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    WarriorOfIron13 got a reaction from kopmcginty in Need help   
    I know just disappointed because I have some lists I've been wanting to play with as he doesn't run much and I only can catch these ones that he runs 
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    WarriorOfIron13 reacted to Chucknuckle in New FAQ. It's crazy   
    Lame. What's the point of having cards with the rules on if I have to constantly refer to the faq to see if the text is still accurate? At the very least FFG should let people attend official tournaments with squad-builder print-outs now, since at least the text on those will be more accurate than the text on the cards!
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    WarriorOfIron13 reacted to Waldorf28 in For what it is worth, everything is nerfed.   
    They killed my Party Bus. I loved my Party Bus.
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