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  1. I always knew the rules are they way they are because someone decides they are what they are. Just wanted to point out more inconsistencies in both the rules and players perception of them. By playing ignorrent and basing my counter argument off of assumptions and misinformation. I don't care about trajectory sim and genius or free actions on huge ships. It is what it is. I just hope that this, among many other threads, forces change so that in the future people won't buy a $40 ship for a card only to find out a month later it doesn't actually do what it says. This is not to say FAQ's are not needed. Somethings need to change. But to disguise an errata' as a clarification all because of poor editing is not the same.
  2. Dropping a bomb Token Each bomb Upgrade card allows you to drop a bomb Token. Rule for dropping bomb straight out of the book. So, again by your definition/explanation, Trajectory Simulator shouldn't work ever. Oopsie just like being able to fire out side of Arc is not a 360 degree Arc. There is no such thing as just dropping a bomb. It's actually dropping a bomb Token.
  3. So by your definition/explanation, I could launch a thermal detonator but place a cluster mine because it doesn't state corresponding bombs token. No joke you have to use the corresponding bombs token. No matter how you use them. And per you quote of Genius, you still 'drop' the corresponding bombs token.
  4. I know there was a thread on this back in July so don't jump me for reposting. I just couldn't find anything from FFG to confirm either way. Can Scum Nym run over and/or land on mines without triggering them?
  5. Just download the PDFs. Or download X-Wing Squadron Builder. It has all the rules.
  6. Because then you'd have Scum Nym with Miranda, Dash and Dengar, the list of 'things Imperial players cry about' would be never ending.
  7. The rules say Huge ships cannot preform free actions. Automated protocols say you may preform a free recover or reinforce action. It does not reference being able to ignore the rule. Just does.
  8. Rules also say Huge ships cannot preform free actions. Push the limit says after preforming an action you may preform a free action. So if a can preform an action while stressed through another card, R4-E1 ect., I would then be able to use push the limit, because of the golden rules you keep quoting. Card supersedes rules ect.
  9. So why can't I grant free actions while stressed through card abilities?
  10. So I'm going to be that guy. Bomb cards say 'drop'. Genius says 'drop'. Trajectory Simulator says 'instead of dropping'. From just reading they should work together, but for some reason they don't. So how can Automated Protocols give a 'free' recover or reinforce action when page 4 of the Epic rule book specifically states Huge ships cannot preform 'free' actions.
  11. So this is more then likely common knowledge but I can't find any thing on it. If I complete a red maneuver and use R4-E1 to drop a bomb (but not remove stress), can I still use Ptl/EI for the free action?
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