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  1. No problem...edit to say Paos trousers were Rhinox hide...not Thinox hide
  2. OK, its long time ago and a lot painted since. Most of the Pathfinders were sprayed gray..then a white spray from above. All the main painting was done with water thinned paints..which allows he highlights of the base coat to show through(if the paint is thinned enough). The blue armour/jackets are GW Steggadon Scale Green(its more of a blue) The trousers for Pao I think were thinned Thinox Hide, the rest of the rebels clothes were a mixtureof Zandri Dust and Steel Legion drab.....all washed with a coat of either Agrax earth shade or drakehoff for the blue. No highlighting. Paos boots were just Mournfang brown. IMO if the paint is thinned enough, after base coat it looks a little ropey..but with the wash, it settles into the groves while letting the raised areas look like highlights due to the white base coat and very thinned paints. Its a bit of trial and error getting the right thinning balance. Hope it helps. Edit to say I think Paos face was DEath Guard green...again using same method of thinned paints to let highlights of undercoat show through...and I think with a wash of athonian camoshade
  3. No worries, after work later ill take a look and see what I can work out....it was a while since I painted em 😵
  4. Sorry only just noticed this. Dont know if im too late but I can check when im home later tonight if it helps(hope i can remember them when I check them)
  5. Ok, I dont know if this is against the rules(never done anything like this before) so if it is...apologies (I have posted on many FFG game forums and never done it before).....but realising that I will never have time to play (with IA, Legion, Decent and all the other FFG games I play) I have decided to stick this box and the figures on EBAY. If anyone is interested, take a look on there. If its against the rules, please delete this and accept my apologies...as noted, its not something ive ever done before in years of FFG gaming.
  6. Everything finished. As noted, not really happy with the Troll but ill see what its like with some varnish on. cheers all.
  7. Yeah I think I prefer the grey look better too tbh. Will have a look when I get started maybe thurs. shouldnt take long.
  8. Thanks (although I must add, most of my colour inspiration also comes from Sorastros guides too ;]) I think im a decent painter....but I always struggle for a vision of what colours I want to use unless I see some examples first. Im thinking ill do the Troll in a reasonably dark green, with much lighter green/grey on the chest area. Was tempted to do Darker grey, then a lighter on chest areas but I think ive read Hill Trolls are green. Hoping to start him this week but been busy.
  9. Updated 12/5, Wraiths added. Just the troll to go now 😃
  10. Photos always show the errors in painting(we all make them) and magnify them! No matter how much time you spend painting, stick a photo up of your mini and suddenly a little error is visible. Dont worry about it...normally nobody looks this closely and on such a big screen etc 😁
  11. Thats very nice for a first mini ever. Great job.
  12. Ive never really had a problem with it. I do try prime in lighter colours more often than not though (personally)
  13. Done bases for Orcses, goblins, brigands and wargs.
  14. So...when can we expect the Hill Troll(if thats what it is) and the Wights.....not that im impatient due to lack of creativity when it comes to choosing colours 😀
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