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  1. Since the Daimyo of the Agasha family didn't exit the Dragon Clan, that's just false. Honestly, trying to justify inlore the numerous mistakes, omissions or other awful decisions of the Lying Darkness arc storyteam is an exercise in futility. With all respect due to Miss Soesbee, she was the worst lead writer L5R had and the story she wrote for Guild Wars 2 (for which she is/was a head writer) proved it wasn't a single misstep.
  2. Aren't there some tests of Etiquette and Strategy in the test for the Emerald Champion? I'm not sure Yakamo would be the best Crab Clan's best bet for both of them... And no, breaking heads with a tetsubo is not a valid skill in Etiquette tests...
  3. I don't know if it has been mentioned somewhere already (apologies if that's the case), and I can't check the fiability of the information, but I saw on a french forum a feedback from somebody who tested the game at PEL that the Crane scout whose text is unknow may have a power that blanks provinces powers when he is alone. It's not that reliable without anything to confirm it, but it seems interesting enough to share.
  4. In fact, I don't think we should look for the reasons of the Phoenix Agasha taking the name in the lore, but outside of it. I think it's more something like : " - The Phoenix have 3 families and is the shugenja clan. The Dragon has 6 families and is the monk clan. How do we balance that? - We take the Dragon shugenja family and make it a Phoenix shugenja family. - How do we justify the lore incoherence on fealty? - Whatever, since Hitomi is the villain of the arc, let's say they don't want to cooperate with her and they leave. - With our lore, when they disagree with their lord, shouldn't they commit seppuku? - Do you even play the game, seppuku is for samurai, not shugenja. - Huh, in our lore, shugenja are samurai, the distinction is just a mechanical one. - Whatever, do it like I said. - Months later: Hitomi is not the villain of the arc anymore, how do we still justify the Agasha defection? - Don't talk about it, they have forgotten. - Years later : Having 3 Dragon monk families is inconsitent and useless, and it would be better if they had a shugenja family. What do we do? - Suppress the Hoshi and the Hitomi family for some dumb reason (use a retcon if you need) and make a new family with the name of a guy considered a traitor by the whole empire... - Huh, why? - Reasons..."
  5. Since the only Yogo we have currently seen in the LCG is a Scorpion, I think you can forget that idea. And while Shoan's action were worthy of founding her own family, it should have been a vassal family, not a major one. It's only the typo that made it a major family but lorewise, it was unjustified.
  6. The Tamori was an offshoot from the Agasha, founded by those who didn't accept the move to the Phoenix clan (at first, both parts kept the Agasha name). The Tamori family name appeared years later than the current time period (during the War of Spirits) and the reason was pretty dumb (Hantei XVI forced the named of a Dragon traitor to be given to the Dragon clan as a family name as part of the peace treaty conditions as some petty revenge) so for now, yeah, they are axed. Maybe FFG will recreate them later for one reason or another but I doubt it, as I don't think the Agasha will go to the Phoenix clan this time.
  7. Just give some bushi to the Asako and the Phoenix can do with only 1 family. After all, in the years before the reboot, it felt like they were everywhere and had everything. They had monks (henshin and not), shugenja (with some elemental masters), courtiers, magistrates, inquisitors. Huh, it seems they didn't have ninja, it's surprising. I would have thought AEG would give them some too.
  8. As one who supported this theory early, the idea was not that they changed some champions' gender just to match the kami, but since they decided to change some genders to have a better repartition between male and female characters, they chose Hoturi/Hotaru and Yokatsu/Altansarnai instead of Kisada or Toturi (for examples) to have that kami-matching little touch.
  9. Well, putting Tsukune as an Elemental Master would be making some very big changes : Tsukune was a bushi and not a shugenja (even becoming Phoenix Champion at Ujimitsu's death, so it's just an anticipation) or the elemental masters all being Isawa before the 2nd Day of Thunder for example. Moreover, she's clearly depicted as a bushi on her art, not as a shugenja. On the other hand, the Soul of Shiba doesn't work like that at all (if even it's still a thing in new L5R). At that time, the Soul of Shiba was anchored in Ofushikai, the ancestral sword of the Phoenix. Then, beginning with Mirabu, so years after the 2nd Day of Thunder, it began anchoring itself directly in Champions. Even at that time, it never went to newborn, but directly to the new Champion when the previous one died. Honestly, Tsukune being Champion some months or years earlier than in the original storyline is a lot more plausible change than the ones you're putting in your post.
  10. It's even better when you know that Kachiko was Wick's insert of that woman both him and Wilson were interested in...
  11. Yeah, it has been shown to me in the spoiler consolidation thread. We'll see what they did with the card, at this point, it's difficult to know. I would have thought we would have a tattoo as the last attachment (152) since there's a card in the core set that reference them, but maybe we'll have to wait for the first cycle to see some and Daimyo's Favor is 152 even if it breaks the supposed card order.
  12. Ok, I see what you're talking about. Well, then, we'll have to wait for them to reveal the complete card to know where they put it in the order.
  13. Or Daimyo's Favour is not a Dragon card since it doesn't fit anywhere in the remaining Dragon card space (number 152/157).
  14. Isn't Daimyo's Favour a 0-cost attachment? So, it wouldn't fit at 152 since Ancestral Daisho (151) is a 1-cost attachement. It's very probable that Daimyo's Favour is not a Dragon card (didn't understood why people put it there in the first place, there's not much on the card that imply that except for the green kimono which seems a little light as clue).
  15. @Shosuko Maybe that's what you meant, but in case of, Way of the Dragon let you use the copied ability twice, not the copying one. Well, this article confirmed that it's not a Dragon card, except if its cost have been upped to 1 (since, if I didn't made a mistake in my file, the only Dragon cards we don't know are number 152 - a 1 cost attachment, and number 157 - a 0 or 1 cost event).
  16. As sure as I can be without rulebook and without enough time to dig the forum to find the necessary quote. Sorry, I can't confirm 100% but I'm sure somebody will bring proof of me being right or wrong pretty soon. Edit: See what I meant, I didn't even had time to write my answer before having a confirmation.
  17. AFAIK, you can add additional fate on conflict characters you bring into play normally. It's just on characters brought into play by powers that you can't. So, no real reason to make him cheaper just because he's conflict (and if he's brought into play by a his power and can't stay more than 1 turn, it would seems a little lackluster for Champion to me).
  18. A turn without character seems a bit costly for a surprise, don't you think?
  19. You mean, in game, everybody expect him when you don't use any of your fate?
  20. Then, why would they use her artwork in promotional banners? If Ujimitsu is the Champion and a big card, why wouldn't they use his art along the other champions? Even more so as Tsukune is drawn in the same style as other clans Champions. Moreover, a big character as a conflict card seems to defeat the goal of character conflict cards. It would be so obvious... "Hey, you sure you don't want to spend any of your 7 fate in the Dynasty Phase? Yeah, don't feel like it, but I promise I don't have any Ujimitsu... -_-"
  21. Concerning Asmodée France/Edge/FFG France (whatever they want want to be called since it's basically the same thing), maybe they should do a better job at checking what they're spoiling before hunting people on forum. Between this, the Tsukune as Phoenix Champion spoil in the product page cards fan and the fact that their guys present (demoers who didn't even knew the rules correctly BTW) at "Paris est Ludique" didn't hesitate to show a lot of not-yet-revealed cards to people who went there, they don't really seem to care about FFG NA plans. I mean, why would a demoer even have a case with not-yet-revealed cards that they should not show anybody?
  22. Most of the time, For Shame gives the opponent a choice, which means in the situation where you really need to bow the opposing character, it won't happen. Niten Adept is more reliable on the effect (debatable as it needs the target to be without attachment contrary to For Shame I concede). On the other hand, For Shame is a 1-shot, where Niten Adept can potentially be used multiple times. It may be a little more costy in fate, since you could play a courtier for 1 fate instead of 2, but the difference in cost is not as big as you're implying it. Moreover, filling your deck with attachments will be the norm in Dragon decks so it's not a problem. Remember, Dragon is intended to be the attachment clan by FFG description. Last thing, Niten Adept may be a tempo loss over For Shame if you play your attachment during the conflict, but you're not forced to. You could also play it before the conflict and then, tempo is the same. Sure, Niten Adept will be a little more predictable than For Shame, but it's also more versatile as your weapon can also bring strength if you don't need the bowing effect and/or more powerful depending on wether the attachment still contribute strength when bowed.
  23. Uh? No, it bow an opposing character without attachment. So, it's a 2 card setup, which can be used multiple times depending on the time it stays on the board and in a clan where playing attachment (some costing 0 fate) is something that will be done a lot. It's clearly not a "back to the binder" card...
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