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  1. He didn't beat the three by himself, the first two were killed by Hotaru while he struggled to defend himself (go look at the weapon that killed them, it's a naginata, not Nerisma's spear). So, no, he is not that skilled. And several guards probably could have taken care of the ronin, but they would likely have suffered losses
  2. She didn't throw her secrecy plan just to see some action but to save at least one of her clansmen. And seeing that he struggled against three peasants, there's nothing implying that Nerishma (or any other unnamed guard of the caravan) could have beat a Niten-trained samurai. So, she may have been the only one able to easily kill him and limit the losses on the Crane side. You're also jumping to conclusion pretty quickly on Satsume's assassin being Kachiko's brother. With Scorpion being the "obvious" choice and Kachiko's brother being the first suspect mentioned, it looks a lot like a false trail and something to add tension between the two lovers. It's far too "easy" for him to be the real culprit. I also feel that some people are forgetting that those stories are not only targeted toward people who already know the different clans like the back of their hand. I'm thinking of your distate of the focus on pursuit of perfection. I'd guess it's because you already know that's one of the (if not THE) Crane main theme, but that's not the case for newcomers. So it's very important to put some focus on it for them to have a feeling of what is important to that clan. I think we'll see similar focus (which will seem obvious to returning players) for the future Clans' introduction story.
  3. Sure, but it's not what I was arguing against and you still don't fight for the same rings twice in the same turn.
  4. With have been revealed until now, it's looks more likely that after a battle, a ring will always be claimed, be it by the defender or the attacker. Then, if it has been claimed by the attacker, its effects are triggered. So, I don't think you'll be able to have multiple battles with the same ring during a turn.
  5. SirEuain probably wasn't talking lore-wise but by their appearance on cards. Both appeared in Imperial, though the Moto were only with Tsume who was unaligned/shadowlands. So gamewise the Horiuchi do predate the Moto as a Unicorn family .
  6. Yeah, there was a time where the tainted/corrupted deckbuilding was directly send to the story, and it caused the problems I mentionned several time. That's probably one of the main reason they decided to stop doing it after a while.
  7. Well, we call it the Spider Clan for now from lack of an "official" name. And taking the same name for the same "kind" of faction would be a nod to the old game that wouldn't cost anything. However, if FFG prefer to name it the Platypus Clan, even though I wouldn't really understand the need to change the name, as long as they keep most of the core concepts, it would not cause an uproar (well, not sure the Platypus would be really welcome as a symbol but still ). However, wasn't Fu Leng matched with the spider iconography even before the initial birth of the Spider Clan?
  8. The problems with the whole "Let's make very strong Shadowlands cards that will tempt the players because it makes their deck stronger but will have corrupted consequences in the story" are : - the players that will win events with storyline consequences have to care about the story. Otherwise, they are just super strong cards that have no "side cost". It was seen several times in AEG's time, it will be the same here: not everyone cares about the story, far from it. And when those players win story prizes and it corrupts the clan they played, it "punishes" players from that clan who care about the story and who purposely "weaken" their deck to avoid the corruption when this limit is non-existant to those who don't care. - it assumes that FFG's storyteam will want to have that degree of impact from tournaments on the storyline, which is far from confirmed. And seeing the mess AEG's L5R story became thanks to the over-involvement of players, I really hope that FFG will vastly reduce it. IMHO, even if the notion of tainted/corrupted deck was fun, it caused too many problems compared to what it brought to the game, so I hope we won't see it back.
  9. Tonbo or Suzume, if they were not closer to Dragon and Crane clans respectively, would make good choices for a 4th Phoenix family. Well, with FFG retake on the background, maybe one of those 2 families could be close to the Phoenix this time. Or maybe, a vassal family could be promoted to a main one. Or, in order to totally please Gunichi, maybe FFG could give back the Chuda to the Phoenix.
  10. If the current guesses for Provinces deckbuilding restrictions (1 per ring) are correct, we could also have packs with more than 20 different cards, with only 1 copy of each new Province. And, even if I somehow doubt we'll see them in Dynasty packs, Strongholds would also come with only 1 copy.
  11. I'm not convinced that the fact the Destroyers were not playable was a major factor in the weakness of the Destroyer War story arc. The fact that a lot of the stories focused on that awful awful (repetition intended) gempukku gang or that there were almost no character on the Destroyers' side that had any charisma or personality in the stories were far worse to me. Chosai and Iuchi Yue really? They didn't have anything lamer as villains? The Rakshasa general didn't even have a name... They used a lot of cool material from other countries that a lot of people have been really eager to see (Yodotai, Ashalan, Rakshasa, etc...) and they wasted them with subpar use and storytelling. Moreover, it came just after a mega-event that was mostly very well-received, so it seemed very flat in comparison. Seriously, I'm not sure it would have made any differences had they been playable. They were so lame nobody would have played them anyway.
  12. Especially since with time, the Asako became a multi-specialties (Henshin, Inquisitor/Magistrate) family on top of a Shugenja and Courtier one. It blurred the lines of the family and there were times it felt they were even more numerous and proeminent than the Isawa. I feel another family to take part of those themes would be a good thing.
  13. Wasn't the Shiba family the one with the courtiers in the old RPG edition (I stopped at the 2nd edition)?
  14. While I'm sure we'll see clan-aligned corrupted characters at some point, I'd prefer it to wait for a bit before appearing in the new game. It's something that felt a bit overused in the old game and that I'd like to be a little less common now. Edit: After looking through the Oracle of the Void, it seems there were not that many clan-aligned Shadowlands personalities. I'm really suprised, I would have bet there were a lot more.
  15. Well, it could even be 3 families not existing, since I would not bet on the Hoshi family coming back either. And with the Phoenix not getting the Agasha, I wonder if FFG will create another family for them, as only 3 seems a bit lacking to me.
  16. Doji Nashiko was a woman born in the 6th century, far after Fu Leng's imprisonement. Like the Dark Daughter, her title of Demon Bride appears to be more symbolic than real and her offsprings fathered by anybody but Fu Leng. If you want Fu Leng to have true children (in AEG version of Rokugan), it would have to be from somebody he encountered before the first Day of Thunder (some girl from the Noriaki tribe for example) or during his possession of Hantei 39th or when he came back as a mortal.
  17. A lot of stuff in AEG lore contradicts itself. Even more so for the early stuff, they added things because it sounded cool at the time without caring about if it was coherent with the already existing background. For Atarasi, it's said that he took the head of the fallen Thunders to prevent them from being raised, but the only ones he could have done so are Mirumoto and Isawa if you believe every Thunder's story (but I guess it would have sounded a lot less "cool" to say he took the head of only 2 people than implying that he did it to almost all the other Tunders...). For Konishiko, it's said that she was left alone in a closed room to stop the incoming enemies and buy time for Isawa, and AFAIK, it was never confirmed what happened to her after that. Since Fu Leng was imprisonned, it's not possible he'd be physically the Dark Daughter's father. I consider it to be more of a spiritual filiation.
  18. The city of Toshi Ranbo was founded by the Lion more than 700 years before it became the Imperial City. For examples of major events happening at Toshi Ranbo, there was Akodo Arasou's death by the Daidoji when the city was in the hands of the Crane (just before SCC), or Matsu Nimuro's victory despite having pubicly detailed his plans to retake the city, giving birth to his reputation as a great commander (just before the beginning of the Four Winds story arc).
  19. Maybe. That's not what I got, but I'm not a native english speaker, so I could have misunderstood some things.
  20. They didn't detailed how they will do it, but it felt like it would be 2 separate articles. Clearly not 100% sure about it though.
  21. If I didn't misunderstood, we'll have both the Crane clan focus and the first story next week.
  22. For question 5, it has been clarified that the 3 states Unclaimed, Claimed and Contested exist and are all distincts.
  23. The question wasn't asked and they didn't say anything about it, so we don't know yet.
  24. Just to be clear for british english users, the clan focus will be biweekly as fortnightly, not twice per week.
  25. It's not a mistake, Glory is added to the skill only for honored characters. In this example, the Shinjo Outrider is honored, the Lion's Pride Brawler and the Aggressive Moto are not (doesn't change anything for this one anyway), so only the Outrider adds his Glory.
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