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  1. Just released a sizeable update to the dice rolling app: _______________________________________ New Dice Systems (Warhammer being the first) The app now supports "pluggable" dice systems, so if you play other dice games, you'll soon be able to use this app if you want. Still need to manually setup each dice system with the images/rules/... Warhammer is the first since a community member reached out to me and was asking for it. Warhammer dice is VERY rough, but wanted to get it out there for feedback as soon as possible. A More True Random Before the system was using a really simple random calculation to perform the rolls. Now the app is using a random generator that can be used in cryptographic security. Is it overkill? Yeah probably. It'll actually be more random than dice since dice will have deformations which will lead to very subtle patterns. Slight Interface Tweaks Will always prioritize a minimal design. Merged the lesser used buttons into a menu to reduce the amount of elements on the screen. Some other slight tweaks and adjustments were made. Slight Performance Gains Would sometimes get into a place where the app would double render, or flash some weirdness. These issues should now be solved. If you play on a slow connection, you may notice this one. _______________________________________ The ability for me to add more dice systems was by far the biggest change, so if you continue to use it for Starwars, you won't notice too much. I did my best to find and squish any bugs I may have introduced in this large code update. If you find bugs/issues let me know and I'll try to fix this asap. Feedback always appreciated.
  2. Everyone who has the app open will instantly see the results rolled by others. Think chat app but with dice. When my group plays each of us has the dice app open as a digital tabletop for dice rolls.
  3. Sorry for late reply. If you login with Google it'll pull in your Google Avatar.
  4. Hangouts has dropped support for plug-ins/add-ons. This is exactly why I built this app. Our group uses hangouts in one window, and this dice app in another. Some even use the app on their phone/tablet.
  5. Our group did something very similar to this for a couple months and it works really well. For us our group was enslaved but hutts and was sent on jobs to do. Had a handful of recurring characters and some overarching story arc (trying to gain our freedom) which was great for members who made every session. For those who couldn't, it was easy to pop in and out. Lots of fun.
  6. Hey Geodes, I'm not as well versed in the rules as most. What are augment dice rolls? What would be required of the app to support this? Could you post a link or somewhere which describes this mechanic?
  7. Just added the ability to add set outcomes to rolls now. You can add any amount of advantage/threat/... to any roll by clicking "extras" to expose the extra dice buttons. Will show you the person did it in the dice pool, and it automatically summarizes it for you as previously. Closing the extras tab will automatically remove them for future rolls, so you don't get auto advantage out of nowhere for example. Been good to hack on this again.
  8. Hey all, Been a while since I had a chance to hack on this thing. Made a couple improvements: Sorting!! Added the ability to sort rolls. This great for say determining initiative. Click user portraits to select the rolls you want. Top of the screen a bar should come down with a "sort" button. Click it and it will give a quick dialog showing the sorted list. Small Change: Triumph/Despair now at the left most side of the summary. Easier to read.
  9. I should also mention, until this is resolved I will not continue to make updates to this app. I have a couple things already lined up I'm wanting to release.
  10. SkyJedi, I'm quite confident you had no malice behind your intent. Instead you were eager to jump in and help. That's wonderful and I don't want to discourage that. This is why I heavily thought about turning it OpenSource. Problem is that would shift this project from "I get to peacefully hack on code" to "I need to coordinate efforts" which I do all day in my job. For something fun, I just want to code and hack. Yep, it took me a couple days to reply, but I had family from out of town visiting, so wasn't on the computer too much. Waiting a week, which isn't all that long, would have gone a very long way. I will ask again nicely, please remove your repo. Once done I'll remove my repo and transfer the code to a private space. I'm waiting to delete my repo because as soon as I do it will sever the link between the repos, which is currently showing your code is a fork of mine. I plan to continue to evolve and improve this app for others to use.
  11. SkyJedi, This project is not open source. It uses OpenSource software, React which follows the permissive BSD licence, but the dice app is not open source itself. My day job is managing a large software team, which I enjoy. However, I also want to code and not have to discuss or debate how or what to do on a project. This is why I built this project, as something fun to code on my own. I have shared the working app with the community as more than my direct friends can benefit from it. I did consider the path of opening it up for others to contribute to. This is not the path I want to take right now. You didn't wait even a single day to ask if you could take and use the source code. Yes, right now that code is proprietary. One of the first things you did was replace my name with yours: https://github.com/SkyJedi/SWEotE-Web-Dice-Roller/commit/43ac63b31edd536668ec429d482eb510b04c29c5 I've put a lot of work into this, and plan to continue to improve and evolve this. Remove your code repo immediately.
  12. Share away It's quite a ways away from hitting any major usage pain points. Sorry for the late reply. The more that can benefit form this the better.
  13. Haven't had much time to put into this in the last little while. I did however add the ability to clear the results on your screen. It only clears what you see, not others. If you reload the page you'll get everything back.
  14. If you go directly to https://dice.owenmead.com/ it will always ask you which room to go to. It's a nice suggestion for the room list, but there are other features I'd like to put in before (adding set adv or threat to rolls; named/stored dice sets; ability to select and rank rolls for quick initiative ordering;...) Appreciate the feedback though
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