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  1. Watercolour Dragon

    Genesys Master Resources List

    News of version updates to digital copies can be shared here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/292251-digital-versions-check-for-updates/
  2. Watercolour Dragon

    Digital Versions - check for updates!

    Just got the digital version of the CRB from Drive Thru RPG (so now have this and ROT as digital and printed copies) A useful tip if you have the digital copies is to check for updates every so often - I found out both have updates so I now have the latest copies, something I'd missed until now so thought I'd share the info. Guessing it's a few corrections such as typos. If anyone finds there's been an update after today maybe share that here so people know- thanks.
  3. Watercolour Dragon

    The next Flop ?

    I'm a half-fanboy FFG wise (some things they get very right, other things less so....) Terrinoth wise 'slightly obsessed' might be more accurate LOTR wise love it but not hooked on it, which re the above is probably a good thing, but I do originate from The Shire- I'm from Tolkien's neck of the woods, right on Bilbo's doorstep until I moved house a few years ago. Thus I have quite possibly traversed the path of the ents!
  4. One thing I noticed (look at the bow and arrow) is that the minis look slightly chunky in a potentially good way that's possibly a difficult design choice trade off: Ultra-realistic or oversmall minis can have parts that really easily break (some of FFG's older Terrinoth battle-based games were notorious for this- flimsy bits so you found them in about four broken pieces in the bag.) The key factor here may have been durability and this game may not have that problem of easily broken pieces.
  5. Watercolour Dragon

    The next Flop ?

    I think it looks promising and it's too early to judge- losing the dice could be a clever way of un-randomizing the game a bit (more skill, less luck), the LOTR characters are established as a fantasy classic, yes with that slight 'external IP again' gripe, but they're classic characters and I think have appeal even if you're not a full-on deep LOTR fan and sometimes you need the slightly more complex rules and mechanics to make a varied and interesting game. On the boards and multiple elements, this is where it is trying something new and yes that may or may not work, if it offers a variety of game experiences from one product this might be an interesting unique aspect to the game, but success or fail will of course depend on how these overlaps of other games have been implemented if this is the case. I'm quite enthusiastic for this game even though I'm a Terrinoth fanboy The artwork and sculpts are looking good, haven't looked closely enough yet to judge how good, hoping the gameplay lives up to its good looks.
  6. Watercolour Dragon

    The Land Endures

    It's always possible we're about to enter a Descent wave, and there's also Journeys in Middle Earth and FFG are using that as a chance to decide what to do with RWM and haven't actually decided yet- Descent gained a sales boost after the app, so FFG may find a way to boost RWM further down the line, with FFG I only write something off for sure if FFG say so officially... Lots of "we won't get anything new for Descent" then a new app adventure and a new deck with a new artwork for a known as-yet-unreleased character pop up, so we may be similarly surprised in future re RWM...
  7. I have all those Adobe packages, I really should start trying Illustrator out more - I tend to default to Photoshop and forget there's a lot of useful tools in Illustrator as I'm so used to not having Illustrator for ages it gets overlooked now I do have it! So most of my projects have been a mix of Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat (the full editor version) and I intend to start exploring Illustrator more- especially as I'm now looking to make some new maps in the tiled style of Descent, although I may start to experiment with hexes too for area exploration like the new LOTR game, especially once I know more about how they're implementing them, as I'm curious about this. We will get ice, snow, jungle and desert finally. Which is kind of amusing now there are hints we could finally get that from FFG should my reading between the lines of 'Lost Legends' linked into the unused app content and missing first edition heroes prove right. But even if I'm wrong we will have them as my adventures need them! I'm sending the heroes off to Zanaga, Isheim and Al Kalim whatever we're getting or not getting from FFG! As you have a better skill at getting transparent cutouts than me, one for the Genesys core rulebook and the Realms of Terrinoth sourcebook would be useful if you're able to generate something or advise on the best ways to do so. Once again thanks.
  8. Watercolour Dragon

    Lost Legends Deck

    I think there are hints at a few mages and healers coming soon (or in the next release wave, possibly not soon but sometime) with things pointing to mages and healers with an elemental and natural environment flavour. That was one of the reasons I was thinking about a theoretical balance- the fact there may be the same number of each in the initial plans for the game and that we are soon to see the next wave of release(s) of them - as I've said above there's a hint at a catfolk healer, and I think we're missing 12 heroes which fall as 4 warriors, 4 scouts, 2 healers and 2 mages. As the new character on the cover of Lost Legends, Shadar we think from the app images, is a mage, this to me is surely a hint of seeing her in the game soon. These new characters were a set of four- my first thought was that there seems to be a healer, warrior and scout too, but another penny has just dropped that may correct this thinking- but I'm not aware of any new art for the other three popping up anywhere yet to further back this theory up. I'd noted above that from a flavour and artwork angle Tenzi could be an elementalist mage like Shadar and how the art even suggests her being a storm sorceress or similar, so could there be a bit of a crossover, Tenzi could be a bit of a mix of scout and mage, Shadar a mix of mage and warrior perhaps. The d1e character Varikas may now be a mix of warrior (as before) and healer as the 'soul reaper' healer class allows the lifeforce of the defeated to be used as a healing force, it seems quite a good match for Varikas and could explain his surviving as an undead entity if Varikas has been redesigned with that kind of flavour. The unreleased mages are Mad Carthos and Landrec The Wise, the healers Brother Glyr and Aurim. My other prediction is new content set in Zanaga, Dunwarr (which could extend into Isheim), Al Kalim and The Aymhelin is still pointed at by some of the subtleties I've found in the heroes both new and old that are potential future releases (the ones from the new art, some of which has appeared in the newer games and /or Realms of Terrinoth, and some aspects of the heroes currently missing from second edition that were in first.) I'm thinking possibly with an elemental link that would fit- I'd already had that thought but I'm finding more things that seem to back it up further as a possibilty. I'll leave some of that to share in less bloated chunks than before, but I think this one's quite interesting- on the similarities between Zyla and the new Mad Carthos art, what if Mad Carthos instead has a Dimora link rather than the fae link Zyla has (in Realms of Terrinoth the mage career, elven storm sorceress adversary, Fae adversary and Dimora adversary all link to arcana magic). Storm sorceress and True Fae are both in the section for The Aymhelin. Dimora are in the the section for The Dunwarr Mountains- and have a pact with its dwarves. It is an area which is a mix of fire and ice, on page 188 we perhaps find the new art for Brother Glyr - which as I've said echoes that of Krutzbeck and Shadar. Al Kalim has djinn that use the arcana magics with an elemental link, and it is in this section of ROT that minor elementals get a mention. The fae and dimora with their Aenlong connection could mean this is Terrinoth's equivalent of aether/ether. Thus there's certainly something pointing to an elemental theme running through the new content, as well as ways it might bring in the missing heroes such as Aurim possibly being from Al Kalim and the elementalist mages.
  9. @Sadgit awesome work - do you have anything such as a pre-cutout (transparent background) layer for the Descent logo and adventure title? or a version split into layers- anything like that would be really useful for me, impressed with how professional you made it look. And thanks for the tips- had the same kinds of questions for the booklets I'm working on. Finally are there specific fonts you need? Cheers.
  10. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent into RoT

    Rugal's campaigns in their Descent form are here (Rugal is still tweaking and improving them but they are good starting points for RPG use, I'm working on Genesys conversions and helping tweak the English as Rugal isn't a native speaker and asked): The Ascension of Margath https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/261096-custom-campaign-the-ascension-of-margath-third-version/ Dark Forest https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/287165-dark-forest-custom-expansion/ (this will take a bit more prep as a GM but is still good for some adventuring while I work on converting it)
  11. Watercolour Dragon

    Lost Legends Deck

    I keep trying to tell my brain much the same thing I have the chaotic kind of creative's brain!
  12. Watercolour Dragon

    Lost Legends Deck

    Yeah , I knew it was a bit of an info dump! I found a lot of connections after work. I was also trying to work out the name of Khanokat Oul as it's not of my native language (which is a nice touch) hence the Wikipedia bit- I was still just as lost on his name myself after this, although got as far as maybe it translates as something along the lines of 'horn of the river, or flood' which could be 'mouth (perhaps voice) of the river' or similar. Might come back to try to tidy things up at some point, was just looking at possible connections, for example that Shadar (the new mage), Krutzbeck (a warrior) and Brother Glyr (a healer) look like they could have a family connection from the artwork. It also hit me that we have three new catfolk illustrations: Here, which could be a healer: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/8/7/legacy-of-dragonholt/ In the catfolk species section of Realms of Terrinoth, which would fit for the scout Also in ROT there's a clear catfolk warrior- the Singhara Pridelord So with Lyssa the mage this could be a set of catfolk There could ultimately be various sets of four by race, each with the four classes, so we may for example get a gnome warrior as we have Okaluk and Rakash - gnome healer Ravaella Lightfoot - gnome mage Tomble Burrowell - gnome scout I was just therefore looking into if there was any logical completion along these lines of what may be the eventual 'complete' set of heroes that was planned from the start, as well as other ways characters might be connected in the lore of the game as the eight characters from the RTL app did seem to make quite a logical set. I like puzzles so it was quite fun to see if there was this overall logic to the characters.
  13. Watercolour Dragon

    Dark Forest Custom expansion

    Nice mini paints/choice Dan
  14. Watercolour Dragon

    Lost Legends Deck

    etc)- the two mages....... The new Mad Carthos art (ROT Genesys sourcebook) also has green magic but it's a different green (a bit Nerekhall portal-like? Not got tiles in front of me to check.) and his sword looks quite like Zyla's 'eldritch blade' sword but in that green, that coming from his hand also echoes the Zyla art.... If so fae are Aenlong linked with arcana magic, plus the fae do have horns/antlers, seeing without eyes (look closely at these two's peepers, although we've also had such eyes on undead etc before) And it gets more interesting... Zyla made her return in 'Treaty of Champions'- which features a demon lord bound by an alliance of ancient heroes (lost legends again? ancestors?) - the demon lord monster in D2e - which echoes Varikas quite a bit KhanokatOul is similar looking to Grey Ker Brother Glyr echoes Krutzbeck somewhat.... so Treaty of champions / missing heroes / new heroes linked? Zyla / Mad Carthos / Shadar Grey Ker / (Red Scorpion by elimination and colour???) / Khanokat Oul (tried googling variants re meanings / translations but no joy, a typo or placeholder name??? - see * ) Krutzbeck / Brother Glyr / (Tenzi of the Path but only by elimination, doesn't quite match, could be something I've missed also new characters may be more than just these four, or they may have a more significant link to Shadar re hair link, if Tenzi's the other elementalist she too could link to Zyla and Mad Carthos, so perhaps swap these two) (Jonas The Kind by elimination and title???) / Varikas The Dead / Ruen The Living There's other links too, I like that Krutzbeck and Brother Glyr seem to have Shadar's hair on upside down! (the beard version!) (*) Translating https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanukat on Wikipedia got to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornus Etymology Cornus is the ancient Latin word for the Cornelian cherry, Cornus mas. ‘Cornus’ means ‘horn’.[39] and a bit more digging https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulu Etymology The city is named after the river Oulujoki, which originates in the lake Oulujärvi. There have been a number of other theories for the origin of the name Oulu. One possible source for the name Oulu is a word in the Sami language meaning 'flood water', but there are other suggestions. At minimum, the structure of the word requires that, if originally given by speakers of a Uralic language, the name must be a derivative. In all likelihood, it also predates Finnish settlement and is thus a loanword from one of the now-extinct Saami languages once spoken in the area. The most probable theory is that the name derives from the Finnish dialectal word oulu, meaning "floodwater", which is related to e.g. Southern Sami åulo, meaning "melted snow", åulot meaning "thaw" (of unknown ultimate origin). Two other word families have also been speculated to be related. The first is seen in the Northern Savo dialectal word uula and its Sami counterpart oalli, both meaning "river channel". The second is the Uralic root reconstructed as *uwa, meaning "river bed" (reflected as vuo in modern Finnish, also in derivatives such as vuolas "heavy-flowing"). To either of these roots, some Sami variety would have to be assumed having added further derivational suffixes.[8 (Wikipedia) Other than that I'm stumped on the name Khanokat Oul, but nice creatively if they've thought beyond the typical pool of character names, and it has a nice ring to it) i.e. sounds good), any other thoughts? Is it happening, am I actually getting really excited for Descent release-wise again, after all if it was a scrapped project why put the character art for Shadar on the front of a new product? BTW has anyone got Heroes of Terrinoth, now wondering if she (and who else) features in that too - still got to get my copy! Anyways I'm off to go for a job in Mennara's detective agency having just honed my sleuthing skills, look what you started Zaltyre, clearly I'm making up for missing the obvious, plus once you enter the rabbit hole...., see if you agents of Mennara can spot any logic I've missed...
  15. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent into RoT

    A few of us are 'working on stuff' (hehe) as FFG call it. One of my many overlapping things is building a guide to use HOB with ROT and Genesys, but you can do so with a little extra work anyway- plenty in it, likewise the main Descent expansions and hero and monster packs have plenty to work with as all contain adventures (not the lieutenant packs but the figures can be useful for tabletop mini RPG'ers). Runewars minis have some lore/figures that can spark ideas or again be nice to bring to the table. You can tweak timings of events as you like really, I'm putting the game events mostly after the third darkness, but you can fit it as you wish. I'm converting Rugal's 'Ascension of Margath' Descent campaign too, but again you could just run with it as is until I've finished, as there's already a lot there to work with. It's in the Descent forums- Rugal's done a lot of work on it and it's got a dragon in . I'm getting some mapmaking software kit and a few other things, so exciting things are coming from myself and others.