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  1. Phoenix5454

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

    oh god... I have so many ships.... im going to go broke buying conversion kits...
  2. Phoenix5454

    Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    ... because I try to pull a few maneuvers and land on a rock, debris cloud or bump my own ship...
  3. Phoenix5454

    Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    Scum hate... I don't understand it. A two faction x-wing miniatures game would be boring!
  4. Also mynocks... lots of mynocks...
  5. I find that ... vague and unconvincing...
  6. Phoenix5454

    Fear the Reaper?

    A imperial only crew that adds a coordinate action makes way to much sense not to happen. The galactic empire and the First Order are the only "real" military faction / sub faction in the game. Coordinate in standard play should be their thing.
  7. Phoenix5454

    Is scum kind of... done?

    It's hard to see but the new old falcon definitely does not have the quad lasers yet like we see in a new hope. The mounted guns look different, maybe they don't spin hence why you see solo body checking a TIE with the falcon in the trailer?
  8. Phoenix5454

    Is scum kind of... done?

    The solo movie takes place before a new hope when Han joined the rebellion at the very end of the movie... until that point he was technically a smuggler for Jabba which would make him "scum" by x-wing faction standards until he saved Luke in the death star trench... which was his "official" joining of the Rebel Alliance. You may interpret a scum falcon as a "money grab" by Disney but story wise it's always made sense even before Disney got involved.
  9. Phoenix5454

    Is scum kind of... done?

    Scum is not done. They had a lot of releases last year. Plus solo is coming in May there's at least 1-2 scum ships (probably more) that will be associated with that over the next waves. Imperials and Rebels need their fixes and new toys too. But don't count scum out.
  10. Phoenix5454

    Speculation on the new X-wing titles

    Something about T-Rolls when open and something about boosting when closed... Lol
  11. Phoenix5454

    New preview: save the dream

    T-65 X-Wing fixes
  12. 2.0 seems extreme. Errata harpoons to require you to spend your target lock to attack And Have TLT errata so that if you are attacking a small base ship with 3 agility or higher they may add one evade result to their roll each time a TLT attack is performed. (TLT was supposed to be an answer to hull heavy ships with low agility so... it shouldn't be as effective against small high agility ships) I would also say the same for 3 agility ships and bombs. They should be able to roll evade dice against bomb damage instead of automatically getting it. So if you roll one die for bomb damage the 3 agility ship gets to roll one evade die and be able to modify it if able. Etc. Outside of those three things and a Miranda Nerf so her ability doesn't work with TLT the game is actually pretty balanced now. Then FFG just needs to make the old ships relevant and at least a little competitive with corrective titles to bring them up to current ship levels. This may all seem like a tall order but it's much easier than implementing a 2.0 This is all strictly for competitive play of course...
  13. Phoenix5454

    K-Wings On Ice

    True. And correct me if I'm wrong (I'm at work so I can't look at my model) can't the chin turret fire backwards between the skis if it wanted to? I don't remember anything blocking it on the model.
  14. I know FFG said they would never do card packs... but a card pack of titles with fixes / upgrades for the ships like the X-Wing etc. Is all it would take to make the old waves relevant again, depending on what those titles do of course. This wouldn't solve everything but it would definitely help bring those ships off the shelf and onto the mat competitively. I would like to see old unique titles updated as well like Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon so they do more like current titles do.
  15. Phoenix5454

    Twin Laser Turret: Is It Fine, Or Is It Not?

    When in doubt, Boba Fett it.