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  1. Black Sun Syndicate. Cost 0 pts. Scum only. This ship can equip one free modification.
  2. i wish the escape craft didnt get points increase as it was quite cool having a cheap coordinate enabler. its now priced so that its hard to put in a list that has relevant supporting ships. Scum has really become the jankiest of the factions and despite having some solid options just doesnt have the consistency to compete in a meta where passive mods from the force are everywhere. Would empire and republic be as good without force enhanced pilots?
  3. probably not. jump5K has been the most nerf ship of all. there are few fixes for its dial and 2 dice turret. if punishing one was cheaper we would see it played more. one of the problems with it is Dengar is pretty strong even despite the nerfs, so making the other pilots or the ship itself better might tip the balance too far for FFG.
  4. cool, be interested in your tactics and setup. as good as cap seevor is, i have only really started to put him into more squads. he ability to disrupt alpha strike lists seems really good. i think at int 3, he can support the BSA's and let Fenn flank or try to get in behind their formation eh?
  5. Force mods aka passive mods and high initiative ships that reposition have spammed the game and I don't think its a better game because of this. Half points has an impact on tactics and ur less likely to table a list than u were in 1.0 I could list all the things I don't like about 2.0 and some of them would be different from 1.0 but agree that essentially x-wing 2.0 has some of the same shortcomings that 2.0 had. I still think 2.0 is a good game, I just don't think its as balanced as some say it is. you could argue that the 'meta' is much more diverse in 2.0 but what would you expect with 7 factions? Diverse does not mean better, it just means more variety. powerful archetypes still exist in 2.0, there are just a. few more of them now.
  6. Fenn Rau (68) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 69 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 2 Black Sun Assassin (48) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 49 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 3 Black Sun Assassin (48) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 49 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 3 Captain Seevor (30) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 31 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z97X116WY150X116WWWWY150X116WWWWY247X116W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Not my squad but like this a lot. spotted this squad online a few days ago and was impressed. hyperspace legal and would be a solid choice for extended as well. thoughts?
  7. 2.0 is a different game. 7 factions. new mechanics. Force enhanced pilots. two formats. points adjustments ('fixes') every 6 months. re-structured tournaments/ways to qualify for top level events. its been quite a roller coaster ride. you have probably arrived at a good time to jump in tbh. I'v played since wave 1 of 1.0 but drifted away from the game towards the last 3 waves or so of 1.0 then made the decision to convert my scum into 2.0. Its been hard staying with just one faction but mostly the right decision for me. The two points adjustments for 2.0 have hurt scum (but also other factions) with FFG attempting to create more balance across the factions. Depending on who you talk to different factions are in top3 but few would argue that imperials and republic are among the best factions right now (Force mods are really strong but not unbeatable).
  8. Maybe the second pront of these should be smaller. Lots of people here prefer smaller damage deck. I like the large ones.
  9. great summary. as a scum player I'm interested mostly in them. Fenn is costly and rather fragile. without ability to take modifications from hull upgrade or stealth device like Soontir or any shields at all (poe and wedge at least have some psuedo-durability) im not surprised that Old Teroch (56pts) gets the nod over Fenn Rau (68pts). in a meta filled with squirelly Jedi with force mods and hard hitting ships like wedge Fenn isn't going to give back enough value because he just dies to easily. Good to see Torkil and friends like 4-LOM and capts sevor getting played regularly. Right now im thinking Ketsu/maul/fearless+Old Teroch/predator+kavil/VTG/DT is the strongest scum list right now.
  10. Krassis Trelix (68) Crack Shot (1) Tractor Beam (2) Proximity Mines (6) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Ship total: 80 Half Points: 40 Threshold: 5 Total: 80 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z107X116W13WWW70W92WW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= first attempt. dunno if this is optimal but seems ok.
  11. Welcome back @Celestial Lizards 2.0 is quite a roller coaster. I'm scum focused and despite them having been nerfed twice with 2.0 points adjustments you can still win with them No faction has easy mode anymore. Having said that pilots with the force are hard to beat right now but not unbeatable like some lists were back in the ol 1.0 days. As stated here Imperials are probably your best bet out of the gates (if you already have the physical ships). pro tip. buy one conversion kit and one 2.0 starter set then buy nothing else until you have played with them extensively. You will find that your local community will likely have 'extra' stuff they can throw your way for free. 2.0 is about year old right now so players will have bits and pieces they no longer need from kits they have already purchased. I'd probably wait until after the 3rd points adjustment in January before making any significant investment in another faction/factions. You might find things change points wise and what you were playing with is no longer quite as good.
  12. id be happy to see Asajj in another ship with small base. that would give her access to more force upgrades than she can take in the shadow caster. im not a EU guru but im betting there are rogue Jedi that have drifted into the outer rim and become renegade scum pilots.
  13. the app was an abysmal failure and ffg seem unwilling to throw any more money into it. by this I mean I don't see it getting any better or smoother to use than it currently is. iv never used it. YASB 2.0 is my goto squad builder. chalk it up to 'failed experiment' I guess.
  14. interestingly Scum may be the best placed of the 'original' factions to get new content (The Mandalorian mini series will likely give them some extra source material to use in the future)... of course this could be a long way off... and a long time between drinks for scum players. card packs are experimental which to me suggests they will depend on sales/popularity as to whether they continue with them but I'm hopeful they will do a few more card packs and test out the market for new pilots for existing ships.
  15. yup, im really just waiting for the card packs as i already own all those ships. starting to think i might need more than one starviper and more than one Khiraxz fighter tho... these have become scums cheapest 3 attack generics and are decent in 4-5 ship squads
  16. well tbh its starting to look like a 'if u can't beat them, join them' scenario. the factions that have access to the force are already strong, so lets make them even stronger? [looks across the table at the republic and imperial players who have multiple strong options for force using pilots] 😅 inquisitors are a thing, Vader is crazy good with just afterburners and so are Jedi aces with a sprinkling of cost efficient tanky support ships. would be cool if Asajj got a small ship variant... I can dream can't I?
  17. don't forget the 6pts it costs for marauder title so that you can take gunner at all... thats 18pts for Han Gunner... that sort of pricing has sidelined Han Gunner ever since. FFG will surely cost it a bit cheaper so that you will 'buy in' and use it right? Nerf-weapon charging and ready to lay waste to this upgrade if it is priced too cheaply or turns out is more powerful than expected
  18. Indeed. Its a game of patience and value for money for me. I own around 25 imperial ships and similar number of rebel ships from 1.0. chose not to convert them and instead focus on 2.0 scum. I also own half a rebel kit and can play them as a backup faction if I wanted to. bought 2 saws renegades expansions and have never used them . Back in 1.0 version I played rebels when I started them shifted to empire and then settled on scum. still have a few ships I own that I have never played (bought them for the upgrades eg. TLT's were a thing back in 1.0). I just like playing scum so I play them exclusively. no need to keep buying ships when ur shelf if full of stuff ur not using. if I'm still playing in another 6-9 months I suspect scum will have some more options to keep me interested. I'm not playing regularly enough to justify much more $ invested in the hobby. #Scum4life
  19. nice! one of the things that stands out on this timeline is scums diminishing resources compared to what they started with... im viewing this as a scum only player so have less to look fwd to than most. Bossk in a Z-95, M3A interceptor, Hounds Tooth... I can always jump into a new faction right? Nope, not wanting to throw more money into that... sticking with scum till the death
  20. looks pretty solid. only 2 ships is not going to be easy vs higher number of ships so maximising ur shots on target is going to be key. guri is just a wrecking ball if u can leverage her power... id expect ppl to go for her early and if they do then you can lead them on a wee chase perhaps. try it out and see if its working for you
  21. my turn... Aggressor/IG-88 - still missing action efficiency they need. adding a 3rd ship with IG-88 crew is not bad but still doesn't make these guys good. BTL-A4 Y-Wing - Kavil is still a solid ship, Drea has been nerfed out of the game. Customized YT-1300 - Still on the fence with this guy. I own one but have never flown it. 2 dice attacks don't do enough and trick shot hand with title is just hard to get working. gas clouds probably have hurt trickshot enough to make this ship sub-par now. Escape Craft - Great support ship. Still good without tactical officer. Fang Fighter - one of scums most fun ships. fragile but devastating in the hands of a skilled player. Wish they could take a shield upgrade tho. Firespray - probably one of scums most nerfed ships. despite that its still good. Boba is costly but those rerolls are nasty. G-1A/Misthunter - 4-LOM and zuckuss are both decent. Advanced sensors going up to 10 really hurt 4_LOM but he's still solid without it. HWK-290/Moldy Crow - Torkil Mux is making a bit of a comeback. 18pts for title is pricey. I don't think Dace Bonearm or the generic hawk will ever see play. Jumpmaster - don't sleep on Dengar. he's actually solid despite the horrible movement dial. his double tap can really swing the game. Kihraxz - generics looking good at 38pts. Talonbane is cheap and hits hard but not easy to fly with that dial. Lancer - Ketsu and Asajj are both strong. Even Sabine is playable with the title. M3-A Interceptor (Scyk) - don't own any but I think as a filler ship its time is not far off thanks to autoblaster. M12-L Kimogila - solid. tank but scum has a few other options here. as a one of Torani seems really good tho. Mining Guild TIE - Captain Seevor is really good. don't think the other pilots are worth it just now. Quadrijet Spacetug - <<< AGREE!>>> Scurrg - very solid but slow. the recent nerf to veteran turret gunner has made the named pilots look a bit more attractive than the generics. Starviper - great ship. iv tried guri and she is amazing but very hard to fly well. black sun assassin generics are seeing more and more play. I always toss up between generic starvipers and generic fang fighters... both are great. YV-666 - iv had some success with Bossk/greedo. hits very hard. id fly this ship over Customized YT-1300. 3 dice primary with tricks is just very solid. Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - cheap filler but im not seeing it played much at all. this ship needs help. its just not making it into any 3-4 ship lists unless its on board Bossks ship as the pup.
  22. iv been thinking about why scum isn't featured more at the top tables. fewer people are playing it compared to say imperials or republic so that is def a factor (I haven't analysed the data extensively, but something I often notice when I'm browsing through squad lists on list fortress). another theory I have is that mods and synergies in other factions are just more consistent. many of the winning squads im seeing have really efficient options in terms of upping their damage output or a way to mod defence dice on their best ships (again a generalisation and not proven by data but more an observation on my part). The best example I can think of is force mods. empire and republic have really strong force pilots (also crew in the case of empire). The ace pilots in both of these factions are super slippery and often have force mods on attack/defense... not easy to beat when flown by a top player. in hyperspace format scum has an even harder time but in extended they can win, its just hard going versus certain archetypes which are popular right now.
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