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  1. Sure. Yeah, I just saw the silver paint and started speculating
  2. The CPO on the bottom is a 0-0-0, right? I’ve considered doing that for a friend for a local tourney.
  3. Fightwookies

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    I’m hoping it helps more players get into skirmish. I don’t know if that was the decision point, but I bet it was a factor. Once you have that box, you have enough usable stuff to make a solid skirmish list
  4. Fightwookies

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    5 missions is a pretty nice length for a lot of groups. Would take my group 6+ months to get through it
  5. Fightwookies

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    Can’t argue with free. I like the idea of tying new app campaigns to boxes like this. Plus if a new player buys Jabba’s Realm for the app, he’ll have all the tools to be competitive in a local skirmish tourney.
  6. Fightwookies

    Bring back Royal Guards & Sabs?

    Surge for a damage power token would be a solid ability for any figure capable of oversurging
  7. Fightwookies

    Bring back Royal Guards & Sabs?

    Giving them a damage and a surge seems like you should just give them another yellow die instead
  8. Fightwookies

    What if loku and mak cost 2?

    absolutely. In the imperial faction, we can see how the developers value the Spy trait. Cross training, and it's worth a point. Without Spy, Mak probably should cost 2, and Loku would make sense at 3. but with spy, they're not costed badly at all.
  9. Fightwookies


    Vader has been a big counter to ugnaughts. You're going to see enough Vader, that the Ugs haven't been getting played as much. I believe Euros was won with a hunter list that didn't have IG. It can be done, but you'll see a lot of those centerpiece characters.
  10. Fightwookies

    Defeating Vader on Tarkin Map

    I’ve got a handful of games on this map, and Drokkatta has been a monster. Han/Drokkatta can chew through Vader pretty quickly if Vader gets isolated. They both can use 2 surges to add 3 damage. Adding damage instead of relying on pierce takes away some benefit from Zillo
  11. Fightwookies

    Twin Troopers 37: History of Skirmish, Part 1

    On the topic of the storm trooper pack, I would gladly have purchased a jet trooper or weequay pack for a second copy of the elite rather than getting a whole other copy of a box
  12. Fightwookies

    St Louis players?

    I know there are a couple of store championships in the area this year. We had looked at coming over from KC but I don’t know if that’s going to work out timing wise. Probably worth reaching out to the stores to get the dates (if you haven’t already) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/store-championships/imperial-assault/
  13. Fightwookies

    Bring back Royal Guards & Sabs?

    They’re never going to undo it, but I think the originals might be too much still. You could give the Sabs another inherent accuracy and give the RG’s back their +2 damage surge. Top it off with a re-roll and both would be usable.
  14. Fightwookies

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Tarkin is in rotation Effective 7/23