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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Manchu in Wind Through Falling Leaves - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    Honestly, while the way DarkHorse is saying it is a bit exaggerated, I also kinda feel like that. I can totally relate to the list he has written to explain this feeling.
    Overall, I'd guess the main reason for that is not the writing itself but the pacing of story updates. It's been 2 years since the release, almost 2,5 years since the beginning of the storyline publication, and it feels like that during that time, not much happened that has changed things (excepted the emperor's death obviously). For me (maybe because I've have been spoiled with AEG storyline tempo), it's far too long for a status quo situation and for build up time. At that pace, assuming the Clan War doesn't go poof and isn't rushed, how long before a potential Day of Thunder* ? 5-6 years?
    I also feel that it's too long for major storywise domination for 1 clan and I think it's a big part of why DarkHorse feels that way. Contrary to the 6 others, the Scorpion Clan had basically no real struggle during those 2 years (or did I forgot something?). I know it's a "greatness before the fall" situation, but then again, 2 and an half year and that "fall" is still not there. It may come soon, it may come in a year, but, maybe unfairly, with the previous pacing, I'd bet more on "in 1 year" than on "in a few weeks".
    * I know that FFG may decide to not go that way, I'm just using it as a well-known milestone for the story.
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    KerenRhys reacted to DarkHorse in Wind Through Falling Leaves - New L5R Fiction Story Discussion   
    Pretty much everyone else in the Empire is portrayed as a fool, an idiot or no better than an ignorant child. Only the Scorpion (the whole clan to a man) get to be smart, clever, have a scheme that works or know what is going on.
    The Dragon are jumping at shadows and will have a wacky misundertanding (that leads to all out war) because Yokuni cannot tell them straight up what to do or they don't know how to play the game. The Crane are masters of politics but they have Yoshi the fool on the back foot all the time and soft hearted Hotaru compromised (by a Scorpion), the Lion are masters of war and will stake all on their honour but they keep losing battles to the Unicorn and are now fine with a dog act coup, the Unicorn are gaijin barbarians that just can't seem to get ahead in this here Rokugan if only they could stop making goofy social mistakes for just one second (Ide, master diplomats I am looking at you), the Crab...well they are doing nothing because it would take screen time to tell their story but will inevitably get goofed by Kuni Yori's peekaboo "bad guys are good guys" mind game trick, the Phoenix keep chasing their own tails and losing important NPCs in the middle of the night because reasons. And the Scorpion, well they have two masterminds each steepleing their fingers, muttering "all according to my plan..." and the only thing to stop them is each other.
    I really like the idea of the Shoju vs Kachiko proxy shadow war for the fate of the clan and the Empire. It would just be nice if there was another adult allowed at that table rather than them be the two puppet masters pulling all the strings.
    While I hate the Kolat as an idea, I at least like the Master Chrysanthemum reveal (if it is indeed canon) because there is at least then *someone* who knows something that Kachiko and Shoju don't...before Seppun Ishikawa gets punked because of course he has to be an idiot who is terrible at his job and ninja are the best at everything.
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    KerenRhys reacted to Kaito Kikaze in Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018   
    @TheHobgoblyn You know, if that's the way you feel, you're welcome to not participate in the conversation. No need to crap on everyone else having fun speculating. 
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    KerenRhys reacted to Schmoozies in The Issue with Ronin and New Families in Rokugan & Solution   
    Hobby is just having issues separating the traditional fantasy tropes that go into the setting from the traditional historical aspects that he seems to be obsessed with inserting into his own head canon.
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    KerenRhys reacted to Tabris2k in The Issue with Ronin and New Families in Rokugan & Solution   
    You clearly haven’t mastered any D&D (hey, if you can make assumptions about me like “You aren't very familiar with telling stories, that much in obvious.“ I suppose I also can do them about you)
    A wizard with a cantrip like prestidigitation and a spell like disguise self can basically wreak havoc in a market. Imagine hundreds of them loose in the world. I’ve seen players trying to do it: copper pieces turned gold pieces, cristals turned gems... and the master always has to try to come up with solutions to stop those players. In a setting like Pathfinder, you can get rich just making magic daggers at low level... etc. Magic in the world would change it economically at a level we cannot even fathom. But we put up with all of that for the sake of storytelling and having a understandable economy, not having to read a whole book in “magic economics” just to go out there and kill some goblins. 
    You’re not a very creative DM and need everything outlined for you, I get that. I already gave you a perfectly valid explanation for the existence of ronin. It took me like 1 minute to imagine it. Every DM should be able to do that, adapt the world to what they want to achieve. If you have a ronin player, you’re kind of DM that tells that player “you came from here, because the setting says so”. A good DM tells the player “why are you a ronin?” and don’t let the setting constrain the story of the player. “My PC is a ronin because he was from the Platypus Minor Clan that was wiped out by a Matsu”. Ok, cool, let’s work with that. Instead of frantically looking through all the books and then going “well, there’s no Platypus minor clan, and also minor clans are dumb and there’s no explanation for them, so you can’t”
    You don’t have to ignore anything if details are left vague. You just say “I had to come to the Northern Border with just a small force of Bushi because we cannot divert more forces from the two war fronts”, and that’s more than enough for the story.  Which is the story of the investigation of Shiba Agawa about the Yobanjin tribe adorers of a Demon-God, that then turns out to be Iuchiban No Oni (wasn’t Iuchiban dead?!!), who just obliterates the whole Phoenix force. The whole point of those Bushi was to die to show the force of those Yonbanjin+Oni. But you want to spend 3 pages of that 4 pages story (every fiction has a word count) with details about the actual distribution of troops and the composition of the Phoenix force, and the training they have... effectively letting no space for the real story, the story that is needed now.
    Too much details do not get in the way of story? Ok, then I want the exact amount of troops and courtiers every clan has, to the unit. The distribution of said troops, how are they organized, where is every courtier posted, exactly how many soldiers died in every battle, how many were wounded, and the expected recovery time for every wounded. The political relations of every courtier in every court, their friends and enemies.... I’m sure the writers will be thrilled about having to make stories in such a constrained setting.
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    KerenRhys reacted to shineyorkboy in A Swift End   
    I'll refrain from mentioning the specific historical example I'm thinking of. But the Lion could have just dressed a bunch of peasants in purple, executed them, and claimed it was a Unicorn attack. They didn't need to send an undersized force to get whipped out.
    They were willing to wait three years for negotiations to break down so they could say the Unicorn were being difficult and invade.
    To little information to go on. I still think the most likely scenario is that the Ikoma made up their marriage custom so the Unicorn would reject the treaty and give the Lion an excuse for war.
    Probably the Lion didn't tell anyone.
    Probably the Lion weren't expecting Altansarnai to be willing to leave her Clan so they needed some way to get her to reject the treaty and give them an excuse for war.
    Pretty much everybody.
    Not really. Lots of people have grudges against the Lion. That's what happens when you warmonger so much.
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Lace Jetstreamer in Iiiinteresting   
    At first glance, this seems either terrible (especially for organized play) or incredibly gimmicky and useless. 
    And it feels like it's made to push players to buy a lot of deck in order to obtain a competitive deck with a desired playstyle. 
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    KerenRhys reacted to Hellvlad in Punishing skill...   
    Why not make 12 card packs for each factions? You want to keep that feeling that no deckbuilding is required or allowed? fine. Bye 3 packs for 3.33 USD each and mix them together and done. Unhappy with one of the factions, change. by buying another pack. I don't see how the game would suffer from it. This even allow later the introduction of expansion through new factions without alienating your initial purchases entirely. You would just have a bit more control and ... oh... that would make people buy way less decks for the same results because it would be easier to get the factions you like... yeah... what a terrible idea
    Trust me there would be ways to sell these in a more customer friendly way by still keeping the spirit of the game. They just choose to go with the least consumer friendly
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    KerenRhys reacted to Hellvlad in Punishing skill...   
    There is a crucial difference between game design and marketing. I don't complain about how the game was designed. I actually find the rues pretty  nice and the game would have been marketed in an other way  i would have certainly given a try. This has nothing to do with Richard Garfield but with the way FFG chose to sell this product. I said from the beginning I am trying to understand how possibly this business model is supposed to work and no one was able to bring a fair answer to my questions .
    It's not a matter if the game is for me or not. There is good and bad business practice and having the final product matching my tastes and needs has nothing to do with it. Expecting people to throw money at decks where you cannot chose which game mechanic they will focus on and with no idea if you will like them ( I'm not even talking about the competitive aspect here, just the fun you can get from it) is not a healthy business model and it will not work unless it will pressure the players to by extras by using the same methods as video games editors do with lootboxes.
    FFG spend time and resources to come up with this game, that I think is a flawed model do just by the facts and numbers presented. They could have inveted all that time and funding into something else that could have been more consumer friendly and less of a cash grab.
    You still want to take part on it and invest money? Am I preventing you? no , be my guest, buy in. But white knighting something just because "you have a deep respect for the designer" will not make you right and give you the right to call out and dismiss people that don't share your enthusiasm. I have just the same rights as you to share my concerns about this products than you have the right to share your excitement.
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    KerenRhys reacted to Hellvlad in Punishing skill...   
    I invite you to watch the livestream recordings about the game from Team Covenant's FB. Brad Andres says explicitly that occurrences with decks filled with only rare cards or decks with 16 time the same card can occur even if it would be really rare. ( yes 16, due to the maverick mechanic you can have more than 12 times the same card) That means the procedural roles are not so structured and the variance on what you will get into a deck can be quite hectic. They cannot pull so many different decks out of 350 cards ( 10^25, that's the number they announced) while keeping a deck and mechanical coherence. THat's the point of the whole thing anyway. You get a"sub optimal deck" ( a crappy one if you don't get corporate language) and you need to make the best of it. If you expect a software to do some clever / logical deckbuilding in there, you will be disappointed.
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    KerenRhys reacted to Krashwire in Punishing skill...   
    So this game has some neat ideas. However it stops there. Almost every aspect of this game seems to be flawed in some aspect. The biggest comes from the fact that you have almost no agency in what you play.
    The first step that strikes me as just wrong is that you are most likely in any given deck to get a crappy deck. With random houses (colors), on top of random number of copies of random cards, most decks are going to be poor combinations that wont play nicely off each other. 
    The second is based on the fact that you will have a decent chance of opening what is essentially crap, you will have to make due. Sure you will probably be facing off against a significant amount of other crappy decks.
    This leads to the third part. You will on occasion be facing off against a good deck. You will be outmatched. This is not due to any sort of player skill, just luck of the draw. That's great if you don't care about winning. 
    Now there is the rare scenario where you find a decent deck. Great! Prepare to have it banned. Wait you might say, what? Yup, banned.
    Even worse that this... say you are a very skilled player. You manage to out play all the other crappy decks. You even manage to out play better decks because of skill. Guess what? Win too much and even that deck will be banned. Seriously? Banning a deck for player piloting it successfully? This simply screams cash grab. Oh, you are winning, well then you should pay us for a new deck since that one is too good...
    P.S. I have updated my opinion... massively. Please read here:
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    KerenRhys reacted to Hellvlad in Iiiinteresting   
    That's one of the multiple issues I have with this distribution model. Banning or restricting a card  in a game is unpleasant but affect everyone. Especially in an LCG, no one paid crazy amounts for it. But here, banning a deck will meant that only 1 and only person will be affected. It's like telling them F*ck of, your purchase is invalid from now on. THat's highly problematic.
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    KerenRhys reacted to taylorcowbell in Iiiinteresting   
    So, we have a game that for casuals can be frustrating because you dont know if your deck actually is good or not, and a game thats frustrating for competitive players because they have literally 0 agency. Show up to a toruney, drop 10$ on a deck.... and it sucks. awesome. I can try and win with it and feel awesome about winning, but i was given a handicap thanks to RNG?
    I am definitely not the target market, but I dont really understand who is. And I like the artwork and card style, but something like this just doesnt make sense to me.
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from LelloArchangel in Iiiinteresting   
    At first glance, this seems either terrible (especially for organized play) or incredibly gimmicky and useless. 
    And it feels like it's made to push players to buy a lot of deck in order to obtain a competitive deck with a desired playstyle. 
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    KerenRhys reacted to Hellvlad in Either I don't get it or this is an awfull mess   
    I really try to understand what's the logic here...
    Basically we have a game that works like a CCG/LCG, excepted that you don't get to choose what mechanic your deck will be using. And you don't get to chose how good your deck is either.
    Decks are assembled randomly form a pool of 350+ cards with 4 degrees of rarity . and FFG states in the FAQ that " If a deck wins too often in an Organized Play framework, there are processes in place to handicap and eventually retire that deck. "
    So basically, you get to spend 10 USD countless of times until you get something decent/likeable to play while considering that each deck you don't like is 10 USD purely wasted as there is nothing else you can do with those cards. And if by chance you get a really good combo, well you will see YOUR deck banned or nerfed to "balance things out" (not like a card is banned, for everybody, here, it's joust YOUR own deck you and only you spend money on it). So you will be spending likely hundreds of dollars for nothing basically. In a regular CCG/LCG game at least you can use the cards for something but here you are not allowed. I had serious issues with the CCG sealed random booster packs business model but here that's even worse. You can get an awesome really rare card mixed in between 35 other garbage ones and it will do you no good. This screams lottery and pay to win to my ears like never before in a board game environment. I cannot imagine how this game can seriously be considered for Organized play.
    Considering the creation of the decks is entirely procedural and not coming from a human design there is no way to tell in advance who's deck is OP and ban / handicap actions can actually be taken only after this was noticed. Meaning, the harm will be done, and once an OP deck will be banned, another will show up, because there will be no way to predict their arrival.
    Remains the kitchen table play, and even here, I don't see the point. Having the same decks facing each other will get old fast, and throwing 10 bucks on a regular basis on random decks without any idea on how they will perform is not appealing. The pleasure being in the unknown of what the opponent has... playing with the same players over and over will not keep this fresh at all.
    I'm not trying to bash the game pointlessly, I try to understand how is this supposed to work. Am I missing something? If yes I'm all ears and I will be glad to her other opinions and explanations.
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Zura in Iiiinteresting   
    At first glance, this seems either terrible (especially for organized play) or incredibly gimmicky and useless. 
    And it feels like it's made to push players to buy a lot of deck in order to obtain a competitive deck with a desired playstyle. 
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Taki in Scorpion Clan Pack Announcement   
    Answers will probably be as useless as those from last week reddit AMA, so yeah... ?
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    KerenRhys reacted to Barbacuo in Mantis Clan   
    I really really (REALLY) hope they don't leave them like a neutral faction. It was HORRIBLE when they did it on Warhammer Invasion. Four grey factions, ugh.
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Magus Black in My group is losing interest in the game   
    I hope for FFG and L5R that your analogy won't be totally correct, because at the end, America ultimately failed too, after lots of lies, casualties and wasted years.
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Nitenman in My group is losing interest in the game   
    I hope for FFG and L5R that your analogy won't be totally correct, because at the end, America ultimately failed too, after lots of lies, casualties and wasted years.
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Coyote Walks in My group is losing interest in the game   
    I hope for FFG and L5R that your analogy won't be totally correct, because at the end, America ultimately failed too, after lots of lies, casualties and wasted years.
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    KerenRhys reacted to kempy in My group is losing interest in the game   
    This is easily one of the most absurd comparisions i've readed for a long time now. 
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    KerenRhys reacted to Schmoozies in Next Expansion   
    The only issue with that is the single clan player is far more likely to "talk" themselves out of purchasing a clan pack that doesn't feature their faction heavily with the justification if I really need the one card in their I'll borrow it from a friend who doesn't play my clan so FFG could end up with 7 months of lagging sales to show for the initiative.  Story packs that equally feature all clans on the other hand with a few useful neutral cards are much easier for players to talk themselves into buying,
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    KerenRhys got a reaction from Mandalore525 in Disciples of the Void - New Clan Pack   
    That's false, FFG used deluxe for new factions in Warhammer Conquest, in the first Cthulhu, in the first edition of GoT, etc... So, nothing prevent them to do it with L5R.
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    KerenRhys reacted to franzvong in Disciples of the Void - New Clan Pack   
    I really hope not, it would basically force one clan to splash phoenix for a whole year
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