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  1. Great job and thanks for posting these notes. I started playing skirmish for fun and didn't really take in all the different angles. This list is a nice breakdown of how to play the game and be competitive.
  2. Spiderbee

    New FAQ v3.0 posted!

    At the regional I went to, no one played ugs. Was that choice based on stigma or not, I don't know. Worlds might be a different story though.
  3. Spiderbee

    Harsh Meta Environment?

    I brought this card to our last four player event; adds a lot of chaos in a fun way.
  4. Spiderbee

    Should the clock be hidden ?

    I'm all about having a time clock posted so everyone can see the amount of time left. Or perhaps go to a chess clock style when once you've expended your time allotment no more moves for you.
  5. Thanks for running this podcast. I feel like this game is getting re-energized.
  6. Spiderbee

    World Championship Tickets

    Hopefully once the second chance tickets go up, everyone who wants to play will get in. I would think at minimum the cap would be what it was last year.
  7. Thanks Kurt for the interview. Nice information
  8. Spiderbee

    Worlds Report 2017

    Nice write up. You're a great player and I had a blast in game 7. Thanks for the kind words. You masterminded a killer victory; definitely a good learning experience for me. Hope to see you and the crew and future IA events!
  9. Spiderbee

    Why is this place dead?

    Are you predicting a merc take over at world's? I can't imagine a list without hunters now.
  10. Spiderbee

    Favorite combined Rebel/Scum list?

    Would you ever consider wookie warriors over obi wan in your list?
  11. Spiderbee

    Favorite combined Rebel/Scum list?

    Thanks for the advice on rangers.
  12. Spiderbee

    Favorite combined Rebel/Scum list?

    I'm also trying to figure out a list with rangers and can't decide which version to go with. Why take e rangers over the regular version? Could you use that 3 points to bring in r2?
  13. Spiderbee

    New player here

    You can proxy anything, but not in ffg official tournaments. The mats are used for easy set up of the current map rotation, otherwise just use your tiles. I'm a novice at painting and these figures are really nice to work with. I wash them before priming and then paint. Welcome to skirmish, it's awesome!
  14. Spiderbee

    Four activation list

    Sorry, yes groups. For example: 2 e rangers, jedi luke, c-3p0, rebel high command
  15. Can a four activation list be competitive in today's skirmish? In most cases, it seems like the more activations one gets the better.