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    Juyo Berserker questions

    Your players should not have any say in what actions accrue Conflict, especially if you're referencing the RAW Conflict sources. Yes, moral is a somewhat subjective thing, but since you are the GM, you should also be the arbiter for what is morally acceptable in your universe. The rules advise you to give players a warning if they're about to do something that will increase their Conflict, so definitely do that, but don't let anything deter you from giving it out as you see fit. Where does your Juyo Berserker player get the idea of "negative conflict" from, though? That is absolute nonsense from both a rules standpoint and a logical standpoint. You can't be less conflicted than "not at all". Ditching that idea will put somewhat of a cap on how quickly his morality increases (though, let's be honest, not that much of a cap).
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    Trailblazer, Enforcer and Hermit, to pick one from each series. Each have strong roleplaying implications, unique talents and are archetypes I really enjoy playing as.