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  1. It all comes down to what you want to do with the game. In my mind, this comes down to: A. "Board Game Experience" - Just buy 1 2-player starter and play whenever you fee like it. The decks are pretty well balanced and you'll get the general mechanics of the game down. Done. B. "Board Game Experience 2.0" - If you like the first option and want more, I would move to B and get a second 2-player set. Then you can get to the full 30-card deck, play with 2-dice characters and get into some optimization of decks for both the hero and villain decks. You'll have a little bit more than you can use for each 30-card deck, but can experiment to see what works best for you. C. "Toe Dip" to "All in" - After that, the next step is to see the rest of the SWD world. You can buy the original Intro Decks to get a little more of that "Board Game Experience" vibe. Or go all in and start buying boosters. The last step is where addiction truly sets in. I do think that the 2-player kit is the best starting point though. The Intro Decks were okay...but not really all that balanced. The 2-player decks are more so (although I personally see the villains winning more still, especially after the 2.0 mode, but maybe that's just me). Either way, good luck! It is a fun game and (now with supply issues seemingly a thing of the past), here's hoping it picks up again. My area is kind of barebones at the moment - hoping that will change!
  2. Great unboxing video. I went through a very similar process with my 11-year old son, who plays. Our pulls were not quite as good though. Here's hoping boxes 2-3 for us (which come in this next week) will be better! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Opened 6 packs total (store limit, due to only receiving 2 boxes total) and opened: 1 First Order Stormtrooper 1 First Order Tie Fighter 2 On The Hunt 1 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol 1 Comlink So...yeah, a bit less than thrilled. The joys of random distribution, but was definitely hoping for more. Ah well. At least no mismatched dice or any misprinted dice. More trade stuff...although the 2 items from the Starters were especially grating.
  4. In This Issue 6/25/17 Bettendorf, IA 13 players, 4 rounds Winner: Vader/Raider (4-0) Runner-up: Han/Rey (3-1, with a bye) Top4: ePalp and Vader/Raider (3-1) A small turnout, but another store championship was being run an hour away JUST earlier enough to prevent anyone from going to both. I ended up 5th with Han/Rey, going 2-2. I lost to 2 different ePalp builds, including my 10-year old son who finished 3rd. A little odd that the tournament software counted the bye as a solid win, since I would have thought strength of schedule would make that worth less than a real match. Regardless, good event and had a lot of fun. Great to see my 10-year old up there in the winners pic on Facebook with people 2-4x his age.
  5. And still not a single word from Asmodee/FFG direct...and officially half way through June now, the month they said we'd receive product way back in February...
  6. What will REALLY tick people off is if the reason there are no Awakening boxes is because they are all going to Barnes and Noble...
  7. And to me, THIS continues to be the most frustrating thing about FFG in general. You never hear anything always comes from someone who heard it from someone else higher up the food chain - but good things are coming! They really need to get ahead of things and start communicating more effectively. On this particular issue, the fact that their last communication update was from Feb 28th is crazy. And the supply stuff isn't even using the one tool they DO promote to keep track of stuff, their website's "Upcoming" tab. Ridiculous. By the way, Jut - thank you for the update. I get that there is likely some insiders-only, distro level intel going on here and appreciate your input. I just wish there was more from the company itself and more quickly/reliably.
  8. I'm not a local shop, but frequent many...I will "wait and see," but I can't say history says much for the "benefits" of consolidation/limitations like this. The market is usually better for consumers when we have more options since they tend to compete more against each other. The stores I frequent are on the smaller scale, so I am afraid they will get hurt by this deal. Some are mainly comic book stores first and gaming second, so the only hope is that their order/status/product order is combined and that somehow helps them on the supply issue front. But...doesn't sound good. I'll hopefully be wrong and this will somehow fix some of the issues we've had with SWD supplies...but the real question is how this will affect all Asmodee products. They make a LOT of stuff (pretty much 7/10 of the top10 ranked board games out there, all supplies related to those, and more)...and now all of that goes through one distributor. And...I assume this also affects any "direct sales" people have had through Asmodee/FFG as well, since the deal said exclusive distributor. So...time will tell, but a bit scared. That's a LOT of stuff going through only one channel.
  9. Sadly, this happens a lot - as others have said. The game hasn't really caught on in my area yet (probably...15-20 people max in a 1-hour radius, with a combined metro population of around 380, really not that many), but the main store that carries a lot of stuff had boxes of Awakening in January. Asked the price - $3.99 a pack. I still thought the game was available in places I traveled to regularly (it wasn't) and didn't buy. Came back a week later saying the heck with it - I'll get a few packs. He moved the price to $4.99 a pack in that time frame. So, I said heck no. No way was I paying that. Someone eventually did though and he was sold out the next week. Supply/demand. I don't like it and I don't think it is right...but you can only vote with your money there and I choose to say no. You can go further and stop going to the store and such, but your mileage may vary - especially if you don't have many other options.
  10. Thanks for the info, did not know about that site. Will watch for more info there...just thought the info would be delivered from FFG like SoR was. Thanks! EDIT: Actually, do you have a direct link? Searching Edge and FFG isn't getting the site I think you mean...guess a bit too generic to find that way. Thanks!
  11. On the issue of the reprint...has anyone heard from distros or gaming stores about the reprint? We are only a few days away from June and I was hoping that some definite intel was available. Otherwise, I can't pretend to say "buy Awakenings - it's awesome" if it never actually comes out on sale. FFG did post on their official page that a resupply was coming in June to retailers...but I don't see anything since then or any update on their shipping/on the boat/etc system they have on their site. Anyone have intel they can/are willing to share?
  12. I agree, this issue seems to be regionally based - my area (1-hour radius around place of residence) is practically dead. We've had 3 events for SWD around here since January and they've had 16 or less people each. Out of those 16, it breaks down to 3 hardcore people (plus 1-3 of his/her friends playing their extra decks) and then a couple of father/son duos (myself included in that last group). I am just really trying to stay positive about the game, but I don't see it taking off at this point. I still can't reliably say "hey, check out this game" to someone and point them at a store in my area that will actually be carrying product reliably. There are 3 gaming stores in my area and this game is just not their priority right now when there are still supply concerns. I know we are still early in the life cycle of this game and I still have hope that it will turn around - but just not seeing it in the short-term for certain.
  13. Is your build available? I love Han/Rey and just trying to keep it alive. I don't get to play too much (and know most of my issues with the deck are from lack of playing it), but really enjoy the deck. If you had a swdestinydb link or something, I'd greatly appreciate it. My less than optimal build is on there as well. Only played in 1 real event with it as it is right now, but went 1-3 against a lot of decks in very close matches. Would like to see it stay alive.
  14. Oh, totally agree...they are separate items entirely and I don't mean to conflate those issues into one thing. I just mean that the issue of communication from them as a company is a consistent issue and needs addressed, in my humble opinion. Their products - top notch. Their game design - beautiful. FFG is doing a ton of stuff right. I just think they could mitigate some SW:D community issues if they talked to the fans a bit more in terms of content and frequency. On the supply front - addressing the issue directly instead of just to distributors behind closed doors at a convention. On the promo front - a promo list of items coming out soon and where they will be available. Some of the FB comments were of genuine love for the promos released (because they look sweet!) and some were more tainted by not knowing these were coming out and confused how a single retailer that was not FFG was handing them out. I just think that taint would go away with clearer communication. I'd also say that people ARE sounding mighty entitled (myself included!), but I just think it would be better for FFG and the community if we had a little more heads up on items like this. They don't have to...these ARE free items and it is their game...I just think it would be better for the community as a whole if they were a bit more open on things like this.
  15. I'm not a store owner, but I do get to travel a bit across the region and have heard a few things from store owners. So...secondhand info, but: 1. One store said they ordered 3 additional boxes (hardly any SW:D play in area, so ordering on demand for few that play) and was told by distributor that they should have gotten it in last Tuesday...but supply dried up so it might take 1-3 weeks to arrive. 2. Another store saying they ordered 6 boxes for wave2 and they would get all of them...only to be told that was a warehouse error and now they might get 1 box, if they are lucky. Now, other stores in my region have 4-8 boxes sitting on the shelf and doing just fine from Wave1. So, I think the mileage varies greatly and I'm not sure what the magic bullet is. It is just crazy to me how varied it is across the state, since I would assume these places use similar distributors for the same basic region. I know it likely comes down to other items too (size of store, sales, longevity of business, etc.), but it really is hit or miss right now. Add in that some store owners have been talking about how "their supply is getting taken over by Barnes and Noble stores" and you have another communication nightmare in the works. I personally am good (was fortunate enough to get 2-3 boxes of content and trade for most things from SoR...), but I am finding it VERY difficult to get additional people into the game when I can't just point to a local store and say, "go get it there." Because I can't consistently yet. So...not introducing others to game. Just hoping all this will get resolved in June, as they have stated.