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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but where does it say you can hit the original target with both the weapon damage and the Blast damage at the same time? The Core books state: "If the attack is successful and Blast activates, each character (friend or foe) Engaged with the original target suffers wounds equal to the weapon’s Blast rating (plus an additional wound per Success as usual).". To me, that reads as "the original target doesn't take the damage from the Blast quality if the attack is successful". It's a different story with triggering Blast on a failed attack (of course the original target gets hit with the Blast damage in that case), but I really don't see any indication for what you're saying.
  2. Take the Cunning Snare talent from the Trailblazer specialization as a basic template, and modify it depending on the kind of trap. Spike traps only deal damage (maybe with the option of poisoning the quarry), snare traps can immobilize the quarry, but deal less damage, pit traps require Athletics checks to get out of... Plenty of options.
  3. Concussive by itself is acceptable. That being said, making your opponent unable to attack you for two turns by spending 2 Advantages is a bit much. Just lower it to 1 and you're set. Otherwise, this has a good mix of really good abilities and acceptable drawbacks (the Critical rating and the empty/overheat properties).
  4. You telepathically transmit a simple order to affected characters. They hear you in their head and can understand you even if they don't speak your language. The full description explicitly states that the order isn't mandatory, so the affected characters aren't forced to obey it. As far as "simple" goes, I'd suggest keeping it to five words or less.
  5. That's a valid (and reasonable) way to interpret things, but it's not what it says in the books.
  6. Correct. That being said, RAW specifically says "A character may attempt one Medicine check per week per Critical Injury." So theoretically, you could have multiple people give it a go until one of them succeeds. Do this at your own risk (I know some GMs who'd treat failures as "you've made things worse").
  7. As soon as a character's wounds are decreased below his threshold, they're considered stabilized and conscious. Exceptions are Bleeding Out (they may be conscious, but can't really be considered stabilized until that's been dealt with) and The End is Nigh (for obvious reasons). That being said, the critical injuries persist until they've been healed, and add an offset to further critical injury rolls (as Edgookin said), so not treating them increases the risk of death.
  8. If attachments have an encumbrance listed (either in the description or sneakily in the overview table in splatbooks), you add that encumbrance to the item you add them to. Attachments that increase the encumbrance threshold will mention it specifically (see the Repulsor-Assisted Lifting attachment from No Disintegrations). In case of the Integrated Holsters: This attachment is very much tailored towards being modded (by a Gadgeteer?) and for use with the Unmatched Devastation signature ability. If you have uses for 3+ weapons at any time, it's great, otherwise it's a waste of HP.
  9. This may not be the right forum for this discussion, as you can reasonably expect multiple Force users in a proper Force and Destiny campaign and there should be a general sense of acceptance towards Force-related content (otherwise, you might wanna reconsider which system to use). With that out of the way: I've yet to play with someone who can pull off a Force-sensitive character in a non-FaD game. They've either incorporated so much established source material into their backstory that it became impossible for the GM to veer away from said material ("I am *insert Jedi Master from the movies*'s Padawan!", "I used to be one of Revan's generals", etc....), created utterly one-dimensional characters (one of the Lightsaber style specs and a 5 in the associated characteristic, mostly) without any interest in doing things that do not actively involve the one or two things they're good at, or chose to be chaotic stupid (or "dark side", as they called it) and actively undermine any semblance of coherent storytelling. I think (hope?) that this is just incidental and unlucky on my part, but I can't help a sense of impending doom about new players with Force-sensitive PCs because of that. Maybe I'm not alone with this, and maybe the one I'm playing with right now will change my perspective.
  10. Your players should not have any say in what actions accrue Conflict, especially if you're referencing the RAW Conflict sources. Yes, moral is a somewhat subjective thing, but since you are the GM, you should also be the arbiter for what is morally acceptable in your universe. The rules advise you to give players a warning if they're about to do something that will increase their Conflict, so definitely do that, but don't let anything deter you from giving it out as you see fit. Where does your Juyo Berserker player get the idea of "negative conflict" from, though? That is absolute nonsense from both a rules standpoint and a logical standpoint. You can't be less conflicted than "not at all". Ditching that idea will put somewhat of a cap on how quickly his morality increases (though, let's be honest, not that much of a cap).
  11. Trailblazer, Enforcer and Hermit, to pick one from each series. Each have strong roleplaying implications, unique talents and are archetypes I really enjoy playing as.
  12. Seems like you've done most of the thinking already. The Dragoon, H-7 and X-30 Lancer are all great choices for officer-type sidearms. If you can convince your GM to allow restricted items, the Se-14r Repeating Blaster from Dangerous Covenants (basically a submachine gun) would also make a lot of sense (maybe captured in a previous engagement with the Empire?). If you want to use your melee skill, just go with some kind of vibroknife (my choice would be the Parrying Vibroblade from Keeping the Peace) and add a Mono-Molecular Edge at some point. That should be sufficient for most situations. As far as armor goes, there's really nothing specifically made to enhance a leader-type PC. Having something that doesn't weigh you down (so encumbrance 3 or lower) would probably be for the best, my personal choice would be the "Berethron" Personal Modular Armor from Suns of Fortune. (Make sure to get the BPEA-A1 Cascader from Desperate Allies. That upgrade on Charm, Deception and Leadership checks is awesome for any face-type character.)
  13. Really not sure why clarification is needed. You add two Boosts to a single skill check.
  14. Since the Gunslinger specialization has a top-tier talent made specifically to allow hitting multiple targets with two-weapon fighting, a mere additional Advantage seems too small of a cost. I'd allow it for a Triumph, maybe.
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