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  1. They usually give the name and species of the mounts or at least the species like you say. Slightly lazy design that such info was sometimes omitted (failing to name it renders it being just a 'whatsitcalled' they're riding ). I feel it should have a Latari name like the leonx and yeron, but as it's a big moose (with extra big horns) there's a temptation to call it an enormoose (but not seriously) Leonx takes its name from leo of lion word origin so you could take a similar approach and give it a species name like alces or something derived from it or another moosey word https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose Artiodactyla is the bigger group of cloven-hooved mammals and might fit the Latari quite well so maybe spinning off from those there's a name we could invent that would fit. Just moose doesn't seem to cut it for the horns alone! IamGazrok said "I'm going to call it a Dire Moose, just as it is bigger and more fearsome than an ordinary moose as we know it." But which would win a fight- a dire moose or a dire penguin? Maybe a mammoose (mammoth moose!) I'll stop now
  2. Or strange rune-golemesque-beasties (one of my favourite aspects of the RWM miniatures is the awesome mounts/companion beasts!) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/15/lord-of-subterfuge/
  3. The Latari have them - they call them a yeron and one helped put an end to the dragon Margath (they can fly too pesky things) so legend has it. We might call them pegasus with an ensuing argument about if you can or can't have multiples and if the plural should be pegasi or pegasus or not allowed because there was only ever one Pegasus I'm also sure it's not true that the species name yeron evolved from the phrase 'the horse yer on'
  4. For background and if you want to do any research I think the Mahkim originate from the 'Mists of Zanaga' expansion to the older version of Runebound- it seems they had gladiators among them who'd fight for sport, assassins also- there may be other types.
  5. Terrinoth based feedback but could also equally apply to other settings. Great as it is at the moment the Terrinoth art resource is rather limited (29 items) so it doesn't cover the broad scope of the games at the moment. If anyone from FFG picks this up from here could you possibly look into releasing more art for content creators to use? One option may be paid for art packs/items like some other RPG resource services do, or releasing more support materials such as more adversary decks so we can direct players to these when we don't have the art to use in our documents. Would be nice to have more of the Terrinoth art available to use in Genesys Foundry projects, if FFG could sort the t's and c's and share it without harming the Terrinoth games lines it could actually benefit them (the IP lines like Star Wars sell well because fans know the characters and settings so well so done smartly it could be good for the Terrinoth/Mennara 'game realms' as it's another way of increasing their familiarity with the community) Another reason for it being a good thing is less art options = more repetition and vice versa. Would be awesome if creatives had access to a much bigger pool of Terrinoth art, I'd be happy to pay a small fee for more choice in this respect (similar to how RPG apps have map content creatives can buy and other such resources). Also with some of us creating content for custom Descent adventures and some of the Runewars Miniatures fans wanting to keep that alive even though FFG may be retiring or at least not adding to the line maybe you could bridge the idea over into these other games? I can only see it benefiting rather than harming the setting. Just some thoughts and feedback. I'm looking forward to exploring Haedra's Shard (by @DarthZorg I think going from memory) which is one of the Terrinoth-set adventures in the Foundry.
  6. Not had a look at your content yet but have you looked into the Genesys Foundry (see the recent FFG news article) - if it's within the rules/guidelines you may be able to share it on there. Haedra's Shard by one of the forum regulars (Darth Zorg I think) is looking good too.
  7. It should be really good for growth- several of the main RPG systems are similarly open and probably owe some of their success to being so, the quality issue's not to be seen as a problem, people have different tastes so as with the appeal of a library or bookshop knowing that choice and content/ potential is there can only help the system grow. Libraries and bookshops are the shelf space readers browse to spark their imagination and interests, it takes a lot of varied content to fill the shelves.... It could also be very good for FFG's IP's in the same way Genesys has already boosted Terrinoth for those of us who are fans of the setting.
  8. I'll eventually (eventually) be painting my minis so thought I'd start a thread for people to share the most useful tips and tutorials (any useful mini painting/scenery tips you find). The two FFG posted for RWM may have some useful tips/inspiration, download 'em while you still can! Daqan: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/bf/e4/bfe4b620-a517-430a-b916-a091d860352c/daqan-lords-army-painting-guide.pdf Waiqar: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d5/fa/d5fad14a-b185-452d-bc44-d4d5256427ce/waiqar_the_undying_painting_guide.pdf If you've found anything helpful share it here and happy painting, some of you are doing some impressive work on your minis!
  9. It's a good time for snapping up what you can cheap, it may be get it while you can time....
  10. ...this is just cruel if nothing is incoming- cats are smart, listen to the cat and obey FFG Put the cat with the game and it will be the best selling game ever The -actual- living catfolk expansion Link: https://www.facebook.com/FantasyFlightGames/photos/a.377463327142/10156137483957143/?type=3&theater
  11. Don't forget the as before not-in-the game character Shadar Runearmour also being in that old app art- and finally appearing in-game with new art - as the cover of 'Lost Legends' the title of which I still think is a possible easter egg in itself- I'm betting it's a hint the missing heroes are actually on the way- eventually.... (but not with any actual Terrinoth gold coin because this is after all FFG aka the games division of the Disney World Domination Corp - not knocking the mouse just having a bit of a joke, I can't crit the mouse seeing as I do want to see The Lion King and TS4 and am as Disneyfied as the next person having grown up with the films many of which are classics after all but they do seem a little eager to own / dominate everything, oh - FFG's new title is a Marvel game.... Hey, stuff creativity, let's not bother with much of our own universes anymore when there's some mainstream fodder to scoff up, rant over *cough*ip's*cough*what about your own worlds*cough*...) There has been quite a bit of new artwork, the Genesys sourcebook used a mix of old and new, take a browse - there's some new characters that may not be in the games (I don't have Heroes or Dragonholt yet as I've been trying to collect Runewars Miniatures to compliment my Descent kit for RPG use, *facepalms*, something else I'll never complete my wishlist of unless I can grab what's left- really wanted the Uthuk set and some of the Uthuk and Latari range too, oh well, managed to get some of them, so some of them may be in these- I know at least one of the catfolk is in Dragonholt from the news releases, which also points out the caveat that comes with the new artwork- it may not all have been designed for Descent.) The positive is it only makes sense to me using Shadar on the new deck art if she's going to be in the game, the only exception being if FFG were super-lazy and never bothered to change an old design for the cover that was sitting round in the archive but is no longer relevant, which I somehow doubt, or maybe they just saw Princess Leia through their SW/DisneyvisionTM glasses - "yeah, that'll do- it's another Star Wars game innit?" But look closely at Shadar's hair- does it not seem a bit familiar? Is there not a connection to some of the missing characters- and indeed their newer artwork? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/11/lost-legends/ Anyway, although we all want FFG to complete the game and maybe surprise us with something new, as some of us have said before fans are still making 'stuff' (FFG's term for work in progress, often slow-burn work in progress ) so there is still new content- Rugal, Sadgit and some others have made some pretty impressive fan add-ons which are being tested and tweaked now, I'm still working on things albeit with a current break while I sort some stuff at the flat, so there is new content now and into 2020 and beyond, whatever FFG do- and it looks like RWM fans will even keep a modest community of RWM stalwarts going, people were hoovering up cheap sets at the UK Games Expo (sadly the suspicion as to why there were cheap now having been confirmed, but it still shows the interest is there, even at a discount people don't buy something that doesn't interest them)- if you tend to go the custom creative route with your games and can get any cheap RWM stuff that appeals before it's gone grab it- they're good minis if they fit your ideas. I've been using them for some of my ideas and now people won't have them, mind you I can still run games with them so not a total time kill, proxy time for other peeps! I'm still going to try and get them as once they're gone they'll be gone- some key characters such as Ravos, leader of the Uthuk and interesting ideas from them. I feel we're probably a bit rough on FFG though- games do fade out and cease to be or eventually make a comeback and the old criticism they never listen to fans might not be totally true- the Genesys community have been asking for player created content support and FFG have delivered- much in the way players were asking for - if they continue to do so it can only be a good thing for Genesys as closed RPG systems tend not to fare too well against their established more open rivals: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/2/the-genesys-foundry/ https://www.drivethrurpg.com/cc/27/genesys-foundry FFG: "We’ve provided support material such as Genesys layout templates, collections of art including pieces for the Terrinoth and Android settings, and other resources that you can use in your products. There are some rules for how to use them, which can be found in our Content Guidelines. If you plan on creating your own content, we recommend you check out these guidelines to get a feel of what is and is not allowed." Something else I need to check out when the flat-related things are out of the way. I feel ditching the RWM minis is a missed opportunity- if FFG were smart there's money in minis for RPG use- was curious so asked around at the expo and quite a few people do buy minis and terrain for RPG use, even without being interested in the rest of the game/kit it's with, FFG maybe don't realize how valuable their own IP could be managed better, RWM could have complimented Terrinoth set adventures nicely. Still think they need to bring it all together a bit more cohesively, get it right and it's as useful to them as any IP setting business-wise. Finally though the one upside of RWM's demise is maybe FFG will at least be able to focus more on other Terrinoth projects. They should make use of some of the new characters too- some of them would be great for Descent and the other games.
  12. Leisure Games had today as the estimate. I have the dilemma of do I wait til next month due to big hole in wallet (ill for 6 days so my pay this month is about as good as if Splig had been out for a meal). https://leisuregames.com/products/descent-journeys-in-the-dark-second-edition-lost-legends-expansion-pack
  13. Indeed, if Chain's selling out still that's a good sign- I'd noticed this Some UK suppliers don't seem to be replenishing sold out stock though, although they are carrying Lost Legends and core sets are still selling and being restocked. I've got so much Terrinoth related stuff on the go it's no real biggie if there's a hiatus before any further developments
  14. UK release expected 12 July - a few places including Leisure Games have it on pre-order
  15. *Starts checking preferred UK flgs's* Not yet but hopefully soon!
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