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  1. If you’re engaged you’ll need some special ability (like intel) to be able to move, but if you can move then you can use strategic.
  2. Yes. Look at the timing of the attack step. Player 1 rolls dice. Let’s say they roll 10 critical results. They’re still limited to choosing ONE critical effect (at least without the aforementioned fire control team). After the dice are rolled, player 2 elects to use contain in the “spend defense tokens” step. Then player 1 selects which critical effect to trigger (assuming they even have an option, you’d need to put an upgrade on the ship like overload pulse to even have an option other than the default). If the default is chosen then the contain stops it and all damage cards are dealt face down
  3. It doesn’t cancel dice at all. If the opponent rolls one or more critical results then they can choose a critical effect. If they choose the default critical effect (first damage card is face up) then you can use contain to prevent the effect. edit: if (and only if) your opponent has the fire control team aboard they can choose to use two critical effects. Regardless, contain only prevents the effect from the default crit
  4. Pretty much. Actually, they place those tokens on their ships that already have full tokens, then they discard their choice of token- so they could keep the token from Hondo if they want, or discard it.
  5. Presence or absence of shields has no bearing on whether or not a critical effect happens. In the case of the standard crit effect (first damage card is drawn face-up) having shields might protect you from drawing any damage cards, but the critical effect still triggers. Likewise, overload pulse will trigger with or without shields
  6. That’s one of the things Advanced Projectors does, but normally that’s not allowed. You can only redirect to one adjacent hull zone
  7. It's ambiguous, but in my group we've been playing as if the answer is no, he wouldn't have to repair Han, since it doesn't say squadrons left on the board after the last ship is gone are destroyed, the rule just says they're "counted as destroyed for scoring purposes" (apologies if I'm wrong, I don't have the rules in front of me).
  8. This might be baseless, but to me the wording of Squall and FCT wouldn't explicitly prevent the squadrons from moving, rather the way Squall and FCT are worded you wouldn't even be able to choose an engaged squadron at all. In other words: Squall and FCT have targeting restrictions on the squadrons you may choose to move. For example: you move a ship with FCT, there are three squadrons nearby- two unengaged and the third engaged but with grit. The first two move as normal, but the third can't because FCT says "select a number of UNENGAGED squadrons" and therefore the third squadron couldn't be selected to move at all, regardless of whether or not it is capable of movement
  9. Q: Can a squadron with strategic move objective tokens that are assigned to a ship? A: No. source: page 7 of the FAQ
  10. I would think that activating xx-9 would stop contain regardless of how many actual damage cards are dealt.
  11. No. Normally a squadron without bomber ignores crits entirely, so a black die crit/hit would be one face down damage. Vader doesn't allow you to do extra damage, he just allows the crit symbol to add to the damage total when normally it wouldn't. Basically, his ability is a poor man's version of bomber when attacking ships. The reason he has his special ability and not just the bomber keyword is that he can do damage with crit symbols to other squadrons, which nothing else can usually do
  12. 1a) yes 1b) before. Spend defense token, then reduce the remaining damage 2) he has a black die, so if you roll a crit it's always a hit/crit. That means two total damage (1 from the hit symbol, 1 from the crit symbol). Both face down though, since he doesn't have Bomber 3) no- you can notmally only resolve one crit effect which in this case is "exhaust one upgrade card". There's an upgrade that does allow you to use two crit effects (fire control team) but they have to be different, so you could exhaust one upgrade and still do one face up damage for example (as long as you have fire control team on your ship)
  13. Once you slot the maneuver tool's teeth into the ship base you're done, you must make that maneuver at the speed you have chosen. If you're not sure yet about where you want to go you can hold the maneuver tool above the ship and mess around with it before you decide what to do
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