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  1. [Article] Demonstrating Destiny To Other Gamers

    Big fan of your outreach efforts. I've been working on something similar in our local area. With the help of some local players and local gaming stores, we've been able to setup some demo nights at local public libraries. The one in my town has an active gaming group for Junior High and HS students. We setup a time to go over the basics, have them watch us play a game, and then play a few games themselves. We left them with 4 decks we had put together for their own future use and 2 Starter Sets (1x of each Rey/Kylo) for their own prize support. We'll be doing our second such event at another library across town in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it helps bear some fruit! SWD is an excellent game. Just needs to get its footing! The local community has been excellent in terms of support. The tough part is just always having some decks ready to go in order to run an event and leave them with product they can use. Right now, I have the 4 decks and 2 Starter Sets for our next event...but always trying to plan ahead for the next such outreach! Keep up the good work!
  2. Legacies release date

    I've only been playing SWD from FFG, never getting into another one of their games before...but from the last year of waiting/watching/listening/reading/etc., I have come to the conclusion that they generally make FANTASTIC games...but seem to utterly fail in the communication department. Now, they are not alone in the gaming world on that front (Upper Deck, I'm looking at you!), but it has to be harming their overall market share. I just can't even imagine how dominating they would be if they combined their obvious talent for game creation with a more robust and consistent communication department. I don't post history will show that communication is my number one issue with FFG and it just pains me to see it be an issue time...and time...and time again. I just want them to do better.
  3. Best place to buy singles?

    Many others have suggested options, just thought I'd throw in ones I tend to look at: They have a decent price watch at the Chance Cube, updated weekly. I'd always be careful with the newest set (Legacies, at the moment) since those tend to get crazy with prerelease prices and limited availability, but at least it gives you a ballpark to look at. When I find local stores that sell singles, I check to see if they are within reason here as well. TCG Player also has a set place for SWD now as well. If you have used them for MTG or some other game, they are another great place to look. A number of stores/individuals sell stuff on here so you tend to get a decent deal. Beyond that, the biggest places have already been mentioned - good luck!
  4. Old Palpatine deck

    You can also search on I use the site for my own collection. Easy to know what you still need. You can also see plenty of people who put decklists up. If you put your collection in, you can see what cards you are missing from their list too. Pretty handy. To search for a particular card in a deck, just click on Decklists, then Search, and finally put in the name of the card in the deck you want to search for. You'll see a ton of different Palpatine builds. Good luck!
  5. Original GenCon promos

    I know this isn't perfect (especially for questions on the feel of the card), but this link has a list of all the promotional material that I'm aware of...including pics:
  6. What to buy when new

    It all comes down to what you want to do with the game. In my mind, this comes down to: A. "Board Game Experience" - Just buy 1 2-player starter and play whenever you fee like it. The decks are pretty well balanced and you'll get the general mechanics of the game down. Done. B. "Board Game Experience 2.0" - If you like the first option and want more, I would move to B and get a second 2-player set. Then you can get to the full 30-card deck, play with 2-dice characters and get into some optimization of decks for both the hero and villain decks. You'll have a little bit more than you can use for each 30-card deck, but can experiment to see what works best for you. C. "Toe Dip" to "All in" - After that, the next step is to see the rest of the SWD world. You can buy the original Intro Decks to get a little more of that "Board Game Experience" vibe. Or go all in and start buying boosters. The last step is where addiction truly sets in. I do think that the 2-player kit is the best starting point though. The Intro Decks were okay...but not really all that balanced. The 2-player decks are more so (although I personally see the villains winning more still, especially after the 2.0 mode, but maybe that's just me). Either way, good luck! It is a fun game and (now with supply issues seemingly a thing of the past), here's hoping it picks up again. My area is kind of barebones at the moment - hoping that will change!
  7. EaW Triple Box UNBOXING!!

    Great unboxing video. I went through a very similar process with my 11-year old son, who plays. Our pulls were not quite as good though. Here's hoping boxes 2-3 for us (which come in this next week) will be better! Thanks for sharing!
  8. What Awakening cards did you open today?

    Opened 6 packs total (store limit, due to only receiving 2 boxes total) and opened: 1 First Order Stormtrooper 1 First Order Tie Fighter 2 On The Hunt 1 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol 1 Comlink So...yeah, a bit less than thrilled. The joys of random distribution, but was definitely hoping for more. Ah well. At least no mismatched dice or any misprinted dice. More trade stuff...although the 2 items from the Starters were especially grating.
  9. Store Championships 2017 Results Thread

    In This Issue 6/25/17 Bettendorf, IA 13 players, 4 rounds Winner: Vader/Raider (4-0) Runner-up: Han/Rey (3-1, with a bye) Top4: ePalp and Vader/Raider (3-1) A small turnout, but another store championship was being run an hour away JUST earlier enough to prevent anyone from going to both. I ended up 5th with Han/Rey, going 2-2. I lost to 2 different ePalp builds, including my 10-year old son who finished 3rd. A little odd that the tournament software counted the bye as a solid win, since I would have thought strength of schedule would make that worth less than a real match. Regardless, good event and had a lot of fun. Great to see my 10-year old up there in the winners pic on Facebook with people 2-4x his age.
  10. Regarding Spirit of the Rebellion boosters

    And still not a single word from Asmodee/FFG direct...and officially half way through June now, the month they said we'd receive product way back in February...
  11. Regarding Spirit of the Rebellion boosters

    What will REALLY tick people off is if the reason there are no Awakening boxes is because they are all going to Barnes and Noble...
  12. Regarding Spirit of the Rebellion boosters

    And to me, THIS continues to be the most frustrating thing about FFG in general. You never hear anything always comes from someone who heard it from someone else higher up the food chain - but good things are coming! They really need to get ahead of things and start communicating more effectively. On this particular issue, the fact that their last communication update was from Feb 28th is crazy. And the supply stuff isn't even using the one tool they DO promote to keep track of stuff, their website's "Upcoming" tab. Ridiculous. By the way, Jut - thank you for the update. I get that there is likely some insiders-only, distro level intel going on here and appreciate your input. I just wish there was more from the company itself and more quickly/reliably.
  13. I'm not a local shop, but frequent many...I will "wait and see," but I can't say history says much for the "benefits" of consolidation/limitations like this. The market is usually better for consumers when we have more options since they tend to compete more against each other. The stores I frequent are on the smaller scale, so I am afraid they will get hurt by this deal. Some are mainly comic book stores first and gaming second, so the only hope is that their order/status/product order is combined and that somehow helps them on the supply issue front. But...doesn't sound good. I'll hopefully be wrong and this will somehow fix some of the issues we've had with SWD supplies...but the real question is how this will affect all Asmodee products. They make a LOT of stuff (pretty much 7/10 of the top10 ranked board games out there, all supplies related to those, and more)...and now all of that goes through one distributor. And...I assume this also affects any "direct sales" people have had through Asmodee/FFG as well, since the deal said exclusive distributor. So...time will tell, but a bit scared. That's a LOT of stuff going through only one channel.
  14. FLGS price gouging on boosters?

    Sadly, this happens a lot - as others have said. The game hasn't really caught on in my area yet (probably...15-20 people max in a 1-hour radius, with a combined metro population of around 380, really not that many), but the main store that carries a lot of stuff had boxes of Awakening in January. Asked the price - $3.99 a pack. I still thought the game was available in places I traveled to regularly (it wasn't) and didn't buy. Came back a week later saying the heck with it - I'll get a few packs. He moved the price to $4.99 a pack in that time frame. So, I said heck no. No way was I paying that. Someone eventually did though and he was sold out the next week. Supply/demand. I don't like it and I don't think it is right...but you can only vote with your money there and I choose to say no. You can go further and stop going to the store and such, but your mileage may vary - especially if you don't have many other options.
  15. Thanks for the info, did not know about that site. Will watch for more info there...just thought the info would be delivered from FFG like SoR was. Thanks! EDIT: Actually, do you have a direct link? Searching Edge and FFG isn't getting the site I think you mean...guess a bit too generic to find that way. Thanks!