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  1. Scenario: Shattered Bonds Starting Tile: Entry Hall App Version: 1.3.2(573) - German Language OS: Steam on Windows 10 1. We were asked to put a darkness tokens on a corridor tile of the first edition. First edition content was activated, but no such map tile was used in the scenario. 2. Shooting at a Goat Spawn with a gun: German text "Du zielst auf den Schwerpunkt des Gegners (Geschicklichkeit + 1). Das Monster erleidet Schaden in Höhe des Waffenschadens". English translation would be: “You’re aiming at (...) the enemy (dexterity+1). Monster suffers damage equal to weapon’s damage.” So there is no condition how to pass the test. Or if the monster shall suffer damage equal to the test result, the translation is wrong.
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