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    Stormtrooper commander

    Good job. Is it just me....or is this NOT the ST commander?(or is it painted with markings from Clone Wars as a commander?)

    Release date?

    Any word/heads up when release is yet? If it was 3rd Qtr, we are running out of time to be within that(very unlikely to be now id say?)

    Luke's "Droopy" lightsaber

    Can also warm it with a hair dryer and do the same, I do this but most seem to use the water method.
  4. Got my Han and Endor Commandos nearly ready. Edit, my team is ready, I just need a command crew for the shuttle. Now based and nearly ready(will prob add some grasses to the base) Tried to emulate the Endor troopers as much as I could but its pretty hard. They look better in reality than he pics imo(as is often the case) Still some detailing, matt gloss and obviously basing to do...but getting there.

    Release date?

    Regards the play mat showing places you go etc...wont this all be covered by game cards/tokens etc during play?

    Boba Fett and scout troopers

    With their speed...maybe Tauntauns could have the option of coming on from other table edges etc?

    Boba Fett and scout troopers

    Im not exactly raring to buy them....but I dont get the hate for Ewoks regards Legion. They are part of one of the most impacting battles for the rebellion. They would add a whole new dimension to the Legion game....surely variety is good? Playing as imperials...fighting an Ewok/rebel force would bring a whole new style to the game surely? Could be loads of new things introduced....literally off top of my head is an imperial force going from 1 long edge to the other and victory tot he ewoks/rebels if they can bring down the ATST before it gets to the far edge(maybe just some extra vps rather than a win). This would bring a new element to ATSTS and actually see them doing their stompy walk in stead of stood around. So much scope for more fun in legion...honesty dont get the dislike.
  8. Yes I have done that but the smaller ones do slide about in there I find.
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultimate-Guard-14-Pocket-American-10-Pages/dp/B01CS104FE/ref=pd_cart_rp_1_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01CS104FE&pd_rd_r=KMWNY0PYD2D7M64TXEAF&pd_rd_w=71Jhi&pd_rd_wg=9YaEW&pf_rd_i=cart-page-widgets&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=33311d2c-19e8-4b36-9253-4ea9c588056e&pf_rd_r=KMWNY0PYD2D7M64TXEAF&pf_rd_s=cart-page-widgets&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=KMWNY0PYD2D7M64TXEAF Page size: approx. 200 x 164 mm My Ultimate guard book is just bigger. REally want a 16 slot one for legion though(want to keep the cards in the sleeves during game and have 1 sheet showing 2 units(2 large) and then space for 2 upgrades per unit under.
  10. Hi I have a few Storage sheets and a folder to keep them in. Does anyone know if they do one like this below BUT with another large slot next to the existing one? (so two large along the left as you look at it and then 4 small to the right of them? This is a, Ultimate Guard 14-Pocket Mini American Compact Pages, (7 each side) so I think what I want is a 12 pocket one. I have searched but cant seem to find one.
  11. At I have painted hans cloak the standard light brown with shading etc...from the film pics, I cant work out if it has a light brown splotchy camo pattern at all?

    If the Resistance was added who would buy them?

    Who knows. Ill definitely get the CW stuff...id have to say I dubt id buy Sequel stuff. Find it very uninspiring. Some of it fits....some is just rubbish. As somebody above mentioned, that dropship is decent...rest is just the proper stuff and they tried o make it look cooler...but made a pigs ear of it. Gorrilla walkers? Bloody ****. Would like to see Hondos command cards......

    Few pics of Endor Battlefield & forces.

    Thanks. I cant remember the details but its a Revel snap together kit. Was loads of them on ebay. Its too small scale for accuracy but imo works great for terrain.

    Request for Pointers and Suggestions

    I think they are pretty good as a newcomer tbh. One thing to remember with painting figures..on pictures...especially close up pictures...they look worse than the normally are. Pictures have this horrible habit of somehow highlighting every little error that the normal eye view dosnt pick up on ;] I bet from 2 feet away they look pretty good? I think your white paint (the white armour) looks a bit 'thick'. Getting the white right on STroopers is half the battle. A method I used was to spray them in a ver very light grey(its almost white) and then another spray from above in white...(very lightly) which game me a lovely base coat to work from. They arnt the best, out not the worst either(see below). a lot of it comes from learning actual methods...rather than actual skill imo. I chose to line my armor with Sorastros method, but a light wash can do the same(but very very sparingly imo...put it onto the areas you want it only...if you splash it all over your lovely white gets a bit messed up. The face detail...well that comes with practice imo..sotrmtrooper faces are quite difficult imo for a newcomer...as you are working 2 such contrasting colours. I think the mouth is something that looks like it needs a bit of work if you want to try improve(its not easy). your looks a bit 'flat' where its more of a 'V'(upside down). IMO always search google for a pic of your subject matter so you can see what you should be aiming at.You can even try a black wash...applied very carefully into the mouth depression...might take 2 applications tho to be dark enough. I think you have made a good start tbh. Stormtroopers, for a newcomer to the hobby are not as easy as you might think to get looking right.
  15. Just thought it stick up my Endor Table with some figures ready for battle on it. the bulk of the tables terrain has been posted up before. Been absolutely snowed under at work so had little time for playing legion(still buying and painting everything hehe).