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  1. There are also some neutral cards that are in 3x in the core box like Otomo Courtier, Seppun Guardsman, Miya Mystic and Wandering Ronin at least.
  2. Since you've updated your list with the Kiku Matsuri results' story, you could also add Ikoma Ujiaki, Lion Clan Ambassador (story - existing character - m).
  3. Steve is just confused. He saw Hitomi Reju one day, became a fan and then believed the Dragon were the best duelists of the Empire, never realizing that Hitomi Reju was truly Doji Reju, formed by the Crane Clan.
  4. Thanks for the work. Some feedback: - Kakita Asami, Kakita Kaezin, Kakita Yuri (Asami's father and a courtier at the capital), Ikoma Eiji and Matsu Beiona appear in the learn to play rulebook story. - There are typo at least on Kuwanan and Beiona's names. - Iuchi Daiyu is the Iuchi family daimyo.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to see the opposite as a Scorpion Event.
  6. I know. I just answered on the point you made about characters.
  7. Not every clan has the same number of characters. Dragon has 1 less than any other revealed clan.
  8. The Unicorn 3-fate named character is the Utaku battle maiden (Yamino or something like that). She was spoiled on the french ffg website a while ago. I'm not so sure about your repartition. It would mean that the Unicorn would be the only clan to have no holding. Was it mentioned somewhere?
  9. In the learn to play rulebook that was posted in another topic, there's a description of the 2 learn to play decks. If I remember right, it says to take 1 of each neutral conflict card and 1 of each neutral holding in each deck, and 1 or 2 of 4 different neutral dynasty characters. So, I guess we'll have 2 of most neutral cards and 3 of a few ( with maybe only one of those neutral dynasty characters that are not used in the learn to play decks).
  10. Because immortality (time-wise) is the opposite of the mono no aware concept since immortal beings, like undeads or oni, are not really impermanent nor transient, and even less so in acceptance of it. The fate mechanic is the representation of this impermanence. And, maybe that's a personal feeling, but I can't really see undeads and oni having karma (which is also integrated in the fate mechanic). In case of, karma is defined in L5R as the spiritual energy that follows one's soul from one life to another. Undeads and oni don't really have souls, nor do they follow the reincanation wheel so karma for them wouldn't seem coherent. That's not to say that we can't have undead or oni in the game. I can see oni as powerful characters that can't have added fate, but with a lower cost than usual and with an honor loss (a little like the Doomed Shugenja). And we could have undeads as characters that can't have added fate too but who can't die until some condition is fulfilled (a little like the Steadfast Samurai). However, while it could be a nice concept for a bunch of neutral characters, I don't think a full faction based on this could really work (and that without even taking the other problems into account).
  11. Because thematically, having Oni, gobelins or undead participating in a Political conflict would not make any sense (and no, a few Pekkle no Oni or Bog Hag isn't enough to justify it), nor would it make any sense thematically to have those characters having any fate or the Shadowlands "clan" to gain or lose any honor. So if FFG wanted to add to the Shadowlands as a full-fledged playable faction, they would to specifically change the rules for them (never a good idea for balance to have a faction that works with too many differences with the rest of the field), and bend (or break) the theme of most of the main mechanics of the game. Both are seen as damageable to the game by a lot of people.
  12. FFG did that with Warhammer Invasion LCG, adding the skavens, undead, wood elves and Lizardmen factions as neutrals and I absolutly hated it. I feel it's an awful way to add factions in a game.
  13. Well, I wasn't that thrilled to see her name before reading the fiction to be honest. Her story arc for L5R was IMHO the worst one of the old game (among the arcs I followed so up to around the colonies) and I really didn't like Guild Wars 2 story and writing at all and AFAIK, she was its main writer. However, I enjoyed this story so I'll wait to see what she does with her fictions in the future. Maybe she's better suited to writing short stories than creating overarching storylines. Edit: After looking for some confirmations on the web, it appears I was wrong. It seems she never was lead writer for GW2, but she was a member of both GW story team from 2006 until the beginning of this year. So, she also worked on some of GW1 campaigns (which were better than GW2, except for Kormir...).
  14. No, that wasn't the case in the old lore either, eg: Hida O-Ushi and Shinjo Yasamura, Doji Domotai and Ikoma Kusari, or Tamori Shaitung and Isawa Nakamuro. AFAIK, it haw always been the lower status that marry in the higher status family. Edit: Thinking about it, the O-Ushi/Yasamura example is probably not a good one since they had similar status and Yasamura's marrying into the Hida family was caused by other things. It doesn't invalidate the 2 other examples though and I could probably find more.
  15. Uh, why would you expect any preview? It has been 5 clans already that had their preview article one week after their fiction. Why would they suddently change it for the Unicorn?
  16. Yeah, it clearly precedes Toturi's championship. He has been champion for how long at this point of time? 1 month? Something like this kind of treaty is not made nad accepted in so little time, especially when it forces a Champion to step down from her position.
  17. Either you misunderstood the card or you misunderstood the rules. If the 4 conflicts occured, more often that not, 4 rings are claimed (but not necessarily resolved, that's not the same thing). The only way AFAIK for a conflict to occur without having a ring claimed is having no units on each side at the end of the battle. So, if the 4 conflicts of a round are used like in your example, then at the 4th, the Initiate will almost always be 4/4. Indeed, there will be a lot of rounds with less than 4 conflicts but she will almost never have a round where she can't potentially be more than 1/1, and most of the time, she will be able to be at least 3/3 in the last conflict of the round.
  18. Empire's soul. At least, that's what is said in the subtitles.
  19. Maybe, that's not how I read the discussion between the masters. I'll re-read it later to see if your explanation makes sense to me but there are some points that really made me feel it was intentional.
  20. Nice fiction, but now I'm really curious to know why the Elemental Masters wanted the shrine to partially burn enough to sacrifice a promising fire apprentice.
  21. As I said in the other thread where we talked about this, this doesn't explain why FFG would use Tsukune's art instead of Ujimitsu's for the clan banners and marketing purpose. If Ujimitsu was the champion, even if he was a conflict character, there would be no reason to not use it for those marketing banners. If the Soul of Shiba is kept, it could be changed, but in the original lore (which is all we have concerning the Phoenix currently), before the Scorpion Clan Coup and quite a few years after, the Soul of Shiba wasn't anchored directly to the champion, but to the ancestral sword.
  22. Since without additional cards, the character will be bowed at the end of the conflict, then discarded at the end of the turn (since you can't add Fate to a character played through a card effect), it's not that different from what you're suggesting. Sure, it's stronger since it allows some cards effect like Good Omen, Reprieve or unbowing effects to have more benefits of the character but it would use a multiple cards combo so it's more situational.
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