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  1. We have been wishing for more or less something like that. We were discussing having an Arkham Streets board having investigators sent to streets of Arkham for different objectives. Kind of like a mini Arkham Horror.
  2. So I played two days without issues and now same problem... EDIT: It's an Android issue. Found a fix.
  3. So none of the storylines from the 1. Edition are adapted through the app?
  4. I did and it still didn't work. But now it suddenly does so we'll see.. With that message I'm sure it's something with the tablet/other apps. I'm on Tab S2 from Samsung with all the newest updates.
  5. Enjoying Dreamlands at the moment as I see it as the best so far but thought it could be nice with a thread to talk about possible future big (or small) box expansions. Any confirmation from FFG on what the future holds? I can't see them NOT make a few more boxes at least. My biggest wish right now is a big box Arkham expansion, unfolding the streets and houses of Arkham on a sideboard - wouldn't that be awesome? Second on my list is a side board taking us underground to some crypts - like in the Lovecraft story about the lost city. What do you think?
  6. Bought game yesterday, installed Android app today but it crashes on start with the attached message. Is it my tablet or general problem? I successfully started the app the other day before I got the game..
  7. I have the same thoughts as the op - can buy 1ed used for £40/$50 - isn't that a good price since Recurring Nightmares is now so expensive? Or should I rather use the money on Beyond the Threshold? I just bought 2nd edition and haven't played it but as I understand adding the 1st edition will also add more variables not only monsters and investigators but also tiles? What about scenarios are any added through the conversion? Jobu mentioned longer setup but isn't the app taking care of that even if you add the 1st edition?
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