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  1. Watercolour Dragon

    D&D 5e Starter Set Lost Mine of Phandelver Conversion (Now Complete!)

    Thank you, shall now be able to make my campaign look really good (hopefully it will play like it looks!) Will have a look for the Photoshop template (figured there might be one somewhere for the cover)
  2. Watercolour Dragon

    D&D 5e Starter Set Lost Mine of Phandelver Conversion (Now Complete!)

    ...also (can't update previous post now) is the cover image one image or a layer behind the orange frame- love Adobe's products but they don't make them easy to learn (I've not used Id much)- things that could work the same way in different products, was expecting layers with the graphic, round orange frame etc but seems to all be one thing so not easy to keep the Genesys frame but add a new image?
  3. Watercolour Dragon

    The Prisoner - our first Genesys playthrough

    Some sort of gm guide for this would be awesome if you could put one together- even a brief one, hadn't thought of running a Prisoner campaign but it makes sense- the strangeness and mystery of it's perfect for RPG, especially Genesys, anything with mysterious realities would be good. Am now thinking Shutter Island could be good to play around with, especially as gm's or campaign creators could have free reign to twist its (un)reality even further. Could be very dark though- it's a brilliantly unnerving film.
  4. Watercolour Dragon

    D&D 5e Starter Set Lost Mine of Phandelver Conversion (Now Complete!)

    Are any special fonts needed for your sourcefile- Id didn't recognize a few and substituted them (I should have noted which ones!) There's some text looking a bit pixely but that might just be the view in Id - main thing is my section headings and dice symbols don't seem to match. Bolton font is showing as [Bolton] - is this Id's way of showing it as substituted- looking at the PDF that seems to be the header font missing? Definitely hope to either run or play in this campaign though sometime. Thanks for sharing the resource for creating campaigns.
  5. Watercolour Dragon

    GM screens - what would you like?

    I like the idea of open rolls, I'm just a sucker for eye candy GM screens can just look cool. And sometimes you do want to hide the 'spoilers'.
  6. Watercolour Dragon

    GM screens - what would you like?

    This thread's for us to suggest GM screens we'd like to see For me: The dragons of Terrinoth (with some epic dragon art); The Heroes of Terrinoth and The Villains of Terrinoth - with some key reminders for GM's for Genesys inside
  7. Watercolour Dragon

    Play mat for this game.

    I'm getting the game and the map- when I've replenished my wallet (just picked up some other Terrinoth items in the holiday sale), the map on pre-order in one UK retailer has already sold out even though it's on pre-order! Which bodes well for the games as a whole.
  8. The hostingpics images are timing out before they load - so not able to load your graphics at the moment
  9. Watercolour Dragon

    Will There Be A Frozen Wastes?

    Two years on we've got the book, hopefully now more of the variety in the book reaches (or in some cases as it's from out of print expansions/ older versions), returns to the various Terrinoth games. I'm liking everything that's been done with Terrinoth recently, quite excited for the next couple of years too, I think there's more to come especially with them losing some of the GW product lines and looking to make more of their own 'universe' as a result. But agree on the anti alieny view (Supertoe's comment) - the machines thing just doesn't fit the fantasy genre, so I can live without any hi tech ancients/aliens, stick to the fantasy lore!
  10. Watercolour Dragon

    Forum name changed

    Actually makes sense - just because we're on nth edition of any game the forums should be for all versions as not everyone will move over and old games must still get played (or get mixed with the new versions in creative ways by fans!). Ideally of course they'd make new and old versions compatible where possible, even if there's a conversion system or fans have to do the 'making it work' work, but sadly they often don't which is a shame when version a expansions often differ to version b expansions which go out of print. It's always worth hanging on to good stuff from games series for this reason and fan-converting it if it gets dropped with a new edition.
  11. Watercolour Dragon

    NPC ideas wanted

    Thanks, will have a look over that
  12. Watercolour Dragon

    New expansion wanted

    I can help with filling in the lore too. Al-Kalim is the main desert location and there's plenty on it in the Realms of Terrinoth Genesys sourcebook which I have.
  13. Watercolour Dragon

    Any news from gen con?

    I'm curious about KeyForge but avoiding it as there are already a lot of Asmodee lines I love (Terrinoth realm games, Formula D, Ticket To Ride, maybe most of the games I love as Asmodee seem to be buying all of the big games if they don't already have them ) so I don't really want to get into another game area for some time- these other games I love have already ballooned to fill up much of my gametime, like the concept of it but the art/theme isn't quite my thing overall, some of it I like but some of it's a bit outside my genres of choice. There is some neat stuff in there though and its unpredictability/ unique deck nature do sound interesting, but I'm sticking with the games I've grown attached to - just a personal thing.
  14. Watercolour Dragon

    First (solo) impressions

    The recent interview implied it's designed in a way that future expansions could be very varied- which suggests the possibility of varied difficulty, can't test it myself for the core game yet but it may also be from what you're saying that this is the easier quest and others are harder (remember as well that it's often difficult to do 'harder' with games anyway- it doesn't take much to shift the odds with cards/dice etc a lot, so it makes sense to start easy then add difficulty in increments, easy may then be very easy sometimes but it means you can then do 'more challenging' without ending up at close to impossible.) You also need an 'easy' so that new players, including new players playing with those who've played a lot in future, aren't overwhelmed, I love some of the more complex games out there but often the first play or two are a bit 'o.k. what do I do to have any chance of winning' so you can't get into them straight away, so a low level intro is probably a good thing- new players will be getting into and learning the game straight off.
  15. Watercolour Dragon

    Just got my copy!

    I really want it (many of you will have guessed- seeing as I have a bit of an addiction I mean passion for all things Terrinoth ) but don't mind waiting a bit for the UK release as my wallet's taking quite a hit from games this year. 8 quests, 12 heroes and 65 enemies sounds like quite a good count for plenty of variety especially with the added variables of the other cards and choices. Plus I get Runebound and Runewars minis (holiday sale yay) so I'll have those to play with. Even that's after real life intrudes for a bit first (work - festive period AKA eeeek and also stuff to do at home so I may have to admire their loveliness for a bit before I can play them sadly. Grr, life!) Can FFG employ me as a full time gamer hehe (we all wish)!