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  1. I bought a couple of playmats, but i prefer to print them off. It's a bit more economical, and you can get any one that you want. There's details in the linked thread on that
  2. I've never played around with rebel spies much, but there are some OK ish cheap options, like Mak or Murne. Bringing a clawdite in scum is fine, and Cross Training makes it easy to get an empire spies list
  3. I agree that everyone loves wookies. Just get what you want to play with. But find it before it's gone, because they said no more re-prints. If you want to check the contents for any of the packs that you don't have, an easy spot to do that is boardwars. https://cards.boardwars.eu/Ally-and-Villain-Packs/
  4. Ending it is better than letting it dwindle down to nothing. IA skirmish is a great game that could have been even better if FFG had ever truly given it the support that it deserved.
  5. I got this clarification from Todd on his ruling for Set for Stun a while back, and meant to post it as it changed the way that I understood OtL attack resolution. I'll post the whole convo for context, but the good stuff is in Todd's last reply. Original Rules Question: Hi Todd, I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but I had a question in regards to a recent ruling you had on Set for Stun and On the Lam. It seems inconsistent with the FAQ ruling on declaring a new target space. Set for Stun doesn't refer to a target space, and nothing in the stun condition keyword refers to a target space that I can find. Is there something that I am missing, or was that ruling based on how the card is intended to work? Either is fine, I was just confused. Thanks! Your ruling was posted in the forums here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/282510-set-for-stun/?do=findComment&comment=3500816 The FAQ that I'm referring to is below: "During an attack, if the attacker’s line of sight to the target space changes or if the defender moves, the attacker must then re-declare a target space. If none of the defender’s spaces are eligible, the attack misses, there is no target space, and abilities that refer to a target space have no effect." Todd's first reply: My Follow up question: Thanks Todd. If I follow your logic correctly; re-declaring a target space (in the FAQ) is being used synonomously with re-declaring a target, and any effects that would affect either the target or target space would become invalid? I assume this does not prevent the attacking figures from using abilities such as Recover or Leia's Military Efficiency, or Blaise's Interrogate as those skills do not have a direct impact on the target figure? Todd's last Reply
  6. I love Imperial Assault and was saddened when it was announced that no more physical content was planned. As a skirmish player, the reasonings for that didn’t make sense. What would it take for you to make new IA product? Even some sporadic blister packs could help keep the community alive.
  7. this really does make me want to get some Jet's back out on the table
  8. beating spectre cell is always going to be a bit map dependent. On their good maps, good luck. On a map that's tougher for them, you'll want to be able to out activate them (minimum 7 acts) to guarantee that you'll be able to activate last. Han/Rangers is typically Han/eRangers/Hera/Gideon/3PO/R2D2/and a couple of alliance smugglers or upgrades to taste. Some lists might mix in sabine or mak instead of R2 and some smugglers. You want to get the last act, and be able to punish SC with some good end of round/beginning of round swings. VPT is those 3 figures, and a mixture of death troopers/officers/upgrades to get to 6 or 7 acts (7 is better imo). You want to get the last act, and be able to punish SC with some good end of round/beginning of round swings.
  9. rSTs have some advantages over rRiots. 3 figures to 2 with ranged attacks instead of melee. Regular riots aren't surviving a ton of attacks at 5 health with a block token, depending on who is attacking them. there's at least a discussion to be had at cost 5
  10. recosting goal should be to make it possible to bring units, not to decrease anything to the point that it's is an auto include. that just creates more problems, especially with generic units like storm troopers that can be spammed. if 5 is where they are worth discussing as an option, even if you go a different route, then they should probably be at 5.
  11. They answered a question at Star Wars celebration and said they had no more content planned for IA. The skirmish game cannot live without content. They have no incentive to acknowledge a community project either, so don’t expect them to.
  12. Take your time with Fett. He’s arguably the most important figure to the long term health of the community project, and everyone is going to have an opinion/not like the ideas that aren’t their own. You’ve really got to get him right, and that’s why I think FFG never attempted it.
  13. There's really two options I can see for the SC upgrade card that seem realistic. They're not going to completely change the flavor of the list. 1. They can change the move/attack piece to a once per mission or deplete. Let's be honest, the only thing that makes them busted is the extra move/attack every round. If that's once per mission, it's still strong, still worth two points. It's still capable of a big swing that can let the spectres win a game, but not OP. As good as the extra damage/defense buffs are, they're only a problem because of the extra move/attack. 2. Ban the card. This is probably the easiest route, and requires no internal playtesting or effort on FFG's part. It still works for casual games and I wouldn't say anything to a noob who brought it to a local event, so who cares. It just keeps SC out of higher level tournaments.
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