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  1. In the case of Ujimitsu being a low-cost non-unique Champion, it would make a lot more sense to have an Elemental Master as the big Phoenix character in the core set. There's no meaning at this point of time to make Tsukune a Champion-like character before one of the Elemental Master if she's still a nobody. Ujimitsu non-uniqueness was a typo with some really lousy in-lore justification. I really hope it's not kept in the new L5R.
  2. I so want those banners... Yes, Tsukune as Phoenix Champion seems pretty confirmed by that and it looks like the Dragon Stronghold may be the High House of Light.
  3. Honorable Dragon Mouvement. During the Hidden Emperor story arc, Hitomi, champion of the Dragon, was becoming corrupted by her obsidian hand and the influence of Kokujin. Instead of accepting that each story need a "villain" and that those story (with the obvious redemption afterwards) can be interesting in their own right (even more so when they make sense as it did with Hitomi's personality), members of the Dragon Clan (and some from out of that clan) bitched and whined so much and so long that Ree Soesbee caved in and changed the story (for the worse IMO). It was one of the first occurrence (if not the first) that showed that if you whine long enough in L5R, you'd have what you wanted.
  4. I hope that the story team will be able to do whatever they want with Hitomi without another HDM to destroy the intended story.
  5. We already saw that Shiba Tsukune will be (one of?) the Phoenix 5 fate unique and she is no Elemental Master.
  6. I think the more frequent word that came to mind during my reading of this article was "Wow!".
  7. In the offenders list, and before those 2 you gave, in gold/pre-gold, there were Kosaten Shiro and Shrine of the Spirits at least.
  8. Except that the Unicorn has to get their cards (3/40) so it's far to be as assured as a sure stronghold additional fate. And even if the Unicorn stay as the first player, they are not assured to get that free fate. So, a bonus fate on stronghold is far far stronger than Way of the Unicorn. I don't think the other stronghold values will be used to balance the lower starting honor. It will either be in the strength of the ability or simply in the general design of the clan to work with less honor.
  9. Matsu Nimuro was too, until he had a brain fart and decided to use the egg of Pan K'u on himself. Could still have been good if the writers had known what to do with his story. Instead, they stuffed him with a group of ronin with which they never did anything. What a waste of a good character...
  10. I don't get that. Maybe it's because I know those characters from before but I didn't feel the name characters were weak at all. Tsuko, as much as I don't like her (since I don't like people that don't even want to think about the consequences of their actions), was not weak. Agetoki was not weak at all. Toturi was not weak (considering the whole picture of a situation before taking a course of action is not being weak) even if a bit too hesitant (character growth incoming here). Maybe Motso was a bit self-effacing, but that doesn't mean he's weak either.
  11. Personally, I would compare Arasou's death to Satsume's. Both are not really characters from my point of view but more elements from the background, giving more depth to the true characters of the story (here, respectively Toturi and Hotaru) and explaining the state of the Empire at the beginning of the story (the Lion and the Crane almost at war and the lack of Emerald Champion and the turmoil it will cause). Should the Crane be annoyed by the assassination of Satsume being told as a side note from Hotaru's story (and we don't even know if it's by somebody of real caliber, it could be Shosuro Schmuck or Yasuki Bob for all we know)? I don't think so. It's character's background (Hotaru) as Arasou's death is characters' background too (Toturi, Tsuko, Hotaru). That's why I think there was not much build up on Arasou, he was not meant to have it. And that's why his death don't have much impact on the reader, it's not meant to either, it's meant to establish the basis for future drama between the 3 real protagonists of the story. And so, that's why I feel (emphasis intended) that asking for more of those 2 points is missing the point of that part of the story. But maybe I'm the one that misunderstood the intent of the writer, who knows? At least, with this point of view, the story is enjoyable and not as bad as some claim.
  12. Can I ask what was your opinion of the Crane story, then? Because Kachiko (and so the Scorpion) stole as much of the show then as Hotaru did here and, if I listen to people here (which I fortunatly don't), the depiction of Hotaru was awful then (either too much OP or totally incompetent according to different people) on top of it. It's not targeted to you, but the old L5R story forum was a cesspool with all the complaints on every character and their every actions. It would be nice if this one didn't follow the same path.
  13. http://www.fantasyflightgames.fr/jeux/article/la_legende_des_cinq_anneaux_lcg/la_legende_des_cinq_anneaux_le_jeu_de_cartes 3rd picture at the top.
  14. True and I checked the french articles present on the website and I didn't see that fan anywhere. The pictures in the news are the same that were in the matching english ones. So, it must have been found by somebody who played with the URL starting with another fan. Edit: Never mind, I found it.
  15. On the other hand, if Tsukune is the Phoenix Clan Champion, it put an end to the theory they changed Hoturi's and Yokatsu's gender to have Champions matching their Kami (except if they changed Shiba's gender too... ).
  16. No, Satsume held off resigning as Clan Champion (whereas he was also Emerald Champion) to let Hotaru take the mantle, not designing her as successor.
  17. Yeah, he considered his family cursed with what happened to Nimuro, (Matsu) Domotai and Satomi. So, he decided to get rid of it for the good of the Lion Clan.
  18. With Toturi written as "Brilliant Champion of the Lion Clan" on the final illustration of the story PDF, I doubt we'll see Arasou as a card.
  19. Arasou's death. It may not surprise you or us who came from old L5R, but there was still the possibility that Arasou would have a different fate in the new storyline. As for why the article would have spoiled it, JRosen9 explained it perfectly. On other topic, I'm happy to see that my loathing of Tsuko is now as fresh as ever. She seems even more stupid than in old L5R if it was possible...
  20. As I thought, the clan article couldn't be switched with the story last week or even put at the same time this week without spoiling what's happening in it for those who would have read the article before the story. Now, I bet the schedule will be accelerated for another clan where the presence or absence of a card will not spoil the story as much.
  21. I don't see the difference with a deck with Kakita, Isawa or Hiruma winning any tournament in old L5R.
  22. As unique characters are not limited at 1 per deck, but 1 in play (with still 3 possible in decks), you'd still need 3 core sets for a playset with your suggestion. And I prefer to have a core set with around 26 different cards per clan that I need to buy 3 to have a playset than a core set with 2 of each cards (which means 1 copy is wasted when you buy your second core set for your playset) but that have only 13 different cards per clan. The deckbuilding will already be limited enough for a while with the standard distribution, with your suggestion, there wouldn't be any deckbuilding at all. Or are you suggesting that the core sets come with the double of cards (for near the double of price of course) to keep the card diversity?
  23. As the word "ring" in the italized text is singular, I don't think it refers to both rings, but only to the newly claimed ring. As for why they don't specily it, I think that unclaimed rings can't have a coinflict type to retain so it's not necessary.
  24. Kempy knows it perfectly well. He's just trolling because that's what he's like. It's funny you put the "beginning" of the convoluted and unbelievable stuff at the War of the Spirits. For me, there were a lot more of that in the Hidden Emperor/Lying Darkness story arc (is there anything that isn't convoluted and/or unbelievable in it?) than in the Four Winds one.
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