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  1. Impulse411

    Deck Building Help For New Player

    To purchase singles, I'd check out the price guide here: http://www.thechancecube.com/pricewatch/ To figure out your best character pairings, I like this site: http://swdcantina.com/ Just click on Team Builder and you can see all kinds of pairings. Hope that helps. Enjoy!
  2. Impulse411

    Interview with Edwin Chen, SWD World Champ!!

    Thanks for posting! Great to hear from the new Worlds Champion. Love getting to hear these people who play at a level so far beyond my own talk about the game.
  3. Impulse411

    In-Flight Report 2018

    This is just my 2nd time attending GenCon and my first time getting to go to the In-Flight Report, but I can answer your question. GenCon staff responded to this on their forum (www.gencon.com/forums) and said that you just needed a 4-day pass or a Thursday pass to attend Wed night events. So, should be all set! On a side note, I'd also recommend checking this out: http://ocdforme.blogspot.com/2018/03/how-to-do-gen-con-like-pro_10.html They go into great detail on things and I found it helpful. The trip I took 2 years ago was awesome, really glad to make it back...and shocked the wife approved the trip. See you there!
  4. Impulse411

    Worlds Lists

    A few decklists have already been posted on http://swdestinydb.com/. I AM hoping for an official post from FFG though with decklists from the top8/16, with possible commentary/thoughts from the players. Will see! I know I've seen a few FB posts already about the decklists though so you'll likely find some/all on there soon enough.
  5. Impulse411

    European / NA Champs

    Check out the latest...don't know why this isn't on the front page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/7/valuable-artifacts/ I'm very fortunate to be able to attend GenCon this year (wife approved even!) and look forward to adding that lovely full art Doctor Aphra to my collection. I likely won't be earning anything else, but I will keep hope alive. Cool stuff and I can't wait to compete! Now...just waiting on Store Champs info!
  6. Impulse411

    Destiny is Dying...Fast

    That's the reason the fan base is as upset as it is though. The meta is amazing/diverse/fun! But the player base is...nigh non-existent on a local level, despite the best efforts of those involved. Many of us have fought hard to grow the game (Learn to Play events, giving out decks, running things at local conventions, etc) and haven't seen much headway in terms of increased player base. And, that's okay...our choice to put our time/energy into said efforts...but it just burns all the more when you know this game is incredible and you want people to play. Worlds was awesome and loved the diversity...but the game living on the 'national/world' scale doesn't mean it is thriving in my local area. And we want it to...trust me!...but just can't seem to get it done. So, people are upset because they are striving so hard to make it work and want to see more from the top-down (FFG level) supporting those efforts. I DO think people are jumping to conclusions with 'it's dead'...but I DO think some of the concerns are warranted. If we can't stay alive at a local level, it will be in trouble. And none of us want that.
  7. Impulse411

    Destiny is Dying...Fast

    I think now that we are post Worlds, we'll get some steam back. Today's announcement about NA Championship was a good start...and just hoping for Store Champs to come relatively quickly. Now I WAS hoping this was part of the Hyperspace Report...but...well...that didn't happen. The long wait between sets is going to be brutal, but really pulling for an early release at GenCon (since I'm actually going this year, wife approved even!) or at least events there that can use it. Just NOT for the NA Champ event itself if cards aren't available for a month minimum. That would be Regionals season all over again. Regardless...just mean to say, I think we'll get some momentum back. Just would really help getting some of these communication issues under control to help the process.
  8. Impulse411

    Hey Hannibal, Have You Heard About This?

    It definitely will make all of us look at those non-unique characters a bit closer, that's for sure. I'm still amazed at how many different builds you can make that are viable. FFG definitely knows how to design games and their ability to incorporate licensed properties is just astounding. Hondo has been my favorite in terms of flavor though. Perfect design for that pirate. We'll see how this plays out. Hoping for some sweet play action though!
  9. Impulse411

    Trilogy Format Question

    Well, hard to say. They could just make better / more powerful versions of the characters to replace too...like General Grievous / Kylo / others. But I think it's definitely possible, we just haven't seen that yet. Only time will tell! I think the earliest we'd see reprinted characters is after the Legacies 'white box' set rotates out. Give a little space between sets/rotations to figure out who to bring back and such. I'd also hesitate on character reprints because of how many different movies they have coming out...I'd bet they'd prefer to print a version that just hit the screen over a reprint. But...really hard to say. They could long-term go for 'Core Sets' that are half reprint or whole reprints too...so many options. Still a relatively new game though...will see what the future holds!
  10. Impulse411

    Trilogy Format Question

    Yeah, they already reprinted in at least the smaller box releases, so that shows some precedence that they will do so again. Since we're just getting into this whole possible cycling out of rotation thing, we're still unsure as well. But - with the Doubt / Tactical Mastery examples shown above - we DO have some precedence that they will reprint cards that they think are necessary for the meta. Will see!
  11. Impulse411

    Hey Hannibal, Have You Heard About This?

    Keywords count, but don't stack. Was in same e-mail. Sorry, I didn't copy/paste e-mail or would post the image here. Another post has all current relevant combos he can use. People are excited.
  12. Impulse411

    So this seems crazy...

    I think the dead time here is just because so many people are at Worlds OR just watching Worlds coverage as much as possible. I'm not there, but been watching games when I can and reading FB updates / watching YouTube updates. I agree though, the forum here isn't hopping. Hopefully will bounce back soon! As for card - very exciting. Love the character and think the design is pretty solid. Can't wait to see new decks with him!
  13. Impulse411

    Hey Hannibal, Have You Heard About This?

    Yes - Jeremy already sent someone an e-mail with this confirmed. Does stack. Makes him pretty darn crazy. Will see how it works when the new set comes out. Pretty exciting!
  14. Impulse411

    Destiny is Dying...Fast

    I believe the original intent was every 4 months at the latest. The hard part has been some mishaps on shipping and some tough 'early release' sale dates and such that have messed up that calendar a bit. It's not as simple as we'd like it to be. :) The issue with product right now is more about getting a set schedule with consistent release dates than anything else. Right now, we have a vague answer of Q3 of 2018 for the next set. But...that's quite a long gap from when Legacies hit, especially in comparison to the window between Empire at War and Legacies. So...communication is vital and people just want a release schedule. Something they can look to and prepare for. And, as you said, the Upcoming page doesn't seem to be of much help at the moment either. So, one of the major items people would like to see improved is just a stated release schedule for major products for...well, I'd love a year minimum...and then to actually have items ship and be in stores on those stated dates/times. As you said, FFG has been known to miss their schedule before. I think the community would just love to have some stated dates and then to see those dates followed through on.
  15. Impulse411

    Destiny is Dying...Fast

    As much as I am critical of how FFG has handled things with SWD, I can say this as a counterpoint: the game dies only if we allow it to. We, as a community, can be a proactive partner in ensuring the game continues. We can organize Learn to Play events, organize competitive events, and beyond if we put our collective minds to it. I am astonished by the creativity and passion from so many members of our community. For example: Cantina Brawl Classic https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSOg6WV69ydd85ziRyR2xFgiFNLYj7OrUOvCdie6EiXX_NvUDexhQTyETnKLwPiUvy_IwlbJSw4Gg2e/pub There are some talented people out there making a community happen, regardless of support from FFG out of love for the game. There are people making new/alternate game types for the love of the game. And that's not to even touch upon the incredible dedication displayed by so many in the online community, who offer so much to keep those of us in less-than-thriving local communities moving forward. So...the game is only dead if we let it die on that level. Heck, there's still an event at this year's Gencon for the Decipher Star Wars CCG! Star Wars Destiny will live on as long as we want it to. I'm personally invested in the game and am doing everything I can to help it grow. Do I think that FFG could improve in a number of areas to increase our faith in them as a CCG company? Of course! Do I think they've made a number of missteps that are costing them customers? You bet! Do I think this is the end? Not by a long shot! I think we need to be critical of FFG and hold them accountable...but balance that with not going so doom and gloom that we create a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'll be the first to admit, that's not an easy road to travel. But...if we can, I think we'll get through these initial growing pains and come out with a strong game that could last decades. Only time will tell. I'm going to TRY to focus on the positive and keep pushing FFG to improve on some things. From those who have played other FFG games, it seems like they are improving...let's try and focus on that positive and keep pushing for more.