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  1. When you have a lost in time and space condition. And you fail the test at the back of the card. You must put your investigator back on the gameboard. Is that investigator out? For the rest of the game or he plays again the next action phase? I am confused with the rule in the rulebook Forsaken Lore, where I read that the investigator wins the game if the rest wins the game or lose the game when the rest lose the game. Thank you. Jiti
  2. When you have a card gain +2 for observation test for research encounters and you have also a card gain +1 for all observation tests. So when I have a research encounter,is het possible to count them together or is it just +2 because it is the highest card? Thanks. Jitti
  3. If you draw a monster from the monster cup and put it on the gameboard. Can you look at the back of the monster token, to see how strong the monster is before you go to the space for a battle? Or must you take the risk , without looking and reading the information before ? Thank you. Jitti
  4. we know that it cannot move. It is just the small hero card with evacuation above , that says move any units out of the rebel base space, in any system like if there where adjacent. It is not so that the card says ; ' cannot' But , I think you have right. The rebel base space is also a system. So, the card cannot overrule. Still, the card says you can choose any units!
  5. Move any units out of the rebel base space to any system ,as if they where adjacent. May I place an Ion Cannon in a system I want , When playing this card or not? Thanks! Jiti
  6. Hello Move any units from the rebel base space to any system, if they where adjacent. Does it mean , that I may place an Ion Cannon from the Rebel Base space to any system or not? Thanks! Kat
  7. Thanks for the information! It is true , I see it now.
  8. Hello When you use a tactic sumbol to copy a shield. Must it play it like an separate action to block damage ? May I block 2 damage, one with my tactic symbol as a copy of the shield and one for my shield token. Together to block the 2 damage? Or can't it be play also in conjunction with the shield token? Because the shield token is not a combat action, but still it is an other token? We really can't figure it out? Thanks, Jiti.
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