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  1. Impulse411

    Getting the basics for a school games club

    Great to hear you are trying to add Star Wars Destiny to your gaming club! I run a bit of MTG and added SWD last year to the mix at my own school. I'm currently doing the following: 1. 1 2-Player Kit with decks sleeved and ready to play for students - This is my 'learning to play' setup, since the decks are smaller and fairly balanced out of box. 2. 2 other more 'advanced' decks sleeved and ready to play - I currently have 2 decks (1 Hero and 1 Villain) that I've put together from excess cards from myself and some from the local playgroup I'm in locally. These aren't Tier 1 tournament decks, but offer a 4-dice character start and 10-dice cards in the deck with some different options/abilities in there to help see the different things the game can do. I THINK they are fairly balanced (playtested a few times) and I hope to add 2 more decks when I can get the chance. I have 1 ready to go, but wanted to wait to add it in later in the year for those who have been playing a bit and they can then see a new bit of variety for the game. My goal was 4 decks total, but the last deck hit a hurdle...I need 2 more Gungan Warriors (I have a budget Gungan deck waiting on those 2 cards to finish it). But, this gives the students in the classroom some decks to test drive in my room and see how the game goes without having to buy in to a new game just yet. 3. Commons / Uncommons "Community Chest" - I have excess commons/uncommons in my room for students to have for deckbuilding, should they decide to get into the game. They are divided by set and are there for the taking. I figure they are better served for those seeking to get in the game - especially since I already have my 2x set I need. I do the same kind of setup for MTG (up to 9 sleeved and playable decks and approx. 3000 cards in the MTG Community Chest). Going on Year 3 for MTG and Year 2 for SWD. I was able to hold 1-2 independent MTG events a year with kids outside of school hours (usually draft/sealed) and the same for SWD last year (I think 2 events). The traction isn't there as much as I would like, but doing what I can to help the community grow. I've also worked with some members of our local community on some Learn to Play events, but not a lot of traction there sadly. Currently working on getting something going at our feeder MS...but nothing there yet. Good luck!
  2. Impulse411

    Strength of schedule question ?

    If the tournament was following the Tournament Guidelines from FFG for the Basic Structure, Relaxed Format (which is what the Store Championship is classified as), a 16 person event runs 4 rounds without a top 4 cut. I have seen store owners use their own discretion and still have a top4 cut (which I believe is their call), but the default is 4 rounds without a top4 cut. 17-24 participants would have resulted in a 4 prelim rounds with a top 4 cut. As it stands, 16 people in the event should have resulted in: 1 4-0 4 3-1 6 2-2 4 1-3 1 0-4 So...I definitely see why you are upset since a 3-1 would have just missed out on a playmat. 3 2-2s would have left with a deckbox and the other 3 without. Regardless, I do think we're still in growing pains mode on the local level. GenCon may have had over 280+ players for the NA Champs event, but that didn't impact the numbers at our local SCs much...the high point this year was 18. Now, compared to last year at the same store, the number doubled...but still not where I'd like it to be. Just gotta keep striving for more. Hope that breakdown helps though...and I've been in that position. Last year, I was 5th. Only SC I was able to attend. This year, made up for it and was able to attend 4. Sorry you have a negative experience though.
  3. Impulse411

    Wrong die in pack

    Full discussion on this issue is in this thread, including the links to where you need to submit info to: Short overview answer is: it's a screw up on FFG's end. Some boxes get messed up and it usually 'fixes' itself if you bought the whole box. If you just bought a random pack...not good. At least you pulled another Legendary! It could just as easily have been a rare. But just follow through with those steps and you'll be as good as you can be, given the situation. Good luck!
  4. Impulse411

    Best Legacies Characters

    Maul hasn't been as good as people have hoped, I guess is the best way of putting it. I think he's still GOOD, but your mileage for vary. If you want a strong, thematic character that will be instantly recognized from folks - keep him. I really enjoyed the time I spent playing Maul/Talzin...very thematic, Talzin helped with his only having 2 damage sides. But...it hasn't been seeing as much competitive success as some would like. So, if that's your goal - might consider trading him. Tarkin can be a beast in the right build. Aphra I think is only getting better as time goes on and really got a boost with 0-0-0 from this set and cards like Hailfire Droid Tank. So...lots of options! Good luck on your deckbuilding!
  5. Impulse411

    Card die mismatch

    Although I haven't had this happen to me personally, I have read about the issue before on the forums here and on FB. Typically, the issue seems to be box specific. Every time someone brought it up, they said that opening packs from that same box typically self-corrected. So, if buying a box of 36 and you have mismatched dice - no big deal because by the time you open all the packs from the box, you'll get all the right dice to go with all the right cards. If you bought a single pack from a box at a store and had this problem, you will need to contact customer support from FFG. I haven't gone through the process personally, but it does seem like you tell them what happened and such - they send you the correct card OR (what I've read more online) is that they send you a replacement pack. I definitely think it would be helpful to hear what FFG does for you and how they rectify the situation. If you do contact them, could you post what happened, how long it took to 'fix,' and if you were satisfied with the outcome? Thanks! This is definitely one of my biggest fears whenever I go and buy a random pack at a store though. I've actually opened it in the store to ensure the card/dice matched. I know the store owner couldn't do much about it either, but if a fresh box - at least I could tell them what was going on and figure out what to do from there. Thankfully, haven't had the issue so far...hope not to either! Sorry for your troubles! Hope it all gets worked out smoothly/quickly!
  6. Impulse411

    Everyone Opening WotF

    I can't fault the people opening product if they have been given the opportunity. I can't say I would pass up that opportunity either, with so much anticipation built up and such. However, I do think we are having a local gaming store issue right now. FFG (finally!) published a release date and discussed the issue a bit in the open in a move that I will call - better late than never. FFG is able to get product to distributors and they make sure it doesn't get impacted by the holiday shipping issue many of us feared would cause a delay...and they are repaid for those efforts by (seemingly multiple) LGSs that are breaking street date. The real question is: what will the consequences be? How will they handle this situation? Breaking street date seems to be a big deal when it comes to different industries (video games, DVD/Blu Ray, etc) and I assume the same is true in the gaming industry. I'm not sure what the consequence will be...but I am in favor of something happening.
  7. Impulse411

    Obsolete cards

    Always comes back to communication to me. I think it might be a question of perception too. FFG seems to see itself as a design company only - which they excel at, they design some incredible games...no one is denying it. But they need to be more than that, a fully well-rounded company that communicates with the player base and creates an atmosphere of shared interest. They seem to rely upon Asmodee North American to be the communication and marketing department - which may be the case or may not...but there really seems to be a disconnect between FFG, Asmodee North America, and the public at large. I'd like to see those gaps bridged, shored up, and I think this game (as well as their other products) would really have a chance to shine.
  8. Impulse411

    Now this is Prize Support!

    Not a problem! And - doesn't mean you won't get one in the future and have this ready to go.
  9. Impulse411

    Now this is Prize Support!

    Yep, no dice - just the card.
  10. Impulse411

    Obsolete cards

    And we have to put a big old "it depends" on this discussion too. We know the cycle (as pointed out in the above post), but we don't know when all the sets will actually drop. We're currently looking at a pretty decent gap between Legacies and Way of the Force. If that kind of gap continues onward (between WotF and whatever set is after it), the Awakenings cycle will be around for quite awhile still. Beyond that - we also don't know what will be reprinted from the Awakenings cycle into the newer cycle. We've already seen that things CAN be reprinted (from the 2 player set), so that's another reason to not think all Awakenings card will instantly be trash. So...a whole lot of "it depends" with this question, but JuzFuzz did point out all the info we know at the moment about rotation!
  11. Impulse411

    Now this is Prize Support!

    I generally agree on the usefulness of the trophy in the long-term - but they gave you the promo card PLUS the trophy before. Now, just the card. So, subtracting from the prize kit without adding to it in any way. That's the reason I mentioned it.
  12. Impulse411

    Now this is Prize Support!

    Thanks for the update! I figured things seemed to be (mostly) the same, but you never know. Appreciate you checking for me!
  13. Impulse411

    Now this is Prize Support!

    Giving out Force Speeds to Top32 is awesome. Big motivator for those in the game, although really surprised on the art choice. I thought they would stick to big name, movie focused characters or some such...really cool that they are willing to go so far outside the standard thinking. Just hope it won't bite them in the end from the fanbase. Deckboxes are nice. Playmats are cool. Top2 getting marked 1st/2nd spot-gloss is a little good with the bad. Probably drive uber-collectors mad trying to get both. Downside though - no trophy for 1st Place. Not that it was essential...but did make the game stand out from other games that just give you more cards from the game and such. Was unique. Will be missed. Plus - can anyone confirm if the Tournament Organizer gets anything from the Store Champ kit? Last time, they got a deckbox, playmat, spot-gloss, and there were also 2 promos from Worlds thrown in. They stop that? Or just not in announcement? Curious.
  14. Impulse411

    Now this is Podracing!

    Yeah, I'm all on the 'FFG needs to improve communication' front. I wish I had been able to make it to Adepticon (it was the one I could have actually have traveled to, but scheduling conflict) and only was able to make it to a Regionals in Wisconsin. Just not enough opportunities in the region...and let's not even start to talk about how hard it is for those internationally to do Regionals/GQs! From what long-term FFG players have said, FFG is improving...just not at the pace I think newbies like myself would like. Communication is very high on the list of things to improve though. Game design is very solid, from my perspective. Just need more on other fronts.
  15. Impulse411

    Now this is Podracing!

    True, totally get that. Probably a bit early to go 'alt win conditions' anyway. I just was thinking in MTG sometimes it can be interesting to have some alt conditions to change things up a bit. Still pretty darn early in SWD for that though. I guess I just meant I thought that was where it was heading and it turned out to just be resources. 'Just' is likely an understatement though, since those are pretty critical to the game and getting a flood of them in the game could really change the whole game...especially the way it is worded on the card saying get rid of EACH copy of this plot and gain 4...does that mean we can have more than 1 plot? Or a way to make copies of plots? Craziness.