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  1. Fightwookies

    New Player's Competitive Buying Guide

    Jabba is probably a must have because if you're running Mercs, you're going to want the Assassinate command card.
  2. we're really in the post worlds doldrums if banning TA threads are already popping up. it's not going to happen, btw Give us some news soon on Store Championships before we tear ourselves apart!
  3. Fightwookies

    Davith Elso

    Having never put davith on the table, i don't think i've ever looked at his command card. That's nasty. It's a string of command cards, but using something like Urgency, to trigger to the limit, and dropping his command card on the bonus action (negating the to the limit Stun) would be pretty fun.
  4. Fightwookies

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    there had to have been a 0-0-0 at worlds, right? that's a usable figure. I know i saw him on the table during some warmup games at least
  5. Fightwookies

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    That's a lot of viable plastic. If they hadn't switched in uscru, i would have brought some wookie warriors.
  6. It's not going anywhere. also, can be schemed around by missions a bit also. Jawa map pushes people together and the fighting starts early in round 2. Not using 3PO/Gideon until the end of round 2 lowers their value Temp Alliance isn't going anywhere. Mercs are balanced around receiving focus as much as Rebels are at this point. if TA went away right now, Mercs would be awful.
  7. Fightwookies

    Worlds Lists 2018

    I probably won't have a write up, as I lost my pen somewhere between the second and third game, so i don't really have any notes. I went 4-3, schedule strength put me at 43 overall. Deployment: ◄12▪ Han Solo ◄9▪ Drokkatta ◄5▪ Jyn Odan ◄4▪ Hera Syndulla ◄3▪ R2-D2 ◄3▪ Gideon Argus ◄2▪ C-3P0 ◄2Alliance Smuggler ◄2Alliance Smuggler ◄-2▪ Rogue Smuggler Command Deck: ◄(3) ▪ On the Lam ◄(2) ▪ Tools for the Job ◄(2) ▪ One in a Million ◄(1) ▪ Tough Luck ◄(1) ▪ Stealth Tactics ◄(1) ▪ Negation ◄(1) ▪ Collateral Damage ◄(1) ▪ Brace for Impact ◄(1) ▪▪ Marksman ◄(1) ▪▪ Marksman ◄(1) ▪ Black Market Prices ◄(0) ▪ Element of Surprise ◄(0) ▪ Take Initiative ◄(0) ▪ Planning ◄(0) ▪ Officers Training 9 act Han list is tough for anyone to deal with, and I love Drokkatta far too much. I tried piloting her with a couple of weequays before worlds, but decided to stay with something more familiar. Lots of smugglers and smuggler cards. The lone surprise in the list really is the Marksman command card. It's fun when people think they are playing around Jyn, and you take out their vader with a 1 in a million anyway. She can be a swingy figure, so guaranteeing a little more value from her is a good thing. The card also has some solid synergy with Han being able to guarantee some return fire at times, and is surprisingly great with Drokkatta. Attacking anyone in a clumped up group of figures can really help you max out some game changing blast damage. I thought the list performed well. I played against 3 Vader/Riot lists on control missions, which is definitely not the strength of the list.
  8. Fightwookies

    Alliance Rangers

    their attack gets significantly worse at close range without the re-rolls, but the 7 health is still a respectable amount to chew through. For anyone, except Vader, that is
  9. Fightwookies

    Dengar vs R2

    Dengar is a campaign figure that wasn't up to par on the old power curve, before it was re-set with jabba's realm. I don't know how far they'll go with character fixes, but he would be the next priority after Boba Fett to get a fix
  10. Usually what I do is grab a beer, watch the destruction, and hope for a better map in the next round. Helps keep the mind fresh.
  11. Back to the drawing board.
  12. Fightwookies

    Let this thread die.

    @cnemmickbeat me by mere seconds.
  13. Fightwookies

    Evaluating Zeb Orrelios: O RLY THO

    Zeb is a blunt instrement. You send him in to attack. If he’s focused, with Hera nearby, an effective range of 7 can come in useful. The extra bo-rifle attack is going to be great. He can do enough damage that the opponent has to pay attention to him when he gets close. His health pool is great. He can soak up attacks, taking pressure off other fragile rebel glass cannons (Han/Drokkatta). If the opponent spends some hunter cards to take Zeb down, that helps the other figures survive. If Zeb were out now, I’d be taking him to worlds.