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  1. Where is the First Order?

    For me it was more that he as a kid and growing up had lost everything and as far was he was concerned, he was facing the one hing he really cared about that he still had (Padame) and Palpatine manipulated the situation. He couldnt face losing her. Then he realised what he had done and went all in as he didnt have much choice but side with Palpatine.
  2. Where is the First Order?

    Agree with everything cept the Anakin mind change, it had obviously been on his mind all along that the Jedi were as 'good' as advertised...and when it came to the crunch, he could go down the path that would see his wife die, so committed fully to the dark side. Dont see a problem with it myself.
  3. Where is the First Order?

    Ep1 , yes childish, only becomes more like a star wars film when the door opens and Maul is there to confront the Jedi. Ep 2, sluggish plot, poor efects aging agreed. Ep3 imo is brilliant and shows Anakins downfall and rise of the empire brilliantly. Love so many bits such as Obi Wan coming down the ramp to confront his pupil. Only real bad thing for me is 'the high ground'. Droid army many spider bots etc it looked like they were giving children a robot wars exhibition. A bit like now with TLJ, everyone loves ATAT walkers...but somehow Disney imagined people would love them more if they looked like they had gorilla
  4. As per title Enjoying this but it dosnt look like a game with much activity on the forums. Maybe its also down to the mechanics, ie not that much to discuss. IMO it has great potential but still should be just a little bit more interactive with a few dice rolls (nothing complex at all).
  5. My completed 800 point Imperial Army

    I have no idea what im looking atm, especially the ATST?
  6. Where is the First Order?

    Agreed. If you look at the Gungans for that fight, they were obviously not a joke as such, prepared behind shields and fought on their own terms(could argue they shouldnt have fought in the open..but I think they were drawing the droids away from the city so maybe had to come out into the open??). It only became daft when they showed that idiot thing.
  7. If you broke a tab on a movement tool ...

    Strange you say that, its how mine went too. It didnt seem to fit like the others but eventually seemed to go on without damage. Then after a very short amount of playing (like 5 mins into using it as you say) it was apparent the tab was broke.
  8. Stormtrooper Movie Accuracy!

    Taught the wife to play last night in a 400 point game. Unit of 5 storm troopers poised to shoot at Luke. I said you can do it but they wont cause much damage to him, but it was turn 2 so I said do it and see what happens. 5 White Dice, 5 hits, 4 damage on Luke...... (as a note, that was followed by a unit of rebels +a Z6 firing at a unit of Stormtroopers in the open and I didnt have a single hit.....
  9. Where is the First Order?

    I hate gungans...but talking about Legion, how they fought in terms of the shields etc could be quite interesting. they they start adding daft things like boombas or whatever they are with joke rules,
  10. Where is the First Order?

    Remember that scene when they attacked the volcano planet and there was like a million robot things fighting each other (which I didnt like at all)? Surely there were loads of things there? Then all the stuff coming out of the water and all the wookie stuff in that battle. Then the gungans etc.
  11. If you broke 1 of the tabs on a movement tool when you got the game and put it together, do you have a legit claim for contacting FFG or is it your own silly fault? I have tried to persist with it but after my first real game last night, its now annoying the **** out of me, it not like I smashed it about when I put it together and I did nothing different to that I did with the other 5 I clicked together. Ive always been loathe to try take advantage of such a good company when they offer such great service but not sure where I fall in regards this on this one. Opinions?
  12. Where is the First Order?

    I hope they are a long time down the line. I have been one to resist this growing theme of Disney ruining Star wars....I loved rogue one...but thought TLJ was a right mess of a film with far too much political correctness inserted. Now I read that Lando is flirting with Han in a scene from Solo? Surely they arnt going to push that bollocks on us and its just daft rumours...
  13. Looks like Veers arriving separately...

    I have Veers/Leia/Fleet Troopers on 1 order and it says they wait for all to come into stock before delivering where I ordered from. Are those releasing different dates?
  14. Rebel Trooper colour scheme

    Id be absolutely amazed if they dont release Hoth themed rebel troops down the line.
  15. Dwing's Imperials

    Link isnt working for me