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  1. Fightwookies

    New maps and new article?

    It can't be a Star Wars game without tiny carnivorous teddy bears, right?
  2. Fightwookies

    OtL and Recover

    The ruling for set for stun and OtL makes more sense now that i know this is the logic behind it. I still don't like it, but oh well.
  3. Fightwookies

    OtL and Recover

    Not a question, just posting a follow up ruling from Todd on some questions I had about the set for Stun ruling. Basically, you can’t use Recover or any other surge abilities after an attack has been Lammed. “Hey Dane, Sorry for the wait, it’s been a busy few weeks here! Basically, yes. Target figures and target spaces are so related that I’ve not yet seen an example where they’re not the same. If the attack is interrupted and subsequently has no target, no further steps should be taken and it is resolved immediately. This is treated the same as if the defender was defeated as an interrupt during the attack. The attacker cannot then spend surges or resolve any later parts of the attack. Thanks for the question! Todd MichlitschGame Developer Fantasy Flight Games”
  4. Fightwookies

    Ezra’s Learn by Example

    Per Todd: "Hi Dane, Learn by Example becomes a complete copy the instant it is played. In this case, it assumes Force Rush’s cost of 0. There is no moment where its cost is still 1. It can be countered by Negation and Comm Disruption with no spies. Thanks for the question! Todd Michlitsch Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games"
  5. Fightwookies

    Input for a re-cost tournament

    my personal preference for re-costing is a 25% cut (rounded up to nearest whole number) for everything Hoth and before, with the only exception is to exclude Greedo. It knocks a point or two off of most things while not impacting lower cost figures like Gideon/3PO/R2 That would provide a decent base to start recosting figures through testing.
  6. Fightwookies

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    unfortunately, the Boltslinger ability only works during Vinto's activation. If you have an eOfficer or Palp (or Jabba/Leia in scum) order Vinto to shoot, he can't boltsling.
  7. Fightwookies

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    Yoda? Yay. Give me content, any content
  8. Fightwookies

    Ezra’s Learn by Example

    Part of our question on that second part was if there was a window to Comms Disrupt before it became the copied card. I went ahead and submitted a formal rules question for confirmation.
  9. you play Learn by Example with Ezra, and choose a 0 cost card from the discard pile such as Force Rush. LbE obviously costs 1, but since you’re playing it as a copy of a 0 cost card, would the opponent have the opportunity to play Negation? This second question may be answered with the first, but say that you select Force Surge and the opponent wants to play Comms Disrupt. To confirm, you would only need 1 spy group? There was some discussion in my group that if it’s being played as a copy, that you might need 2.
  10. Fightwookies

    Maul Map Rotates In

  11. Fightwookies

    Maul Map Rotates In

    Yup. the issue isn't Maul rotating in now, it's that they seemed to hold off Lothal Wastes until they had the spire rules sorted out. And that's fine also, they needed to get that fixed. BUT, couple that with the worlds timeline moving up, and it seemed like a lot of changes quickly.
  12. That’s good enough for me, but just a quick follow-up. Is it written somewhere that if a figure or object has health it can be attacked? I don’t fully understand why Uscru Priority Message specifies that you can attack the droids (objects), and Triple Cross doesn’t make the same specification about the gangsters (neutral). Is that just inconsistencies?
  13. Hey @a1bert Can neutral figures suffer damage from Blast/Cleave/Parting Gift/Demolish? I would have previously thought yes, but Neutral Figures says: "These figures cannot suffer H (damage) or be targeted by attacks, abilities, or any game effect except as specified by the mission’s rules." If those abilities/effects aren't specified in the Mission rules, they should not be able to impact the gangsters (neutral figures), right? I feel like I might be missing a ruling on that somewhere, but haven't been able to track it down. And that brought us to another question. Greg Monson also pointed out on Slack that the Triple Cross mission rules don't specifically allow you to attack the gangsters. For contrast, Uscru Courier mission specifically notes that you can attack the droids. So, RAW currently, it doesn't seem like there is any legal way to attack the gangsters?
  14. Fightwookies

    Lothal Wastes Strategy Discussion

    I personally prefer Motivation on Kanan. It's a stronger ability when combined with Force Vision, but you may have to work a bit to keep kanan being targeted. There are some matchups that i think i can see the value in having it on zeb, but it's just stronger on Kanan.
  15. Fightwookies

    State of the Meta 1-29-19

    Problem is, that we've had spectre cell available since August. We've been trying to crack it for that long, and it's still taking on all challengers. it was approximately 30% of the field through regionals, and 60% of regional winners. It consistently outperforms every other list we can throw at it. At this point, it definitely needs a nerf. My preferred nerf would just be making that spectre cell attack/move a once per mission effect. I don't want the list to be nerfed into oblivion (sabs/royal guards), and I think that would be enough to keep it as a fun unique list that you can win games with. Tier 1.5-2 should be the goal. If we had some new content in the pipeline, I don't think anyone would be as concerned about it, but with no news of anything coming....