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  1. Ok so can they take damage only if they are in flight mode?
  2. Would it be immune to the damage if the debris? If the barrol role of the tractor beam crosses over the debris?
  3. Hi guys, I was getting some practice rounds with a Nantex, and I set up some droids to fly against. So I flew my nantex to tractor a droid sitting on a debris cloud, and I was thinking, if I tractor the droid off of its cloud, what will happen to the droid, or is that even something I can do? thanks for the help!
  4. Hmm that looks interesting..but can I ask why you used marksmanship? Why not like, crack shot?
  5. I, like many, have been really trying to make brobots work. This is simple, but hopefully brutally efficient. Aggressor Assault Fighter - •IG-88B - 70 •IG-88B - Brutal Battledroid (64) Autoblasters (2) Contraband Cybernetics (3) IG-2000 (1) Aggressor Assault Fighter - •IG-88C - 71 •IG-88C - Conniving Contraption (65) Autoblasters (2) Contraband Cybernetics (3) IG-2000 (1) G-1A Starfighter - •4-LOM - 59 •4-LOM - Reprogrammed Protocol Droid (49) •IG-88D (3) Contraband Cybernetics (3) •Mist Hunter (2) Autoblasters (2) Total: 200
  6. This may be a bit late, but have you tried putting a wash on the trim? some 1:1 dark and brown toner works wonders. Could test first, but that works wonders for makin metal look like metal instead of, well, shiny white or silver paint. But those dont look bad!
  7. How about an MCU Black Panther look? This would look beast black, purple, and silver.
  8. I would have liked to see the HWK at the correct scale. Its such a cool ship that I think isnt done right due to the constraints of the youth of the game.
  9. It would be fun to do a whole x-men theme or something like that. Im thinking Bishop would be an easy crossover.
  10. Dude, that sounds super cool! you should post a pic!
  11. Is the concussion really worth it on the 'gila? I mean all your getting is no range bonus and maybe some splash damage. I like these ships, but maybe drop Torkil for L3 and through torps on the 'gila.
  12. Scale looks great for that one. Most impressive.
  13. I have heard that. I hope they add a conversion kit for them that balances the epics. Epic was so fun.
  14. I have painted several of my heroes and found myself wanting to paint my favorite hero different than the actual look on the hero card, and now I wish I put more creativity into my heroes. I got to thinking, does anyone else give alternate paint schemes to their heroes? If so, post pics!
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