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  1. If you are looking for a thematic example. "Rampage" ability: imagine wookie using the sheer momentum to body-slam enemies, dealing extra damage at the end of the charge movie. But in case of "stationary charge" (ie. spending strain, but not actually moving), it might as well mean using his elbows muai-thai style, punching, kicking, biting, and claw-scratching the enemies nearby - he doesnt have mementum, but he instead has enough time to flurry nearby enemies with a lot of irritating and painful (but not lethal) attacks.
  2. I mean... many of those models you named ARE already a named versions of generic units. Thrawn - imperial officer Bossk - trandoshans Greedo - Hired Guns Royal Guard Champion - Royal Guards Kayn Somos - stormtroopers Blaise - ISB infiltrators
  3. Yup, we did that in Return to Hoth, along with anti-snowball rule (when a side loses 2 games in a row, that side gains the win bonuses AS WELL as the winning side). Works perfectly, there was not a single mission where rebels didnt bring the Echo Base Troopers they got in the first mission.
  4. Is there any chance we will see more content for Imperial Assault? There is quite an active community for this game and you would earn their eternal gratitude if there would be some kind of continuity to the project (be it 2nd edition, more campaigns, maybe Clone Wars/Rogue1 expansion?)
  5. Lol. So much disappointment. So much crying. BSF17 are awesome. They look like WW2 heavy bombers. They behave like ww2 heavy bombers. They have a proper massive silo filled with bombs. The dome-mounted guns are super funky. Even the crew uniforms looks like ww2 heavy bombers suits! Also: this is an abstract game in 3D space played on a 2D surface. Who told you trajectory simulator is actually launching bombs forwards as in: forwards to the ship axis of flying? Maybe they use directional thrusters to orientate the ship with the silo hatch facing forward, then launching the bombs? In the movie, they did it in a very similar manner, they just didnt have to rotate the ship, since the target were underneath. Also - who told you the trajectory system is even installed on the one we have seen in the movie? It's an optional upgrade, last time I checked. FFG forum servers are totally located on the planet Crait, judging by the amount of salt in this topic.
  6. What I am really hoping for is: - a board game, so I can play it with both my veteran and casual gamers friends - with pretty miniatures - in a sci-fi settings, possibly cyberpunk - with AI mechanics included, so can be played as full coop or One player controlling the bad guys - with all the shiny scifi stuff like hacking, augmentations, drones, braking into corporation safehouses etc. - with tactical, grid based movement like Imperial assault - with a campaign mode exactly like in imperial assault but with time limit being known to the players I'd pay any money for that.
  7. I can live with that, just give us access to sabine wren crew in return
  8. I have a better idea. This is how the K4 Security droid should work:
  9. I'm not trolling. I have seen good players, flying with sub-optimal lists, beating top-tier lists with a beter strategy - assuming the top-yier list player is less skilled; less experienced, is making mistakes and generally dont know how to fly his ships. Yes, I agree, flying OP-list is important if you wat to win. Two players with similar skill, one with meta-dominant list, one with some random casual stuff - the one with better list if probably 75% more likely to win. But that doesnt change the fact, flying skill is more important than list building; because any player can grab a strong list, but not all of them can actually play well enough to be winning tournaments etc. That requires backing strong lists with some actual skill.
  10. but the thing is: todays special forces are an example of perfect killing machines. They have everything: years of training, the best personal equipment available, massive staff to coordinate their operations and analyse current situation on flight, ground, naval, aerial and orbital support... in my earlier example, you had a might french army with sh*tty tactics, here you have walking killing machines with the best tactics available. Obviously a bunch of even the greatest warriors of another era would never be a match for them because they would get spotted froma mile with termooptics, lit with lasers and bombed into dust with AC-130 gunship if necessary.
  11. Yeah, the version I know (don't remember if that was patton or someone else) was: "even the best plan will be ruined with the first contact with enemy force, but without a plan you are doomed before you even meet the enemy".
  12. Bad comparison my friend. If you like history, compare the size and armament of third reich army and the french in the early 1940. French: more manpower, better armoured tanks with better guns (eg. B1 Char) but with worse maneuvrability, reinforcement from British Expeditionary Force. Third Reich: less men, worse tanks (faster but sh*tty armour and machineguns, mostly (pz.1 and Pz.2) Why did the nazis overcame Frensh defenses so easily? Tactics, my dear Watson, tactics is all it takes to win. French were using Tanks in the old way: Couple of tanks assigned to each infantry formation as a mobile bunker, support. Nazis were using Guderian's blitzkrieg doctrine: tanks were operating as a highly mobile strike forces, supported by infantry carried in halftracks and trucks, striking into weak points of enemy lines, capturing bridges, flanking, striking from behind, cutting off supply lines, forcing enemy to surrender or retreat. Strategy is more important than the squad you fly, I say.
  13. I actually made several attani-based lists (involving Kavil/Palob/torpedoless scout with title) around september and I have won a couple of local tournaments with it, documenting it with facebook posts But no one believed when I was praising attani as the best scum EPT. Until parattani started to dominate
  14. i guess it's all about the specifics of ground vs aerial combat. When you have a fat gamorean guard charging you, you will pretty much always hit him with your blaster, but some of the damage will be stopped by his body armour. when you dogfight in space, there will be a lot of missing shot by default. Depending on the target - interceptors or Awings with Focus+evade will be way harder to hit (unless caught in crossfire by 2 or more enemy ships), while missing a Ghost or a party buss is not a common sight.
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