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  1. (Oh praise the force dude. Can you imagine if we didn't make it lol)
  2. "Absolutely, I do NEED to look at those ARTIFACTS don't I that "I" found most definitely. You know who can help me with that? Why our very own Lord Crumbleberry here. A person with their connections has to be able to help us with that so my good sir if you'll just follow me back to the ship we can talk about how you can be most effective in earning your second chance at life here." (ooc: Haha glad to be back to! )
  3. http://Deception to avoid Dissection: 2eP+1eA+2eD 1 failure (ooc: Ah man that didn't help lol. Can I try to like charm them / change their attitude about this decision?) While Eldrith had been very very very quite doing his job keeping things and people running he tries to chime in to avoid a deadly encounter for their friend. "Tell you what everyone I'm a trained doctor, researcher and all around bio nerd despite my well worn exterior here. I've got old friends that can handle this if you give us the chance. We've already proven we can handle transporting him and the golden hand is well equipped for transport."
  4. Yeah took your advise and im back in! I'll be rejoining you all for episode 2
  5. Hey All sorry for falling off the map there. I know that my posting really fell of the there but real life has calmed down a lot and I feel like I can recommit to this game. If there is still a place for me I'd be happy to jump back in.
  6. HiI scanned the area right now I'm only strange reading was a large reading in the hutts palace so i think we've got some breathing room. He stores the scanner and redraws his pistols just to be safe. Turning agreed. We're not paid enough for this. After the job were renegotiating before delivery to be sure
  7. (did the scanner pick up any lifeforms around? I'd be scanning for incoming ghouls as well as trying to see anything odd or that doesn't make sense with the lay out)
  8. Perception roll to see what we can use for a barricade Not better than the previous roll - 2 success & 2 advantage Scanner roll - I'm assuming this is a Perception roll? I'm going with the group but I'm scanning as we go 1 success and 2 threat
  9. (So I'm still on page 15 lol. I'm going to read to current on my break but I totally spaced that I have thermal goggles and a general scanner in my gear. Can I use that in the tunnels are is someone already providing scanner duty? Might help to narrow down some safe vs not so safe areas)
  10. (Eldrith is pretty smart also is there a way to do like a perception and/or engineering check to use available materials for defense? Id like to aid durrak in placing things for defense)
  11. Eldrith shots once more at the ghouls this time targeting the closest ghould to pick it off 1 success and 1 threat since my laser sight gives a auto advantage on successful attacks (Occ: 6 base damage
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