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  1. What other settings books do you expect to see?

    Some of the Terrinoth features are super equivalents (Heroic Feats aspects) and would combine with the superhero tips of the core book for the most powerful characters. And Android is very likely I'd say- would work well combined with this https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-worlds-of-android/ I'd be slightly tempted even with my Terrinoth focus!
  2. Terrinoth... still On the boat

    It's a dragon en route from Terrinoth as I've said, no doubt with the overlord doing all it can to hinder its progress. It's hunting out long awaited Descent content and trying to save Battlelore / protect Runebound et al just in case (as us fans don't want to lose any Terrinoth games) on the way. It's a long journey, this mighty creature will be with us soon.
  3. Maybe a clue for new expansion?

    We might have to run some of the ideas past FFG's legal dept, it seems they've been quite helpful with other fan projects (allowing use of artwork and so on). FFG even have an alternative SR quest on the vault when The Shadow Rune is no longer out there (it was when this was published)... https://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/descent/htmlpreview/73/ Shame they couldn't have put the missing SR quests on there....
  4. Maybe a clue for new expansion?

    Right - we should make use of these heroes in case FFG never do. It's already a plan for my epic questline to use the 1e best bits FFG haven't given us for 2e and things hinted at for 2e that we've not seen yet such as these four heroes (at least not yet, but they 'have stuff' *smiles semi-optimistically*) including the 1e lieutenants with a few tweaks where needed. I'm working on some big stuff myself so hang on to your Descent kit and watch this space! But just a thought- were these discovered FIRST in Nov 2016? Seen mention of them before - but I've just had a thought triggered by the date mention, so searched the Runewars Miniatures news- the first RM news item was 5 August 2016: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/8/5/runewars-miniatures-game/ The RTL app released on Steam on 1 June 2016 If I'm right that The Chains That Rust is the most recent boxed expansion, introducing hybrid classes, this was promoted in the news from circa June 2016 More recently as I've said we've had some other Terrinoth games and upcoming materials (such as the Genesys sourcebook- could be a useful reference book for this and other Descent creations) Maybe my earlier optimism was right after all and rather than abandoning Terrinoth FFG have focused on areas other than Descent for a bit as I'd wondered (although the demise of Battlelore raises some alarm bells, unless they return to that with a new edition, Battlelore's a great game to say goodbye to and had some nice expansion kit too- some of is figures like the Banshee and Great Dragon were outstanding), the timing of these events suggest FFG have had a lot of Terrinoth on their plate for the last couple of years. I have to say FFG's logic doesn't quite add up always and seems hard to fathom sometimes- investing so much effort in Terrinoth and the RtL app contradicting situations such as abandoning (it seems) Battlelore and not updating the quest vault for Chains which would be a fairly easy task (negatives) yet at the same time things like the really high quality of the Runewars Miniatures and making the Terrinoth book the first sourcebook for Genesys (positives), it does seem a bit Jekyll and Hyde- taking good care of the Terrinoth product lines on the one hand and not caring about them perhaps enough on the other. They've not been too good at updating the website either- bits of it have the old broken Runebound link now it's Terrinoth category-wise, and the Descent 2e description is now quite dated- 'nearly ten years' is now 'over ten years' so that's not been updated in a while! But then 1e 2005 / 2e 2012 if BGG is correct, did all these other projects bring up ideas for the game that maybe didn't work with 2e putting 2e on hold, or did they just mean there wasn't time left while these were being developed/launched? I've already suggested a possible planned gap for new D2e product as another explanation- so as to keep the focus on RM and other new Terrinoth products. Or is it a case of 3e 2019? Although a 7 year gap between 1 and 2 doesn't mean FFG sticking to that for 3 and a 3e being announced would worry me a lot (two thoughts, not wanting to fork out for yet another version unless it's really good indeed to justify the outlay, and if we didn't get all of 1e in 2e then how much of 2e won't work with 3e?) So yes, with so much uncertainty about what FFG will do next for Descent (I've kind of given up trying to second-guess this), we could fan-create what we most want just in case we never get it or get something different, even if it might be awesome different
  5. The Shadow Rune Project

    I might give some of this a go to 'learn' Valkyrie in between developing my own Descent and Terrinoth RPG quest projects (it will be something to do when I need a break from my own storylines or when I'm waiting for kit on my wishlist I don't yet have!)- is the Shadow Rune quest out there (I've probably asked somewhere among all my Descent research and conversations but it's got lost in the volume of info I've thrown at my brain)- my Descent has Heirs of Blood. Also what still needs doing?
  6. I've always thought FFG should implement user content creation for RtL at some point in the future (but maybe as an aside from the quest vault for those that don't want to make an interactive quest)- a kind of enhanced quest vault where you can make it interactive like RtL if you so wish or keep it basic like the vault - maybe in the future (it's probably too costly/challenging for now) even allowing extras like cutscene / art screen and animation additions by creators and other workshop-type options, I know RtL isn't a computer game nor should it be as digitizing everything would destroy all that's great about board games- it's a tool to use with the game- but it too seems like something that could evolve in some really exciting ways in future, imagine meeting a dragon and seeing it animated the first time you meet it. Then you're moving the dragon or the hero encountering it round the board actually holding it in your hands. Or if you have the skills being able to add visuals or even animations for settings and key encounters. Not to mention a cinematic opening for your story or quest line- seeing how good some user created content for computer games has been this could lead to some amazing experiences and fan creations. It wouldn't kill the board game if done well as both are how the world is brought to life and the adventure made more real. I'd still want to play without the digital extras sometimes too however good they were as the experience and enjoyment is different- sometimes you'd just want to play the board game without the tech. Other times the tech and the game together make for a different, equally fun experience. Consider the co op versions and other fan alternatives for how you play the board game from just using the bits to facilitate an RPG to adaptations to different gameplay styles by fans and you realise just how versatile the board game elements are. The app is just one of many ways to play. And it can't replace having the physical game components there too- they're a key part of the experience also. I wouldn't be surprised if we get some such goodies in future with both Asmodee and FFG developing their digital side projects. As most people here know I love creative hands-on stuff (even stuff I don't know how to do yet that I keep thinking about 'how could I do this') and customisation which comes from doing a lot of writing, image and other creative work in my hobbies so this is another option to give players. Especially now even the least tech-savvy of us have tech like phones that can make video and great images. Some people just want a board game I know, but if you've got that creativity in you you wonder where you could take things further. And it's becoming possible to make things at home that would, even in the basic forms we're at now, have seemed impossible a few years back, and increasingly professionally- pro digital photographers even have some concerns about how good hobbyists are getting! Tech's moved things forward a lot. There are more and more options for DIY projects of all creative types. I need to look into the Valkyrie program myself for my Descent creations- is it hard to use for a programming newbie or fairly easy?
  7. My main point is using these kinds of games as an inspiration point - and wondering if the upfront funding model could be something that means companies can risk better product (you know you've got the sales before making it), I think the benchmarking aspect is the most important so games like Descent stay top of the industry for quality which is evolving a lot as gaming grows in popularity. The Runewars and Star Wars minis (even though I don't buy the SW items) suggest FFG are upping their quality so overall I'm still optimistic for getting even better content in future, and considering how good 1e and the improvements of 2e were, I'm still eager to see what might be next.
  8. New content coming in the future #GAMA Q&A

    Stop dangling the carrot of hope FFG and give us another slice of the carrot cake. With tasty toppings. Please.
  9. Bucho's point is valid too, another take on things, it's like having chess version 2 but you can no longer buy parts of 'old chess' so it is a bit like, you can't have rooks anymore because we've decided to make a new set with new pieces and the board's different too- although we've improved the tiles you can't use them with your first edition tiles as the joins are different, so yes, that's a negative, but again it doesn't stop what you can get for second edition being really good. But I don't think third edition will be with us for a while and like I say you don't have to switch to it if it does come along in future.
  10. I've also been thinking... even without going the KS route (there are cons as well as pros, not least that it may not be quite right for Descent- it may not quite suit the slightly OTT volumes of content such KS games can have or their slightly different 'flavour' (you've got to be very in to the game to be happy to buy in to all the extras although I've found the few I have got through KS have gained from the extra content- they do become much loved games you enjoy bringing out to play as everything's of a really high quality and it's clear how much has gone into making the game so it's about best possible quality not just extra content) ...that maybe they could use these kinds of games to look at how quality and scope has improved in games and for where the eventual step up from 2e to 3e could set some goals- 2e improved on 1e (and parts of 2e even improved versus earlier 2e releases) so I think these newer games do set something of a benchmark for others like Descent in terms of component quality and diversity, its been nice seeing the game evolve in this way so it would be awesome to see it continue to do so. The 'lots of extras' thing can work for sales as people for whom games are a big hobby do buy games and kit to use in other games- there's a current project I want to back as it ticks lots of boxes for things in lots of other games, I think the KS manufacturers have sussed this as sometimes the extras are 'that doesn't seem to fit your game much, but, hmm, it crops up in lots of other games....' I think they've sussed that proxying is becoming ever more popular! They know our weaknesses as consumers - but this isn't that new, I think there's always been crossover by players - especially in certain genres like fantasy or space games. But top quality components or being able to have 3d pieces instead of tokens etc doesn't make the game any better playability wise, it's just that nice extra visual touch (like the Descent lieutenants versus using the card markers- the game's still good whichever choice you make). So I do think there are opportunities FFG are currently missing at the moment, will be interesting to see what does come next....
  11. Good point about chess Sadgit! There's enough variety within 2e to make it a great and very re-playable game for the future regardless of FFG filling in the gaps or not (and even if they do without having to add that content should you not wish to do so), the expansions do of course add the benefit of even more re-play value as they add in more variety and more map tiles and so on, but even without any expansions you've got a great base game that works really well on its own. It's a great game regardless of whether new content or even a new version comes out and makes it even greater. And don't worry about will a third edition replace 2e, there will always usually be ways to continue using what you've got with a new edition (one of the reasons I kept my 1e kit) and you don't have to move over to a 3e if there was one (plus 2e will still be available for a while, the only reason I didn't get what I wanted for 1e was that I wasn't following news so closely back then and found out a bit too late!) On the company support issue this also doesn't stop a game being great or regularly played- there's no 'ongoing company support' from the original 'manufacturer' for chess (I know this is an anachronism anyway but you get the point ) but it's kept going by 'new' support material (reference books and so on), similarly the fans of Descent and most importantly the player base including the fans keep it alive, but as with the expansions even if there were no support or fan/player resources, again it wouldn't stop it being a great game. If FFG don't make the missing bits the more impatient fans may make their own anyway (we're also missing some terrain and lieutenants that were in 1e) but again you don't have to have this to enjoy the game. Welcome to Terrinoth and enjoy your time here. May your friends be wise and your enemies wiser. (I'll leave you to figure out the logic in that.)
  12. For obvious reasons how long the game will be around for certain is an unknown- FFG keep their playing cards very close to their chest re. future plans and it's not hard to think why- any smart business would do the same (it's not smart to reveal something will soon be obsolete or replaced or even that you've got x new expansion(s) for it coming up too far ahead of time), however content is still regularly being remade when it sells out and the game is in very good health- unless FFG are unwise D2e *should* be around for some time to come, there's not really anything to suggest it's about to be axed. The lack of recent expansion content has been a slight ongoing concern and seems an oversight but FFG have had other Terrinoth-set products in development recently so it is perhaps still too early to panic about the future of Descent as they may just have their focus elsewhere for now. The app is still doing well too and allows you to play even when you can't meet up with your gaming mates! The Genesys sourcebook for Terrinoth comes out soon too if you want some history of the world Descent is set in and some background (Genesys is an FFG RPG system and yes it does mean the capacity to fuse Descent and RPG with Descent as an inspiration/toolkit (useful for props, terrain, maps etc!). It's a resource underused for how handy it is and FFG missed loyalty opportunity by not keeping it up to date and leaving it a little unloved but there's also the quest vault which allows you to design and share your own Descent quests- most of the D2e content got put in before FFG kind of forgot about it, if you find stuff you like on there or make your own it's probably worth saving just in case! And yes it's well worth getting into it and getting your friends playing it Look at what you like and rather than get everything in a rush get what you most want first (Manor of Ravens and Skarn are always in my recommendations but personally I've not been disappointed with any expansion I've purchased, I just have a couple of items to get to complete my D2e!), look at what's in each set and what most appeals to you, that way if you get the sets you really want most first at least if they do go out of print you've ticked them off your wishlist- I still want some 1e kit that is no longer produced- so it's got quite expensive (prohibitively so usually) looking at second hand options - and it is a little annoying that it hasn't been and may never be released for 2e. Unfortunately with games it's often a case of get it while you can as you never know how long they'll be available, have a few wanted games on my if/when it's reprinted wishlist! But Descent is a great game and worth having in your collection- I've still kept the 1e sets I did get before 2e replaced 1e for this reason! Re gameplay- just read the rules every so often between plays and learn by playing, there's plenty of help on the forums too. The app's a good tutor too as well as one of several alternative ways to play. And certain expansion rules etc only apply in certain situations, to some extent its as simple or complex as you like as you choose what to add in. There are some differences in the figures and they have improved- it bothers some people maybe but I'm fine with it- they're just facilitating gameplay after all, so I enjoy the really awesome ones like Skarn's big mini and the dragons or that menacing looking spider queen (Ariad and Queen Ariad) and live with the few that are perhaps not quite so awesome. I love my set of 2e figures and they offer a lot of diversity, especially for making your own quests or proxying them in to other games or RPG's. So yes, definitely make the descent!
  13. I've backed a few 'epic levels of miniature content' and 'lots of nicestuffs' KS projects to add to my gaming minis collection and props kit for custom games and RPG use- what do people think about FFG doing a Descent KS, either as an awesome version of the current game or maybe as where D3e begins *but not until 2e is complete and maybe not replacing 2e* Something like this could make for an mind blowing version of the game and really bring it to life- other games taking this route have been visually stunning, lots of fun to play and as I say really bring gaming to life. Terrain, animals and buildings all add to the ambience. Not everybody's thing I know and it adds to bulkyness and cost but for a game where you can create your own scenarios it makes for a lot of fun, especially if you like the visual/ eye candy aspect of gaming and world/character/creature development through painting up such props. It also has the advantage that the upfront funding and make-to-demand business model means you get the best possible game kit as it allows the company to produce based on demand rather than the risk factor of making extra content that may not be a seller. These KS games tend to pack a lot more into the box as they know upfront they've got the sales and funds to do so. I can see ways it could work really well for an expansion-heavy game such as Descent where there can be the demand for those expansions. Likewise they could then maybe offer all the 1e/2e content with less of a 'will it sell' risk and develop major expansions in a similar way further down the line (such as a Sea of Blood 2) And established companies are using KS so it's not just new companies using it. It's one way this classic game could keep up with its rivals- in the same way some older dungeon type games now look a bit basic because of games like Descent, Descent itself could maybe go the same way by which I mean start to seem less of an offering than what else is out there- as I love the game and its setting to bits it should be up there continuing to hold its own at the top of its game (sorry for the pun). As it's quite a radical change though perhaps this would be a spin-off from Descent rather than a direct evolution of it, maybe something that could use any Terrinoth/fantasy lore giving it a strong expansions path.
  14. PC'ing the PC's and NPC's

    It can be a tricky one of course, there are things that maybe aren't offensive people take offense at where there's that 'is it o.k. or not' uncertainty (like I say I don't think the dwarves of fantasy are offensive, they're just an entity/ species like orcs, elves or dragons or walking talking trees ..... and the term is quite frequent for plants/animals. Descent has dwarf characters which is what prompted my OP and question), then of course some people don't like some of the magic/ other themes (some people really don't do vampires or some of the closer-to-horror elements) so I guess it partly comes down to player groups, but some things are important so it's always worth trying to remember to look out for potential problems as you work on projects and trying to think outside of any conditioning that could lead you to make bad choices.
  15. PC'ing the PC's and NPC's

    As there are some issues around terminology and some valid 'political correctness' concerns, especially within the fantasy genre, any thoughts on such matters and the best approach to resolve any such issues?- for example some people find 'dwarf' understandably contentious - I'm not sure it's as problematic as some people make out though, do dwarves in stories and fantasy exist as any kind of disrespect, I'd say not, but I have seen objections, what do people think about such issues and approaching them, and are there others?