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  1. I picked up 2 more strikers the other day. Can't wait to get all 5 on the table
  2. I run a way over upgraded emon sixxa list that has a tractor beam on emon so I can flip dudes if I'm not in a place to bomb them. It makes it even easier to land bombs
  3. My name is Travis and I have 3 Fire sprays! Also at least 2 of pretty much every other ship. I have a problem . . . . Not enough storage space
  4. I love zuckuss with dengar riding shotgun. Is he Amazing? No. Is he Fun? Awww yeah. I normally throw him alongside Fenn and talon bane and everyone rocks 5 dice at range one.
  5. I think it's because he can pop them front or back making the threat bubble bigger, and he can barrel roll at the start of every turn
  6. When I first started telling people at work why had to be out the door by 10 to 6 on Thurs I'd get weird looks. Tiny spaceships was my description. Now in my current t Furball league I get several requests for updates on how I went, nobody is keen to play but are interested in it anyway. My lady friend also doesn't understand despite my teaching her to play but is happy for me to do my thing as long as there us still together time.
  7. Lt Blount in anything that can mount an ion cannon or turret.
  8. Trays to move your stuff from table to table and keep your stuff organized. Double and triple check you have everything your list needs. Sportsmanship is life Go T65
  9. I took scum nym in a furball. He took out 5 ships easily and only stopped there as he ran out of victims. It was a combo of abt accuracy corrector and the bomblets. 2-4 unavoidable damage if you can't escape his range is crazy good. Fully kitted out Vader didn't stand a chance
  10. Beestslayer


    I love duchess so very much. Especially in furball format, she had taken out 5 enemy ships without dying due to insane dodgyness, just pick a weak target swoop over and murder it before flying off to circle back in for a new victim
  11. But he never takes them which is why he is always falleen over.
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