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  1. Sure, why not, it could be fun. Not sure if it would be everyone's cup of tea though.
  2. It even starts before the point where the AEG storyline started (for example, Akodo Arasou is alive). A bit sad to see Hoturi changed to a girl (it means no chance to see the Kachiko/Hoturi relationship again) but I like most of what I saw on the storyline start.
  3. I'm all for naming characters instead of generic no-name cards. There are tens of thousands of people in each clans, I don't see any problem in seeing a few Hida Kuroda each generation. That's why there was the possibility of having multiple cards of the same non-unique personality in the AEG version. And I like much more having names for everybody, with a few iconic names that are taken again generations after generations (the names in the core set and the deluxe boxes) than going with "11th Tower 2nd Floor Hida Bushi with a Tetsubo" after a few sets.
  4. There are 3 (at least) things that prevent us to have any certainty about the time period : - They can add any number of clans as Deluxe Expansion as they want, so we could very well be in a time period with 8 or 9 clans, with those added later. - Clans in the game is not the same as Great Clans in the story, there are a lot of examples of "factions" in the game that were not Great Clans (we could imagine the setting being after the SCC and still have Scorpion playable as a "hidden" clan). - They theoretically can do whatever they want with the story. If they want to put the setting in the Iweko dynasty timeline retconning it without any Mantis or Spider Clan ever existing, as weird as it would seem, they can. I'm not saying that we won't see a reboot to the Clan War era. I would not be surprised if they did it. But, the informations we have with those 7 clans mons are not enough to be sure of anything.
  5. And whose self-insert Mary Sue was he between the dozen of writers that added to him? It's strange, usually, writers use characters they created themselves when they want self-insert. After all, if the character is created by somebody else, how can it be a self-insert? Do you even know who was the lead writer that created Daigotsu? Hint : it wasn't Shawn Carman.
  6. Sure, the tamashii never existed... http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Tamashii
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