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  1. Fightwookies

    Congratulations FFG!

    Yeah, I think Lothal has been a great expansion so far. There's a ton of goodies in that small box. I keep hoping we're going to get word of a new blister pack wave anytime
  2. Fightwookies

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    I’ve only played a few games with and against spectre, but I think a lot of lists will be good against them. Just need to have a plan I won a game against them with IG/Pirates. Hunter cards can remove any of their figures when you need to. Ezra has to decide when to use OTL, and you can get him with some stacked modifiers that he didn’t see coming. Played Heightened Reflexes to remove a Block/Evade die, and Assassinate to push 6 more damage through after my opponent decided not to Lam. I also had positioning advantage, but didn’t need it haha.
  3. Fightwookies


    If Spectre Cell Ezra was immune to pierce, he would be unkillable by anything other than hunters
  4. During your activation, movement points go in your pool. You can’t interrupt Han’s return fire to use movement points in your pool.
  5. I’m not sure how this interaction would work with Sabine and haven’t seen the question raised in another thread yet. Scenario: your opponent has Rebel Graffiti in their discard pile, and you play Data Theft with a spy and select Rebel Graffiti as your card to play during the round “as though it was in your hand”. You choose to activate the ability at the end of your friendly Sabine’s activation and receive 2 VPs. Can Sabine then “re-draw” the card? The main arguments I can come up with for either side are: 1) The card was never in your hand, so “re-draw” is invalid and you ignore it. 2) It says to play the card “as though it were in your hand”, so pretend it was in your hand when you played it and follow the ability to the resolution to allow Sabine to draw the card.
  6. Fightwookies

    Lothal Skirmish Upgrades First Impressions!

    Spectre cell is coming to you, so lost movement doesn’t matter as much as it would against other matchups. Depending on map, it would be a liability against hunters
  7. Fightwookies

    Lothal Skirmish Upgrades First Impressions!

    In a world where Pierce is king, I want to put a couple of dewbacks on the table. 3 die attack with Pierce 2, and they can’t be one shot by anything without command card help
  8. Fightwookies

    Quick Temptation Question

    The threat level is set for each mission, it's not based off of how much threat the imperial player has at the time. If the threat level is 4, the imperial player gets 4 threat at the end of each round, and that's the number you use to figure out Vader's health pool. The 16 on his card doesn't matter for this mission.
  9. Fightwookies

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    Not every figure is supposed to be tier 1. There are some list types where you can easily fit in some of the other spectres. Sabine as you mentioned. Ezra's movement utility is still great outside of spectre cell and the smuggler trait gives him access to some of the best command cards in the game. Lsing the auto damage has to be weighed against their access to focus and they all still have solid health pools. Zeb and Kanan probably will see the least play outside of the group, but both have interesting abilities that can be powerful in other lists. Jedi Luke, or even Han with a defensive re-roll could be gross.
  10. Fightwookies

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    Jabba’s set a new power curve. Since then, everything has fit pretty well at that curve. A lot of stuff from before is not necessarily broken, it’s just waiting on future synergies. See Jyn. She was useless for so long, then came the Han fix and some great smuggler cards and there is a place for her in the meta.
  11. Fightwookies

    PRIZE support announced for new store kits

    Alt art cards shouldn’t change game mechanics. It’s also a lot of text on one card
  12. Fightwookies

    Building my first Skirmish Squad

    If you want to run IG, his fix comes in the jawa pack.
  13. Fightwookies

    Spectre Team Preview!

    Could be really good with Ezra’s Brash movement.
  14. Fightwookies

    Spectre Team Preview!

    They are pretty good individually as figures, but the group itself may still have some problems. They are basically a team of individuals, which is fairly thematic for spectre crew. 6 figures isn’t enough to play a lot in the objective game. They’ll be ok on some control missions, but are not going to be good on any kind of crate retrieval mechanic. It’s going to hit hard when you do lose a figure. Scattered traits will make the command deck a little disjointed. There’s not a way to enhance card draw either, so you may not consistently have cards to lean on. Popularity of spies is a detriment to them. They struggle for card draw so strat shift or intel leak will hit them hard, and they have absolutely no way to counter.
  15. Fightwookies

    Spoiler out today at 3 pm Eastern

    In tournament play, you don’t have to attach it to the same group every time. Maybe on Tarkin, you put it on some Riots. On the Lothal Blitz map, Sentries might not be a bad option. If the opponent runs out 8 spots, then the sentries can hit with some ranged shots or at least put some pressure on the opponents positioning.