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  1. Need that update soon to get GIA on the table.
  2. Can’t wait to listen to this one. GIA
  3. “Non-Combatant: You cannot Attack.” 3PO cannot attack. Non-Combatant overrules anything that would otherwise let him attack.
  4. Would this violate the rule against two attachments? Alternatively, you might have room to put all of the text from "On a diplomatic mission" onto this 0 cost attachment
  5. Autofocus would give him a Green dice without giving him additional benefit from the RCP. Give him that and 2-3 health (10-11 total), and he's worth putting on the table
  6. Only force users can draw line of sight or be considered adjacent (when attacking) from one map to the other,
  7. @werdnaegniPrioritize this one right into a trashcan where it belongs, haha.
  8. not sure if it's related, but it looks like J4X shows up in the general mercenary lists also, before I add the elite jawa.
  9. not sure if it's the cache issue you mentioned, but imperial droids aren't pulling in with the Jawa. Rebel droids are showing correctly. Additionally, J4X-7 is a rebel droid, but maybe shouldn't pull in under the Jawa's ability as he's not a valid figure.
  10. @werdnaegni Last one, and then i have to get back to work, haha. I wasn't able to search for Opportunistic command card in a merc list (with merc figures), but was able to find it in an imperial list where i temp allianced in a merc figure. Appreciate your great work on the site, and I look forward to using the awesome new tool!
  11. @werdnaegni Where is the option to update the packs you own? I've been unable to find it, but assume the quantity as you say is why i've been unable to add more than one elite into a list. I love that adding Temp Alliance to the list populates new available figures. Is it possible to remove those figures in the same way if that card is removed? On cross faction list building, should the elite Jawa work the same and populate droids from Rebel/Empire? I suppose Saska should technically work the same way to allow merc options (even though that rarely gets used).
  12. Checkbox would be great. Yeah, looks like i didn't have anyone in the lineup when i tried searching. it does work when the figure with the trait is in the lineup
  13. attacking looks to be a significant separating factor for the clawdites. The eClawdite is nearly guaranteed to trigger the Assassin's Blade on Street Rat, or to have the available surge for Accuracy on the Scout. The regular clawdite is a bit more reliant on Focus or surge tokens to guarantee hitting some of those surge skills. For 2 points, I could live with the regular if the only drawback was the average difference of maybe 1 ? token from the senator form.
  14. Searching by trait doesn't seem to work in the command card list. Hopefully we can still filter command cards by trait when no figures are selected for the army. I like to look at the cards specific to a trait during the early stages of putting a lineup together.
  15. In a recent game, I was able to mitigate the loss of Han by using black market prices to sell the command card back for 2 points.