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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm doing the fight correctly. About being hit or not: example When an adversary shots a PC with a gun, I roll the dice which are based on his ability to use that specific weapon type: heavy. And I add the difficulty dice based on the "ranged attack difficulty". Eventually, I add more difficulty dice if the adversary is engaged or not. Last I add a set back die if the PC is in cover. Then I roll. If the result is at least +1 success, then the PC is hit. Is it correct? Does exist enything else that the PC can do to avoid being hit? How? And how it works with the dice? About jedi. Exaclty, how it works the possibility to block the shot with the lightsaber? Or even send back the shot to the adversary? Thank you!
  2. Yes, I thought the same about to start with Niman discipline... Thank you m8s, you were very kind!
  3. I didn't read all the Core Rule Book yet. I just want to know fast what I'm most interested about. Also I found in the book not so clear what I'm asking for in this thread. For example what do you mean that Darth Vader's choke can be done with Harm, Bind or even Move? Doesn't exist somewhere a simply Force skill called "choke" (or something...), maybe with 3 or more power levels? What do you mean with "buy the force rating"? Do you mean with xp? How much it cost? I don't want to kill Palpatine! (at least not yet...) I want to know what should be the path for a PC to become as Palpatine (or Darth Sidious, if you prefer...). Thank you!
  4. Hi, What is the "Force Power Tree" to choke (Darth Vader)? And which ability is exactly? In the "Force Power Tree Unleash" I don't find the power for lightning (Palpatine). Which ability is exactly? What kind of career and specialization is Palpatine? Is Palpatine a Human from the planet Naboo? Is it known where he was born and from who? How to increase the PC's Force level? Is correct that for each Force level a PC may use one Force dice? So, if a PC has Force level 3 he can use 3 dice? Thank you!
  5. What it means "they heal less each time" exactly ? Thank you!
  6. Hi, Afther a fight a PC can use medicine untill he full recover all the wounds, or what? Is it the same for critical injuries? How many stimpacks can a PC use during a fight? Thank you!
  7. Hi! I have a group of friends who would like to play sith heroes. Do you have any suggestions on how to adapt the rules? Is there any kind of adventure of this kind already ready? Does exist something about this? Thank you for any help or suggestion.
  8. Hello, On the book of Force and Destiny I can't find the part that shows the Dark Side Force Power Tree. I woud like to know how to use the force power "choke" (darth vader) or "electrocute" (darth sidious), for example. Thank you for any help!
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