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  1. FirstOrderProblems

    Sabine Wren Ghost - WIP

    Gotcha, I'd forgotten about that wall in her quarters. I was more thinking of her general aesthetic which tends to focus on a nice analogous color block for most of the canvas, barring some details. Especially with your paint job, it really reminded me of her outfit which is why I think some purple would be really nice. I think your grays are a really great reference to her undershirt btw.
  2. FirstOrderProblems

    Sabine Wren Ghost - WIP

    I think the green is clashing too much for my taste, especially given how prevalent the wine color is. Most of Sabine's art in the show isn't directly complementary; in the shot of her room you posted there's a lot of nice oranges with purples, and not yellows with purples. I think using some muted purples (more towards the blue spectrum than red) would be really nice with what you already have! In fact you could probably rework the green areas into using more reds and purples and it'd come together better. Sabine's color choices are usually fairly bold and harmonious, and I think that's really coming through nicely on the Ghost's port side. Great work man!
  3. FirstOrderProblems

    Worth your EPT for an Evade action?

    I think it depends a lot on the cost. Personally I'm hoping it's only 1 pt, because you have to trade your action economy slot to add an action possibility to your bar. Anyways, for Imperials I think it could do some nice work on Tie/D defenders: Col. Vessery (35) + Ion Cannon (3) + Evade Ept (1) + Tie/D (0) = 39 points Vessery has inherent attack mods, so this allows him to tank better than normal Tie/D's while still hitting hard and costing less than an Expertise variant Countess Ryad (34) + Ion Cannon (3) + Evade Ept (1) + Tie/D (0) + Experimental Interface (3) = 41 points Ryad is the only defender that really has the dial to use Experimental Interface, but now she represents focus + evade, for really nice defense. Once it's her turn to fire, if she still has her focus token it's gonna hurt. Tie/SFs can combine it with Advanced Optics and FCS to be a bit more defensive: Backdraft (27) + FCS (2) + Advanced Optics (2?) + Evade Ept (1?) + LWF (2) + Title = 34 points You can bank a focus in advance, and then leverage rocks for a lot of tokens in the scrum. I don't like Comms relay with the EPT, since it locks you out of getting multiple tokens. Overall, an Intensity + Primed Thrusters build probably accomplishes something very similar, but can't stack tokens quite as efficiently. Interestingly, Youngster can also fit with SF squads to keep their EPT open but still provide access to Evades. Some other ships that might be fun: Double Edge (19) + Evade Ept (1) + TLT (6) + LWF (2) = 28 points Fly near asteroids, evade up, and plink? Gamma Squadron Veteran (19) + Evade Ept (1) + Mara Jade (3) + Ops Spec. (3) + LWF (2) + Tie Shuttle (0) = 28 pts Charge in, evade up, hopefully block someone. With luck, Mara can stress bomb a few ships and ops spec can hand out some focuses to your team - seems like a fun, resilient little battering ram against a list with several ships! ...but my biggest regret - can you imagine a world where Kir Kanos had an EPT like he should have? Kir Kanos (24) + Evade EPT (1) + Autothrusters (2) + Experimental Interface (3) + RGP (0) = 30 points Kir Kanos could see play; with good positioning, he could get Focus Evade Evade every turn for a nice defense + "4" dice shot. This would have been so fun *sigh* maybe someday we'll get a +EPT title...
  4. FirstOrderProblems

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Reporting a great trade with @Kaptin Krunch!
  5. FirstOrderProblems

    I Will Settle What You Scored (Upsilon/Sabacc Edition)

    If you're still looking in the 25pts and under category: Saber Squadron Pilot w/ Intensity + Autothrusters (25) - can emulate Striker speed while much more resilient vs TLT Zeta Specialist w/ Collision Detector, Title, LWF (25) - absorbs bombs a bit better, lasts longer vs TLT Lt. Colzet w/ Title + AC (23) - evade until you have something worth flipping, reasonable defense pool, AC chips reliably vs 1 AGI ships Seinar Specialist/Baron of the Empire + Title, Autothrusters, Cruise Missiles - cheap, resilient vs TLT, and can threaten both spike damage and chip damage on 1 AGI ships
  6. FirstOrderProblems

    TIE Fighter Pilots Ranked

    My first ever game of X-wing featured my Dark Curse with Stealth Device nearly solo'ing a non-3P0 fat Han, so he'll always have a special place in my heart. Bombs, expertise, Poe, guidance chips, and sheer red dice inflation have made him a lot less bulletproof than he used to be. I still like him, but I think his offense is just too anemic without support. Fanatical Devotion is pretty hilarious on Dark Curse, since he can just evade and still poke some damage through. I'm holding out hope for a cheap small based Hux carrier to come out soon...Imps really could use something in the Tie Shuttle price range.
  7. FirstOrderProblems

    TIE Fighter Pilots Ranked

    Your lists are always really good man! Only things I'd rearrange are Dark Curse and Scourge (because of Crack Shot, mostly, but also because Expertise is yet another thing that bypasses Dark Curse's ability), and Chaser for Night Beast. I've had good luck with NB, but I've had a lot of trouble getting Chaser to do much. I mean maybe you could throw a Targeting Computer on him so he could double mod his shots, but then he costs as much as Backstabber. I mostly wish FFG hadn't been conservative with the pricing; Chaser would be totally fine at 13pts.
  8. FirstOrderProblems

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Reporting great trades with @lntrn8 and @Rettere!
  9. FirstOrderProblems

    TIE Interceptor Pilots Ranked

    I'm not actually very impressed with Turr. He CAN be really fun, but is extremely matchup dependent. In order to be really good, Turr has to fulfill 2 conditions: 1) he has to be playing against a squad of PS 1-8's, and 2) most of the opposing list's firepower has to be arc-locked. In most cases (especially these days), I think a Saber or RGP with PTL is more resilient and saves you points. Then it's a great opportunity for those of us who've played with the forgotten pilots to encourage everyone else to try them! Named Interceptor pilots have some really fun abilities and can lead to some really fun games! When facing turrets with Lorrir, I try to use the barrel roll only if I know it'll block them. Using your action for a defensive token really helps his survivability - you just have to trust that his 3 dice shot can help to whittle a fat turret down.
  10. FirstOrderProblems

    TIE Interceptor Pilots Ranked

    @FTS Gecko @DampfGecko Do you guys have any fun builds for Tetran? Or teammate suggestions? I've tried him with VI before, but he didn't really accomplish much. I've also tried him with Yorr but a) I didn't fly too well, and b) I thought having the shuttle nearby put too much pressure on an interceptor to actually shoot stuff. The most fun I've had was just with Wired to keep him as cheap as possible and give him some mods on the K-turn...turns. I don't remember if I tried him with Predator or not, but he starts getting pretty expensive pretty fast
  11. FirstOrderProblems

    TIE Interceptor Pilots Ranked

    Power tier list: 1. Carnor Jax (VI) but GOD do you have to be a way better pilot than me 2. Soontir Fel (PTL) 3. Carnor Jax (PTL) 4. Saber Squadron Pilot 5. Royal Guard Pilot 6. Alpha Squadron Pilot (I think PS1 Strikers with or without LWF are better blockers) 7. Turr Phennir (VI) - although I REALLY want to try him with Snap Shot at some point 8. Lt. Lorrir 9. Tetran Cowell (best I've used him was just Wired, no Autothrusters) 10. Kir Kanos (even with Stridan passing him TL + Focus, he's so much weaker than Inquisitor for a similar cost) 11. Avenger Squadron Pilot 12. Fel's Wrath Ranked by how much fun you'll have: 1. Lt. Lorrir 2-11: Lt. Lorrir
  12. FirstOrderProblems

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Reporting a great trade with @gennataos!
  13. FirstOrderProblems

    Youngster´ s time to shine...

    I've played a variation on this before: Youngster + Rage (16) Epsilon Leader (19) Zeta Specialist + LWF, Collision Detector, Title (25) Zeta Specialist + LWF, Collision Detector, Title (25) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) --- The above clocks in at 98 points, which is enough to throw a couple small upgrades around and/or upgrade the Obsidian to Chaser. Epsilon Leader is pretty insane here, as it means with careful maneuvering you can have the whole squad rage a few turns in a row. The list can almost mince anything that gets into range 1 - even range 2 is a pretty scary proposition. If you're willing to drop the LWFs for TIE mk2s, it makes it easier to clear the rage stress, and may help draw some fire off of Youngster or Epsilon Leader. In any case, it's a lot of fun!
  14. FirstOrderProblems

    First Order-Only Aces?

    For Imperials, I think the best use of Advanced Optics will be with Omega Ace. It lets you bank the Focus in advance, and then acquire the Target Lock (the tough part of his combo) on the target you'll actually have a shot on that turn. It means you're more likely to have his crit-shot for the first engagement, and lets him take crit-shots of opportunity more easily once in the scrum. I'm really hoping it's only 2 points, as that makes Omega Ace into a cheap self-contained threat. Builds I want to try: Omega Ace + Advanced Optics, Trick Shot (22) - cheap way to threaten bigger shots Omega Ace + Advanced Optics, Push the Limit (25) - allows for repositioning or evading on your damage turns, and lets you reload fast Omega Ace + Advanced Optics, Opportunist (26) - for the TIE swarm with a few blockers or Carnor Jax
  15. FirstOrderProblems

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Hi all! Just looking to grab some upgrades if possible without buying non-Imperial ships I'm looking for: Expertise I'm offering: Autothrusters (am I the only person who's bought a bunch of starvipers just for the starvipers?) Juke Comms Relay Twin Laser Turret U.S.A. trades are preferable! Thanks for reading!