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    My Stormtroopers- first thing I’ve ever painted

    For a first time these look excellent! Nice work. ST might seem pretty basic..but they are actually a difficult figure to paint compared to some that might appear more complex.

    Pre-order dilemma... how many officers to order?!

    Are they Officers who attach to units or Unamed commanders?

    Wich glue do you use?

    Loctite Superglue.

    My Endor Table

    Thanks. The only ready made ones are the pines on the smaller oval sections. I cant remember the name/make but i have some in their bag in the attic still. Ill try check tomorrow night. Hollow log was pretty easy to make in truth, followed a guide on youtube

    My Endor Table

    Thanks. Yes they are. Got the full lot on KS when the first announced it.

    My Endor Table

    Your Endor looks great...love the village(although I am surpised Imperial patrols allowed it so close to the Radar dish 😄 I also love looking at peoples tables for inspiration and ideas. I started a 'show us your Table' thread but it didnt stay live long 😱

    Is that ... Legal?

    I wouldnt refuse to play it of course...its a game. Having said that, this is a game about Star Wars...and if I commit to playing a battle, I want to immerse myself in fighting the GCW against the evil empire and its Stormtroopers/ATST...and all the rest. Id hate to turn up and somebody play something that isnt SWesque.

    Royal guard fitting

    Got the guards and Wookies at Xmas and that was my exact thought.

    First stuff for a while. Palpatine and Guards

    Yep, all painted Mephiston red as a base. Sleeves/Legs are just washed with the purple a few times. the robes/helment/gloves/boots wash with Crimson and then increasing layers of wild Rider red ...watered down so it builds up brightness with each layer (try it on something...works brilliantly imo).

    First stuff for a while. Palpatine and Guards

    Thanks. Regards the fit, the 2 main pcs that make the model dont fit very well (its near the shoulders, just below, on the front)...I think the angle of the picture and the painting disguises it quite well in the above shots though. Regards paint. Primed in white or red, no big deal. Base coat in Mephiston Red Wash with Carroburg Crimson Then using watered down Wild Rider Red....add layer after layer. Each layer brings out a brighter shade due to the thickness building up(looks terrible on first layering but you soon start to see where its going). most layers go on the helmet/facial areas to make them the brightest area and focal point(dont think that shows well under the bright light these are in tbh). Gloss on the helmet. Its the same method used by sorastro for his Royal Guard figures for Imperial Assault - Just search Sorastro Royal Guard (or imperial assault) Edit, for the sleeves/legs, I didnt want to go TOO purple...so just left it at the base coat, then added a couple of purple washes(forget the GW name..might have been druchia violet or however you spell it).

    First stuff for a while. Palpatine and Guards

    Yes...imo it looks a lot better like that.
  12. Been busy and also I compacted November/dec releases into an Xmas present for extra Xmas day excitement. Just finished Palpatine and his Royal Guard.. love the guard models but hate their fitting. Chewy and his gang soon to follow.

    Is this a re-skin of Descent?

    Yeah as noted already, its just based in the same world using same characters and lore etc....which is very nice.

    Royal guard fitting

    Yep everything else has been fine but thought these were terrible designed and implemented in terms of the parts and where joins are...really obvious gaps imo and takes some skill with the green stuff to put right with the cloth folds and shape I reckon. Not good at all. Surely they could be designed with joins in less obvious places?

    Royal guard fitting

    Is it jiust me or is he Imp Guard horribly designed regards the actual fitting of the pcs? Mine all seem to have gap at the top f the front part, where the cloak comes over the shoulders....in THE most obvious lace on the models. Thebottom section sticks out tiny bit leaving a gap/ride in the cloak?