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  1. Just added a base Lorrdian Gem to a Guard Shoto Hilt and it did not increase the Defensive quality to 2 Edit: also If I add a Rapid-Recharge XCiter to a Blaster pistol the 2 Decrease Inaccurate quality mods change the stat block for the weapon but they do not reduce the Black dice added to the dice pool on the char sheet
  2. Amazing resource! Using 1.8 beta... found two problems, both attachments: 1) The rapid-Recharge XCiter base has Inaccurate 3 however both the mods of decrease Inaccurate quality don't actually do anything. On the char sheet the weapon it is attached to still has 3 blacks added to it. 2) It looks like the Kyber crystals are resetting or removing the traits on the hilt. To me they are just an attachment that changes base damage and crit rating then modifies everything else. an example of why this is a problem is the Guard shoto hilt has defensive 1 and the base Lorrdian gemstone has defensive 1 so the weapon made from both added together should have defensive 2, it does not. unless I am wrong or don't know something?
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