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  1. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent speculation

    This was me and d1e, still missing those lieutenants, but I'm sort of happy-ish whatever happens next as working on my campaign and Genesys Terrinoth projects makes me realise I still have A LOT to work with even with these frustrating gaps. And if FFG can't make the old stuff then someone else will get the custom as I'll just have to find proxies or nobody will and I'll improvise (this razorwing is actually Darkwind, OK!)
  2. Watercolour Dragon

    Terrinoth adversary decks

    If I've counted correctly there are 93 pc/npc entities in the ROT sourcebook that could be the basis for adversaries as even species could be linked to adversaries or included as generic base adversaries. 75 adversaries + 4 mounts/ service creatures with data as if adversaries 14 species (player character species) types Total 93 There are quite a few adversaries only mentioned in the text that aren't fleshed out with stats as well as plenty of as yet unused options from the Terrinoth set games (Skarn, banshee, crow hag, dark minotaur, medusa, bone horror, siege golem, siege tower, obscene....) So with 20 cards per deck I think we'll get a few more - I think there's at least five, probably six, decks worth with the current canon, more if they're adding to the Terrinoth 'wildlife' which seems to be the way things are headed looking at Runewars Miniatures. Although I keep thinking something's new then finding it was actually in one of the earlier games! So I wouldn't worry about a lack of new stuff- I think it's coming! It's also going to be useful having pictures of everything- there are just a few where I've wondered what the entity would look like or particularly for new players what some pictures might be and had to do more digging to get to this info. One really handy aspect of the cards is campaign planning as a GM working on a full campaign- you can split the cards into groups that fit well or fit your campaign's story arc so it gives you a quick planning/sorting tool. And if we get some of the key nemesis that GM's might use you can cull the dead ones to see what's left to challenge the heroes!
  3. Two more 'Dreamwalkers of Mennara' sessions planned for this weekend- info on the Discord - planned for Saturday: 'Citadel of Ghosts' : This citadel of past and future echoes and already crumbling walls is under attack but why? By whom? And what are its walls and defenses built there to defend against? and for Sunday 'Nachthafen Nights' : You are cordially invited to attend supper with Lord Cailean Lamont at The Blushing Lamb Inn this coming Sunday Eve to discuss potential business opportunities between the Lords of Greyhaven and the Shard seekers of Mennara New and current players welcome space permitting (if not there may be re-run sessions of some adventures in future) but read up on the info for new players and say hi to us all first.
  4. Watercolour Dragon

    Missing Tiles :(

    Might be worth writing to them and seeing if they can help, or you could pick up a second set second hand or new and just have some spare duplicates (I own three Manor of Ravens sets as the manor was so important to my campaign project- I wanted it to be really customisable/changeable. So duplicate map tiles can be made use of.)
  5. Watercolour Dragon

    Some painted Descent minis

    Wow, you pack in so much detail- some of the best I've seen - are you able to do any close up shots? And what's your secret? You've set the bar very high indeed as have some other painters (I have a lot of minis to get round to painting!) Are you sure you haven't cheated and made your own sculpts, hard to even imagine these once being grey plastic!
  6. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent speculation

    Waiqar is the thread overlord, it will never die!
  7. Helpful for those into customising games: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/29/so-you-want-to-be-a-game-designer/
  8. Watercolour Dragon

    Terrinoth adversary decks

    Great idea but agree it does seem a bit cheap to only give us what's in the book and not throw in a few missing (currently) entities/ specific enemies, it sounds like there's not actually anything new with these other than perhaps the artwork for some of them. They are going to be really useful for GM'ing though. And bear in mind if they didn't have the entities in the book it would be really annoying too (i.e. if you had new ones but not the ones in the book as if these are useful for you you'd want them at hand for all the entities). I guess the logic is put out the book ones first as it's early enough for people to still be having their first games thus not having used all the book ones. It's a good way to promote the world and the games at events for FFG too, players in demo plays can have a card in front of them which I think sells the idea of using the setting quite well. It may also be because many of the named entities are tied in to the generic ones- so perhaps it sets up them being able to do cards for named entities with their unique specifics on a 'goes with this card' basis for example cards for Kyndrithul and Vorun'thul that give them some specific unique elements but which you'd use with the LORD OF BILEHALL ( NEMESIS ) card as that's their generic type. I hope they do this as it would be a clever way of doing cards for named key rivals, others like Skarn that don't really have a generic entity type could have totally unique cards. Of course it would be really really clever if they've found a way to use the cards with Descent et al. Or one of us might. Could be neat for them to do some promo ones popped in with other games which would promote both. And if you're an on the fly GM (or want to go a bit Munchkin) you can randomize the baddies for a 'Terrinoths of The Unexpected' experience. And the next adversary you encounter is...... Some blanks/printable templates could be useful for players' own creations. And really neat bit of fun idea- if anyone played Top Trumps as a kid there may be a way to do similar with these as a card game Although you'd have to overcome the low number limits somehow- Top Trumps went a bit higher than 5! Might be a bit too easy. Challenge of the week: come up with an idea for a competitive monster/entity vs monster/entity card game using the cards. And maybe the dice but mostly the cards as that's the skill involving bit. Coming soon the Terrinoth games compendium!
  9. Watercolour Dragon

    Fantastic Locations

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLmvR3w77U8 Start, 4.47, 6.22, 8.22, 8.30, 10.07, but basically much of the Myst series- might not be able to resist the desire to do a Myst-worlds-set adventure https://cyan.com/community-2/links/ http://www.mystjourney.com/ https://www.wired.com/2016/09/obduction-review/
  10. Watercolour Dragon

    Time for a New Vault?

    Maybe drop a hint in there about how awesome a vault-app combo would be (A RTL where you can design your own quests playable with/without the app, a kind of Quest Vault/RTL combo) Maybe with the options to add clever stuffs like animations. Wishful thinking!
  11. Watercolour Dragon

    Descent speculation

    Having a deeper read of Realms of Terrinoth it is possible they may refocus and balance the character/lore location out in a 2.5 or 3 edition. ROT split Mennara up into its distinct regions each with its distinct local species / entities and it wouldn't surprise me if Descent evolves along these lines, there are still some hints they may have been thinking about future Descent (and likewise Runewars Miniatures) when compiling the book even without any certainty over what if anything would actually be released in future. I wonder if the core box will have heroes and adversaries from a balanced mix of the regions (or the expansions may tie in to the regions) and maybe match some of the terminology- I noticed Heroes of Terrinoth does with its minion/nemesis classifications. On the 2e tiles I like the detail so wouldn't want the tiles to be less detailed- if clarity's an issue maybe the relevant markings on the tiles needs to be clearer rather than the art being less detailed, although for me personally it's fine as I like the marking being subtle- it doesn't ruin the artwork. The 2e tiles are much nicer artwork-wise than the 1e tiles. Bigger spaces to accommodate bigger minis might be handy, or tiles that allow for more/bigger minis and maybe for landscape/building minis for those of us that have them in our collections. Certainly some geographical and building/location diversity would be nice in the tiles, 2e feels a bit like we got loads of variety minis/character wise, but the tiles weren't expanded enough. And make the tiles join up (if the squares aren't resized of course)- was also annoying that 2e and 1e tiles couldn't be used together! Rules for dual classes and thought up ahead of the expansions being present in the core game would also be good. I'd remove the limits on monster selection groups (as well as renaming monsters as adversaries as it's a broader catch-all and matches the ROT terminology.) I guess a conversion kit isn't an essential- they could maybe even just have conversion rules that replaces a costly-to-make kit with a rules document. I pondered a move away from a three of most monsters approach for cost/quantity factors but then it's fun to play with groups of monsters so I'm undecided on what would be best for that. I can agree starting fresh without being limited by 1e/2e would give the game a fresh new start- would perhaps be nice to see a move away from the overused group of the Farrows, Splig etc to something that actually feels less tired purely through being so heavily used in the games- I don't dislike these and they pop up a lot in my games, it's just that they feel a bit heavily featured FFG-wise, not in itself a bad thing as it ties the lore/games together but variety's a good thing too. But then I do really like the range of characters we have from 1e/2e- as I've said it really bugs me that some great 1e characters I never got back then never saw a revival for 2e, I'm still gutted I can't get hold of the 1e lieutenants. Was waiting to get them when I could then 1e was killed off... So I would like the 1e and 2e characters to remain available but separate to the new content. Maybe a new edition could sell these singly in the case of monsters - then you don't have to get them in threes unless you want to. As the special characters such as the lieutenants are most important, maybe with how many there are they can't do all the heroes / monsters or another option would be similar to a certain other company with a lot of minis, maybe some of them could be made for Runewars Miniatures but in such a way as they can be played in Descent, then it's less risky having such a big range. There could also be a market for the minis for RPG minis users with ROT. But I really want FFG to bring back the 1e lieutenants. And even though I have them all for other players they shouldn't drop the great 2e lieutenants like Skarn and Ariad/ Queen Ariad (although the latter could maybe be resculpted and improved for her spidery form).
  12. Watercolour Dragon

    I bought it!

    Maybe it's the computer age to blame- I've noticed the more I've used tech the more often I mistype stuff, and that's for someone with high writing and proofreading skills so I think it's that we've got used to doing lots of things very quickly. And reading them really quickly so we may be more prone to missing errors as our brains filter them out. Plus I used to reread everything very carefully but now I find I don't always do so due to time (I frequently annoy the proverbial out of myself by not closing brackets in online posts, something I've noticed recently, he says deliberately not closing this one to make the point.
  13. Watercolour Dragon

    Elaborating on Trading rules

    Some of the buying stuff rules may be quite tough- it can be very expensive to buy new kit for a character due to the rarity modifiers- I looked at some armor and figured it's gonna be a few months of games before my character can buy it! Does seem a lot harder to improve what a character wears vs their skills and talents time-wise. I've not looked too deeply at the balance of this- if the armour's really beneficial then it may justify a long wait to have the coin to get it, if it's only a minor gain the various cost multipliers may be quite harsh. Wonder if trading may be somewhere for a bit of tweaking for a future update? It may be fine and I've just not looked into it much, plus the other logic for making upgrading gear a slow process may be that there's only so far you can go with it (Unlike talents/skills where there's lots to play with) so maybe there's a need to slow it down for that reason. A bit off topic I know but you got me to thinking of trading, from such points there may be scope to adjust trading for characters who do it as something of a business to make coin, the CRB covers this a bit, if you're tweaking it considering fairness and balance is key, you could work with the dice to up the range of possible success/failure and play with encumbrance aspects- a trader needs to be able to carry/store their wares and has the risk of the likes of bandits or pirates maybe wanting to get their hands on valuables!
  14. Watercolour Dragon

    Conversion Legality

    Shame the industry as a whole can't better grasp these particular nettles- fans will always want to play with their favourite worlds / settings, and it varies how tolerant different companies are of this. Lots of grey areas and often things are allowed even though they're something a company would have the right to not allow if they so wished because they're not actually harming the company, sometimes they're actually helping promote it. It's like say you have an RPG session of your fave movie or game or whatever, or even if somebody makes a birthday cake based on a fave movie, or kids act out their fave characters in the school playground, technically that's not even allowed if you take copyright strictly, but it's what people do- prior to 'everything must be sold or purchased' ownership of everything, stories were traditionally shared and people put their own spin on them (most legendary tales and the like spread in this way), as a creative myself I respect why copyright is there and that it shouldn't be abused, but there has to be some common sense and allowance of reasonable personal use of which playing games with friends can fit that as long as it's within reasonable limits. As a creative hobbyist myself there's also that logic why make something if you're going to lock it up in chains and not give people a certain amount of freedom to fully enjoy it? And of course it's the biggest fans of things who tend to be the biggest customers of them and sharing stuff is free advertising so I think some of the moral arguments are about balance and how something's being used. Some IP's are even actually encouraging things like fan fiction so the climate is changing a little. It gets trickier with sharing such stuff for others to enjoy as then you've actually made a thing from the material in question and it's down to what the respective 'owners' will allow/tolerate which they don't have to (the various grey areas) and of course if you're violating copyright then you're violating copyright and if someone's not OK with that they may well say this isn't OK. If you're selling it you could get into very hot water and rightly so. You could of course ask first which is the polite approach but may not get a helpful response as the world's still catching up with the move from consumers just consuming to wanting to create (plenty of examples of this trend out there from all the player-made content on gaming sites to remix culture with music). Companies can be reluctant to specifically OK stuff though as of course they've then said on record they condone it, which is probably why a lot of stuff's unofficially condoned- they're not trying to stop it but have left the option open to do so if they so wished in future.
  15. Watercolour Dragon

    Character/ NPC Inspiration

    Catfolk seem to be proving mega-popular among players. Clearly humans are not in fact descended from apes, but cats, explaining the primal allure of going cat.