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  1. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    Welcome! When possible, yes. Cunning is one of the things in this game that I think you can manipulate and get more value out of. I try to find a good spot to post up 3PO where Han/Jyn will have good sightlines. They get some value from their out of activation shots, so you want them where they can see but still be protected. The trick with it is to know when to break them up to go for kills/objectives. There are some groups that will be more effective in breaking up the ‘box’, so you have to have a strategy ready to split them up if that’s not working. Terro’s ability to splash weaken to a group of figures is something to worry about once Nal Hutta rotates out (or sooner). I have a lot of fun with this group.
  2. 2017-18 Regionals Lists

    Command Deck: ◄(3) ▪ On the Lam ◄(2) ▪ Tools for the Job ◄(2) ▪ One in a Million ◄(1) ▪ Tough Luck ◄(1) ▪ Stealth Tactics ◄(1) ▪ Smuggled Supplies ◄(1) ▪ Negation ◄(1) ▪ Collateral Damage ◄(1) ▪ Brace for Impact ◄(1) ▪▪ Marksman ◄(1) ▪ Battlefield Awareness ◄(0) ▪ Toxic Dart ◄(0) ▪ Stimulants ◄(0) ▪ Element of Surprise ◄(0) ▪ Take Initiative I brought one in a million as a specific counter to Vader groups. It's fun to run up and hair/trigger and stun him with no defense dice. Being a character specific card though, I'd usually get it when I couldn't use it. I'd likely take that out for Run for Cover. Taking a blue dice out of an attack pool to make an attack come up short is always fun. I actually had a late version with both, but then split Run for Cover into Marksman and Battlefield Awareness (had to cut officer's training). I wanted less high point value cards since I was likely to discard cards for Drokkatta's demolish. One of my last minute changes was getting rid of Armed Escort, and adding Brace for Impact. I knew there was going to be a high caliber of player at this event, and they're just not going to waste attacks on Han/Jyn when they get yet another evade from 3PO, plus beginning of activation trigger can also make it hard to use. Brace for Impact is a lot more flexible.
  3. Let's Build a List: Maul

    Vader’s defense is just stupid if Onar is nearby.
  4. my #1 tip: try skirmish. find a nearby tournament and go have a blast
  5. at this point, i'm honestly wondering if they'll wait to announce the next wave until Worlds.
  6. Idea for an easy Leia fix

    I agree with most of that, but I have no problems with a single unique figure (a force sensitive one at that) being able to reliably attack from 6 ish spaces away. The alliance rangers are patterned after her outfit, she can totally shoot that far. Essentially, to prevent her from being OP we want her to either have more range or more health, but not both. If she can reliably shoot from further away, she might not need as much additional health (maybe none), but if she gets no additional accuracy, I’d like a health boost of 4. Military Efficiency is the thing that potentially makes her broken, but there are many ways we could put checks on ME, while still allowing it to be what makes Leia unique. A couple a (increasingly) crazy ideas. ME could be changed to require the attack do damage (to a figure) or for the attack not to miss. The combination of changing to BBY and needing damage to go through would significantly lower the chances of having a surge available for ME. A little crazier, she could suffer strain up to the cards point cost (+1) or even pay VPs. A little crazier still, you could make a single surge portion of ME applicable for 0-1 point cards, and a double surge to bring back a 2-3 point card. Craziest thing I can think of (excluding my old high school girlfriend) to make surges harder for her to get, you could have a skill that says when she’s focused, the green dice is placed on the side with 1 (or 2 or 3) accuracy and 2 damage rather than being rolled.
  7. Collateral Damage and On the Lam

    Would you allow a figure in this situation to use a surge to recover? The rules for miss state that a figure can use a surge to recover (and other abilities that don’t require damage). The OTL clarification stating the attack misses seems to indicate their intent on this is not to cancel the attack. If the attack is not cancelled, a target space still exists. the design space this way allows for future command cards to be played as modifiers to negate some OTL strategy. Such as “play during this attack for figures not to block line of sight.” Anyway, I’m just screaming into the void until we get a ruling. Thanks for listening @a1bert
  8. Collateral Damage and On the Lam

    They’ve very specifically given us the resolution of the attack, so I don’t think that rule applies.
  9. Collateral Damage and On the Lam

    I understand your thinking, just don’t agree. Nothing in the attack steps 4-7 says to recheck line of sight. On the Lam and it’s clarification says nothing about rechecking line of sight. The attack isn’t cancelled or invalidated, it continues on and comes to the resolution of ‘misses’. Without a clarification or errata, there’s nothing in the rules as currently written to suggest that the space occupied by the defender is not the target space.
  10. Idea for an easy Leia fix

    I like that. Here's my final try. Cost 7, Health 10. Attack pool becomes BBY instead of BYY. Loses the surge for Recover 2, gains a single surge for Pierce 1/Weaken. They seem to be phasing the recover ability out of the game to speed up the pace. Leia's attack can't be too OP, since she can get a free attack from another awesome figure, but I think the Weaken fits with my defined role of support sniper. She can make the attack from Battlefield Leadership against that figure more effective.
  11. Collateral Damage and On the Lam

    agreed. In the fringe case where the figure moves out of range, but you are able to play a modifier (such as Hera's call the Shots, or command card Dead Eye) to obtain the necessary range for the attack not to miss, Would you say then that the targeted space is the new space the figure occupies?
  12. Let's Build a List: Maul

    I'd think Onar could be fun. Somebody thinks they're going to kill him, and he Zillo's and Get down's for a block and evade
  13. Idea for an easy Leia fix

    I'd also give her 2 inherent accuracy, and then change her surge for accuracy down to 2. Her role is to be a bit of a support sniper, but she doesn't have the range for that to happen.
  14. Omaha Regional Report

    Yup. This saved one in an early match. The opponent attacked from 4 away with a focused Sab. I wanted to warn him... but dice were still on the line... It came up short.
  15. Omaha Regional Report

    I don't think I'd have dice if i didn't pick up another smuggler pack. having a pair just allows you to grab so many objective points. they always seem to outscore their cost