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  1. My call is: • The Renegade Refit is an Xwing title only. • The unrevealed Th[rust?] Cor[rector?] - of which there are 2 - is closer to a proper U fix. • There will be a U pilot with the ability to ignore weapons disabled tokens (i.e. from the Scrambler) at some cost.
  2. Extra X-wing cards in the U row, not enough small bases to go with. Weirdly modified X-wing base on the U. Missing fan fave U-wing pilot. Anything's possible? EDIT: Ninjad by fickle! Not my day
  3. Don't forget QD. Moar shields whilst keeping the mod slot open, and a free offensive mod. Am I right to think it'd work out the aux arc if it's primary weapon only? EDIT: NVM, Galactic Empire only. Darn OT purists
  4. If I'm reading this right, Optimized Prototype has a "spend a die result to remove a shield". Which would include say...a blank? Interesting, and very not nice for Fenn/Ghost...
  5. No K2SO. We riot. (I kid, sorta).
  6. Crazy thought here, but maaaaybe comments like the above suggest Rexler's [citation needed] complaints aren't being made in entirely good faith. Seriously, there has to be some kind of Godwins Law corollary that applies here.
  7. Amazing. (Almost) everything in that sentence is wrong. Especially your spelling of fallacy. To your point, "the critics" can be wrong, although it's certainly worth thinking about why they have an overwhelming consensus when they do. And trust me, most of them would love nothing better than to kick a commercial franchise when it's down, Mouse House or no. Anyhow, time to depart — this place never disappoints.
  8. You mean 93% from the people whose job it is to watch movies and think about them.
  9. I think it's been done elsewhere here, but I find the comparison with TFA really instructive: TFA was (IMO at least), an extremely well-crafted if unquestionably calculated exercise that knew exactly what the audience expected from Star Wars and gave it to them, sometimes to a fault. It played a conservative, careful game and avoided "losing" even at the cost of being great. TLJ also knows exactly what the audience expects from Star Wars, and gives them only the bits it wants to, whilst also offering a lot we didn't know we needed or wanted. It throws a lot of stuff at the wall, and (again IMO) sticks a lot of it even though some falls flat. It loses a bit but mostly wins, with a lot of spark. It's an interesting dyptich, and presented in the right order after the train wreck of the prequels, I think. It's almost like there's some kind of...balance...at work.
  10. Amen on both counts. I enjoyed the film for myself, but seriously, try watching Star Wars in the presence of actual real kids living their actual real childhood instead just trying to relive ours. It changes your perspective in enlightening ways.
  11. Generally agreed - I enjoyed TFA a lot and felt this was...pretty good. But not spine-tingling in the same way as those first trailers. Not seeing the same level of general-audience freakout about this on other news sites either. Still, do you think it's likely to be a filmmaking letdown, or just a commercial one? I don't know if a trailer is enough to make a quality call just yet. I gotta say though, after getting a Blade Runner sequel worthy of the name this year, I'm not fussed, you know? Que sera...
  12. I enjoyed TFA, and I've got a fair amount of faith that Rian Johnson will pull out something interesting. But after seeing Blade Runner 2049 on the very big screen, getting anything else good this year (even you, Thor) is just tears in rain.
  13. Not directly X-Wing per se, but isn't the rumour to make sure you have decent bandwidth and a large screen available Oct 9th?
  14. UK regionals start in Nov, so I'd guess it could be anytime in Oct up to the near the end of the month. I'll plan on giving myself a week to recover from the glory/bitter disappointment of Blade Runner before thinking about the FAQ or G4H much.
  15. I have my apprehensions but odds are it'll work out better than Lucas coming back to not-quite direct RotJ.
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