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  1. I would look at Tamiya Acrylic NATO Black for the vest. It is a really good fit. It looks black, but then comes off as slightly blue/green.
  2. Yes, I looked up a quote for the post that might seem fitting. I appreciate the feedback about my writing. I am actually writing a book, but not Star Wars related. As far as the update goes, my players just started yesterday. They put all their resources together and are trying to find a system far from the shipping lanes to start a mining colony without Imperial jurisdiction, not certain they can trust the new Emperor. So far they have only scouted out two places and passed on the first. Leave it to players to accidentally avoid all your best laid plans. They chose an interesting option, isolation. Could be a good move considering. So they won't likely make a play to be at the heart of galactic politics and/or struggles, and that is fine by me. Good story telling potential there. Thanks again for your interest.
  3. Thank you for your interest immortalfrieza. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. I don't often get online these days. Your response really made my day. I'm glad it had the desired impact and sparked some curiosity. Also, it was highly condensed hehe, good catch on that. I'll elaborate some more for sure! The galaxy is in pretty good hands, in the form of Luke and his intentions. However, I think the intentions of the old guard are still hardcore and play out much the same way, even at the direct opposition to standing orders from Emperor Luke. The Tarkin doctrine was abolished but those who thought like him were not killed off. Vader counseled against such a purge as it would likely have caused a civil war. Luke was also forced to retain the Moffs as well, for a long period of time, in order to avert civil war, which he saw as the greater of the evil between that and continued old Empire policies. His only course of action was to breed a new type of Imperial Navy Officer and essentially wait for them to permeate the system. To attain this goal Luke and Vader would go through the old Republic officers (that had been incorporated in to the Palpatine's Empire) but had a history of being left behind in promotions due to their hesitation or open opposition to hard handed tactics. Captain Needa is an example that people would be familiar with. Rather than seeing Vader remove a thorn in his side during the pursuit of the Falcon (in Empire Strikes Back), Vader instead sees the value in a principled officer that stands on self-reliance as well as bygone codes of honor. Needa, and officers like him, are placed in charge of the reformed Imperial Academy. This method is more subtle, not unnoticed, but better able to fully subvert control while avoiding all out civil war. The new Empire starts to emerge with officers and leaders that serve Luke out of loyalty to the cause and the throne by choice, not by fear and intimidation. This also means that the new crop of officers are more capable, faster on their feet, and able to respond to unknowns more immediately, they are not yes-men. It also decentralizes absolute authority in the form of Emperor Luke himself, but the risk is outweighed by the potential wealth to be found in loyal and self-determined officers. * Vader privately to Luke: "For as long as you have been alive I have forced men to my will. I bent them. I broke them. I crushed them under heel and made cowards of the rest." Vader turns from Luke, his glossy and unreadable mask looking upon a window of stars. "I may again... I must on your behalf, my son." Vader turns back to Luke. "Yet you can change that Luke. You have shown in me an insight that I have not recalled since before you born." Vader stands up taller, his voice becoming sharp and clear. "I once admired a Jedi Knight, long ago... he is only a memory now, and he was instructor to Obi-Wan Kenobi, teaching him in the ways of the force. I knew this man for only a short time, yet the force was his ally. He taught me that you cannot force people to be just and decent. Such qualities arise from within. That people cannot be forced from without." Vader turns back to the window, his silhouette faint on the glass. "I had forgotten this teaching, yet I have seen this wisdom through you. They are words I cannot teach myself. I am not a fit vessel that can deliver this lesson. The patient method used by Luke would not be enough for the majority of Rebel cells, in my estimation. Not only would they question the authority of a new (as they would see it) tyrant emperor, but they are also the Alliance to Restore the Republic and a new Skywalker Empire would not be something the majority of Rebel leaders would agree to. The cessation of much of the atrocities of the Tarkin doctrine would probably only encourage some cells, seeing it as a victory, even while others recognize it for what it is. However, those like the Saw Gerrera types or other hardened troops that were in it as much for revenge as for liberation, would stymie peace talks. The same would be true on Luke's side. Peace is at an all time low price, but both sides have reasons to keep it going, if not at the top level, then somewhere down the line. This would cause talks to break down after a ceasefire or truce was sabotaged by a dastardly captain of a Star Destroyer or a rebel cell leader using the opportunity of a stand down to take advantage of lax patrolling within the Empire. Whatever the event it would cause upheaval for the players at the peace summits. If they oppose their own side breaking the agreed truce then they lose support from within, causing a potential fracture. If they condone it, they push the negotiations in to dire straights. If they do nothing, it only gets worse. Both sides might long for peace, but finding it may mean too much compromise, which in itself might lead to yet more conflict. This is all in the shadows as things progress, but I think that it is worth mentioning that the Rebels would not be able to make the correct judgement on Luke's intentions. All they know for certain is that he was a pilot that flew his X-Wing at the battle of Yavin and avoided killing his father, who then went on to team up and take down the Emperor, and then take the throne, for himself. Almost anyone would have a hard time discerning the truth in this scenario. His actions might showcase his good faith, and his personal interactions with rebel leaders might even be enough to convince them of the truth, but in the end there would be a real struggle in this regards. (I am not certain Vader being revealed as a Skywalker would necessarily have happened, but I am playing the campaign as though it was. It would definitely help solidify him as legitimate to established Empire officials). For instance, Luke's support and counsel from Darth Vader, a mass murderer and fanatical dark lord would probably be too much to stomach, even for devotees to peace at all costs. In the end, the Rebellion might have a harder time recruiting, but many established cells would likely be far from giving up the fight. All that and I still didn't answer your question. The player characters themselves have not even taken their roles yet. I use a personalized form of character creation that gives the players randomly allocated origins. They have complete control over their character's race, motivations and skill development, but their origins are outside their control. For instance, I once had a character roll a slave that went on to become a wealthy pirate who preyed on Hutt shipping and had fence contacts within the Empire. This is all during creation. So even I don't know what roles they will fill. Jedi characters are exceptionally rare, however, it is possible. The only rules I have in origins and careers is that players cannot be on opposing sides. This is too impossible to play out in a game session and ultimately pointless, unless as a turning point towards the end of a long campaign and climax to the story. You are right on spot that fighting the Empire could potentially make things a lot worse. However, I am keeping Luke's ultimate opinions to himself (unless they read this board which is unlikely). I will not be explaining the intentions of Luke to the players. Whatever type of player they roll, they only know for certain is that Luke joined with Vader and overthrew Palpatine. The above several paragraphs is the morass that the characters will be thrown in to. The first thing that should be noted about my new galaxy, is that Mon-Cala, or Dac, has declared itself neutral in (what it calls) an Imperial civil war. The announcement is extremely risky, as it is obvious to everyone that the Mon Cals have declared independence from the Empire and the statement of neutrality in the civil war is nothing more than a ploy for the new Emperor to save face as Mon Calamari exits the yoke of Imperial dominance. The Mon Cals feel that their planet can be defended as a focal point of a new and growing separatist faction at this early point based on signs that Luke may not be a genocidal tyrant. They are unaware that a second death star is under construction and Luke is forced to deal with this as his first real threat to galactic peace. He has little negotiating power, however, other than force, and the Rebels who know him are spearheading the declaration, including his sister, Princess Leia. Luke is pressured with immense stress in to declaring all out war against the Calamari by Imperial Moffs, angered at the threat a free world like Dac could cause on a galactic level. The political side effects of either course of action are very apparent to Luke. But it is Vader who supplies the alternative. He recalls a teaching from old Jedi Master Plo Koon; "You cannot make peace with someone who does not want it. You must find out what they want and be prepared to give it to them." Luke immediately moves against Mon Cal and the growing concern within his own empire, but by political means. He grants Mon Calamari a provisional dispensation to somewhat restore its monarchy. However, he gives the land holding to his sister, Princess Leia Organna, formerly of Alderaan, to hold the seat of the monarchy until such a time that the Mon Calamari and the Quarren can decide who will be their monarch. Leia is effectively dealt with as she is immediately taken up with petitions and claims upon the monarchy. She is also awarded an Imperial Star Destroyer, and accompanying Stormtrooper detachment, as a personal bodyguard, under the command of a hand picked Captain by none other than Vader himself. At once the old guard imperials see this as a power move long being orchestrated. They see the potential for a plan decades in the making, with the power of the Skywalker family having supplanted both the Rebellion and the Empire together (to their minds anyway). The Rebels piece together a similar potential scenario, but are in a stalemate, as almost all of their hopes and dreams have come true, but their trust in Leia is brought in to question as the pieces fall o-so-perfectly in to place. Despite her sincerity she is only mildly successful in persuading others that she had no foreknowledge of the move. Also, I got to run for the day. I hope everyone liked it. I am barely scratching the surface here for what I have prepared for the campaign. If anyone wants any specifics about something let me know. I just don't promise I can respond right away, as I barely use the old PC. If you got this far thanks for reading! Tell me what you think? If you thought I was wrong let me know why. My players are not starting for another week, and I can make spot changes easy enough. -WKValade
  4. Luke joined Vader on Cloud City and they rule the galaxy as father and son. That is the premise of the campaign I am about to start. The players enter 10 years post takeover of the Skywalker Empire. Luke becomes Emperor and Vader acts as his guide to the force and is much the same as he was for Palpatine, that is, Vader is still the enforcer but does not seek to become Emperor himself, willing his son to the position. The scenario has Luke never fully giving in to the dark side, wrestling with Vader's darkness, but slowly being brought in by degrees to be less and less optimistic and idealistic. All the while as Vader learns redemption in the love of his son and the two form an equilibrium based off each other. The Empire is still brutal and the Rebellion is still fighting but there are changes being made throughout the galaxy. The Death Star is the absolute power in the galaxy, but many question whether the new Emperor would ever use it. The Tarkin doctrine is abandoned but abuse of power is still rampant. Peace talks are underway with Rebel leaders but the potential is brittle. Many question if the Empire can be salvaged, even with the efforts of the new emperor. Luke starts a force academy with his father. They abandon the teachings of Sith and Jedi alike and instead opt for a blending of the two. They begin to forge a true balance in the force as they guide new initiates in a dark and light saturated path. Vader teaches strength and mastery of the force while ever guiding his students away from being fully submerged in hate, recalling what destructive ends it brought him to. He is subtle in this teaching and hides his true feelings, never allowing any but Luke to glimpse his inner thoughts. He remains brutal and uncompromising, punishing failure and allowing little praise for success. Luke on the other hand maintains his optimism and devotion to justice. He is transformed from a brash and idealistic farm boy to a burden laden Emperor that does not like the atrocities being committed by his forces the galaxy wide. His force training emphasizes the responsibility that comes with power, advising his students much in the same way a Jedi would, but he allows for love and affection to guide the new students, recognizing the power it has over him, and the potential to cause or avert great calamity. I am not certain how interaction would take place between Vader and the force ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan. However, as Vader turns away from his entrapment within the dark side, I imagine they would both take great interest in the potential of Luke and Vader. They would eventually, I think, support Luke and counsel him on how best to turn his new power to good and overcome the brutality that forms the bedrock of his new empire. After another 10 years the first apprentices of the new school of force users are ready for their new role in the galaxy. A reformation in the organization of the Empire is made, announcing that new Jedi Knights have been trained (a title that has been redeemed through Imperial propaganda I suppose). These new force users replace Moffs initially, supplanting Imperial governors as the new force school grows. This system essentially turns the Empire in to a feudal system, putting Jedi Knights in charge of their own vassals and ruling with authority granted to them by the Emperor. The new galaxy is very similar to the old one, but the Rebellion loses a great deal of strength as new reforms are made by the new class of Jedi Knights. The Empire's main forces and government retains a human only policy but recruitment of force sensitives is not restricted to humans only, and many Jedi Knights are aliens, causing some resentment within the military. The ruling elite are replaced by force wielders from a variety of species and they are given authority to form regional armies with whatever species restrictions they wish (though officers are still trained at the Imperial Academy and are comprised of humans only). The power of these new Jedi Knights keeps the military leaders in check and they in turn are loyal to Luke by the new philosophies and teachings established by the new order (and of course the Death Star). I'll leave it there for now, as I have a host of other changes that have been made as well, but that is the main canon change. I can elaborate further if anyone wants. Thanks for the OP. It was a great discussion starter and I liked reading through the thoughts people had on the subject.
  5. Hello everyone, thank you all for the interest! This was the first post I have put up on the forum and I was really blown away by the responses/interest in the topic. Thank you all for the feedback. I have a lot to consider. Just to clarify for everyone, my RPG is using Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion rules and stats (my players love the dice mechanics). I ran my players through the Traveller character creation (which is the most in depth and fun builder I have ever ran across for character creation but can get OP unless constrained), I then divided their stats by two for the final result. So the characters can start out with 6s in some stats but will generally have 2s or even a 1 as well from age. This is in order to allow them to start as admirals or renowned captains etc. or maybe even a grizzled combat marine for boarding action goodness. I usually run low power games with the players scraping for credits and just having enough to get their modified freighter turned privateer with spotty lasers and a rickety hyperdrive in to space for another spice run. After getting shot down by the Empire time and again, literally never standing a chance against an ISD, I decided to go very high power and run a campaign that pits the players against the Empire in a direct power match. I always ran X-Wing for the player characters, allowing them to dogfight Imperial forces until an ISD or other powerful force arrived and caused them to punch the hyperdrives out of there. This time, I wanted to go big! The setting of this campaign, however, is a touch unorthodox as I played with the lore and had a separate Galaxy accessible by a wormhole that the Rebels found and began extracting their forces to. They started building up a sizable chain of colonies and shipyards well ahead of the Empire ever even finding out about the wormhole. When they do finally realize it exists they follow the Rebels with pioneer fleets to explore the new galaxy, coming in to contact with the Rebels and/or the local civilizations that exist. The wormhole only allows for spotty use and it jumps around the Galaxy, each point leading from and to a different location. The Empire is working on tech that can stabilized it and hold it in place, thus would they have pure control over travel to and from the new Galaxy. The project is on par with the building of a death star in terms of resources and it is a major effort by the rebels to disrupt this new development. Enter the player characters. They are in charge of a Rebel cell. Outfitted with ship shares from the Traveller character creation, and plenty of credits to fund their very own rebel cell, they lead expansion efforts in the new Galaxy. They can focus on military or industrial potential, or become a harbor of outcasts and primarily concern themselves with the retention of culture and diverse thought from the old Galaxy. They could also go rogue for all I know. Whatever they choose to do is up to them, but the primary focus of the campaign is to either stop the Empire from completing its wormhole stabilization efforts, or wrest control of it from them and secret it away to Rebel stewardship. If the Empire is able to complete the project it would essentially be game over, as it would only be a matter of time until Star Destroyers hung over every planetary system in the new Galaxy. This being the case the players are encouraged or even forced to take the fight to the enemy, whether attacking the facility with an armada of ships after a huge build up, or covert action on the ground, sabotaging efforts and supply lines in the traditional Rebel way. Its entirely up to them. They will have to take it in to consideration in their plans, all while dealing with Imperial incursions and maneuvering in the new Galaxy. The Armada game comes in when playing out those large scale battles. Objectives and results will have far reaching consequences to the long term potential of establishing a safe haven far from Imperial dictatorship. The Rebels themselves will aid in certain battles, adding in points or ships when convinced of the greater good that can be achieved through RPG interaction by the players. The characters will eventually find themselves at the head of a fleet encompassing MC ships of the line and dozens of fighter squadrons etc. Tasked with fighting for a new lease on life, they will have to build up enough force to challenge the Empire for control over homeworlds and long cherished places of importance back in the Prime Galaxy. This will play out with ships getting damaged and upgraded, repurposed or mothballed, the crews becoming veterans of combat and being transferred to newer and better ships or fine tuning their abilities on their cherished and long used battle ready ships. This is all ignoring the denizens of the new galaxy itself, but this post is getting rather long. So I digress. I don't mind sharing with everyone about it, as I said I was very surprised by the amount of interest and thoughtful responses that I have gotten so far. I checked the forum after a long week at work and found it really pleasant to read through the various posts. So, thank you all for that. This has been WKVALADE
  6. Hello, I have a somewhat unorthodox question regarding turn length in Armada. I am wondering what length of real time passes per turn in a theoretical manner. For instance, does a turn take 10 minutes? 5? I'm asking since I run a RPG and have been running encounters with approx. 10 minutes of player action per Armada turn. This gives the players 10 turns to interact and respond to the changing conditions as well as change physical positions within their respective ships. I want to incorporate my X Wing tabletop miniatures in to the mix as this year I have a player starting that is all about dog fights. It wouldn't be as much fun being a pilot of a snub fighter in Armada. At least not as thematic as being on the bridge of an Assault Frigate. That being the case I want to nail down a solid time frame in order to get the rules tight enough to transfer systems of play without losing track of what turn it is so that both Armada and X Wing can interact on different game boards. Armada is particularly easy to incorporate in to the RPG, as is X Wing for that matter, doing both at the same time might be a stretch. Still, I am going to give it a shot as my players are quite comfortable with my homebrew rules that take Armada and X Wing in to the RPG system and won't mind a few mistakes along the way.
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