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  1. Seconded, but the red's the master so it's right? I think. Edit: ah, see what you mean now, their garb, in some ways it's maybe better so your eyes don't see the base and clothing together so not sure it really has to match the base (although there's always the thing of moving the wrong one as you see red (or blue) ). Tattoo is a stroke of genius- neat idea and seems to fit perfectly. Other head: "No I'm not getting one to match, I don't do tattoos"
  2. So what did we find out? Nothing I'm guessing
  3. Watercolour Dragon

    My desire for 3rd Edition

    Having the 1 vs many as optional would be smart- if a group of players like the overlord style of play they can go with it, if not they can avoid it (it's correct that not all player groups like- or stick with- the 1 vs many, others do like it.) I can side with the views that maybe the overlord can be problematic (all those game load and bias/OP sides debates/discussions, the players/overlord has no chance etc). Descent's overlord, as awesome as it is, has indeed often been its Achilles heel for many gamers from reviews, forums and those friends who don't like it (heathens *smiles*) - perhaps what seeded the idea of them doing a co op. The fact we have the co op could give potential for different ways to play an updated edition- but they should keep the overlord as one of them, alternative play options could be a big selling point. Players all controlling the enemy somehow is one option- what might work as the alternatives to overlord play for that which is the enemy the players face? OL play should remain as an option though- it's still fun and somewhat unique, Descent would be lacking something without that option. And just a co op alternative wouldn't quite cut it either. Maybe that's the delay- FFG can't quite square these circles yet .
  4. Watercolour Dragon

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Proto Persona commented " At this point I think it's pretty clear that this guy was telling the complete truth" The 'move over to IA for a crawler' logic isn't sound logic though- if Descent dies there's no way I'd buy into IA to fill the crawler gap- I'm not into SW much let alone enough, it's not Descent in any thematic way whatsoever aside from some overlaps that aren't enough to make it similar enough. IA is I'm sure a great game, but I wouldn't switch to IA to 'replace' a killed off Descent. I don't even think you can fully accurately call IA a dungeon crawler due to its space opera-ish/SW theme- it's not going to tick the boxes of someone seeking a traditional fantasy-setting game. The other logic may be true but perhaps shouldn't be in the public domain anyway if it's from insider knowledge which has been doubted, (it's only ok as it's more speculative than precise, the kind of things fans have been theorizing on anyway, if it was 'hey this is the next expansion' it very much wouldn't be ok), but too much lack of info from a dev will start the rumour mills turning. The other logic flaw is IA is always at risk from IP rights anyway- IP non-renewals have harmed a lot of computer and physical games recently, if they're not renewed it's (punnage, sorry) game over for the devs, company and fans. So IA doesn't have a guaranteed future either (no game does, IP or no IP, unfortunately great titles can and do go out of print). The other point is FFG's thoughts on their games are probably in constant flux- depending on the game's current performance, the ideas of their creatives etc etc, so such dubiously shared 'info' is likely to be quickly out of date anyway- the biggest reason we don't get that much wanted heads up on what's next is it can be as unpredictable for a dev as for the players, even though the dev will be more in the future plans knowledge loop. The dev might be thinking we'll scrap game A then suddenly something gives it a surge in sales, planning an expansion for game B but people aren't buying what's already available for it all of a sudden, planning something for game C and you lose the IP rights, ....... so the table changes. The only time it's really disheartening if it's purely a dev lacking faith in a product (such as we'll scrap it, but not realizing it still has loads of potential).
  5. " 19 hours ago, topper30 said: It might be a surprise tomorrow... We will see. At the Board Game Geek forums you can see that tomorrow : 1:20 - Fantasy Flight Games - X-Wing 2nd Edition, TBD " Maybe don't get too excited about the TBD. On the referenced BGG post ( https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2033810/gen-con-2018-broadcast-schedule-game-demos-and-int ) I note it says "Beyond that, I've chosen a few upcoming releases that I think will have high levels of interest among BGG users as well as a few titles that will debut at SPIEL '18. " The 'tbd' could just be a case of the interviewer choosing something from the games announced at GenCon or not having made the final 'other game' choice yet for some other reason, so unless it's the long shot and Descent is in the 'will debut at Spiel' category (in which case knowing FFG it will probably be a case of 'we're saying nothing' anyway), I wouldn't hold your hopes too high. I'm still thinking edition three's on the way at some unknown future date and what we're missing in two (and from one) may never happen unless it's found its way into three, FFG aren't always bothered about legacy/completeness with new versions, however good they are, thus don't always get this right- also knowing FFG three could be way different to two and one. Which could be in both good and bad ways. But no point speculating 'til we have some actual news (waits ever-patiently) This game's legacy matters enough for them to please not get it wrong. Of course we may never find out or might have joined Waiqar's legions of the dead before knowing ... ... ... ... ... But of course the interviewer SHOULD ask about TBD: The Boardgame Descent
  6. Watercolour Dragon

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    If they just say (/said) 'we got stuff' or nothing can we send the Farrows round to say hi?
  7. Watercolour Dragon

    Are we finally getting some good arkham horror miniatures?

    That gets produced in an RPG. Choice words, this is gonna be a long fight. And how we gonna manage the dice pool? That gets produced in a board game. We're gonna need more dice/cards. Mind you my money's on the hooman baby, hooman babies can be quite destructive.
  8. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent speculation

    This was me and d1e, still missing those lieutenants, but I'm sort of happy-ish whatever happens next as working on my campaign and Genesys Terrinoth projects makes me realise I still have A LOT to work with even with these frustrating gaps. And if FFG can't make the old stuff then someone else will get the custom as I'll just have to find proxies or nobody will and I'll improvise (this razorwing is actually Darkwind, OK!)
  9. Watercolour Dragon

    Terrinoth adversary decks

    If I've counted correctly there are 93 pc/npc entities in the ROT sourcebook that could be the basis for adversaries as even species could be linked to adversaries or included as generic base adversaries. 75 adversaries + 4 mounts/ service creatures with data as if adversaries 14 species (player character species) types Total 93 There are quite a few adversaries only mentioned in the text that aren't fleshed out with stats as well as plenty of as yet unused options from the Terrinoth set games (Skarn, banshee, crow hag, dark minotaur, medusa, bone horror, siege golem, siege tower, obscene....) So with 20 cards per deck I think we'll get a few more - I think there's at least five, probably six, decks worth with the current canon, more if they're adding to the Terrinoth 'wildlife' which seems to be the way things are headed looking at Runewars Miniatures. Although I keep thinking something's new then finding it was actually in one of the earlier games! So I wouldn't worry about a lack of new stuff- I think it's coming! It's also going to be useful having pictures of everything- there are just a few where I've wondered what the entity would look like or particularly for new players what some pictures might be and had to do more digging to get to this info. One really handy aspect of the cards is campaign planning as a GM working on a full campaign- you can split the cards into groups that fit well or fit your campaign's story arc so it gives you a quick planning/sorting tool. And if we get some of the key nemesis that GM's might use you can cull the dead ones to see what's left to challenge the heroes!
  10. Two more 'Dreamwalkers of Mennara' sessions planned for this weekend- info on the Discord - planned for Saturday: 'Citadel of Ghosts' : This citadel of past and future echoes and already crumbling walls is under attack but why? By whom? And what are its walls and defenses built there to defend against? and for Sunday 'Nachthafen Nights' : You are cordially invited to attend supper with Lord Cailean Lamont at The Blushing Lamb Inn this coming Sunday Eve to discuss potential business opportunities between the Lords of Greyhaven and the Shard seekers of Mennara New and current players welcome space permitting (if not there may be re-run sessions of some adventures in future) but read up on the info for new players and say hi to us all first.
  11. Watercolour Dragon

    Missing Tiles :(

    Might be worth writing to them and seeing if they can help, or you could pick up a second set second hand or new and just have some spare duplicates (I own three Manor of Ravens sets as the manor was so important to my campaign project- I wanted it to be really customisable/changeable. So duplicate map tiles can be made use of.)
  12. Watercolour Dragon

    Some painted Descent minis

    Wow, you pack in so much detail- some of the best I've seen - are you able to do any close up shots? And what's your secret? You've set the bar very high indeed as have some other painters (I have a lot of minis to get round to painting!) Are you sure you haven't cheated and made your own sculpts, hard to even imagine these once being grey plastic!
  13. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent speculation

    Waiqar is the thread overlord, it will never die!
  14. Helpful for those into customising games: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/29/so-you-want-to-be-a-game-designer/
  15. Watercolour Dragon

    Terrinoth adversary decks

    Great idea but agree it does seem a bit cheap to only give us what's in the book and not throw in a few missing (currently) entities/ specific enemies, it sounds like there's not actually anything new with these other than perhaps the artwork for some of them. They are going to be really useful for GM'ing though. And bear in mind if they didn't have the entities in the book it would be really annoying too (i.e. if you had new ones but not the ones in the book as if these are useful for you you'd want them at hand for all the entities). I guess the logic is put out the book ones first as it's early enough for people to still be having their first games thus not having used all the book ones. It's a good way to promote the world and the games at events for FFG too, players in demo plays can have a card in front of them which I think sells the idea of using the setting quite well. It may also be because many of the named entities are tied in to the generic ones- so perhaps it sets up them being able to do cards for named entities with their unique specifics on a 'goes with this card' basis for example cards for Kyndrithul and Vorun'thul that give them some specific unique elements but which you'd use with the LORD OF BILEHALL ( NEMESIS ) card as that's their generic type. I hope they do this as it would be a clever way of doing cards for named key rivals, others like Skarn that don't really have a generic entity type could have totally unique cards. Of course it would be really really clever if they've found a way to use the cards with Descent et al. Or one of us might. Could be neat for them to do some promo ones popped in with other games which would promote both. And if you're an on the fly GM (or want to go a bit Munchkin) you can randomize the baddies for a 'Terrinoths of The Unexpected' experience. And the next adversary you encounter is...... Some blanks/printable templates could be useful for players' own creations. And really neat bit of fun idea- if anyone played Top Trumps as a kid there may be a way to do similar with these as a card game Although you'd have to overcome the low number limits somehow- Top Trumps went a bit higher than 5! Might be a bit too easy. Challenge of the week: come up with an idea for a competitive monster/entity vs monster/entity card game using the cards. And maybe the dice but mostly the cards as that's the skill involving bit. Coming soon the Terrinoth games compendium!