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  1. kbalazsa

    Apothecary rules clarification

    Hi Balazs, The hero tokens on the Protective Tonic card should remain between encounters but are cleared at the end of each quests. Thanks for playing, Nathan Hajek Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  2. Found some tiny issues on Page 79 The Chains that Rust has 8 Soulbinder 8 cards (7 + the summon card). Manor of Ravens has 3 Reward cards instead of 1. More details in the attached excel (found at BGG forum). D2e Expansion Info.xlsx
  3. Right, I've overlooked it (document is a bit long to keep it in mind ). I've asked the same question here in FFG community and tried to send the question to support as well (waiting for answer). Zaltyre has shared the same oppinion regarding this.
  4. kbalazsa

    Apothecary rules clarification

    Well it's not mentioned anywhere, no sign of this on the card text but it would make sense (what you wrote). That's why I'm asking.
  5. Maybe a new topic to be considered in the next version: Class cards, and tokens on it beween Encounters, and at the end of Quests. For example hearts on Champion's Valorous Strike, hero tokens on Apothecary's Protective Tonic card, etc. When these should be keeped and should be discarded? Other similar topic could be similar for tokens only: Valor tokens, Elixirs, Traps, etc.
  6. kbalazsa

    Apothecary rules clarification

    I'm just wondering if the hero tokens should or should not be removed at the end of an Encounter/Quest from the Protective Tocic card?
  7. Hi Psymia, I've tried to fix some moster stats missing on the Wiki but found some issues - but found the solution meanwhile...
  8. Sadgit, that's awesome. I can see tons and tons of hours in this document already. I just don't know why I wasn't able to find it earlier to help me to figure out some tricky rules in our first played quests and campaigns. I found only one tiny issue (maybe) with the current 1.7 version: the "Contents" part on 2nd page looks a bit strange for me. "Quests" on 71 and then "Heirs of Blood" on 73 are highlighted with bold and then some topic are listed on page 77. Looks like "Corrupt Citizen Cards", "Rumor cards" are part of topic "Heirs of Blood" which doesn't make sense at first sight for me.
  9. kbalazsa

    large monsters and dotted lines

    According to FAQ 1.6 move actions can be interrupted with other move action. Move actions can also be interrupted with other actions. I can hardly imagine any difficulty for large monsters with elevations. They can pass elevations whenever they interrupt a movement on it, extend on the other side, do an action (move, attack, anything else) then shrink and continuing the movement on the other side. I don't know if this was the intention for large monsters and elevations originally but this is what it is according to rules, FAQ and BGG non official FAQ.