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  1. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    That's fine. I did them in another style I've been enjoying. Lots of people do the spartan star wars style. Personally, I don't see much of a point since the stock paintjobs already come that way. Someone asked me to take a picture of the squad in action the other day. I have them here with a contracted scout and Frau to account for the upcoming FAQ.
  2. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    Yeah, Kirby Dots are a nice graphical effect for distortion or otherwise making something interesting without much effort, if you use a toothbrush. Paint dripping is also another method. This is a piece I like to work on from time to time. I didn't give it the normal priming so I can do that. Therefore, the surface is a bit slick sometimes, but it's fine since it allows me to work on it piecemeal as a way to cool off between projects. Right now I'm trying different grey+purple combos to give Boba's gun that flare that'll help offset it from the yellow hull and neon shoulderpads. When it's done, Fett will be holding the balloons for the Party Bus (RIP Zuckuss). Might actually paint a tombstone for the little guy now. I started this way back before I got an airbrush, which was just about a month ago and the first project I did with it was the Lancer Miku. That means I can probably mask off the wings and top and do a much faster and easier rework than with the brush.
  3. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    Decals are fine and good. They can capture the detail needed to replicate a piece of art that's many times larger than the mini. There'd be no way to capture the detail of the ceiling of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica if, say, you wanted to put that on the circular Falcon. There seems to be some weird stigma I've seen associated with them for minis. That's exactly what they're for since you end up with a lot of weird cartoony-looking art because the resolution just isn't there. Or that, given that you can make them look exactly like they're painted on, they save a lot of labor. I only freehand things when I need to. Anyway, I'm making an airbrushed/hand-brushed pinup on a larger ship next, so hopefully it comes out well. I usually only draw that stuff on ~A4 sized sheets.
  4. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    Mask off an area or cut a hole on some plastic, then dip a toothbrush and flick it. Thicker paint is better to not cause water rings. I wouldn't suggest it for OSL if you're actually using it for lighting, but for any airbrush-like puff pattern, it would look great as magical interruption.
  5. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    This is an earlier model I did. The Grand Inquisitor Enjoyed it for what it was as a bit of NMM and wood staining effects practice. The theme was neat but not as fun, but the effects are more painterly.
  6. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    I only just realized that my post finally got approved and has since garnered replies. The character is indeed a decal and there actually were tears despite my careful placement, which led to the accidental but IMO better result of going for a digital breaking effect with Kirby dots. It would be much harder to brush that on. Once varnishes are used, however, it looks painted on anyway. The line of the character goes around the circle, so it keeps the motion throughout and into the circular area. Some of the sponsorships are also decals. The character is a musical icon. The circular pattern is painted and is meant to be a decibel chart/musical chart of sorts with distortion, in keeping with the theme. The central disc is a stylized spinning CD, though some of the movement effects weren't quite concentric so it loses some of its impact.
  7. Enormously Fat Man

    EFM Salvage

    Hello all. I paint x-wing minis from time to time and would like to share them here. Hope you like loud colors, since that's what they tend to be.