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  1. Welllll, tonight I played against my friend's tourney skirmish force consisting of Kari, and three 2x1 Oathsworn, two of which had Rank Discipline. I got my butt handed to me twice. My biggest problem (aside from a couple dumb choices) was a lack of damage output. The cav's speed let them set the terms of combat, and I was never able to hit back before being destroyed. So I think I'm going to try playing with Ardus, two 2x1 archers, and a 2x1 carrion lancer unit. It will all be vanilla (it's exactly 100points), but having carrion with threat 2 will be a lot more meaningful. I'll miss Rank Discipline, but honestly, I maybe had 1 decent re-roll. Ugh. It was quite demoralizing!
  2. This is what I was playing around with in Battlescribe. I like it a lot (and not just because it means I don't need to paint up more units before Saturday).
  3. That would be nice, but even if I remove Ardus' Fury, that would still leave me at 101pts. Fine for casual play, but I can't do it for a tourney.
  4. Like everyone said, it's the same soft plastic, but it's definitely better detail than Descent. I was actually surprised when I first held the minis - they were better than I was expecting.
  5. I've got a tourney on Saturday, and I think this is the force I'll show up with. I would've rather had two 2x1 archer units, but that would have taken me over. ++ Standard Army (Waiqar the Undying : Wave 0 (2017)) [100 Points] ++ + Infantry + Ardus Ix'Erebus [38 Points]: 1 Tray, Ardus' Fury Reanimate Archers [32 Points]: 2x2 Trays + Siege + Carrion Lancers [15 Points]: 1 Tray Carrion Lancers [15 Points]: 1 Tray ++ Total: [100 Points] ++
  6. I have four core worth of undead, and plan on buying x2 infantry upgrades, and one of everything else. I'll buy upcoming undead units as needed, but at $25 for two trays, I probably won't buy as many.
  7. It would also be fun to get alternate unit cards with unique unit shapes.
  8. I use a wooden sculpting tool to scrape paint off the sides of my bases and trays. Keeps them looking neat and prevents scuffing problems. It also helped me not create threads with sensationalist titles like this one.
  9. Agreed. We don't need a cheeseball making a unit that stretches from one end of the board to the other to screen his other troops, or something just as silly.
  10. It's a pity they had to add the tips for boiling spears. I really liked all of the alternative paint schemes in the undead guide.
  11. Then it isn't deployed and counts as lost.
  12. This game is also bringing in board gamers, who are used to even more abstraction than minis gamers.
  13. May I just say how confusing it is every day to come into forums for a quasi-medieval game and see a topic entitled Lasers? It only takes me a nanosecond to remember the actual point of the topic, but for that wee nanosecond I'm thinking, "What the deuce?!?"
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