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  1. GralQ

    Transitioning to 3rd Edition

    This is discuused in previous threads, tons of nice ideas exoposed. I mentioend about mercenary (ally) mechanics, mounts, Free for all modes, skirmish modes.. There's so much that can be done A full rework of the combat mechanic could be nice as Gloomhaven had such unbelievable reception even though it is way more complex than this. But at this point, seeing what is going on with this market I have one desire for 3rd edition above all: please , please, please: REMAIN COMPETITIVE If the amount of sales for those who want solo/coop puzzle modes is too tempting then the app companion works well , but please dont take away the real game mode away from us!
  2. OH NO! While the production of this new LoTR seems good to me, I am not at all interested in a boring full cooperative game. Why could they not make it at least coop/competitive? Anyways no point in speculating much but this is obviously covering grounds that belong to descent.. it may be that they will not release 3rd, and that is a sad thought
  3. GralQ

    Sorastro's Painting

    Hello! Thank you for posting here. I really like how your scenics+painted fantasy minis come along together. Those are not pictures you'd normally show in the tutorials Descent's expansions have some weird interesting looking monsters, hope you get some eventually, along with any other fantasy miniatures which is by far the best I see from your collection!
  4. GralQ

    New expansion wanted

    This is discussed in another topic. I hope FFG is reading and realizes that we dont want another Imperial Assault, rather: - A campaign focused game. NON COOPERATIVE (there's boring gloomhaven for that and it will stay popular for long) - FFA modes -Big maptiles to play big open field battles -And like many said here, scenarios that use the expansions. -Cool stuff specially for the heroes such as : mounts, mercenaries and global abilities -And finally: No lieutenant/hero/villan packs.. a tiny piece of plastic for $12usd? Please , the greed! Heroes and monster packs were perfect - and not cheap There's so much that could be done... but the market right now seems to be only skirmish (collect individual pricey stuff) and cooperative (unfun for many).. Make Descent Great again by being what it was always supposed to be: a playable and fun rpg!
  5. GralQ

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Totally agree A thing I love about Descent: it feels like a skirmish RPG when you dont have the time/patience/energy for a full RPG. I stopped playing those years ago. RPG market is saturated. but also it is a more reduced one (lack of patience/energy/time)
  6. GralQ

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Hey, I love Descent so much but it's hard to get players to go for it. What saddens me more is to see Gloomhaven having so much success... a game that did not need to be fully coop. But it is. So when I think of a Descent 3ed, I think they will go for skirmish (Army points, maps, like IA) and the campaigns , sadly will be full coop. I just don't have fun with cooperative games at all. But that's the second worry, the first is that FFG seems to be heavily invested in 1 Coop game, 2 LCGs, 1 Miniatures game and 1 skirmish board game. When you think of it, they can broad the customer base on each category with the game they focus on , rather than print more games. I truly don't think they will launch a new Edition, rather, they want to go with RPG.. it seems they are throwing RPG into all their Lores to see which one is the one that sticks. But to end with something positive, I think fan made content for Descent is good.. so I'd encourage to "stay tuned" here for more fan made content. Specially content that will address FINALLY the expansions.. you know all those expansion tiles get rarely used.... Also good to know that people are selling their copies of descent; you can get good deals for your missing expansions
  7. GralQ

    Bent Monster Figure

    @Corradin if you want to post a picture of the monster Sometimes a hair dryer is better, and sometimes you may want to tear off and reglue the base.
  8. GralQ

    Will we see a third edition soon?

    Totally agree in that financially the conversion kit is not appealing for th3 authors - at first glance. I dont see what the problem would be if there is a convrersion kit that would bring all there is in the new game except miniatures. For example. I have spent over 500 usd in descent. Add another 100 usd and hundreds of hours painting minis. I dont like the idea of not using them inthe new game, nor using them as a bad expansion (i.e. current kit will give you more choice of heroes at the start of a campaign, the other dozens of heroes just sit in the box for the rest of such campaign) I'd really luke FGG to be more .. how to put this? Ethical, whe. It comes to temting the consumer. Just look at their cgg where they.. make players buy THREE times the base product in order to play! They could just make a 'bigger' and less expensive core set you know. They simply choose not to Anyways, im voicing this now in hopes descent gets even better. There are too many great competitors out there, a reset kind of new edition may be exactly what could kill this game
  9. GralQ

    Will we see a third edition soon?

    I would bet that next year or 2019 will see that new ed. Thwy will use army squads, tournaments.. its just so profitable. What I am REALLY HOPING for is a real conversion kit. something that we would buy instead of a -very expensive- core set. If we dont get one, ill be out of descent
  10. Ah I found it, I was looking at the campaign page. Turns out there is a stats page. Thank you!
  11. Hmm.. you mean the red green bar showing the ratio? Can't see anything there. Would oyu be so kind to screenshot it?
  12. great! how can i see the amount of games?
  13. Just to note: Descent tracker site until today shows 62% winrate for the heroes :). Granted, I dont think there are many stats gathered there. I never played this campaign, such a shame. But I do feel I could win this as OL >:D
  14. Funny I logged in today to propose the same. Here's the deal: I love how Descent and IA are so popular, that you can buy the game and look for people to play with. Other less known games, well make the process of finding a group harder. That's kind of a justifier of FFG' astronomical prices But the deals you can get on amazing miniature quality and quantity / price on other games is making this not viable anymore. With the character/lieutenant packs you get one 28mm miniature for 10 eur. Have you checked the price of Infinity miniatures ? - higher scale, higher detail, metallic miniatures, mind you - ... they cost the same! I am a diehard for Descent but I will not buy anymore packs, neither for IA. Until they get at least a figure of 4 eur per miniature. So , if they sell 12 eur packs of 3 characters/lieutenants - I'll buy them all
  15. GralQ

    Another house rule on "X"

    "The heroes get more advantage than the OL from this" - In most OL class choices, yes I agree with that I would add also that certain quests become [even more] broken if you do this. I.E. those quests where monsters or heroes have only one or two turns to deal some damage to an objective.. If that objective has a gray diefor example you are heavily putting the odds against it. Maybe the attacker just needs to use one of his surge abilities to say, immobilize? game over. Those quests are generally design as in 'the heroes/OL will make it here in 2/3 turns so the target has taken X/Y damage by then". The Quests feel very unbalanced because all those variables are very variant depending on the huge amount of skills, cards and of course rolls. This kind of house rule tips more the cases to one extreme. My observation with the X dilemma is that it can become very exciting - very frustrating. So people even though getting to memorable fun moments would say "that's broken needs fix". Personally I like it we just need more items and cards that work with it (i.e. rerolls)