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  1. Sorry to hear that. Get well soon! I'll be your fan forever in this (and everything else)!
  2. I'm looking forward to have the 12 created by you guys.
  3. They do an aggressive filtering on questions (even in the chat)...
  4. Thank you! ... and still no luck with Firefox application? Or it is stopped now?
  5. Yes, some news regarding Terrinoth would be nice to have, or Descent, Heroes of Terrinoth at least
  6. What size the liutenants have (small/medium/large/xxl)?
  7. Thanks, these 2 (or 3) are reported now, hopefully will be fixed soon.
  8. I've tried it in Chrome/Firefox, on phone - can't see it. Pls. add it again, I could send a new collection of bugs to be fixed so I could be needed for that.
  9. Sadgit linked an errata version of it: https://descent-community.org/index.php/lost-legends-errataed-cards/
  10. I think Rider4's estimation is correct, I experienced the same rate.
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