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  1. Watercolour Dragon

    EU / UK street date?

    Just had one update of 22 May expected delivery, 24 May release date - UK (England). Triiiiiiiumph!
  2. Watercolour Dragon

    Mount & Rider Silhouette

    'A rider and mount are not the same silhouette as a jet fighter! ' Funnily enough I did wonder that, have to admit I actually looked at jet fighter with pilot standing by it pics (I'm a geek I know) and also thought about the fact the rider of a horse say isn't much extra height when you consider the horse's neck and head and the fact the rider is seated. There's a bit more on p222 also. Choosing the closest to the relative size seems best- if the next size down seems too small and the next up too big (as with the jet fighter sized horse ) then you've probably hit the sweet spot! I was just too tired to update it/ think about it too much then. The companion talent was just a suggestion for someone who wanted to make the steed both- like a pet they can ride, it's not needed to be steeded, nor is the rider skill if you're only doing basic riding of a simpler to ride animal, this ability is assumed as per the rules.
  3. Watercolour Dragon

    Mount & Rider Silhouette

    However (Mounted Combat RoT p83) Once mounted, a rider and steed should be treated as one character in most situations (attacks target the rider, the steed does not act independently in structured encounters, and both act when a player chooses an initiative slot for their mounted character).
  4. Watercolour Dragon

    Mount & Rider Silhouette

    I'd personally take a human on a horse to be s3 overall, but if you needed to be specific potentially s2 for height as the horse is a sort of s1 high s2 wide block with the s1 rider in the middle (inverted T). At times you'd need the cumulative s3, othertimes the s1 specifically for the rider, s2 specifically for the horse. It makes sense that mount s is rider s + 1 if only for the fact it needs to support the rider's weight where the two are in balance with each other. Mount being smaller than rider would be very weird but could be a good comedy/ cartoony moment should that ever fit a session! Mount being much larger would probably be progressively harder to control/ride if it's not voluntarily in its rider's service. Leonx are clearly bigger than their riders and I'd say they are s2 like a horse : https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/6/12/focused-ferocity/ I'd also wondered for my campaign about ruling a way to link 'animal companion' p77 crb to 'riding' p63 crb for a mount owned by a character (characters who have their own horse or whatever, which is a story staple. Maybe with some realism, you can't ride your pet gerbil unless you're comparatively tiny, riding a huge dragon X times bigger might need a more creative solution, it's not quite going to work as a mount! Linking the talent to mount size could work well for my adventure- you need the talent to ride it effectively/ have the required minimal care/handling ability set. I needed to consider this as there could be some interesting rider/mount combos- I've also got NPC's riding strange beasts like bone horrors and carrion worms and need to cover the 'what if' of heroes wanting to have a go or stealing/ taking over such a mount! Remember everyone has basic riding though- riding skill is only for more challenging activities, and survival can cover handling.
  5. Watercolour Dragon


    I'd not studied them in detail yet, just noticed some quirks like Alys having 9 career skills but 'Templar' skill gives an extra one, so I guessed all the quirks would have explanation- plus those characters had quite a bit of extra XP so they've already done a bit of adventuring (which suits their bios and the above-start-level adventure they were created for).
  6. Watercolour Dragon

    1st Terrinoth Character

    Nice profile, and the camo paint seems to fit well.
  7. Watercolour Dragon

    Pregen Characters - Descent 2

    Awesome, I'm planning on doing all the Descent/Terrinoth games entities and characters- would you be OK with me using yours for reference/inspiration? It's a big job I reckon- just making my for-use-as-a-player Singharan has taken longer than expected and that's with only getting to a list of the skills and talents that might be a good fit for the character- I've not yet made the initial choices and decided what would be most useful to buy in play So it's worth working on this as a community, I'm happy to do this and incorporate everything ultimately into the bestiary and cast of characters I'm putting together (crediting people who've helped of course). I'm thinking of doing three variants -each a bit more advanced - rookie adventurer, hero and legendary hero (the superhero / famous hero equivalent for fantasy settings). I've promised to make a playable crow hag too for a Descent fan who adores the crow hags! By popular demand I'm wrestling with a playable dragon (I liked that idea myself as well!) although that's quite hard to do both workably and realistically! I'm also looking at expanding species options by making a lot of NPC species as playables. Oh, and a few more specific catfolk based on other big cats. Your link didn't work though- do I have to log into Google first?
  8. Watercolour Dragon

    EU / UK street date?

    I'm UK-based too and some retailers (usually reliable for such info - it's never guaranteed til they've got the product but they're usually fairly accurate once they have an expected imminent delivery) are saying it could be this week, one was hoping for a Thursday delivery- stores only have set allocations so they were encouraging me to pre-order, but then they would wouldn't they!
  9. Watercolour Dragon

    Some questions on creating my character and skills

    A good point @verdantsf - maybe he's due to take over the role of leader in future (or she- might make it thus if there's a very male-biased set of heroes!) and is currently second-in-command, which might make envoy a better choice, and also fits the going off adventuring to serve the pride's current and future well-being better- the higher-ranked is still back home fulfilling the obligations of that role, they've sent their second-in-command off to meet these needs and at the same time get some good preparation for being leader, maybe part of them succeeding if they do so at the end of this is to eventually take up that leadership role (this has suddenly gone a bit Lion King ) But that certainly fits better I think- lead politicians, kings/queens and so on mostly stay home to fulfill their role and send their staff out to do business elsewhere, if they did become leader then this character's adventuring days would either have to end or be limited to a mere hobby, one they probably wouldn't have much time or energy for.
  10. Watercolour Dragon


    Remember this was before the 'final version' so different rules may have been used in some cases- there seem to be 5 not 4 career skills for example but still a useful reference- thanks for that "They also JUST put them up on the player resources page a few days ago https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/genesys/ " Correcting myself I'm thinking these are choices for career skills, or have they counted them all as career skills for their use of XP points (there's more than 5 stated as career skills which I may have missed before- it is actually 8 which fits the choices of career skills)- how have they implemented this with the pre-gens? Have they correctly made 4 choices or erroneously given them all 8 as starting freebies?
  11. Watercolour Dragon

    Some questions on creating my character and skills

    I resolved the XP issue to keep it at base starting XP with deciding the character has only recently become pride leader- this level of responsibility is new. I've read a lot more on character builds and it's a by the book game so a lot will be wise use of XP and planning ahead for logical uses of XP once it's gained during play as not everything that fits a lion based character well will be possible from the off, which is probably true of any well thought through character build, but certain things make sense to add at some point either at the start or once the XP has been earned later. I'm putting together a range of things that really emphasize and suit the lion/ big puddycat of my character! (it has a soft side as well as the wilder, or should that be wild cat, side). Working with felines and lions as a starting point certain character aspects readily prove themselves to be a good fit. It's been quite a satisfying character to build for that reason. I guess the unranked skills and difficult to build skills could also be covered by your character description so you as a player can use it to impact the narrative and as a reminder for your character's story and development- it's keen to access skill a one way or another, it may not progress much beyond its current rank in skill b, if you do want to emphasize such aspects of a character, that way you're giving yourself that prompt/reminder without resorting to pointless non-skills or changing the rules.
  12. Watercolour Dragon

    Half-Ynfernael pc species! fooling around.

    That seems quite balanced and a good match to the entity- can I make use of this for my Bestiary and cast of characters as I'm going to feature some pre-gens including my own Singhara pride leader. I'm toying with coming up with something for how to make half species a combo of the two entities they combine as an optional thing for players should they wish to specify both species (groups would need to OK this although it wouldn't base them on any extra XP or anything- it might just be something like a half-catfolk half-elf has some trait of both species (players could choose these in their choices for using the XP)
  13. Watercolour Dragon


    Myst's 25th anniversary gave me the idea a Myst RPG for Genesys would be amazing! Get on to Cyan please FFG about realizing this, the narrative focus of Genesys would be perfect for it. #Myst25 This has just moved to quite possibly the top of my FFG wishlist. The unfamiliar world, puzzles aspect and maybe even being able to seed and create new worlds/places could be quite a unique twist on RPG play.
  14. With Myst being 25 years old this September (24th but maybe this should launch on 24th/25th) I'm inspired to do something inspired by that kind of puzzle game, not based in the Myst worlds as I've already given myself the challenge of learning all about Mennara (it's much harder- sometimes and surprisingly- learning all the lore etc of an existing setting versus creating your own as your own doesn't have all that extra research.) This could lend itself to different types of worlds, maybe based on a novel I've been plodding away at for some time- it has a rich vein of potential to be mined for an RPG. I like bringing in an idea from Myst though that the players could actually play a part in creating the worlds they experience, even seeding new ones (in Myst, ages - the 'worlds' of Myst- are written) so might use my take on this- the novel's set in a virtual world that's used for everything from academic research to social interaction to gaming (luckily not the same as 'Ready Player One'- was really worried that movie was going to kill off my ideas in an OK, it's been done now kinda way, but thankfully the two are quite different, the only overlap being the gaming aspect). And of course the puzzles. What do people think about this idea and how would you address the challenge of bringing player creation of worlds/environments and having to solve puzzles (often in Myst you can only get to or unlock things needed to access new places by solving puzzles which can be anything from codes to diverting water flow to using nature......) in to an RPG? For some background on Myst (I would really like a Myst RPG, its makers should do one or FFG should work with them or get the rights to do one for Genesys. That would be epic on a legendary scale.): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myst http://dni.wikia.com/wiki/Myst_(Game) Myst 25th anniversary and #Myst25 (they do have a fan fiction based community goal so maybe it might be dubiously OK for a fan RPG but I'd prefer to see an official, really well-made, on canon one)
  15. Watercolour Dragon

    Heroic Abilities

    I slightly tweaked sixth sense for my Singharan character to make it fit the empathy and tactile nature of felines, adapting it to apply to humans and elves and any other potentially in tune with nature beings- reflecting cats' ability to pick up non-verbal signals, read other living things and weigh them up (threat or friend? - that kind of thing), have an affinity with them and nature and so on. Also fits the 'there's something about cats' belief they may be a bit supernatural and that whilst they can have a fierce side they can also make great companions, knowing what you need of them, when to offer some tlc, and communicating / picking up communication in sometimes unseen ways (also fits things like scent and possibly reading hormonal/health cues), may research cats a bit more to fine-tune it.