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    Playing with yourself

    I havnt had time recently but going back a bit I played a fair few games vs myself to learn the rules better. I also did the random Order turning and it brought some daft situations up. It works ok but you cant ever do anything to outthink your opponent...no matter how hard you try remain impartial 😀
  2. I dont mind anyone playing hard....actually fiddling the setup and rules against a new player was a step too far for me 😀
  3. I mostly play games at home vs family. Once went to play a WW2 game (flames of War) at a local club. I kinda knew the rules but hadnt actually played it. It was meant to be an introductory game. In hindsight..theplayer showing me how to play picked a scenario and table that 100% suited his side to win...and I know for sure he cheated a few rules to make sure he won. I enjoyed the game...I lost but I enjoyed it. For me I was happy to be part of a battle where my stalwart Germans were overrun....a scenario which happened plenty in the actual war so im happy to be part of that. Never went back though.

    Permit Painting (current through Jyn/Pathfinders)

    Pathfinders look great. the guy pointing up...mind me asking what paints for- Leggings. Blue Coat thing Brown overcoat thing? Great work.

    New to the game - my solo play style

    Yep agreed mostly. I play it with my wife and it works ok as its more about just playing an adventure game rather than watching a film 😀
  6. I would say not also.

    Rebel With A Cause: Jyn Erso Article

    Finally a strong female character!

    Another check on rules

    Thanks. Just wanted to clarify. I think I had a good combo and the Berzerker just kept rolling nicely and clearing engaged enemies while the healer (Elder Mok) was exploring for fun an healing the Berzerker which in turn put a heal on the Healer. From memory, the last location was explored in 2 goes...a 5 and a 5. That might have helped...got a vague memory of doing the same on the first location too.

    Another check on rules

    Bit slow on here so I hope people dont mind me posting another rules query. Played my second game in a week after playing Goblin Problem on Friday. This time it was the easy mission with the cultists. Did I read everything right, the boss activates pretty early but you dont have to kill her? To win, you just have to explore the final location fully? It seemed a little easy imo(easier that Goblin Problem) and I just upgraded the Exploration on one character and absolutely focused on exploring...while the other char killed things and aided the explorer char. I managed to get enough success tokens on the peril tracker so nothing too nasty happened. So, was that is, explore last location and you have won?

    Rules check

    Thanks Only thing we did wrong was not placing more tokens on the location. If we were at 6 and rolled 4 more, we would just put it to 8.

    Rules check

    Played once with the wife at launch...just not ad time since and got back into this tonight and will play more again now. Few rules checks...its been while and I didnt want to bog the game down too much with book reading mid game. 1- Goblin Problem. Last location is explored. We are at the last turn tracker (splig cackles as more minions join the Frey). Does this happen at the end of every peril phase once you reach that peril? We played that it did and we had enemies piling up in the shadows...archers taking us down. So we had 3 enemies each engaged and then archers shooting us too. 1 died...1 lived with 2 health left. 2- When activating enemies in the shadows...can you pick any...or is it their attack value highest first? We played any.(engaged enemies start with highest first yes?) 3- Lastly. When the final location is fully explored (8)...can you add further points to it(go above 8 ) to cover for when splig might reduce the explored tokens? Thanks for any answers.

    Chicago Today

    but if the Empire arrived here tomorrow....would we repel them?

    Defeated nemesis

    Thanks. Played a bit when the game launched and then due to Xmas and just being busy I hadnt had chance to play again. Was planning a re introduction this week and I could only remember 1 way he spawns....but knew there was a second somewhere 😀 RE 'spawns' Does he start Face up in the Nem Lair...then when he 'spawns' using the 2 above methods, he is in the shadows? Ready to become engaged? Thanks again. I really remember the other rules very well....but the nemesis ones were a bit vague.

    Defeated nemesis

    What are the different ways for Splig to become engaged in the first Mission?

    My Stormtroopers- first thing I’ve ever painted

    For a first time these look excellent! Nice work. ST might seem pretty basic..but they are actually a difficult figure to paint compared to some that might appear more complex.