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    Zomboid got a reaction from nitrobenz in What cards say versus rules.   
    I always knew the rules are they way they are because someone decides they are what they are.  Just wanted to point out more inconsistencies in both the rules and players perception of them. By playing ignorrent and basing my counter argument off of assumptions and misinformation. 
    I don't care about trajectory sim and genius or free actions on huge ships. It is what it is. I just hope that this, among many other threads, forces change so that in the future people won't buy a $40 ship for a card only to find out a month later it doesn't  actually  do what it says. 
    This is not to say FAQ's are not needed. Somethings need to change. But to disguise an errata' as a clarification all because of poor editing is not the same.
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    Zomboid reacted to thespaceinvader in Scum Nym and friendly bombs/mines   
    Yes.  It's in the FAQ that he doesn't set them off IIRC.
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    Zomboid reacted to nitrobenz in What cards say versus rules.   
    Free actions are always restricted by normal rules. Because PTL is 'may' it does not override normal rules. If PTL said 'you must perform a free action...' then it would (presumably) work through stress.
    The thing with both Automated Protocols and Genius v Trajectory is that they respectively work and don't work because am FAQ "clarification" says so. Don't logic it and don't use either as precedent for anything else. 
    I understand the frustration, FFG absolutely should have errata'd the Trajectory Simulator reference to not include the words 'drop' or 'instead' to keep it from working. These "we just say so" rulings foster a an unfortunate distrust of how basic card interactions work.
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    Zomboid reacted to muribundi in What cards say versus rules.   
    Except in the case of Genius, if you go by the book reading of the rule they were right to do so...

    Launch Bomb read like this:

    "Instead of dropping a bomb, some abilities in this product allow a ship to LAUNCH a bomb token. To launch a bomb token, follow these steps." If we see no token reference.


    "After you reveal and execute a maneuver, if you did not overlap a ship, you may discard one of your equipped Bomb Upgrade cards without the "Action:" header to drop the corresponding bomb token." Oupsie Genius make you drop the corresponding token, it does not let you drop a bomb at all...

    It may be spliting the hair... but in a game where Reroll is not a Roll and other split the hair word difference, I see it as a big deal to explain why Genius does not work with Trajectory Simulator...
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    Zomboid reacted to Parravon in What cards say versus rules.   
    And much like the Rules Reference, in need of an overhaul to include the changes of the last few years.
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    Zomboid reacted to MegaSilver in What cards say versus rules.   
    You have to look at the specific rules insert that comes with the Gozanti and (maybe) the CROC. They specify the updated rules about Huge Only upgrade cards that grant free actions. The rules inserts online and in the older Epics do not mention this.
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    Zomboid reacted to theBitterFig in What cards say versus rules.   
    I'll be the other guy.
    The latest Epic rules include a line to this effect: "Huge ships cannot perform free actions except on 'huge ship-only' upgrades."
    So I guess the rules don't say this.
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    Zomboid got a reaction from emeraldbeacon in Can anyone please just plainly explain how to unlock the shuttle from the ghost?   
    See second part of the comment. 
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    Zomboid got a reaction from Thornne in Hire Rule?   
    Because then you'd have Scum Nym with Miranda, Dash and Dengar, the list of 'things Imperial players cry about' would be never ending.
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    Zomboid reacted to FourDogsInaHorseSuit in Can anyone please just plainly explain how to unlock the shuttle from the ghost?   
    I used a screwdriver but I broke my ghost model.
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    Zomboid reacted to ObiWonka in Overlaping and End of Map   
    Other than not wanting your ship to be destroyed, why would you not place him where the rules tell you to: bumping the Falcon and off the map, therefore destroyed?
    Also, Vassal has had Auto-Collision Technology™ for a while now.
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    Zomboid reacted to thespaceinvader in What cards say versus rules.   
    It doesn't function otherwise.
    But yeah some of the epic rules are badly written.
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    Zomboid reacted to DR4CO in What cards say versus rules.   
    These are both prime examples of FFG's patented "Because we say so" rulings. They say it works (or doesn't, in the case of Genius), and it is so.
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