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  1. It would be fun to do a whole x-men theme or something like that. Im thinking Bishop would be an easy crossover.
  2. Dude, that sounds super cool! you should post a pic!
  3. BCvalor

    Scum generic fighters

    Is the concussion really worth it on the 'gila? I mean all your getting is no range bonus and maybe some splash damage. I like these ships, but maybe drop Torkil for L3 and through torps on the 'gila.
  4. BCvalor

    Scratch-built Republic Cruiser

    Scale looks great for that one. Most impressive.
  5. BCvalor

    1.0 huge and 2.0 for the rest. Works ok.

    I have heard that. I hope they add a conversion kit for them that balances the epics. Epic was so fun.
  6. I have painted several of my heroes and found myself wanting to paint my favorite hero different than the actual look on the hero card, and now I wish I put more creativity into my heroes. I got to thinking, does anyone else give alternate paint schemes to their heroes? If so, post pics!
  7. BCvalor

    1.0 huge and 2.0 for the rest. Works ok.

    Did anyone suggest doubling the points for epics to match values in 2.0? To me that sounds like a solid balance
  8. I think they overcompensated based on turret effectiveness in version 1. These days, it seems like all turrets are over costed. Take a look at what people play: all those top three ace faction's small aces minus your Boba Fett, and Tie Punishers. the new turrets, though they operate like they always should have, just aren't effective as their cost implies. No way Dash is worth 100 points unmodded. Same with Han. Once they all get like a 5-10 point reduct they will be played.
  9. BCvalor

    Cluster Missiles Requirements

    Oh my mistake. I remember it being 1-2. Oh man I was under the impression you could chain more than two, but again, I see how it would break the game to get more than that.
  10. BCvalor

    Cluster Missiles Requirements

    So what that means is the second target must be in range 2-3 of the attacker? Cuz if it follows the fluff, the missiles just keep flying since it is a "cluster" of multiple missiles. That being said, I think it would make sense according to fluff that range to the attacker doesn't matter as long as it is 0-1 of the previously hit target. But I would understand to keep the game from breaking, the second or third defender must still maintain the range 2-3 of the attacker. I think tgall (as well as myself and others) are curious about where the second and third defenders have to be in order for this to work?
  11. BCvalor

    Sharing is Caring (Scum Shenanigans)

    Holy crap, I never noticed that!
  12. BCvalor

    Sharing is Caring (Scum Shenanigans)

    Im sorry--How are you passing a cloak token exactly?
  13. BCvalor

    Identifying the Problem

    As someone who is feeling like your friend is, it is interesting to see "get better" from the other perspective. And I'm saying that in a good way. A buddy of mine bests me most of the time, and last time I played him, I won a match basically cuz my roles were divine and his were hellish. The second game he once again outflew me and dice didn't save me. He tries to point things out to me and I kinda scratch my head at a bit of it. Predicting movement of the opponent is one thing he tells me quite a bit, and I hear that and its a bit harder said than done. I mean I understand target prioritization, but I think some of it is just being able to keep your head in the game and do what you practice. Im thinking predicting your opponent is more of "where would I attack me?" and "What are my weaknesses?" am I right? Also, I probably just need to get more games in lol
  14. BCvalor


    Oh crud forgot about that. Still seems like a great mini swarm. I friend of mine killed with a five ship imp list. Three ties, one TieD, one TieIn.
  15. BCvalor


    This actually looks really solid! There a way to switch out the DT for ProTorps on Drea? Maybe drop marksmanship? What ya think?