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  1. The original post (if you follow up the quoted post chain) had all vehicles gaining assault also. I do think now that it would be easy to have this upgrade limited to massive vehicles and that would take care of any jet trooper overrun abuse. Beast tamer allows a move or sentience. I'd love it if this upgrade exhausted at the beginning of the activation, allowing for a move or the option of block for the one vehicle for the rest of the round.
  2. "Hello, I am C3-P♀, human cyborg relations."
  3. Successful trade completed with @ThatJakeGuy
  4. It went on the boat the same time as legend of the 5 rings. Unless they put it on a different, slower boat, they already have it.
  5. Drokotta looks fun also
  6. I can see that with a Leia & Chewie combo, redrawing Debts Repaid early and often could be fun.
  7. Time for some tin-foil. My working theory (which could be crap) is that it's already off the boat. They're waiting to update the status so they can stagger out some release dates. Legend of the 5 rings, lord of the rings card game, and all the runewars stuff is announced to be released on 10/5. That's a lot of stuff already, so I think IA is getting pushed back a week. I predict that it will update to "Shipping Now" early next week and be released on the 12th.
  8. From the RRG: Exit Some effects are triggered when a figure exits a space. Exiting a space includes when a figure moves or is pushed out of a space, or is placed in a different space. Related Topics: Enter, Place, Push It seems to be a valid combination
  9. So, at what point do we start worrying that the crate fell into the sea?
  10. So, since the terro pack comes with 1 figure, you can't run terro and a dewback together in campaign? that sucks. I would refer to some house rules instead, lol.
  11. Wookie Power: Proxied Chewie Proxied Drokotta (gaark figure?) wookie warriors Gideon 3PO Hera Chopper
  12. Anyone can correct me on this if i'm wrong, i don't have the rules in front of me at the moment. I believe the rule limiting the number of same groups you can bring is basically the number of deployment cards from the given expansion. Jabba's Realm comes with one Dewback deployment card, so that's your limit on that figure. There's no point in buying more than 2 in any circumstance (for campaign) as you'd be limited to 1 Terro and 1 Dewback rider. Even if you had 2 figures, by rule, you wouldn't be able to bring them both into the open group as Dewbacks. Though, you can always make house rule expections
  13. Nal Hutta's problem is that one side can hide figures more effectively than the other. If both sides were wide open, that would be fine with me. On the red side, you can at least hide during the first round while the Blue side just can't. If you're playing against (focused) eRangers who can hit hard from 12+spaces away, you'll be down activations in round one and there's little you can do about it.
  14. The inequity of the deployment zones are why its not my favorite map. If you get the blue deployment zone, there are maybe 2 spots where you can actually hide out of line of sight.