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  1. Honestly, while the way DarkHorse is saying it is a bit exaggerated, I also kinda feel like that. I can totally relate to the list he has written to explain this feeling. Overall, I'd guess the main reason for that is not the writing itself but the pacing of story updates. It's been 2 years since the release, almost 2,5 years since the beginning of the storyline publication, and it feels like that during that time, not much happened that has changed things (excepted the emperor's death obviously). For me (maybe because I've have been spoiled with AEG storyline tempo), it's far too long for a status quo situation and for build up time. At that pace, assuming the Clan War doesn't go poof and isn't rushed, how long before a potential Day of Thunder* ? 5-6 years? I also feel that it's too long for major storywise domination for 1 clan and I think it's a big part of why DarkHorse feels that way. Contrary to the 6 others, the Scorpion Clan had basically no real struggle during those 2 years (or did I forgot something?). I know it's a "greatness before the fall" situation, but then again, 2 and an half year and that "fall" is still not there. It may come soon, it may come in a year, but, maybe unfairly, with the previous pacing, I'd bet more on "in 1 year" than on "in a few weeks". * I know that FFG may decide to not go that way, I'm just using it as a well-known milestone for the story.
  2. And I'd add that the suggested use of chaining in casual play is tracking the results of each deck against each deck, which will be a chore to do, even with an app.
  3. KerenRhys


    At first glance, this seems either terrible (especially for organized play) or incredibly gimmicky and useless. And it feels like it's made to push players to buy a lot of deck in order to obtain a competitive deck with a desired playstyle.
  4. Answers will probably be as useless as those from last week reddit AMA, so yeah... ?
  5. I hope for FFG and L5R that your analogy won't be totally correct, because at the end, America ultimately failed too, after lots of lies, casualties and wasted years.
  6. No, it's currently owned by Paradox Interactive.
  7. Actually, I think we'll see an announcement pretty soon for a release at GenCon this year. The last time FFG had a year without a new LCG was in 2013 and FFG has known a long time that SW would end with this pack so they had the time to push forward the design of a new game. A March announcement with a pre-release at GenCon would be in line with how they did it for Conquest and L5R (kinda). Now, which setting and which kind of gameplay (coop or competitive)? That's a good question. Their coop are doing well (and they just released a competitive LCG with L5R) so they could be tempted to go that way but will they want to have 3 of them at the same time? That may be a bit much. For the setting, I'd put a coin on Twilight Imperium. With Conquest and SW out of the picture, there's a space for a Sci-fi/Space Opera themed game.
  8. Exactly. That's why I really don't think we'll see a flood of clan packs and then the next Dynasty cycle. I'd bet we'll see the 2nd cycle starting february or march at the latest and 2-3 clan packs this year (and maybe 1-2 Deluxe on top of that).
  9. That's false, FFG used deluxe for new factions in Warhammer Conquest, in the first Cthulhu, in the first edition of GoT, etc... So, nothing prevent them to do it with L5R.
  10. If I remember right, Bain was one of the 2 Maidens of the Spear (with Chiad) that were Faile's friends. Perrin's friend should be Gaul.
  11. Is there somebody that managed to decipher the name of the Kuni shugenja? The glare is strong in this one.
  12. Crab should also get only 14 cards. In the OP, 112 is probably incorrectly put as a Crab card. It should be Miya Satoshi (I don't remember if he has been shown somewhere or if he's still only a leak/rumor), a neutral character.
  13. That's probably a mistake, 104 should be the Crane magistrate.
  14. I know that it was a small one and it still doesn't put Phoenix on the same page as Lion, Scorpion and Crane, but there was also the Smokeless Fire as a Phoenix-POV fiction.
  15. I do understand the point that maybe it shouldn't be said, but I don't get where does the surprise that imperial navy (and Great Clans' navy at that time) is really weak come from. It was the same in the old storyline, where nobody had any real kind of naval power except for the Mantis. Crane made some progress on that front only after the Mantis became a Great Clan and the Crab had their turtle ships but those are not seaworthy. I'd remind that in old Rokugan, for a long time, there was a law that forbid anybody to make improvements on ships (law that I doubt Mantis "pirates" would choose to respect). So, stating that the Empire can't do much against Mantis fleet is the simple truth. The only question would be "Is it wise to say the naked truth?" In a supposedly private meeting between daimyo who perfectly know that situation and with Taka's testimony worth less than Yoshi's (due to their respective status), I'm not sure it really matters.
  16. There are 8 conflicts cards in this leak. We already have 3 conflict cards revealed for this pack. It may not be impossible but I somehow doubt we'll see a pack with 11 conflicts cards, 1-2 provinces and 7-8 dynasty cards.
  17. Crane and Lion having easier access to the IA than Phoenix, really? I won't deny that Lion is at the top of cards quality in the Imperial cycle currently. But, I'd argue that Phoenix is there too, and above Crane.
  18. Seeing that Crane and Scorpion seals give secondary traits (and that neither gives Courtier), I doubt a little that Bushi, Shugenja and maybe Monk will be given by the other seals. I think we should look into other less common traits. My bet would be : - Crab : Scout or Berserker. - Dragon : Tattooed? Nothing based on it for now, but some tattooes could come. - Lion : Commander maybe. There's Akodo Tashiro power that's based on it. - Phoenix : Scholar? Yojimbo? Not much use for either of them currently. Maybe they could go another way with the Phoenix and allow the player to choose any of the 5 elemental traits? - Unicorn : Cavalry
  19. Thinking about it a little more about it, I think he was mentioned in the post-GenCon story, the one with Tadaji and Ishikawa. Anakazu is the Ikoma daimyo though, not Ujiaki.
  20. That was Eiji. I don't think Ujiaki has been mentioned before in this timeline.
  21. It seems there have been some leaks (that I didn't see so no idea about other stats and powers) about a 5-cost Unicorn with move-in/move-out power on top of Tadaji, a 5-cost Scorpion with 6 Pol and a kind of Outwit power and a 5-cost Ikoma Lion. No idea about the veracity.
  22. Karasu, you can add Bayushi Yojiro to your Scorpion section. His card has been spoiled during a match between Brad Andres and the Runewars world champion (I think) during the Worlds.
  23. That didn't happen and repeating it again and again as a broken record won't make it any more true. The 2 guys who made the decision (known here as Hinomura - scorpion hatamoto since GenCon and scorpion player for a long time in the old ccg - and Evilgm - admin of the scorpion clan forum) are both currently scorpion players. FFS, it has been repeated again and again, how is it so difficult to understand?
  24. Seeing you're the one who are calling somebody a liar, I don't think you're in a good place to protest about name calling.
  25. Is it your first card game? Because designers and playtest teams making mistakes/missing something isn't something so rare that it's make it as impossible as you put it. If that was the case there wouldn't ever be any need to ban/errata/limit cards, which is something that happens regularly in most card games, even FFG ones.
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