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    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    Its a Revell one but it was pretty cheap, about 25UK £ I think.
  2. In the first Twin Shadows mission(Hunted Down) there is an attribute test for a locked safe and its an 'eye 3' to open. What does the 3 actually mean? Not played in a while and can only remember attribute tests with a symbol on them from before? Also, does Han in the mission(elite) pass it automatically....Page 5 of Twin shadows says rebel figures (elite) automatically receive 1 success. Im wonderin if the test needs to be passed 3 times or something but would love confirmation. Thanks

    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    Yeah in truth its too small....but imo it works pretty well as terrain...its huge, towers over the Battlefield without taking up too much room.....perfect.

    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    Nah that one is the Revell snap together kit.

    Spent Fathers Day putting this together...

    Its for ATAT to dock next to.

    So this is in the post....

    Not sure how complicated it would be...but would a few photos work do you think?

    Custom cards

    I have no idea how all these custom cards work...how do you practically do it? Print on card or something?

    So this is in the post....

    Courier delvierin today, looking forward to more SW goodness. Another question. Is there a way to feasibly play for 2-3 hours, then record where you are at somehow to carry on the same game another day?

    So this is in the post....

    Ok cheers for the info. Anything particular that you didnt like about 4 player? We will be either 2 or 4 player when time permits.
  10. Got this arriving tomorrow. Bought it because its FFG and has loads of SW models 😁 Just done a little(very little) reading and do I understand correctly that its a great game but the rule book is horrible? My main opponent will be my wife so ill be doing all the rules etc. How long does it take? Might occasionally have my Niece n BF round to play, how is it as a 4 player?

    Sokos Star Wars Painting Log

    Good Job, especially the pauldrons, but ashamed of my rushed, slightly highlighted pauldrons now 😂 Regards the white armour, are they glossed or Satin Varnished at all? I experimented a little and thought Gloss was too much, Satin not worth the effort so atm, while I consider them finished, they dont have a gloss effect of any kind atm.
  12. What if you just love all these models and just have to buy them all and know you will get bogged down in having too many different units you paint but never use but they look very nice in your cabinet?

    Special Forces Units

    Good question though...buying 1 or 2 teams. Think ill end up getting 2 😃....and i has nothing to do with point costs

    To buy or not to buy Legion

    I love IA, I also love Legion. Do it!

    Sokos Star Wars Painting Log

    Very nice. Mine are also woodlands based and I pondered over changing scheme too. I ended up sticking with the film look but just woodland basing. yours look great though, nice job and nice scheme. Regards your first post, I actually think the SWL models are pretty good.