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  1. Kempy knows it perfectly well. He's just trolling because that's what he's like. It's funny you put the "beginning" of the convoluted and unbelievable stuff at the War of the Spirits. For me, there were a lot more of that in the Hidden Emperor/Lying Darkness story arc (is there anything that isn't convoluted and/or unbelievable in it?) than in the Four Winds one.
  2. I honestly don't understand this position. To take an example, I saw Sam Raimi's Spiderman, then Marc Webb's one, and I didn't expect to have the exact same film/story. I'm pretty sure you didn't either. How is this case any different?
  3. Since you're a RPG player and if you dislike any change to the setting so much, all the previous editions of the game are still there with the setting you like. What FFG do with L5R doesn't have to make any impact on your RPG setting. An exact retell of AEG's storyline wouldn't make any sense and you stated you didn't like it either. The strength of a RPG is that you can take what you want and change what you want. You don't like the change FFG made and you hated AEG story? No problem, keep the original pre-SCC setting and make your own story as it makes sense to you.
  4. My point was more that I don't think the soul of an Akutenshi go to the reincarnation cycle. I'm sure Yakamo wouldn't have mind too much indeed.
  5. Since we had Mirumoto and Mirumoto Hitomi as Dragon Thunders in the original storyline, either the sex has no impact of reincarnation or 2d gen thunders are not reincarnations of the first gen ones (and since Atarasi ended as an Akutenshi, it's doubtful he would have reincarnated as Yakamo...).
  6. Yeah, they did and it was after a long time. However, FFG is not AEG and AFAIK (I may be ill-informed so don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong), they never put a world championship for any of their LCG outside of USA. So, currently, until I see something that shows that I'm wrong, I don't trust them yet to not repeat this with L5R. Once again, I may be ill-informed but they strike me as a very NA-centric company (which is understandable as the majority of their customers is there) so we'll have to see if they intend to give other regions equal treatment. Probably, but since it's still in USA, it doesn't really change anything to my point. In fine, for me, it doesn't really matter though, since I'll probably never be able to play at the level of winning major tournaments. My first post didn't intend to cause an argument over this, it was just to show that some of the complaints were pretty ridiculous.
  7. I intended and forgot to add a word to my sentence which change its meaning. It was about major story decisions. With how the players' influence on storyline has been described (and I'm all in favor of having less influence in the hand of players and more control in the hands of the storyteam if it prevents a lot of the silly/stupid decisions taken in AEG's time), I'm not expecting any meaningful decision in Kotei/European tournaments. It will reserved for GenCon. Maybe I'm wrong, and I'd happy to be, but I'll believe it when I'll see it. Even more so since in France, for LCG, "thanks" to Edge, we are not directly linked to FFG, and here, neither Edge nor Asmodée has been really trustworthy on tournaments organization. So, maybe it's a french problem more than a european one then.
  8. I'd love that, even without any (story or not) tournament. I'm pretty resigned to see most, if not all, story decisions to be taken exclusively in North America. That's why the outcry about the "limited space" for this storyline tournament makes me raise my eyebrow (© AEG Storyteam) pretty hard.
  9. Well, all that I take from this thread is that Asmodée should cancel its pre-release event at GenCon and come do it in Brussels Game Festival at the end of August instead. I'm sure we can find some space if there aren't enough at GenCon.
  10. Yeah, and I personally think that Kachiko will be in. I don't understand what's your point with Hotaru as she is the only Crane mentioned the little blurb talked about (except Satsume who's dead).
  11. In the "What is happening with the Legend of Five Rings storyline part of the product description, there are little blurbs on the different clans. In the Lion part, it is said that Arasou is the Lion clan "Leader" and that Toturi is a young brillant general. It would surprising that named characters in the product description are in the core set.
  12. I don't that's what Tonu meant. I think he is saying that, since the Asahina Artisan is 0/0, she herself won't be blocked from any conflict. The Matsu Berserker which she can be compared to can't participate in a Political conflict. So, basically, a 0/3 without limitation on conflict participation for 1 fate is already quite good as a stat line.
  13. I don't think we'll need to ask. They announced the Crane Festival at the end of last facebook live, they're likely to do them this friday. If I remember correctly, they also said that we could have multiple cards for the same character showing them at different points of their life. So, I disagree about Hotaru's card being representative about her "core essence" and not about what she is at this point of time.
  14. The defense side ability is nice but what make her power really powerful to me is the possibility to double the effect of a claimed ring on the offense. For 1 political conflict won, +4 honors, +2 cards for me/-2 random cards for you or -2 fate on a character, all of those seem pretty awesome.
  15. Oups, you're right, don't know why I messed up the numbers like that. That means it can't be the Conflict character then, since it would be before Steward of Law, but likely the 41, with Enlightened Monk the 42, and either the Scout or the Brash Samurai as 43 and 140. You read 3? Thought it was a 1, but maybe you're right. Then, I would be even more wrong... I guess I should stop trying to make guesses like that after a working day, my brain is obviously not working properly...
  16. Edit: What's below is wrong, don't bother with it... Doji Whisperer is very likely to be the Crane conflict character we don't "know" (number 140). She cost 2 so the same as the Doji Gift Giver which is alphabetically before. So it doesn't match on the Dynasty side. However, as Steward of Law cost only 1, it would be logic to have the Whisperer just after. For the Dynasty side, the number 41 should be the Enlightened Monk shown on the showcase (cost 1) and the 2 others the Brash Samura and the ?? Scout that cost 2, with ?? beginning by a A, B, C or D (maybe Daidoji Scout?).
  17. And despite this, in the CCG, there were a lot of characters that were playable and played in decks although they were dead in the story, sometimes for more than a thousand years. It was not a problem then, it won't be now.
  18. Already done with Soshi Uidori, Yukimi and Miroko! And with the very traditionalist aspect of the Phoenix, I don't see them ignoring an ill omen like identical triplets with as much pragmastism as the Scorpion clan (or is the triplet ill-omen only a Scorpion thing?).
  19. Lol, that's false and you know it. At this point, you're just being stubborn. Moreover, you're adding stuff to the story that were not here just to support your point. Nowhere it's said that all the guards were swarmed. On the contrary, it's said that the other guards were driving the ambushers back, so either they weren't as swarmed as Nerishma or Nerishma is the lowest skilled guard of the caravan. Your choice, both go against your arguments.
  20. You seriously doesn't understand the difference of difficulties between facing 3 ennemies that attack you at the same time and killing 2 ennemies that are facing another guy, then killing 3 one by one?
  21. Moreover, those three were killed one by one. At no moment, they were three against her at the same time. If killing 5 guys one by one in a battle is so superhuman that it's mary-suish, we can stop having heroes in fantasy stories... I mean, did you ever see a fantasy hero that struggled to kill 5 peons?
  22. I think the logic is that Karasu is pretty sure that Borderlands Fortification is the first holding of the Crab, so with Hida Kisada being the most expensive Crab character, it's sure to have that number. However, for the other clans, he's not sure if they'll have 1 or 2 holdings, so he can't attribute a sure number to them. If you look in the second part of the array, they all are listed with a choice between 2 numbers.
  23. Die in a fire. Don't really see the intent here, but that's what it means.
  24. Poor guys... I guess that explains some weird decisions sometimes. One must be totally crazy to accept this mission, that's the highest level of Mission: Impossible there. Even Tom Cruise would run away terrified.
  25. While I don't disagree with everything, it seems like you're forgetting that Hotaru has been Crane champion for around 1 year before Satsume's death. The flashback happened one and a half year ago, just a few months before Satsume stepped down. All the meetings of allegieance have been done before and the funeral of Satsume has not yet begun since she came to Otosan Uchi in part to make its preparations. So, the condoleances will come later, once the funeral is ongoing. At this point of time, there's not as much obligations as you're saying. And your being a little disingenuous by saying she came for Kachiko when the story explains very clearly what was the goal of her "plan". The fact is, she didn't come to see Kachiko or only to search for informations, she came for her father's funeral. There's no mystery in her leaving Kyuden Doji to come to Otosan Uchi. However, what she did is trying to kill two birds with one stone by hiding herself to enter the capital incognito in order to try gathering some informations. How she would have done that and how she "disappeared" without a lot of people knowing about it can be questioned, sure, but that was not the main goal of the trip.
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