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  1. So they'll be a clan of samurai pirates illumintai manipulators? Oh god it sounds so ridiculous it's probably true. Add some rebellious philosophy on top and that will be pure gold... (remembers Mantis stance on Shourido in latter days of AEG) Oh boy here we go
  2. It wasn't their wish to renegotiate. It was unilateral decision to end the freshly agreed deal by Unicorn, which besmirched Lion's honor ...well, it's the Lion. What do you expect from them? This is relatively modern concept which is NOT accepted in the Empire, definitely not by the Lion, and that in universe of Rokugan is objectively false because of the metaphysics stuff, Fu Leng, kamis, ancestors and all that jazz
  3. I am 100% agree with you and i was cautiously optimistic about the future. And yet they still reintroduced Kolat. Ooph, okay, i need to take a break. It's not the end of the world. But god i am nerdraging like **** Who says we wouldn't see him? And yeah, if Kolat is in, Mantis is an 8th Great clan guaranteed. Despite them being just outright criminals leading an alliance of minor clans that have nothing in common with each other.
  4. I HATE THIS REVELATION. Honestly. I hoped we were done with the Kolat shtick. But no. Apparently we need our sleeper agents-brainwashing-illuminati secret society. As though interclan political maneuvering cannot provide drama. I am honestly disappointed. Maybe I'll change my mind. But this is just another warning for me, that FFG will NOT do a serious cleaning of the l5r universe and we will get our standard 7 8 Great clans against whatever Big Bad we'll have on the menu
  5. That's the thing though. L5R is more concerned with romanticized version of what samurais were and life they had rather than realistic version
  6. Oh, don't be coy. Almost anything can be smoothed and layered in "we-are-definitely-not-insinuating-anything" verbal bull with enough practice - and Crane are masters of it. Outright official summons of magistrates might be off-limits, but invitations for some of them to Clan embassy in capital for consulting in absolutely non-related thing? Please.
  7. Precisely. And no, this is not an insult to the Emperor, because theoretically everyone in the Empire serve the Emperor. Does that mean that everyone is above suspicion? Of course not. Yeah, and Doji Satsume was so fantastic in instilling loyalty and having a lovable personality that his own wife committed suicide. Jokes aside, Emerald magistrates are recruited across the Empire and - officially - renounce their previous loyalties, but in reality - not really, magistrates often keep them and use their new positions for advantage of the old Clan. And everyone knows it. The fact that Doji Satsume WAS a political leverage for the Crane speaks for itself.
  8. See, that's the problem. She is willing to trust Emerald Magistrates. For those paranoid enough within Crane clan not to trust them this is unacceptable (well, paranoid is rather harsh, prudent would be better). Jumping to the conclusion "Scorpion did it!" is rash - true. But not doing anything and trusting Imperials? Foolish
  9. Here is the deal: 1) Emerald Magistrates serve the Empire, not the Crane clan. So if they decided that her dad needs to die and kill him, they'll obviously will lie about it. There wouldn't even be an investigation. 2) Scorpion is at all-time high in political positions. Last bastion of Crane influence at the Imperial court. Is suddenly dead. This is suspicious all by itself, but then let's remember who is last two contenders for Emerald champion position? That's right, Lion and a half-brother of a Scorpion clan champion. And money were not on the young Toturi. SUSPICIOUS AS F 3) Crane does not have super detectives, but it does NOT mean that they don't have detectives period. 4) And the most important piece: even if all aforementioned reasons are just that, suspicions and he DID die by accident - just conducting that investigation by themselves with same results will shut up all discontent people in Crane clan who think it's not an accident, will prove that she is taking her position seriously and she is responsive to the desires and fears of her clan. And that's the main critique of Hotaru. That because she didn't like her dad she is stalling in making an obvious and necessary step - and all of that despite her training. Such f-ups would be somewhat tolerable from - say - Tsukune (and from my knowledge, she is doing her job quite well, but i didn't read the novel, so i may be wrong), but from a trained and bred Clan Champion? Utterly unacceptable
  10. Here is the deal with the Crab: they will ALWAYS be barely holding on, no matter what they do with their military. Even if they march all across the Empire, the Wall will not fall - unless Shadowlands incursion is demanded by plot. In which case, they'll fail even if they conserve all their strength and stockpile jade up to the roof. So if next plot theme will be Sotorii vs Daisetsu, Crab can throw their lot without worry, they are safe
  11. It's kinda enough on it's own, but add to this her utter blindness to Kachiko's character and unwillingness to seriously consider Scorprion threat. I DO acknowledge that she is right in her pragmatism when it comes to military finances and mercenaries, but that's about it. Political moves? None. Military alliances? None. She is in a middle of a ******ed war with major military power and whom does she marry? A freaking MINOR CLAN champ on the other side of the Empire. Not the Phoenix to get their support, not the Unicorn to strengthen ties and get military cooperation, not even a freaking Crab to secure southern borders and smooth their tensions. A ******ED FOX. They did it from the get-go. What is Crane clan is all about? Politics and art. Who is REALLY a political powerhouse right now? Scorpion. Who also have their own cultural clout. Until Crane get total dominance in the court (which they'll never will) Scorpion will be Enemy#1 That's true. But they are not outright enemies yet. Well, until Crab backstabbing is revealed that is
  12. What?! Scorpion and Crane are allies?! On what planet? I know Hotaru is head over heels for Kachiko and generally inept, but let's not put all of the Clan in that category please. Scorpion is THE enemy of Crane. I am not comfortable, but the probability that Crane clan under Hotaru will back him is depressingly high.
  13. How about this development: - Sotorii discovers the intentions of his father, murders him and presents document as a proof of Scorpion-Lion plot. Also he'll try to murder Toturi (as the only one who knows the truth) and his brother (as the rival) - Toturi gets Daisetsu and - possibly - Shahai and gets out of capital with Shoju's help - Lion clan is divided between Toturi loyalists and Imperial loyalists. - Kachiko "convinces" Sotorii that she had nothing to do with this (which is technically true) and takes control of Scorpion clan. Shoju either flees with Toturi and helps him out with Scorpion forces and agents that still loyal to him or is executed/commits seppuku - Phoenix tilts their heads in confusion at the Toturi accusation and sides with him - Dragon expedition force is already deployed to reinforce Toturi. Because divination shenanigans - Crane is baffled at the situation but ultimately sides with Sotorii. Because tradition and also because Hotaru goes "But muh Kachiko!". Kuwanan tells her to put some use to her brain, and when that fails, goes off to help Toturi - Unicorn is at war with "Imperial" Lion already, so it's a given they'll support Toturi - Crab says: "We don't care who is on the throne, give us jade!" Sotorii - who is still in control of Empire - says "Fine!". After which Crab join his forces - that leads to shortages on the wall, that leads to "experimental" tactics of Kuni Yori, that leads to full-on Taint-embracing Crab. - Mantis enjoys the chaos and raids anything and everyone and sells it's services to a highest bidder
  14. The problems with triumvirates is that they usually devolve into endless infightings and sometimes even civil wars. So one regent is generally better. Add to the fact that without representation in the council other clans would be... NOT VERY happy and cooperative. And with 7 people on the council? Nothing will ever get done. And EVEN IF all is good and well and working, it will lead to a strange thought "Hm, we are ruling good enough by ourselves, why do we need powerful Emperor again?"
  15. Am I the only one who thinks this fiction is eerily reminiscent of a talk between Marcus Aurelius and Maximus from "Gladiator"? And Sotorii being exactly the type to pull Commodus on his dad? I have a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD feeling about all this situation.
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