't think that should be possible because of this in the RRG: Place:... A player cannot choose to place a figure in a space where it cannot end its movement, such as in a space containing another figure, blocking terrain, or impassable terrain.
  2. and, that would give reasons for people to buy some of those old boxes/blister packs that are just sitting on shelves right now
  3. Fightwookies

    Regional Meta

    I'm a big fan of motivation on Palpatine. The movement point for the other figure synergizes well with his emperor ability. You can have another figure pop out to where they have LoS to someone the opponent thought was safe. I'd skip out on feeding frenzy.
  4. Fightwookies

    Regional Meta

    I think Terro is a solid choice. Look at adding Ferocity to your command deck if you have it/have room for it. I’ve been running quite a bit of Palp/Thrawn/Terro, and I like the feel of it. I’m personally not a fan of Blaise, but have wanted to try him out with this squad? How do you think he performs with this group? if you like Blaise, I would consider dropping your regular death trooper down to an officer so you can pick up RBF, or another upgrade
  5. The follow up tweet seemed like the kind of thing that would get deleted if their OP had any oversight
  6. Fightwookies

    Regional Meta

    Figures with pierce gain a bit of value against Spectre’s auto block. I haven’t tried out BT, but I think he’s going to be about as swingy as he is normally. I really like Palp against Spectre. Keep him safe and he can help change the tempo against them.
  7. Fightwookies

    Farewell post from FFG founder

    I have no doubt that Christian was a great game designer. Having observed the way his company was ran the last few years, i don't know if he was a great CEO. Obviously, that's just speculation, but any time there is change is an opportunity for them to get better. I hope they do.
  8. Fightwookies

    Farewell post from FFG founder

    I'm going to put some hope that some of the communication (or lack there of) and blunders with OP are due to the ongoing transition. Hopefully they get it sorted out.
  9. Fightwookies

    Lie in ambush

    maybe? They lose a lot by not getting access to focus, but there's nothing wrong with trying it out. you're likely to have a few of the hunter cards by the time you deploy them
  10. two of those maps will be the same, and it will likely be Lothal Wastes rotating in for Mos Eisley back alleys, followed relatively soon by the map from the Maul pack. I say print them all, haha.
  11. So, explicitly, the stunned from to the limit happens after the defender after attack abilities?
  12. This thread has been like Christmas morning recently. One shiny new toy after another. Great Job everyone who is working on completing these images, we really appreciate the effort!
  13. to be fair, X-wing has obviously had massive changes to their format this year, and their OP page doesn't say anything about worlds in may at the game center
  14. I don't blame AdeptiCon for the lack of communication. It sounds like they're working from pretty limited info from FFGOP.
  15. Get on the wait list. There should be more tickets available on March 1, and hopefully if enough people get on the waitlist they'll increase capacity. Capping it at 80 is too low.