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  1. I m player of 3 campaigns in sector Jerycho. Two of them are Deathwatch and one is Black Crusade. In all of said campaigns I have faced Tyranids. We mostly won but we have one problem. The problem is that in every encounter with Tyranids, synapse is allways 50 meters under the surface and is surounded by a lot of guards that will trow theyr lives to save it. I happend to be over the top if it comes to S bonus (81) khornite Deamon Prince and i m able to trow custom Xeno tech trowing knifes that deal over 120 (78 at that time) dmg per hit. As a Deamon Prince I can see synapse even in the underground tunels. So i atemped to kill synapse. As a khornite I used 4 fp to land 4 hits that should kill synapse. I could only kill the guards. My point being no matter how strong are you in encounter with Tyranids you are not able to kill synapse. As a Deathwatch Kill Team we have no option to even atempt to kill it. There is no possible gear that can help. We have a real strugle with it we are getting countered by Tyranids. Note I play as Dead Cabal in outer reach. Is this a standard strategy that Tyranids use or is this just the thing of my GM? I mean how to fight this? Sorry for my bad gramar english is not my main language. Hope you understand.
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