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  1. My wife got it from Zatu games apparently. Ordered just before...and arrived on May 4th.
  2. Thanks for the info. Ill take a look. Want to get some of those Silver Battledroids if I can.
  3. Hi All. Back into Legion now (and loving it) and I know 'Tirion' has a similar themed thread atm but I thought id ask in a new thread too. I am based in the UK and somehow my wife got me the CW core set for May 4th(yay). Now I am back on board....can I ask is there any info at all regards UK availability of Boxes such as the B2?(upgraded silver Battledroids) and Padame/Cad Bane for example? I realise that C19 is a thing...if the answer is 'nobody knows' then I understand 100%. Being away from the game so long I am out of the loop and dont know if(where) its already been discussed and clarified. Bad time to get back into things I guess with the Pandemic and stores out of stock all over. Thanks
  4. Having just come back to Legion...can I ask when do we think we will see Bane/Padame in the UK(I know C19 is wrecked everything...just wondered if there was rough date?)
  5. Always felt my rebels from the original box felt like random soldiers (nothing wrong with that...I guess a lot of rebels were just that) and yours....look like proper rebels.
  6. Hi all. I used to post tons of painted figures/terrain back from before and through launch. Not been able to be involved for a long time but back at Legion now as I noted in a post other week. received my CW box and cracking on with painting. Always liked posting pics of stuff ive painted and seeing others stuff for inspiration. Some of my older stuff
  7. Just back into Legion after an enforced holiday...back playing skirmish (not buying anything as I cant find any stock) Got a large IMP/REB armies so plenty to choose from for now. General question with my long holiday, how is SWL doing overall? I know it wont be approaching 40k figures...but is the game considered a success and growing for example? My Legion minis have been in a display case and only got them out again recently....forgot how nice the figures are.
  8. IMO in a 3 way fight at home...shooting into a melee between the other 2 players should be perfectly ok. Something like pick a target...roll a red attack dice, if you get a hit/crit...the shots hit the intended target...a miss means the other person. (then roll attack dice normally along with all other rules) Even reduce the range of weapons by 1 for shooting into melee to balance things a little? For an at home game it dosnt feel right to not be able to shoot at two enemies fighting each other with sticks.
  9. Thank you (again). Seems harsh the ST leader has to move from the objective on the last turn missing out on the win 😙
  10. Hi all, I was very active on here at launch with games and painting but have had to have a long break for 'life'. Back into Legion now and just played v the wife...played Skrimish which suits us well in terms of time and her level of focus ;] A couple of questions from tonight's game that we just played as we saw fit to keep things moving...to check after: 1- Luke is engaged with Boba. He plays Son of Skywalker. He attacks Boba, then uses his Son of Skywalker Atack killing Boba. Question- Does he now have a free 'move'...we moved him and it took him into base contact with a ST unit...can he now attack the ST unit too(3 attacks in that turn). Note, he moved into contact with the situation below in no2. 2- Luke Moves towards 2 ST's holding an objective on last turn. He reaches the trooper model. Does the Leader who is just a few cm from Lukes base have to move to be engaged with him(moving him out of base contact with the objective)? We played Luke did get 3 attacks..but the ST leader could stay in contact with the objective(winning the game for Imps).
  11. Fair enough. Will be playing vs the wife while we are locked in....so didnt want to ruin the game by smashing herwith an overpowered card I shouldnt be using hehe.
  12. Hi all. Returning player here with a query re Skirmish. I was very active on here early on for Legion (posted lots of pics of painted stuff and terrain) but just been too busy. Now, I find myself with more time on my hands like many around the world..... So I see Skirmish is a thing. Except for new cards and a smaller Table/Army...are other things the same? One thing niggling my mind is the Princess Leia ability (forget its name...co ordinated bombardment?) on one of her cards. It was a large attack. Does this not be very make things unbalanced with the smaller armies? Does the command card system work the same in Skirmish, standing orders then 2 of each pip? Seems over the top for the smaller games? I didnt see anything about it in a quick rules check? Thanks all.
  13. I am a SW fan since a kid back in the 70s'. I thought TLJ was very very poor. I am not a raving anti disney/SW fan who demands things exactly as I want them....I love R1 for example, I enjoyed solo. TFA was 'ok' but too much of a copy of ANH...same story. Compare the dialogue of all the Imperial officers in the original trilogy. Its similar in R1. Its sinister, they mean business. We have good guys fighting against these very serious villains. Now look at TLJ/first order. Its a joke. Its nothing like what SW was about. Kids LOVED A New Hope....dosnt mean they need pathetic baddies....they loved bad, bad guys. TLJ opens with a jokey phone call between the leader in the field of the FO and a pilot...it sets the tone for the film. It is NOT serious in the way star wars was and was so successful with. Could you honestly imagine a radio call between Red Leader and Tarkin going like that? Imagine tarkin falling for jokey jokes....it just is not the star wars that was created for us.
  14. I honestly think they need to restart a lot of the trilogy in the third film after TLJ. I will go see it and hope they can regain some dignity for SW and focus on what made SW great in the first place. TLJ was a mess of a film...no real continuity or anything to 'finish off' in the third film...has to write its own little story in the 3rd film first and then finish it due to bad writing in the 2nd film.
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