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  1. That tasty second shelf. Does that mean you have all of 1st edition. I envy you. Please FFG find some excuse to bring the missing minis over Although I have now a big Sweetheart, just need to use something else on the board. Mind you I do have Sea, Tomb and Well, if i can find some bits that are still packed somewhere from a housemove (I hope). Every gamer should have a Descent shelf
  2. Both eventually for sure (and probably the Android non-Genesys reference book too, see the Android page) But when it's a choice: RoT is dragons and other fantasy monsters, wizards, castles, dungeons, elves etc etc with plenty of lore to dive into, a bit of horror/ medieval society/ questing and adventuring overlap (has things like crafting and magic rules too) Android is hi tech cyber/web society futuristic sci fi feel, seems to have quite a conspiracies/ corruption/ people vs corporations vs each other flavour to it from what I've picked up from overviews Sure you could probably cross the two and end up with something quite weird and wonderful, should you wish! The fantasy aspects could then be a sort of semi-real, semi-illusory form of the code/tech.... That's my post-10 hour work shift summary PS think the PDF's are reduced still.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m7ty59ttbvvjw5k/AABnah5lFAkrhxvsyjC_uILga/Rules All there in the rules folder, 'download all' should give you everything including these from the first page of Rugal's Dropbox link.
  4. I don't have this campaign- it had been changed to Heirs of Blood in my core box- I've not been able to find the complete campaign either, I'd be curious to see it as it seems to have a bit of overlap to Heirs of Blood, if only to satisfy the lore hungry part of my brain I think reworking it's a good idea as apart from anything else it's a good way of building your 'improving stuff' skills which is handy for any game design process as it often takes several changes to arrive at a working finished game. And it's fun taking a creative seed from one idea and seeing where it takes you.
  5. They've combined two gameboard/tabletop mapping methods as per this article: " For many scenarios, you’ll remain solely on the journey map, but for more tactical situations like a micro-scale, combat-oriented adventure, you’ll move from the journey map to the battle map—a smaller board that you can fill with terrain, creating an Orcish encampment, a ruined building, or even more unusual locations. Whether your journey takes place among the rocky hills of Eriador, deep in a musty cave, or in an old fort overrun by Orcs, your campaign can take you between far-flung adventures on the journey map or fast-paced, frenetic action on the battle map! " https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/13/the-lord-of-the-rings-journeys-in-middle-earth/ so it's a new idea of sort of combining the two, a hex-crawl/wider area hex system and a more local tile system, the latter being the closer to Descent but not exactly the same. I'm quite looking forward to seeing how they've implemented this. This is what got me round to thinking a system of different map options could work for Descent custom adventures- if you're out in the icy wilderness hexes and a less specific map might serve a purpose, if you're in the monster's lair or the sorcerer's lab the more up-close detailed map tiles like we have in Descent now, it may also be possible to have flexible generic areas somewhere in-between for a wooded area for example but where this can be varied to suit the specific adventure. Then for very large areas a mapsheet like Sea of Blood had is an option, obviously such choices depending on the specific location needs of the adventure being designed and if it works for the gameplay mechanics being play tested for that adventure. So this kind of idea is where people's feedback and ideas would be useful as it's something I'm considering for my adventures, and there's the obvious possibility of using the LOTR map elements in Descent if this works in any way (which I'll be exploring - haha - once we know more about them).
  6. Got to wait for some KS backed project kit to do this one (the only downside of KS, the wait, but the wait always builds up the excitement, plus I have PLENTY to work on in the meantime!) I'll be looking to use some of the relevant bits of that collection to make 'epic Skarn', I may even greenstuff some of my own ideas. It will need some creative thought, how to keep the Skarn look so it's a believable growth of the same entity and the same sort of feel that the ravens may have helped in the build process (which is why I purchased Skarn number two so I can incorporate this 'earlier form' into the evolved bigger form.) The other advantage of the wait is that I may have leftovers from other mini and scenery builds by then that work for Skarn, especially from self-assemble minis that come with different options that mean you've usually got some unused alternative parts. Looking forward to this project and seeing what I come up with. The other reason for the slow burn on my projects is actually making stuff to play out, so things I can bring to the table. Done some photoshoots recently for a Genesys RPG player resource so will be some teasers soon of all the crazy ideas in my head feeding into the story side of the projects as they feature some of the kit I've collected for this purpose, in a deliberately Genesys-book-art-styled way (mirroring the RPG system's core rulebook art style of ideas being brought to life, sketched out and evolving along with the story, quite apt with where my project's at) Planning to use some suitable bits of this, chopped and changed where needed along with any useful leftovers and self-made bits: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/terraincrate-2-crate-expectations Run as fast as you can, Ravenheath Manor has formed into some sort of life and it seems to be chasing us.....
  7. I'm guessing there may be some fun and effective combos based on characters such as Seer Kel working with Truthseer- we'll have to try these various 'suggested by the character' combos out to see how they play out. I've wondered from the fact Truthseer became just Seer in second edition if these classes were planned way back when the game launched, or at least before the pack with Seer Kel in, although there's a suggestion the classes may have been planned from the off: note how Spiritspeaker Mok has become Elder Mok, Battlemage Jaes is now Jaes the Exile and Runemaster Thorn has become Master Thorn. Planning these from day one would make sense as they're a key playtesting factor. I still don't think they were all that was planned from the start... What's also quite cool is that there's some overlap with Runewars Miniatures with the classes (Descent ideas may of course inspired RWM ideas or there could be characters planned to have the potential to appear in both games or other Terrinoth games) as there we have Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar, Ventala Skirmishers and Berserkers and although these others are less direct some of the other expansions also have a flavour of some of the classes. With rumours circulating over the future of Runewars Miniatures (which may well be unfounded- a lot came out for it so it may just be in a gap between release waves, which as always has FFG fans saying the game's dead when this may very much not be true), I hope RWM does continue as I still feel it adds to the Terrinoth family and has longer term potential for Descent, either by fan overlaps or FFG coming up with something to make use of the relevant RWM kit like the minis. There's plenty of RWM kit still on my Terrinoth shopping list and I've not been disappointed with any of my purchases thus far- I'm looking forward to integrating those characters and creatures into my projects. It's nice how subtleties such as these name conventions are linking the different games and expansions, as well as the history of the games' lore, together. Can't wait for the livestream, wonder if they'll sneak in a surprise (if it was me I so would, I know what I'd do, wonder if FFG have the same kind of mindset ). But these links make me even more keen to continue work on bringing RWM into Descent and I'm gradually adding to my RWM collection to do so (I too have planned things quite far ahead and long-term for my own fan projects, so FFG have to prove the doubters wrong and continue making RWM ).
  8. Yep, got the idea from seeing the manor furniture terrain kit I intend to use to make 'giant Skarn' and thought it would fit the idea that Skarn keeps growing by adding things to itself (I also have an idea of how this inbuilt renewal/recycling will fit Skarn's role in the story I'm weaving together) Love some of the description of Skarn in Manor of Ravens- how it basically gets broken up but can, if undefeated, just reassemble itself, perhaps from the very debris of battles it's been a part of. Never throw furniture at it! And it would be quite an unnerving opponent- want to take me down? I have a whole manor to work with and a lot of ravens to help......
  9. I like the moving hut idea- any problems it presents could be fixed by tweaking its rules re when it defeats heroes, for example perhaps it has two states -walking (heroes safe underneath) or whatever you want to call it being at rest (it sits down and is not on the move!) then it crushes the heroes underneath, this could be quite fun and unique if you can make it work rules wise. Many other possible solutions- making the map it can move round larger, making a printable smaller hut that could be attached to a wooden or other tile of some sort, giving the heroes a means of escape if it's going to too easily defeat them etc, depending how it plays out in playtesting and what works best for how the hut plays in the game. It's a really awesome idea though and very different to others in the game, so stick with it 'til it works.
  10. The new LOTR game may give us even more kit to re-purpose for Descent, especially for those of us working on our own creations, they've already announced the first minis expansion - the warg might have various uses including for a werewolf character as it has quite a fitting look- it could quite believably be a lycan or a werewolf (using another mini for its less canine form). https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/12/hunt-for-the-ember-crown/ On the 'own creations' front life juggling (times you have to work or do the less fun chore-y stuff- the biggie for me being some housework-from-hades mountain-shifting- I'm determined to finally complete an oft-put-off post-housemove clearout and have that finished by the end of 2019 which will eat up quite a bit of my free time this year, but on the flipside could mean finally finding my missing Descent first edition kit- some of it remains in hiding due to the move, mainly printed stuff like the quest books and map boards, found most of the rest of it! Frustrating as I have some ideas for it I can only do if/when I find it such as bringing old characters into new stories or/and reworking those stories.) along with my overactively creative brain coming up with ever-more ambitious ideas (most recently some full on cartography and making brand new tiles is now also on the road map, pun intended) keeps delaying my stop-start-stop-start progress on my projects although I am still working on stuff, that stuff's just grown a lot in scope and ambition, so I still have a lot of things up my sleeve I'm quite excited about. Part of the delay to some aspects is saving up for useful resources such as some of the mapmaking software/assets, so I may well start putting placeholders in rather than wait til everything's there then update as and when it becomes possible. My first creations will be for Genesys RPG use in the setting but I still plan on the dual development angle of doing versions for Descent too. So there's plenty of time for people to help playtest the awesome things other player-makers have shared for the game and continue to do so. Please help with this playtesting and feedback for them as I know how much work goes into what they're doing and it keeps the game going with exciting new content from the community. With other players making new things, new things from FFG finally (I'm still convinced there can't just be the card deck!) and the things I'm working on there are plenty more adventures to follow in Terrinoth I feel. The questions: On the map/tile making front: 1. do players think you could make hex based maps an option for Descent, not to replace the tiles but for wider-area or landscape themed locations (including settings such as ice/desert) 2. what about the idea of larger scaled tiles so the Rune Wars Miniatures minis or other larger-scaled minis could also be used (sacrificing a bit of scale-mismatch for more options with bigger grids to allow for this flexibility) as these are both things I've been thinking about, your thoughts would be useful, I'm already planning to look at how LOTR Journeys implements its hex and tile map system when it's out re if that could work for Descent.
  11. I've just purchased Skarn number 2 from one of mine- planning on making a 'bigger skarn' with some furniture / building props and bits of the second Skarn!
  12. Wow, have a feeling this is going to be of much usefulness, thank you. @drainsmith Could you perchance do a style guide for RoT as have the fonts but not sure what's what (although of course should be obvious once install fonts), cheers. Or there may be one already to point me in the direction of. thank you.
  13. As part of my adventure building exploits I'm researching mapmaking tools (I've yet to think of the best solution for cities or to see if what I'm intending to use for regions/ wider areas has the kit needed to do city maps too) so any thoughts on what should be in each city (or village/ settlement etc) and on the nature (in terms of size/function etc) of such cities would be useful. Ideas for this can come from canon material such as RoT and the 'Haunted City' FFG adventure or your own ideas, useful if you say which e.g. 'canon (source)' or 'own idea', maybe some ideas for street names (for some reason I'm thinking 'Executioners Corner' for Nerekhall. But that it should also have some more pleasant - possibly somewhat sugar coated! - names that sit slightly uncomfortably alongside the city's more dangerous side.) I'm toying with the idea of earlier timelined events in my adventure series not having street names but these being introduced further down the timeline as one of various ways I intend to evolve my maps over the course of the world's history to give it a feel of societal changes and shifts, the 'old' and 'new' etc. Also tag places as major city, village, outpost etc. This thread can then be a means to collate ideas on the more specific local areas that myself or others may use to inspire our mapmaking. It's also a chance for you to get creative with ideas for places and locations within those places, as well as to suggest where you'd locate some of the Descent adventures should you own them (this is something I'm also considering so my maps will incorporate the locations I have in mind for these adventures to take place.) City maps can be really useful for many reasons, three biggies being: - get out of jails for gm's if the pc's take things too off-track story wise - alternative routes to the same or different outcomes - inspiration for players and gm's including effectively the opposite of the above- alternatives for pc's if they don't like current events - if the sessions are totally free or have only limited storylines they're even more important for 'what could happen here' progression options and 'unstuckers' if inspiration should run a bit dry for players or GM's in a session (a city map can have locations that may never be used but are there should they come in handy). As quite a few of such locations are mentioned in RoT and other resources, maybe also think where things in a city/ location should be in relation to other things- close by or far away, in the same 'complex' and so on. But think of the flavour of each location in RoT and what might be there, such as a fishing wharf/harbour/boatyard in a coastal town, and the buildings / places these might suggest in turn that serve or are served by other buildings (a good starting point is to think of the functional buildings in computer games and the like).
  14. Shadow's dropped to number two but 'The Worlds of Android' (not a Genesys publication but a useful companion to Shadows... which FFG have just published digitally) has jumped in at number four. The Genesys CRB itself is up to 27 and Realms of Terrinoth to 39 so Shadow may have helped the other three gain some exposure. Now we just need FFG to actually publish some full adventures..... Or me to finish some of the ones I'm working on They're a bit up against my life priorities /challenges at the moment but I'm still plugging away at things so plenty to look forward to. It's good that 'Worlds' has done well too as it shows there's the demand for more.
  15. Here's why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtSGg2EDhLU I am a cat (and dog) fan so apologies to both species for sharing I loved this news post, I don't think it's barking up the wrong tree to say FFG need to make a dog/cat themed game for real, in whichever cat-egory best fits
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