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  1. cough scum "Illicits" needed something... they gave a nerf to Contraband Cybernetics so thats something.. . these still remain a big unexplored design space... a Block Hole you might say.
  2. you got a starting list with points allocation to critique?
  3. Torkil Mux (38) IG-88D (3) Engine Upgrade (2) Moldy Crow (16) Ship total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 3 Zealous Recruit (41) Ship total: 41 Half Points: 21 Threshold: 2 Zealous Recruit (41) Ship total: 41 Half Points: 21 Threshold: 2 Old Teroch (56) Fearless (3) Ship total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z114X36WWWW107W156Y102XWY102XWY98X121WW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= turtle up with 2 focus and 2 calculate with Torkil when hes in the thick of the fight. old T can freelance and flank or focus fire in support of the two fangs on the single target.
  4. TORKIL SQUAD#1 (38) Torkil Mux, (16) Moldy Crow Points: 54 (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (22) Mining Guild Sentry Total points: 199 TORKIL SQUAD#2 https://raithos.github.io/old/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z114X55WWW107WW156Y102XY102XY247XWY138XW232&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  5. ive flown a similar squad. after a few games i decided i wasnt skillful enough to leverage its firepower. my variant had constable zuvio with proximity mines in place of the shuttle. i have no doubt its a strong squad in the hands of a very good player.
  6. Ive been tinkering with a number of Torkil squads and this is the latest. Pretty scary firepower and has a simple plan. Rush in, block something (preferably with Cartel Spacer) and focus fire at range 1. I call this squad Space Jam Torkil Mux/Moldy Crow (52) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) Cartel Spacer/Jamming Beam (25) 200pts Trading a fang for something of theirs in first engagement is ok, just make sure you get something back worth more points . At range 2 and versus a high agility target I might opt for a tracer shot from cartels jamming beam to strip a focus token but the cartel is really there as a specialist blocker. If he gets a range1 shot and can chip in damage on the same target as the fangs then thats what he will go for. Kinda makes them want to use that token for offence because u r going to strip it when you fire.
  7. Torkil/Title (54) Shadowcaster/Title/Perceptive Copilot (63) Zealous Recruit (41) Zealous Recruit (41) TOTAL: 199 Firepower and beef. Im gonna give this a go. co-pilot gives durability to the caster letting it mod dice both on attack and defence in same turn or use two focus on defence when harassed by multiple enemies. Caster title strips defenders focus or gives -1def for followup punch from Torkil and fangs. thoughts? @Cuz05 @Bucknife @Cloaker @5050Saint @ClassicalMoser @gadwag @Burius1981 @Cerebrawl @Dwing
  8. thinking of a few variants. 3 fangs, mining guild generic and torkil looks solid. swap out seevor for bossk/marksmanship looks interesting - bit harder hitting and an offensive threat if left alone. torkil, 2 fangs and generic shadowcaster might also be solid.
  9. Torkil Mux — HWK-290 Light Freighter 38 Qi’ra 2 Engine Upgrade 2 Moldy Crow 16 Ship Total: 60 Zealous Recruit — Fang Fighter 41 Ship Total: 41 Zealous Recruit — Fang Fighter 41 Ship Total: 41 Sunny Bounder — M3-A Interceptor 27 Autoblasters 3 Ship Total: 30 Captain Seevor — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 30 Ship Total: 30 I went 2-2 with the above squad 10 players. Strong field. 2 close loses. both winnable.
  10. my input... Unstable Energy Cells - During the setup phase add one energy to any one upgrade that uses energy already equiped to this ship. When the last energy token is removed from this ship suffer one damage. All ships at range zero also suffer one damage.
  11. This version looks pretty solid also... so many options. Torani Kulda — M12-L Kimogila Fighter 48 Marksmanship 1 Cluster Missiles 4 R5-TK 0 Contraband Cybernetics 2 Munitions Failsafe 1 Ship Total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 5 Captain Jostero — Kihraxz Fighter 42 Ship Total: 42 Half Points: 21 Threshold: 3 Constable Zuvio — Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug 30 Composure 1 Proximity Mines 6 Delayed Fuses 1 Ship Total: 38 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 3 Sunny Bounder — M3-A Interceptor 27 Ion Cannon 6 Ship Total: 33 Half Points: 17 Threshold: 2 Captain Seevor — Mining Guild TIE Fighter 30 Ship Total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2
  12. Can we get some ideas for an illicit for scum that costs 1 point? @Cuz05 @Kleeg005 @theBitterFig @underling @Cerebrawl @Bucknife @Cloaker @ClassicalMoser
  13. This is why im a scum player. Options and lots of them. So many interchangeable ships it really comes down to what ur comfortable with and what works for you versus what ur expecting to come up against. Sunny has been a favourite of mine from the first game i played with him... i see ur control with ion there being quite nasty and probably more reliable than autoblaster trough the course of an entire game. Love ur loadout on zuvio... how t u using composure exactly? like the delayed fuses! more control.
  14. THEORY CRAFTING: The seevor variant (version 1.0 in post #1) is not the exact list as i threw it together from memory and have flowing it twice versus resistance list of Lea+2 A wings piloted by a top player and went 1-1. Steep learning curve but in game two I had a game-altering turn went Totarani and Capt Jostero combined to take out Jake... bullseye free damage and backed up by bonus shot for Jostero. Was awesome! Seevor was pretty solid actually stripping target locks or green tokens often. i can see the merit of running a dedicated block like G4R-G0R and i also like the idea of sunny with autoblaster... will test this a bit and see how it feels. Im think it will come down to preferred play style and what u expect to come up against, versus aces of ant flavour id like sunny w blaster in my team. G4R-G0R seems good versus big base ships and easy to block enemy ships. Thoughts?
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