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  1. kbalazsa

    Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!

    I can't wait to test the new features
  2. kbalazsa

    Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

    Not tempting enough for me - as this can be solved without this combination if the Spiritspeaker is the last hero anyway.
  3. kbalazsa

    Andira Runehand Hero Ability

    This still seems like an 'unfinished business' here to me. The shadow dragon spit an angry fireball to burn all 4 heroes. Andira's magic hit back hard while the heroes start to burn one by one. And then all of a sudden after 2nd heroe's cloak catches fire the dragon is knocked out and the fireball is gone in a blink of an eye and the rest of the heroes are saved, no harm. And they can even vote which should be the 2nd and which one to be saved from fire. I mean I know it's a boardgame but some rule interpretations seems a bit harsh for me.
  4. kbalazsa


    I'm with Ispher in that thread... the Vestments of Kellos case is a very strong point against loosing all passive skills after exhausting a card.
  5. kbalazsa

    Sands of the Past - Preview #1

    There are some nice figures though... +fantasywelt has some other options as well (wizkids and other D&D figures, etc.) I'm a mediocre painter I think and tried to do my best to do something with the original Ravaella figure ... but I think I'm failed. And then decided to buy a cheaper plastic 'gnome female wizard' from Reaper to replace, here's a comparison.
  6. kbalazsa


    Good question as other similar cards have the note like "even if this card is exhausted" - IMHO this is the same case, even if this card doesn't have this note added.
  7. kbalazsa

    Best/Worst Heroes and Classes

    Yes we can start some planning already. I would add Wildlander's Nimble to the picture - you can run away endlessly with such a high stamina she has Edit... but that was already available
  8. kbalazsa

    Sands of the Past - Preview #1

    How? The cheapest plastic would take 19,99$ there. From reaper or Fantasywelt (to Europe) you can get figures starting from 2-3$/€
  9. kbalazsa

    Sands of the Past - Preview #1

    I admire your dedication to all these project you (and the others) are participating in. (In the name of all Descent fans I) Thank you!
  10. kbalazsa

    Index of Useful Links

    +Monster Selection helper: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/152457/monster-selection-based-palewinds-original I've uploaded a new version with some hints and minor fixes. It's fully automated - the quickest way to find the proper monsters for an encounter as it's pre-selects the monsters for given traits and there are further filtering options available.
  11. kbalazsa

    Apothecary rules clarification

    Hi Balazs, The hero tokens on the Protective Tonic card should remain between encounters but are cleared at the end of each quests. Thanks for playing, Nathan Hajek Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  12. Found some tiny issues on Page 79 The Chains that Rust has 8 Soulbinder 8 cards (7 + the summon card). Manor of Ravens has 3 Reward cards instead of 1. More details in the attached excel (found at BGG forum). D2e Expansion Info.xlsx
  13. Right, I've overlooked it (document is a bit long to keep it in mind ). I've asked the same question here in FFG community and tried to send the question to support as well (waiting for answer). Zaltyre has shared the same oppinion regarding this.
  14. kbalazsa

    Apothecary rules clarification

    Well it's not mentioned anywhere, no sign of this on the card text but it would make sense (what you wrote). That's why I'm asking.
  15. Maybe a new topic to be considered in the next version: Class cards, and tokens on it beween Encounters, and at the end of Quests. For example hearts on Champion's Valorous Strike, hero tokens on Apothecary's Protective Tonic card, etc. When these should be keeped and should be discarded? Other similar topic could be similar for tokens only: Valor tokens, Elixirs, Traps, etc.