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  1. A long time ago. I began old L5R in Gold Edition and for a lot of people, Gardening Honor was already considered a NPE then as were Dishonor Bomb decks a few months/years later. Since as far as I can remember, there have always been complaints of military players that honor and dishonor decks were NPE and should just disappear. It's something you have to learn to ignore when you play L5R. There, I'll predict that as soon as we'll see a stable and competitive honor deck in the LCG, you'll see the complaints coming back about it.
  2. It doesn't authorize them to insult or to wish them to "go burn in ****" as some have done . And honestly, if a decision like this put somebody in the state of fury we have seen here, he probably should take a break of the game for his own good.
  3. The people at Worlds saw them before the roles were chosen. So, they chose knowing them.
  4. You know that the Kotei extend at least to next GenCon, maybe even later and that the role selected by votes at Kotei will only be legal for next worlds and 1 other special event, right?
  5. For Dragon, I'd guess it's between Mirumoto Masashige and Togashi Mitsu. Mitsu may not be Imperial related but the Monk theme of the Dragon is a bit lacking currently I think so it would make sense. Moreover, it may be a coincidence but the 3 5-cost characters we have seen revealed are old fan favorites so if it's the same for the 4 others, Mitsu have quite an edge on Masashige. For Lion, I'd stay on Tsuko. Anakazu is basically an unknown (only mentionned by his wife) and Tsuko is currently very important storyline-wise so I think she should be in this cycle. For Scorpion, Kachiko is almost garanteed, being Imperial Advisor and the most iconic Scorpion character there was. For Unicorn, it could be Tadaji since he's an old favorite too and Imperial-related, but do the Unicorns needs a champion-size courtier currently? Daiyu and Kamoko are also possible and would go well for some budding subthemes. I don't really see Shahai as a 5-cost character as she is currently in the storyline. Later, on a second card, when she'll have grown, sure, but not yet. Unicorn may be the less obvious, if I had to bet on one, I'd go with Tadaji.
  6. "Duty" is Tsuko saying "OK, somebody's manipulating me and I don't care. I'll be a good pawn and do what he wants." That wouldn't make a lot of sense, even for our old hot-blooded Tsuko. This would not make her better than Toturi at all, that would just make her a fool and a tool.
  7. Looks like the clans who got a third card are those with Keeper/Seeker only cards. Maybe to ensure there are at least 2 usable cards per clan per pack? If that's the case, it would imply that Crab and Dragon are the ones that will get a third card in For Honor and Glory.
  8. For the (likely) second scorpion conflict card in Tears, I'd bet on a shinobi character. It would go nicely with the Smoke and Mirror card. Edit: Didn't see Karasu already said the same thing, guess I agree with him.
  9. I'd guess that now, instead of complaints that the reference rulebook is not in the core set, we'll have complaints that there isn't a dictionnary in it with all the definitions of all words used on the cards...
  10. LuceLineGames is arguing that you can use the "discard cards instead of paying honor" part of Duelist Training even if you don't have enough cards in hand to pay the full cost.
  11. I don't think it will be changed on FiveRingsDB since: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37082-duelist-training/
  12. Those I think I managed to read are : Northern Wall Sensei - 25 Pathfinder's Blade - 31 Test of Skill - 93 The Stone of Sorrows - 94 Oni Mask - 117 Talisman of the Sun - 119 The rest is too blurry for my eyes.
  13. Yeah, that will be quick once you go there : https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/11/the-imperial-cycle/
  14. You hope that an official announcement on the official FFG site is fake, on a day that's not april 1rst? You're bold!
  15. Not that it would change much to your opinion I guess, but it's an extra $30 per month, except if you thought there wouldn't be any pack during those months.
  16. After officially announcing like that and with a few weeks to it, 0 chances they're backtracking it. Logistically, it would be a nightmare.
  17. Official confirmation: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/10/11/the-imperial-cycle/
  18. Yes, Dynasty Packs and Deluxe boxes come with a full playset of their cards. No need to buy multiples.
  19. I'd bet it's just for the first cycle to both give a boost to the small cardpool and profit on the Christmas sales. The following cycles will come back to the usual schedule. And I'd bet on the next cycle beginning in either February or March if a Deluxe comes before it.
  20. With Yoritomo Santa maybe? Edit: I'm kidding of course, adding a Deluxe on top of that would be totally crazy (and I wouldn't bet on the Mantis so soon either) but that would be fun.
  21. I'm sorry but there's no chance that a new LCG will come before Christmas this year. L5R just came out and SW and LoTR are still alive. I doubt we'll see a new SW LCG with one already out there and the same for a coop LCG when there's already 2 of them (and with 1 only 1 year old). Moreover, FFG likes to pre-release its new LCG at GenCon for a true release in fall (which happened with L5R this year) and to release 1 new LCG per year. So, your best hope would be for next GenCon if SW is discontinued in the next months (and probably only if LoTR is also discontinued which I doubt for at least 1 more year).
  22. As, seeing your post following mine, I'm probably for you one those "just making fun of the entire reason that people have those concerns", I'll just correct something. I'm not making fun of anything, I'm just showing that a lot of those people that protest over "cultural appropriation" are not coherent in their behaviour, since they will still do it themselves, with Christmas, Halloween or those kind of celebrations used as obvious examples. The tone was snarky indeed because I'm tired of people giving morale lessons to other when they don't even apply those to themselves. Obviously, there are a few exceptions that behave coherently with their (supposed or real?) morale positions but I'd bet they are a very small minority. On top of that, all (well, most since there are still some isolated tribes here and there) current cultures are results of the absorption of other cultures elements. Since the discussion have focused a lot on Japan, do you have any idea of how many gods of the japanese pantheon come from China for example? Or how much the japanese language have been influenced by other cultures? That Go and Shogi that are usually associated with Japan don't find their origin there? I could give dozens of those kind of examples. And there, I take the japanese as an example, but it's the same everywhere. There aren't any "pure culture" because that concept makes no sense.
  23. I do hope that most of those crying over "cultural appropriation" don't celebrate Christmas or Halloween or any of those kind of events. It would be quite sad if they were just hypocrites...
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