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  1. Black Squad does not really have anything to protect and does not have swarm, Sabre is an Interceptor without counter. The one snipe attack will propably not save you anyway. You only need three more points to get Howlrunner+3 TIEs, who can hit pretty hard for a meager 40 point investment...
  2. Just to apply the line of thought to a different example, depending on whether the mentioned Defense Tokens section in the RRG applies only to the defender or not: TRC+Vader reroll. Impossible with the same token according to "Team Pink" ruling (No token can be spent twice during one attack), but possible with "Team Aqua" (As the above rule applies to the defender only)?
  3. Only if you did the paintjob! Sorry, never meant to imply anything negative. Just some cheerful teasing on my part. I know you get a lot of negativity and flaming, I would not want to be regarded as one of them. If I was out of place here, please accept my apology.
  4. Would you be willing to eat a TIE Fighter, if they FAQ-override that basic ruling? The past round of "rules clarification" truly left me feeling confused and clueless. Anything goes...?
  5. Until the Fire Control Team/APT/XX9 FAQ ruling I would have agreed without question. But in the current situation I do not know what to think any more.
  6. Oh, I didn't know that. What does ARMY stand for?
  7. Because of the way crits work and they fact that cancelling all damage is distinctly different from cancelling all damage dice, all these questions are sort of unique for Armada compared to other games. A lot of games include a rule that you do not suffer any special attack effects, if you reduce the damage to zero. Your character cannot be poisoned, if her armour reduces the snake's bite damage to zero is a typical example. Due to the attack timing and the way crits work, such a rule does not exist in Armada. Since Major Derlin is around now, and because of the confusing FAQ ruling about Fire Control Teams, all of this gets a lot more complicated. It really comes down to one example that covers the questions in the purest way, because it does not complicate things by taking hull zones etc. into account: Can Major Derlin cancel the Dodonna's Pride crit?
  8. Definitely get Ordnance Experts on your MC30, it will save you a lot of grief when you roll badly and would not trigger APT otherwise. You can pay for it by downgrading to the Torpedo Frigate.
  9. I don't think Rieekan was present at Endor?
  10. Does he eat it complete with stand and cardboard? And are the fighters painted with nontoxic colors? Important questions...
  11. This would only be the case if anybody was actually using Engineering Teams..
  12. I could get you some custom red dice with smiley faces instead of the blanks to cheer you up if that helps?
  13. You ought to use more of those blue dice with SW7 batteries...
  14. I hope you get to play. Apart from everything else, let's not forget just how much fun this game is. Pew!Pew!
  15. Low-level dealer or co-addict? But the big bucks are still made at the very top, so if you inform on those guys you will propably get out ok!
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