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  1. We recently abandoned the idea of having a dedicated tank. When you play against an Overlord, he will simply try to ignore the tank as much as possible and go for other weaker heroes. When playing against the app, it will very often tell you that a monster attacks the farthest away hero, or the hero with the lowest might/awareness/knowledge/willpower, or the hero with the most damage suffered. So we decided to buff up all classes a bit. I am playing Marshal as Alys Raine, one is Reynhart - Beastmaster, one is Andira - Disciple and one is Tetherys - Bounty Hunter. We are playing against the app (which renders 3 of the Marshal class cards unusable, keep that in mind). I have the Rune Plate and Mana Weave, so +2 health and a black die. The Beastmaster has Chainmail, a solid grey die. He also has +6 health from his Beastmaster class cards. The Disciple has Demonhide leather, an extra grey die for him. And lastly the Bounty Hunter has Thief's Vest and Black Iron Helm. Combined with the Bounty Hunter class card 'Undercover', we are all able to soak up some damage. I as a Marshal am indeed a support class, but it works like a charm, specially if you can manage to keep a 2-handed weapon with Reach. We are currently lvl 7, so my talents at the moment are Retribution, I Am the Law, Vigilant Watch and Crushing Blow. If a monster attacks me, I can use I Am the Law and counterattack, with a bit of luck I can also inflict a condition. When a monster attacks someone else and walks me by, I use Vigilant Watch and Retribution. Regardless of who the monster attacks, if I'm close enough I can use Crushing Blow for a hard-hitter since he has no defense.
  2. Through some torough testing with our current campaign (about to do the last quest from act 1, currently having 21 fame), I can tell that you are simply unable to get Rune Plate, an Act 1 armor piece from the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion. Other items from that expansion, such as Bow of Bone, were available at the shop. So that got me wondering, how exactly does fame determine what items you can shop? And how does the seperation of act 1 and act 2 shop cards count toward this? I've seen Tival Crystal (which is an Act 2 item from the base game) come across the shop a couple of times already, even though we are not in Act 2 yet.
  3. As you can see here: https://wiki.descent-community.org/Descent:_Journeys_in_the_Dark_(Second_Edition)#Act_I_Items all cards you mentioned should be in the base game. If not, your base game seems to be incomplete.
  4. Just out of curiousity, why would you want to print it? If you have a PC/Laptop, tablet or even smartphone you can use the interactive version so you can very easily search for specific keywords. More importantly, you can always consult the latest version of the CRRG, whereas if you print it and a week later a new version comes out with, who knows, some major changes, you'd have to reprint the whole thing or look up what pages changed and which ones didn't. I myself 'downloaded' the interactive version to iBooks on my iPad, works like a charm If you're a 'collector' or do not have any (smart) device at hand I could understand why you'd want to print it, obviously.
  5. Good idea! People who play with the Road to Legend app on Steam might be interested in this as well, if enough people are on it from time to time, it could become a great source for quick questions and such! +1
  6. This seems to be correct. I have not yet tested if there are less search tokens when playing with fewer than 4 heroes, but what did get my attention is that the amount of gold you get for searching a token, is always a multiple of 4 (that is, in our group of 4 heroes), and I have never seen it being more than 20 gold.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the info. After playing a couple of times we have now done: - First main quest - Visited city, bought some gear and did a City Action - Side Quest - Second main quest - Side Quest - Visited city, bought some gear again, did City Action Again - And now we're about to start the 3rd main quest. At this point we have 5 XP if I recall correct... 1xp from first main quest, 2xp from second main quest, and 2xp from 2x City Action. Can anyone tell me how the progress goes in RtL? How many 'main' quests are there before Act 2 starts? Is there also an interlude quest just like in the 'normal' game? Will the heroes have a 'shopping step' after the interlude in which they can purchase all Act 1 shop cards? And how many 'main' quests exist in Act 2, apart from any side quests? If I'm slow to reply again...: Thanks in advance!
  8. You should look at the CRRG, it's probably in there, the author really has put a lot of eff... Oh wait. Hi Sadgit!
  9. According to the Community Rules Reference Guide, page 24 (http://penultimate.de/crrg/CRRG_1_1_1.pdf), Morale gets replenished when the heroes visit the city. Although I have not tried it myself, I think that it makes no difference, either way you loose that quest.
  10. I understand your point. Does that mean then, that the only reason there's a max. range on Andira's Heroic Feat and the 'I am the Law' card, is so that if you have a ranged weapon you'd still have to be within 3/2 spaces?
  11. You're absolutly right of course Don't know why I didn't see that, thanks!
  12. There are some cards or effects that tell you to attack a target who is within x spaces of you. For example, the Marshal class card 'I am the Law': Exhaust this card after a monster within 2 spaces of you resolves an attack that affects you. Perform an attack that targets that monster. Then, you may test . If you pass, suffer 1 , and that monster gains 1 condition of your choice. Or the Heroic Feat of Andira Runehand: : Choose 1 hero within 3 spaces of you. Then, perform an attack that targets a monster within 3 spaces of you. The chosen hero recovers equal to twice the amount of the target monster suffers from this attack. It seems pretty self explanatory to me, but that means that you just, perform the attack, right? So even if you have a melee weapon equipped so you would normally be unable to attack a target 2 or 3 spaces away, you perform the attack, right?
  13. The Bounty Hunter class card Chosen Target goes like: Exhaust this card at the start of your turn to track a monster in your line of sight. Each time you perform an attack that targets a tracked monster, that attack gains +1[heart] (even while this card is exhausted). As far as I know, the 'start of turn' step of a turn consists of two sub-steps, the first sub-step being the step where 'start of turn' effects may be triggered, and the second sub-step being to refresh all cards. Since you may exhaust Chosen Target 'at the start of your turn', this means BEFORE Chosen Target is refreshed, right? So that basicly means that you can only use Chosen Target once every other turn? So, lets say it's the very start in an encounter: - Turn 1: Exhaust Chosen Target, track a monster in your LoS. Use two actions to attack that monster two times. Assume the monster is now dead, the tracking token goes back to the Hero Sheet; - Turn 2: You now want to track a new monster, but you can't because you have to track the monster at the start of your turn, which is BEFORE your Chosen Target card is refreshed
  14. We've been playing Descent with 4 heroes versus an Overlord player a couple of months now, but one player of our group goes off-shore for his work soon, so we figured we'd go against the app again. I've done that when we first purchased the game but never finished the campaign before moving on to 4 heroes vs 1 OL. So anyway, we purchased Manor of Ravens a while ago and now I wanted to try the Marshal class (probably with Alys Raine since she has high Wisdom). I noticed that several Marshal talents can be played when/after the OL plays an OL card. Playing against the app, this does not really apply, am I right? Still, the Marshal class has some cool talents that are not specific to OL cards (Retribution, Shockwave, I am the Law, Vigilant Watch, Crushing Blow, Last Stand). The only question I have, in order to 'calculate' the order in which I want to purchase new class cards: In the most favorable situation, how much XP can the heroes acquire in the Kindred Fire campaign, in total? And how much is that in the least favorable situation?
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